Chapter 564: “Dark Star” Blue Faced Beast

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Wu Siyou and Hua Wanyue roamed the streets of the Crystal Dragon Palace. Because the last, grand Supervoid Banquet Auction had opened, the majority of cultivators had all gone to the Crystal Palace. The streets appeared somewhat colder compared to a few days prior.

“Knowledge Star Wu Xinjie says the White Tiger Seven Spirit Stars stole the Along The River During Qingming. Moreover, they will have some plan for the Treasure Banquet. Wu Siyou, what do you feel?” Hua Wanyue glanced at the Pilgrim.

Ever since that Good Fortune Prayer Mat took first place on the Spirit Sealing List, Wu Xinjie believed that probably was the magic weapon of the White Tiger Seven Spirit Stars Thunder Spirit. His ostentatious flaunting perhaps was not with good intentions. In association with his theft of the Along The River During Qingming, Wu Xinjie had told them that the White Tiger Seven Spirit Stars were probably planning to exploit the most opportune time, right place and right mood to stir trouble at the Crystal Dragon Palace.

“Most opportune, right place, right mood.” Wu Siyou muttered.

The Crystal Dragon Palace possessed the Connecting Heaven Ocean Settling Pearls. This type of legendary magic weapon was capable of turning itself into space, a Star Master could not flee even with the jade pendant. If there was a Star Duel here, the end was obvious. This was the so-called “most opportune.”

And because this was the best opportunity for Star Generals to upgrade Star Weapons before the Three Heavenly Books, the vast majority of Star Masters would appear. Ordinarily, they would conceal all traces of their Star General’s sightings, the so-called “right place.”

Finally, at the Three Territories’ communion, they each harbored sinister motives. The White Tiger Territory’s Seven Spirit Stars were extremely likely to be in league with the Black Turtle and Vermilion Bird to face the most powerful Azure Dragon. Three Territories easily uniting at a banquet was the so-called “right mood.”

This time, place, and mood were all completely simultaneous. If one announced they were uninterested, Wu Xinjie would not believe them.

“What have we to fear against an alliance of three territories.” Wu Siyou sneered. She happened to be worried that the trail of the White Tiger Territory was somewhat troublesome to track. If they made their move at the Banquet, that would save her a lot of time.

Hua Wanyue knew that the power of the Azure Dragon Territory was outstanding. If a war truly broke out, they would not be at a disadvantage, but the Hero Star felt considerably intrigued about the Liao Emperor in the Along The River During Qingming. She wondered what the White TIger Seven Spirit Stars would do with this Transforming Star of Annihilation level monster. However, Wu Xinjie needed to participate in the final banquet. For the sake of safety, she still implored Wu Siyou and Hua Wanyue to look around everywhere in the Crystal Dragon Palace to see whether or not they could find the trail of the White Tiger Seven Spirit Stars.

“To be frank, I have a question that I have always wanted to consult with you, Siyou.” Hua Wanyue muttered.

“Please ask.”

“Majestic Star Lin Chong and Harm Star Wu Song have historically had good relationships. In the Eighth Star Duels, they even reached the summit together, creating an unprecedented Star General epic. I am very confused…”

Wu Siyou waved her hand to stop Hua Wanyue’s question. It was not clear how many times Wu Siyou had asked herself this question, but she smoothly answered: “Your Servant knows your intent…It is strange that Your Servant and Yingmei would serve the same Lord Husband.”

Hua Wanyue agreed.

Wu Siyou smiled, devastatingly beautiful.

The Harm Star showed a sweet smile uncharacteristic of the Pilgrim. Hua Wanyue knew that she already had her answer. “But Su Xing’s history is unclear. He is such a large variable. Do you all not feel this is strange?”

Wu Siyou stared at Hua Wanyue for a moment. She then suddenly smiled sweetly.

“Did I misspeak?”

“No, but Your Servant remembered something from before.”


“Your Servant once asked Yingmei about this, but the result was that after Lord Husband and Your Servant interacted, Your Servant is nevertheless not afraid to go through fire and water to protect this man.” Wu Siyou was absent minded. She recalled all of those various, vivid, dubious experiences with him, for the first time giving Wu Siyou a sort of feeling that she truly existed.  Liangshan Continent all said that Star General and Star Master signed contracts to carry out battle, that Star Generals appeared extraordinarily arrogant, the truth was that they were no more than Maiden Mountain’s wandering puppets.

Battle, battle, battle.

This was the predestiny of Maiden Mountain’s 108 Star Maidens.

But Wu Siyou could sneer and scoff.

“Wanyue, in the future, let us aid Lord Husband together.” Wu Siyou was most sincere.

Hua Wanyue was taken aback. That absolutely beautiful smile made her unable to help but nod. But then she immediately remembered that his man had shot that vile thing onto her face before.1 To give herself wholly to this man’s service was honestly shameful. She coldly said: “I will help Su Xing scale Maiden Mountain, but he will have to step over my corpse before that happens.”

“If that day truly comes to pass, Lord Husband will defeat and forcibly sign a contract with you.” Wu Siyou downplayed this.

“Death before dishonor.” Hua Wanyue was resolute.

Wu Siyou felt even more diffident, “Then what about the thoughts of Yingmei and the other Sister?”

“This…” Hua Wanyue was speechless. Seeing the cunning in Wu Siyou’s eyes, she blushed and said: “Wu Siyou, you repeatedly address Su Xing as Lord Husband, but you have never signed a contract with him. Is this not very strange? In reality, you are not too faithful in him, are you?”

Suddenly, a concentrated killing intent emerged from Wu Siyou’s eyes. Hua Wanyue immediately felt her body turn cold, and her heart was frightened – she knew that she had misspoke.

“Your Servant will sign a contract with Lord Husband. But the time for that is still yet to come…” Wu Siyou retracted her ice-cold murderous aura. She faintly said: “Lord Husband has broken the rules. In the future Star Duels, danger will inevitably lurk around every single corner. Signing a contract now is not beneficial to Lord Husband.”

So this was the situation?!

Hua Wanyue pondered. Seeing the renowned, cool and elegant Pilgrim so considerate of a man, sure enough, she had fallen deeply into enemy clutches.

Just as she thought this, explosions suddenly burst in the Crystal Dragon Palace.

Wu Siyou and Hua Wanyue looked at each other. They dashed in that direction without any hesitation, and not long after, they stopped. A hundred meters away, atop a pavilion, a young girl stood facing the wind. She wore a relaxed white robe, and her long had parted slightly like kelp in a lake, giving an impression of undeniable tranquility.

The girl closed her eyes and lowered her head.

Wu Siyou and Hua Wanyue’s martial general instincts immediately sensed this girl was an ill omen.

Behind the girl, there was a faint golden rainbow rolling about, every sort of talisman script fluttering.

“Please halt, you two.” The young girl meditated.

Seeing an anomaly in the Crystal Palace, Wu Siyou coldly said: “Little Sister, you must be taking the side of the evildoer White Tiger Territory Demonkin?”

“Elder Sister, that you obsess with the appearance of the Demons, you nevertheless fall just short.” Zijin softly said, each word very quiet.

“Well said, their appearances are not worth a mention. Let us speak with martial force then.” Wu Siyou grasped Noble Frost Demonic Lotus, and the White and Black Unicorn Tiger rushed forth.

Hua Wanyue nodded. She brought out the Heaven Earth Sun Moon Bow, her gaze sharp as a hawk’s.

Zijin did not move.

Wu Siyou wasted no time. Her figure rose up and shot forth like an arrow, dispersing lotuses along the way. Astonishingly, she used Yellow Rank – “Ten Li Demonic Lotus Dragon Slaying.”

Zijin leaned slightly away. An invisible weapon entered her hand and blocked Wu Siyou’s absolutely quick slash. The girl easily deflected, and the invisible blade swelled with a cold air that brushed past Wu Siyou’s cheek, drawing a line of blood.

“Interesting.” Wu Siyou sneered. The double-ended sword in her hand slashed downwards, unleashing a brilliant light.

Zijin immediately blocked, but the sudden force pushed her back several dozen paces.

“Wu Song!!” Zijin’s tone was slightly attentive.


Wu Siyou disdainfully smiled. Her sword swift as the wind, she slashed. Regardless of attack or speed, Wu Siyou did not hold back at all. Zijin continuously retreated, seemingly suppressed. That invisible blade in her hand sustained each of Wu Siyou’s attacks, appearing increasingly heavy.

Thunder rolled.

Zijin suddenly spun around. Killing intent concentrated onto Wu Siyou’s neck. Wu Siyou swung away and quickly drew near, sweeping her leg towards Zijin’s chest.

The intense wind from her leg made the girl’s skirt flutter. Zijin dodged into the air. Suddenly, she heard a beast’s roar. From out of nowhere, a ray of clear light baring its fangs lunged at Wu Siyou.

Noble Frost Demonic Lotus attacked.

The pair fought several dozen bouts.

A sharp arrow brushed past from the side.

Hua Wanyue was not idle. Her eyes became increasingly sharp as she drew her bow into a half moon.

Zijin’s expression moved. Suddenly, she disappeared from beside Wu Siyou. Her speed was extraordinarily fast. She gave up on Wu Siyou, turning instead to attack Hua Wanyue.


Wu Siyou shouted.


A gloomy blue Star Beast pounced to hinder Wu Siyou’s speed.

Hua Wanyue’s gaze was increasingly clear, as if she could see through ten thousand li. In her eyes, she caught sight of several people currently erecting a peculiar array on top of a roof. Seven rays of different colored lights pulsed in the air, forming mysterious characters. These characters seemed like arrows that flowed steadily onto a scroll. 

Hua Wanyue felt something was wrong. She was already preparing to first use the Ten Thousand Li God Killing Arrow.

Just when she was concentrating, killing intent descended upon her. She heard Wu Siyou’s warning. Hua Wanyue instantly gave up on the Ten Thousand God Killing Arrow. She turned around and fired an arrow at that baleful aura.


The air shattered.

An arrow stuck its way into Zijin’s chest.

Zijin’s figure vanished.

A shadow???

Hua Wanyue was astonished. She spotted her counterpart flash, instantly arriving in front of her. She raised her hand, and a whistling saber-wind poured into her ears. Hua Wanyue was repelled by this slash. The Hero Star shouted, the Heaven Earth Sun Moon Bow in her hands turning into the Red Jade Star Splitting Short Spear for the head on confrontation.

The short spear caught Zijin’s attack. Hua Wanyue’s brow wrinkled. Following her opponent’s attack, she stabbed.

But Zijin’s reactions made Hua Wanyue surprised. The girl was calm and composed, leaning away to dodge. Immediately, the blade’s edge gouged her waist. Hua Wanyue retreated several steps, blocking with the short spear and using her Yellow Technique.


The spear became a ray of red light and whistled away.

“Hero Star Hua Rong!”

The girl’s shoulder had been pierced, leaking blood.

“Your Servant’s True Name is Wanyue. Little Sister, will you not announce your name?” Hua Wanyue felt this opponent was formidable, so she did not dare to be neglectful. Just as she was preparing to use her Dark Technique Blood Dance, an odd change suddenly occurred. Zijin’s figure suddenly turned dim in Hua Wanyue’s eyes, as if a darkness had blurred her.

Then, the Hero Star immediately sensed a powerful danger launch straight at her.

Hua Wanyue’s pupils shrunk.

Zijin was already in front of her. She completely did not see Zijin take any action whatsoever, but it seemed that as if the moment Zijin had raised her hand, her attack was immediately several hundred times faster. That kind of abruptly arriving killing intent was impossible to guard against.

Hua Wanyue’s chest suddenly chilled. She felt that she had been run through by a kind of sharp weapon, and her body fell onto a roof, like a kite that had broken off its string.

She heard her opponent’s soft and seemingly mesmerizing voice echo in her ears.

“Your Servant’s True Name is Zijin!!”

The killing intent that was shaken out overturned the bangs on one side of Zijin’s face, revealing the blue birthmark that covered half the girl’s cheek.

“Dark Star Blue Faced Beast Yang Zhi!!”3

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  1. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  2. 呼嘯, Yes, a very simple name.
  3. 天暗星青面獸楊志


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