Chapter 565: Double Dragons Dancing, Bright Moon Striving Splendor

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Hua Wanyue gracefully somersaulted in midair. The Heavenly Hero Red Luan emerged, and she landed upon its back. Hua Wanyue put pressure on her wound that was deep enough to show bone. The corner of her mouth leaked blood, making the originally composed and graceful Hua Wanyue fill with an even more poignant and sad beauty.

“Dark Star!!”

In fact, Wu Xinjie had once mentioned that the White Tiger Seven Spirit Stars could be considered an anomaly in the thousand years of Star Duels. Each of their contracted Star Generals were different from the rest, and they could not be underestimated. Actually, there was no need for her warning. For top-notch Heavenly Stars like Hua Wanyue, they would not have that sort of boring arrogance, but even so, Hua Wanyue still sampled the power of the girl in front of her.

When she first saw that the Dark Star was suppressed by Wu Siyou in direct combat, she had thought nothing of her. Now that she thought about it, this truly was terrifying. It was very clear that her opponent had deliberately acted weak to hide her martial arts, and by the time Zijin got close to her, Hua Wanyue could not have foreseen that her attack would be lightning-fast, instantaneous. 

“Good thinking.” Hua Wanyue concentrated her Star Energy, staunching her bleeding. Having been heavily injured by one of Zijin’s blows, not only was Hua Wanyue calm, on the contrary, she was impressed. “Dark Star Blue Faced Beast Yang Zijin, your Innate Skill Treasure Knife Is Timeless1 truly makes Me intrigued.”

Blue Faced Beast Yang Zijin was still as tranquil as dead water. Her cast a sidelong glance, nodded and continued her attack.

The Heavenly Hero Red Luang cried and stirred up a scorching, hundred zhang long blaze. The beautiful flames flowed in all directions.

Black shadows became a dark chasm that tore apart the flames. Yang Zijin easily cut the flames down, and with a leap, she ruthlessly sliced towards Hua Wanyue’s neck. The heavily injured Hua Wanyue could barely hold her short spear. The Hero Star that was without a contract lost much in terms of Star Energy, and Yang Zijin’s Star Master could be considered the number one Star Master in all of Liangshan Continent. His cultivation was unfathomable, and this slash made the Heavenly Hero Red Luan wail. 

Just as Hua Wanyue was about to be killed.

Suddenly, the surrounding flames parted. A black, elegant figure brought a whistling foehn wind. Yang Zijin’s expression changed, and she spun around.

Weapons made contact.

Sparks flew everywhere.

But after this sword-light was blocked, it suddenly slashed in the form of a crescent, curving from left and right, drawing a curve. It twisted towards Yang Zijin’s delicate neck like a lasso.

Dark Rank Technique.

Blood Splashing Mandarin Duck!!

Yang Zijin’s forehead flickered with a blue Star Crest. Her figure turned dark, and her reactions were extremely quick. She avoided this most fatal strike, but two curved sword wounds appeared on her clavicle.

Wu Siyou stood tall, her expression cold.

Her Dark Technique just now had been surprisingly blocked. This Dark Star Yang Zijin’s Extreme Realm was perhaps not on the low end. Seeing Yang Zijin’s calm breathing, her body techniques steady, completely without any fluster or confusion, showing a bearing only top-notch martial generals had.

“Never expected Dark Star Blue Faced Beast Yang Zijin to surprisingly be so vexing.” Wu Siyou snorted. Her White and Black Unicorn Tiger also rushed out of the flames, landing beside her. Hearing its mistress, it first blinked, and then it turned its tiger eyes to stare at Yang Zijin.

“Siyou, careful of her treasure knife.” Hua Wanyue’s breathing was ragged.

“Can you last?” Wu Siyou asked.

“En.” Hua Wanyue nodded, but to provide support perhaps was very difficult. The Hero Star could only use Star Energy to protect her wound. This kind of healing consumed Star Energy relatively slowly, but the weakness was that she could not fight for the time being.

Wu Siyou grunted, That is fine.

“Yang Zijin, will you bring great disaster to the Azure Dragon for the sake of those White Tiger Demonkin?” Wu Siyou inquired.

Yang Zijin’s gaze glinted oddly. Clearly, she did not have any interest to answer.

Wu Siyou also felt that she had asked in vain. Star Generals descended from Maiden Mountain. They strived for Maiden Mountain. The Azure Dragon Territory, or other lands, were merely a temporary post that none of them cared for. Wu Siyou found that after having been with Su Xing for so long, her heart had softened a bit.

She smiled. This tenderness actually made her feel very pleasant.

“This situation of mutual slaughter will finally end.” Yang Zijin vaguely said.

The response was a Noble Frost Demonic Lotus. Black sword-light and white sword-light blended together, its momentum pressuring her. Concentrated on a single point, she attacked Yang Zijin’s forehead. The weapon in Yang Zijin’s hand released its concealment, revealing a simple and unadorned long saber. The saber’s hilt was carved with fierce beasts, and its blade was like a beast’s fang. The edge flowed with a ghostly blue fire. On it were four flickering stars.

“Extreme Vast Blue Emperor Saber!”2

Seeing Yang Zijin Destined Star Weapon manifest, she also appeared to be planning on using full power..

Blue Faced Beast Yang Zijin’s Extreme Vast Blue Emperor Saber rolled forward. Powerful saber-qi swirled like an eddy, immediately stirring away the sword-threads that were approaching her, but several strands passed through Yang Zijin’s defenses that were not fully formed, paring her long robe, drawing a bit of blood.

Countless cracks appeared in the luxurious, extravagant palace, tottering on the edge of collapse.

And Wu Siyou already seized this chance to slither past Yang Zijin’s saber technique. She knew that the girl’s Innate Skill “Treasure Knife Is Ageless” was powerful, so she did not dare be careless. She arrived behind Yang ZIjin, light as a feather, her breathing vanishing in a split second.

Wu Siyou was expressionless. Before her foot touched the ground, her twin swords continued to twist, stabbing towards Yang Zijin’s wide open back.

Not good!

Wu Siyou’s fingers felt cold, and she suddenly felt her chest burn hot.

Without even turning her head back to look, Dark Star Yang Zijin had thrust the long saber in her right hand behind her, stabbing fiercely back at Wu Siyou’s chest.

Her speed was fast, not something that could be described as having eyes in the back of her head.

Yellow Technique.

“Tooth Extraction!”3

Wu Siyou quickly dodged left. She saw Dark Star Yang Zijin’s saber pierce through the cracked palace wall. She pushed, and then the entire palace wall crumbled with a groan.


Wu Siyou knew that the Dark Star’s Innate Skill was capable of allowing her special techniques to become nearly imperceptible to Star Generals at the moment of attack, but similarly, she would need to waste a proportional amount of Star Energy to maintain it. Wu Siyou did not believe that Blue Faced Beast Yang Zijin could use it too many more times. Each time her high speed attack missed, that meant Yang Zijin was one step closer to defeat. 

“Yang Zhi,4 impressive. Take this.” Wu Siyou shouted, and her double-headed sword pressed the attack.


The speed of Dark Star Yang Zijin’s saber technique had a wildly tyrannical determination that could not be practiced. Facing Wu Siyou’s tiger-like ferocity, her mountain-like pressure, she also faced death with steadfastness, acting calmly. 

Before the saber drew near, killing intent already pushed against Wu Siyou’s cheeks.

Wu Siyou’s hands quickly crossed, her double swords defending.

Dark Star Yang Zijin’s Extreme Vast Blue Emperor Saber was held in front of her chest, and then it slashed flagrantly.

Saber-qi gushed out, and two trenches were gouged out the earth, splitting open.

Wu Siyou calmly leapt up, her nimble footwork grazing past the brazen saber-light. Her double swords slashed about, like the fangs of a beast.

The double-ended sword hacked towards Dark Star Yang Zijin’s saber. Upon closing in on Dark Star Yang Zijin’s body, she suddenly became quick, sharp as a passing wind, ruthlessly seizing Dark Star Yang Zijin from all sides.


Dark Star Yang Zijin did not retreat. She continually slashed several dozen times with a speed to fast for the naked eye, forcefully dissolving Wu Siyou’s fierce attack.

As expected of WU Song. She truly was incredible, to use double swords so expertly.

The calm Yang Zijin’s eyes flashed with fervor. That apathetic, somewhat lonely expression showed the fervor of meeting someone familiar. Although this passion lasted for only an instant, it was enough to make people feel terrified.

Their attacks went back and forth. Yang Zijin’s saber was still fast as before, and her blinding treasure saber could not be defended against. Although Wu Siyou continuously warded off several blows, Yang Zinjin was boundless. Her speed instantly shifted, and her saber technique instantly died off.

In a split second, Wu Siyou’s body had cuts.

So formidable.

Wu Siyou’s heart was astonished. Her hands fluttered, and four rays of the black Demonic Lotus’ sword-qi shot forth.

Two of the sword-qi were very quickly blasted apart by Yang Zijin’s saber. Snow-white sword-light scuttled over, and remaining rays quietly closed in from behind Dark Star Yang Zijin. Only then did the sword-qi split apart menacingly.

No matter who it was, they could not possibly escape unscathed from this earth-shattering attack.

Wu Siyou’s double-ended swords split. In the confusing flurry of attacks, she arrived beside Yang Zijin, her hands bringing a shining cold light. 

Another Dark Technique.

Blood Splashing Mandarin Duck.

Dark Star Yang Zijin’s expression concentrated, and her figure crouched. All of her body’s strength exploded, and she blocked the incoming Dark Technique with even faster technique, but this time, Wu Siyou still won out.

Her legs dazzlingly changed, walking a profound pace, circle after circle.

Yang ZIjin was kicked. She blocked several blows, but she was unable to bear Wu Siyou’s confusing footwork and was struck several more times. Her aggression promptly vanished.

Mandarin Duck Legs, Jade Ring Steps!

“Dark Technique – Heavenly Dragon Dance!!”5

Yang Zijin’s pupils contracted, and her wrists burned. On Wu Siyou’s last kick towards her, she suddenly shouted.

At this moment, Crystal Palace.

Everyone was still unaware of Wu Siyou and Yang ZIjin’s battle. They were immersed in the deafening auction, which appeared particularly fervent.

“Sixth item, ‘Dark Crystal Blood Coral,’6 nine hundred billion, deal!!” Following the shout of a bid, the True Immortal Hall’s Immortal Outside Heaven successfully bid for this treasure found ten thousand li under the sea, which made the atmosphere reach a climax.

The Treasure Banquet’s seventh item arrived on the platform at this time.

When Long Wanxin held it in her hands, the frenzied atmosphere immediately froze, and the hall was rocked by an intake of breath.

In everyone’s eyes, a ring appeared, a very plain and simple ring.

But when the surrounding lanterns dimmed, that ring suddenly became extremely resplendent. That Astral Stone was just like a bright moon.

“Bright Moon Ring!!”7

A quaking voice came from a Supervoid Cultivator. It was difficult to imagine that a person could make a Supervoid Cultivator so tongue-tied, so excited. But no one ridiculed him. On the contrary, they were like him, incomparably shocked.

Bright Moon Ring.

That was the ring once worn by the Bright Moon Sage, who peeked into the Bright Moon Longevity Palace and practiced its Longevity Cultivation Method. This type of accessory alone was enough to drive people wild, no need to mention its price.

“Never expected the Treasure Banquet to surprisingly have the Bright Moon Ring.”

“The Crystal Dragon Palace is too awesome, how did they obtain it?”

“I heard that when the Bright Moon Sage flew into Star World, he took this ring with him. I never heard that it had fallen down here.”

“The Liangshan Continent’s most mysterious cultivator, a genius character that no one can equal in cultivation. His lifetime of wisdom was vast as the sea. I think there is no need to introduce the accomplishments of the Bright Moon Sage.” Long Wanxin inwardly felt satisfaction at everyone’s astonishment. This reaction was within her expectations, and it was precisely this reason that the Crystal Dragon Palace could hold the position it did today.

“The Longevity Palace has been solved by the Purple Thunder Monster. The Longevity Cultivation Method has already disappeared from this world. The cultivators that thus broke through their limits from the Bright Moon Sage’s revelations are too many to count. And now, this ring has been presented before us…Everyone, Your Servant naturally need not mention a price.” Long Wanxin’s voice was calm. As expected of one who had a lifetime of experience, she was indifferent towards this ring. “What else could be more valuable than this ring of the Bright Moon Sage?”

But some people were skeptical.

“Imperial Empress Long, could it be you actually did not inspect it?”

“Perhaps there is a cultivation method the sage left behind in the Bright Moon Ring.”

“If it is an empty ring, then would that not be an enormous disappointment.”

“Everyone’s concerns are warranted, but This Palace can guarantee that there is still a forbiddance left on the Bright Moon Ring, so Fellows lacking strength, please reconsider.” Long Wanxin slightly smiled.

Long Wanxin issued an enticing speech on the platform. She took the time to sweep her gaze over each of the booths. After the Ring of Bright Moon appeared, whether it was the Devil Star Palace or the Great Sage of Falling Dragon Mountain, whether it was the Azure Dragon Territory’s number one sect Most High Path or Emperor Liang, even Long Wanxin’s daughter, Long Nü who was in her own corner of the hall, all showed interested expressions at the same time.

“No way, she’s surprisingly auctioning the Bright Moon Ring off? Why doesn’t she keep it for herself.” Shi Yuan could not fathom this.

“It is not so simple. She must have already seen through the Bright Moon Ring, but she is unable to break through the forbiddance for the time being.” Wu Xinjie disagreed. Despite Long Wanxin speaking with a clear conscience, the Knowledge Star still sensed the forbiddance on the ring had already been probed. However, it appeared that Long Wanxin had not been in possession of the ring for too long, for it was still not completely broken.

“Do we buy it?” Shi Yuan asked.

“The Bright Moon Ring is already useless to Su Xing.” Zhang Yuqi disdainfully said. That Bright Moon Sage was no more than someone who had the good fortune to obtain the Longevity Palace’s badly damaged Longevity Cultivation Method. Su Xing had already obtained the complete Palace, so naturally, he had no real need for this.

Wu Xinjie nodded.

In fact, they really did not need it. “However, the others will fight for this Bright Moon Ring intensely.” Wu Xinjie thoughtfully smiled, already able to sense that things were on the line for each of the Great Sects, straining the atmosphere. 

Everyone knew that the Purple Thunder Monster had obtained the Longevity Palace, and it was a pity that no one else would ever know of it in their lifetime. If he had obtained this Bright Moon Ring and the Longevity Cultivation Method, he would be a tiger that had grown wings, soaring to heaven in a single bound.

“What a pity that such intense bidding has nothing to do with us. Truly boring.” Shi Yuan pouted.

“We can actually use this to drive a wedge between all of the sects.” Wu Xinjie smiled.

Long Wanxin’s fanning motions had reached the end. She finally said: “Rumor has it that the Bright Moon Sage’s Bright Moon Ring has an Astral Stone. He has recorded some notes and experience of cultivation into the ring. Someday, if its fated person is able to solve the mystery, they can also reach heaven in a single bound…Now, Everyone, what else could be more worthwhile than the Longevity Cultivation Method.” 

“Questions, Long Wanxin. How did you obtain this Bright Moon Ring?” Immortal Outside Heaven asked.

“This was conferred by a certain Fellow. They had found it in the White Tiger Territory’s Primordial CHaos Sea. Because they were unable to break the forbiddance, they brought it here.”

“Is that so?”

“However, This Palace shall make it clear first of all, that the Dragon Palace also wishes to obtain this ring.” Long Wanxin’s words made everyone surprised.

“Hey, Imperial Empress Long, you want to buy it as well? Is this not too sloppy?”


“The value of the Bright Moon Ring is priceless, as Everyone knows. For Wanxin to want this treasure, Everyone should be able to understand.” Long Wanxin was neither slow nor hurried.

There was no mistake. Who would refuse the Longevity Cultivation Method.

“For the sake of fairness, This Palace has adopted a new bidding style.” Long Wanxin smiled.

“We wonder what that is?”

Long Wanxin gave a signal.

Long Clan sisters handed her a jade strip like they did with all the other cultivators present. Wu Xinjie also received a white jade strip. Carefully inspecting it, this jade strip had an odd forbiddance array. To break it was not so easily done in a short time.

Wu Xinjie understood her plan and laughed in her mind. As expected, this was somewhat interesting.

After seeing that everyone obtained one, Long Wanxin spoke again: “This auction’s item can be said to be unique in all the world, unable to be duplicated. For the sake of avoiding unexpected side issues and to avoid bringing bidders any unnecessary trouble, this time, the Crystal Dragon Palace is prepared to use a ‘Jade Strip Auction.’”

This manner actually made all of the cultivators feel novel, however, if Su Xing was here, he could probably recognize this.

This jade strip closed bid auction actually was the secret auctions of modern cities. This closed bid auction was also called a tender. This referred to auctioneers who announced beforehand the details and conditions of the auction’s target. Afterwards, buyers would hand over sealed bids to the auctioneer within a certain time period. The auctioneer would publicly announce the start at a predetermined time, and after confirming everyone’s bids, she would choose the one with the highest bid.

This kind of auction could make everyone make their highest bid. The manner was simple and clear, the results also great.

However, the final price the Crystal Dragon Palace would take was from the jade platform. So long as a jade strip was put upon it, it would link with an array and automatically reveal the price. This was also to allow everyone to witness impartially, equitably, publicly.

They would have nothing to say.

The Bright Moon Ring’s minimum bid was a hundred trillion, and everyone would start making the highest bid they believed themselves able to make starting from here. Because they could not know the bids of others, a prudent price was crucial.

Wu Xinjie did not hesitate to write a three hundred trillion gold bid and then hand it over to a maid. Xi Yue was speechless. Wu Xinjie’s explanation of this was the Bright Moon Ring was absolutely unobtainable at three hundred trillion. The Crystal Dragon Palace’s bid was definitely more than five hundred trillion. Originally, Wu Xinjie had wanted to write four hundred trillion, but she found that they did not have much capital, leaving her with no choice.

Immediately afterwards, the other booths and top-notch cultivators turned over their sealed jade strips to the auctioneers.

The atmosphere in the Crystal Palace became extremely serious at this time. Even those Supervoid Cultivators that stood at the peak of Liangshan Continent, their powers reaching into the heavens, became especially cautious, somewhat uneasy as they waited for the results.

Long Wanxin took a breath. In front of everyone’s faces, she placed the jade strips into that array. 

“From Falling Dragon Mountain, Great Sage Falling Sky bids two hundred trillion for the Bright Moon Ring!” Long Wanxin slightly smiled, her expression modest.

Those cultivators below gasped. The first bid was already several times higher.

The Roc Demon King felt pained seeing those envious gazes. Falling Dragon Mountain was not wealthy. These two hundred trillion was absolutely going to make this Roc Demon King decline. He could imagine that when he returned to the Vermilion Bird Territory, he would be surrounded and attacked by the Holy Mothers of Silver Firmament Mountain and others, but even if he had to throw away Falling Dragon Mountain to obtain the Longevity Cultivation Method, he would not spare anything. Under this half-lose, half-win mentality, the Roc Demon King was very uneasy.

However, his expectations did not last long.

The next bid made him sigh.

“Representing the Devil Star Palace, a bid of three hundred trillion…” Long Wanxin’s eyebrows rose.

Next, the other cultivators were nearly stupefied. This would be difficult to forget for a lifetime because each and every bid was something they would never be able to obtain in several lifetimes. And the tens of millions they could bid with were simply drops in the ocean.

“True Immortal Hall bids two hundred and fifty trillion.”

“Lifeless Hall bids two hundred and forty trillion.”

“Purple Firmament Immortal Palace, one hundred and eighty trillion.”

“Water Illusion Fairy Xi Yue’s bid, three hundred trillion.

There was a great clamor. The prices continued to hover around two hundred trillion, and for a no sect, no background Fairy to surprisingly make a three hundred trillion bid made everyone startled. The Crystal Dragon Palace Auction always made a superficial appraisal of its participants. Since she made a bid, this demonstrated there was no problem.

Everyone subconsciously looked at that booth, but there was only blankness.

“Most High Path bids – one hundred trillion.”

They were still astonished. The Most High Path’s hundred billion pulled them back to reality. As the number one sect, the Most High Path’s bid was the lowest. Clearly, they were giving up. This made everyone feel perplexed, and even Long Wanxin’s brows rose.

Northern Darkness Has Fish would not use the Longevity Cultivation Method to make a comeback, but instead renounced it. This honestly was not like him. Long Wanxin knew that although three of the great Supervoid Ancestors were dead, the Most High Path’s capital was substantial. The Great Liang’s assets were unlimited, and they could at least bring out five hundred trillion.

Wu Xinjie’s brow wrinkled. She took out her Heaven Concealing Star Fan and shut her eyes.

The real surprise came at the end when it was time for the Great Liang Dynasty’s Emperor Liang to announce his bid. Everyone held their breath, very eager to see how high the bid of the Great Liang’s number one person was, but Emperor Liang had given up on this bidding.

The Great Liang’s number one sect and person giving up one after the other on the Bright Moon Ring did not make any sense.

At the end, it was without a doubt that the Crystal Dragon Palace’s bid of five hundred trillion that made everyone flabbergasted, successfully obtaining this treasure. 

The Most High Path’s booth.

The disciples of the Most High Path were confused, looking to Ancestor Northern Darkness in bewilderment.

Northern Darkness Has Fish held a scroll. Under a green candle flame, he read through the scroll, a studious disposition. Despite the Bright Moon Ring, even the treasures and magic weapons from before as well, Northern Darkness Has Fish showed an unconcerned manner. He mumbled to himself, but no one knew what he was thinking of.

The Most High Path’s number one Ancestral Master was aloof, and the other disciples were unable to help but worry helplessly.

A long while after, Northern Darkness Has Fish said: “What is the situation outside?”

“Reporting to Ancestral Master. The Dragon Palace is currently auctioning the eighth treasure ‘Nine Turns Pill.’ Do you want us to take action?” Xie Zhenyuan asked.

“No need.” Northern Darkness Has Fish apathetically said, “Has Bing Qingxuan still not been found?”

“Junior Brother Qingxuan still has not been found.”

Northern Darkness Has Fish wrinkled his brow. THen he looked to Xie Zhenyuan and said: “Very well. You bring the remaining disciples now and leave the Crystal Dragon Palace, return to the Most High Path, and seal the mountain. I alone can manage this place.”

“Ancestral Master…”

“Hurry and go.” Northern Darkness Has Fish coldly said.

Xie Zhenyuan felt this was very odd, but he did not dare disobey. He immediately summoned his comrades, and they quickly left the booth.

After they left, the Most High Path’s booth was left with only Northern Darkness Has Fish. The atmosphere appeared particularly cheerless.

Northern Darkness Has Fish closed his book and gazed outside with a cold smile. “The time has almost come. Long Wanxin, for now, you can help hold on to that Bright Moon Ring for This Old Man.”

Suddenly, Northern Darkness Has Fish’s eyes concentrated and shot out a ray of light, disturbing the air.

In another booth, Wu Xinjie gasped.

This Old Daoist is very powerful. He has surprisingly sensed my Wind From Empty Cave Star Magic.

“Elder Sister, did you find something?” Zhang Yuqi asked.

“I fear things are not good. That Most High Path is apparently planning something. Little Yi, Yuan’er, we must quickly go find Siyou. Siyou is in danger.” Wu Xinjie said. “I shall leave this place to Little Sisters.”

Xi Yue gravely nodded.

“The Crystal Dragon Palace’s ninth item, ‘Double Seven!!!!’”

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