Chapter 566: The “Prehistoric Liao Emperor” Yelü Hui

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“What are you all doing!!!”

The Crystal Dragon Palace’s imperial bodyguard saw the commotion and rushed over. When he saw that there were people arranging an odd formation, he immediately shouted, but the words had hardly left his mouth when several Flying Daggers pierced his chest.

Xiang Nongnmei chuckled. Seeing that other cultivators were coming to this place to investigate, she pointed her hand. Her concealed weapons flew out, like shadows, and there were immediately several more corpses.

“There already is not much time left.” Han Bing continuously formed hand seals. Her magic energy that represented water and ice poured into the Along The River During Qingming.

The scroll shifted, and each color of the Seven Spirits Chant endlessly clashed upon it. The Seven Spirits Absolute Destruction Array endlessly weakened the seal upon the Along The River During Qingming as the other Star Generals stood on guard.

Ye Futu was in the center. He formed a hand seal, and a fire dragon and phoenix flew out. His expression retained a bit of hesitance, but seeing that the Along The River During Qingming’s seal was increasingly weak, there was not much more he could change. 

At this time, an anomaly already appeared in the Crystal Dragon Palace.

Metal, wood, water, fire, earth, wind, and thunder currently blew about in the palace. The cultivators that remained were frightened, and some promptly fled the courtyard. Some stayed and rushed for the site of the anomaly. Then, many cultivators with strong senses of justice would shout several words of righteousness that turned out to be their last words. 

“Zijin is currently engaged in battle with Wu Song. Shall I help her?” Hao Bingxin rubbed her hands, very eager to go. Having lost to Wu Song in battle once before, she wanted to take back a bit of face this time, but watching that faraway battle, she learned some martial arts from that battle of top-notch Star Generals, “Elder Sister Yang Zijin is truly formidable, more formidable than Wu Song. She has trained in the White Tiger Territory and has a Star Master. It looks like Elder Sister Siyou is about to lose. What a pity.”

Ye Futu’s expression showed refusal. He did not want to be left without a Star General at his side, so Hao Bingxin could only give up. His worries, as expected, were not wrong. Very quickly, this abnormality drew over another absolutely fierce Star General.

“So you are the ones behind this plot?”

Rolling thunder boomed. The one who spoke was a flashy loli holding a giant mace. Her pair of flame-like eyes burned. Astonishingly, it was Qin Mingyue. The little loli raised her mace, showing an excited expression. Qin Mingyue did not participate in the auction either due to Song Qingci’s concerns. Upon seeing this anomaly, she was drawn over, only to see this scene.

“Elder Sister Qin Ming, you came at just the perfect time.” Hao Bingxin’s eyes glinted.

The two little lolis were like mirror images, each of their figures adorable and tiny, yet each gripped their own incongruously enormous weapons.

As if she had found a familiar friend, Hao Bingxin soared to attack Qin Mingyue.

In an instant, in just an instant, the two giant Divine Weapons slammed into one another.

Hao Bingxin’s pupils suddenly contracted, and her whole body gave rise to a nearly imperceptible shudder. A tyrannical, fully berserk aggression squeezed Hao Bingxin, like Mount Tai pushing down on her.

Hao Bingxin did not dare underestimate this loli who was nevertheless a Five Tigers General, the Fiery Thunderbolt. She promptly called forth her Star Bast.

A great silvery foehn wind spontaneously appeared beside her. The sharp whistle was ear-piercing, and the girl’s eyes became more translucent than ice and snow in a split second.

Yellow Technique – Fire Beacon Reaching Sky.


Qin Mingyue’s giant mace let out flames that covered the sky. This blaze thronged about.

A frighteningly loud noise, and a multitude of bloody arrows stormed the sky.

Hao Bingxin’s body already was like a shooting star, shot far, far away. Her body was already wounded, yet she howled in laughter, not subdued in the slightest as she hopped back up.

Then, she became a ray of silver light that forcibly straddled the space of several zhang between them. Her speed was demonic. During the time before Qin Mingyue could react, the broadsword already made close contact with Qin Mingyue’s petite body.

Terrifying force instantly exploded. Qin Mingyue’s mace blocked. Hao Bingxin was startled, for even that weapon that had been strengthened to Four Star was completely unable to bear it. Powerful strength was exerted, and Hao Bingxin’s body could not help but be sent flying. Along the way, she collided through palaces and trees, the collapse of which aroused great amounts of dust, the sounds frightening people.

Qin Mingyue’s strength was surly beyond imagination.


Qin Mingyue roared. Her hostility increased to a berserk level, and the swiftness of her speed was just like a flaming chariot. She unexpectedly grasped the imperceptible moment of weakness Hao Bingxin had when she landed and attacked her.

Hao Bingxin’s body hung in midair. A gentle white light already appeared from her body, quickly forming a protective barrier. At the same time it helped her ward off this blow, her own weapon was supplemented with healing Star Energy, straining to recover the wounds she had sustained. Her originally somewhat frail state quickly recovered under the effects of this Star Beast. 

Hao Bingxin immediately counterattacked, slicing with her sword.

The Fire Feather Thunder Beast emerged from thin air. Qin Mingyue sat on this unreasonable and berserk beast, charging forth with no intent to retreat.

Hao Bingxin’s slash was intercepted by the Star Beast. Only then did her bad luck begin. Fighting intent surged against Qin Mingyue. Even if Lin Yingmei were here, she perhaps would not have feared this at all.

A familiar, ear-piercing whistle once again poured into Hao Bingxin’s eardrums.

That red colored delicate figure abruptly appeared above her. A giant mace was already swinging right into her face. Hao Bingxin used her greatsword the next instant to skillfully deflect, but the Wolf TOothed Fire Beacon Mace’s power was astonishing, firmly beating her back.


A large amount of dirt and stone flew shot into the sky, surprisingly reaching an altitude several zhang high. The nearby ground displayed quaking that was visible to the naked eye. The white light halo around Hao Bingxin’s body that filled the sky seemed about to break. Blood-red arrows once again sprayed through the sky.

An enormous hold appeared in the wall of the palace. Terrifying strength, frightening destructive power. This was an existence that exceeded the limits of a human.

Hao Bingxin’s heart was shocked. The Elder Sister Five Tiger General in front of her was too ferocious.

The swift and severe mace let out an ear-piercing scream. Under the Fire Feather Thunder Beast, Qin Mingyue’s speed and attack power were incomparable. Each hammer strike was comparable to a Yellow Technique, and furthermore, the Fire Feather Beast spat out thunder-fire, forcing Hao Bingxin to retreat step by step. The thunderous sounds of battle echoed across several kilometers. An ash-gray figure was smashed out from the dust. Scarlet blood poured from its body.

Drawing far back several dozen zhang away, Hao Bingxin nearly collapsed. She could only use her sword to prop herself into heaving: Her complexion was somewhat pale. One hand tightly clenched an open wound, doing her utmost to staunch the blood spilling out of her. Her eyes were full of shock.

She had fought with Wu Siyou before and believed that her own strength could suffice. Now, facing this berserk Five Tigers General Fiery Thunderbolt, she then realized that time was merely playing around.

“Elder Sister honestly does not hold back one bit.” Hao Bingxin smacked her lips.

Thundering grandeur!!!

A booming rumble.

The giant mace waved nearby, arrogantly biting over.


Hao Bingxin swung her greatsword, using her Dark Technique White Dragon Leaving Swordtip.

A white dragon flew out from her sword. Wherever it passed, everything was cut to pieces. Then, it slammed into Qin Mingyue. Hao Bingxin was fortunately a Four Heavenly King, so her martial force was not lacking. Seizing her chance to close in, the greatsword continuously wielded a splendid sword technique.

White Dragon Leaving Swordtip!!

White Dragon Leaving Swordtip!!

Ray after ray of white dragons roared out from Hao Bingxin’s sword, cutting the palace’s topography into pieces as if they were slicing tofu. Several halls were turned to dust, and the white dragons surrounded Qin Mingyue. Even if she did not die, she must have been seriously wounded.


Hao Bingxin truly hated this “but.”

A bellowing voice shook the courtyard. Qin Mingyue’s figure suddenly spun around, her mace like a whip as it mercilessly swept over Hao Bingxin’s body, letting out an enormous noise.

Her Star Beast howled. The Fire Feather Thunder Beast was torn apart by the white dragons, and Qin Mingyue withdrew her Star Beast in astonishment.

Hao Bingxin did not expect her to be so resolute, which stifled her.

Once again, she took the overwhelming advantage with thundering power. Magnificent Star Hao Bingxin’s body was completely unable to grasp any sense of balance. Surprisingly, she had been directly struck by Qin Minyue’s mace. In midair, she rolled several times, the intense pain instantly engulfing her whole body, making her unable to help but let out a groan. If it was not for her Star Beast’s protection, she perhaps would be seriously wounded.

This groan made Qin Mingyue especially satisfied. Her attack was even more berserk.

A storm of flame roared out.

With lightning-fast speed, Qin Mingyue’s body arrived in a split second. Before Hao Bingxin could react, the Wolf Toothed Fire Beacon Mace already ruthlessly smashed towards Hao Bingxin’s delicate body, mercilessly pounding her down.

Like a wild animal, Qin Mingyue’s eyes flashed with an ice-cold glint. In midair, she teleported, following as closely as a shadow. That enormous iron mace alternately waved, swift as a shooting star. Its terrifying noises continuously echoed in the space between them.

Hao Bingxin bit her lip, arousing her Battle Potential. She could barely support her greatsword, let alone that her own Destined Star Weapon was wide enough to ward off this attack.

From a distance of several hundred meters, under Qin Mingyue’s thundering attack, Hao Bingxin’s defenses became increasingly frail. She could only continuously focus all of her strength to a single point in order to withstand. Only now did she realize how frightening it was to face an Elder Sister.

“Little Sister, is this all you can do? Eat Elder Sister’s mace!!”

Qin Mingyue explosively shouted.

Intense pain made Hao Bingxin unable to even retort. A large blood-light spurted from the air. The crimson color was ghastly to see. It mixed with the dust that churned in the air, drawing a long, bloody hue.

Suddenly, Qin Mingyue swung down her mace that was heavy as a thousand catties.

The giant Wolf Toothed Mace smashed into the sea of fire, forming a monster’s maw, swallowing space. Any structure caught in this maw was turned into dust. This maw directly swallowed Hao Bingxin, and in the span of instant, swallowed and spat her out several dozen times. The movement was continuous and vicious. Following the progression of this attack, Qin Mingyue’s mace abruptly swung away.

Once again, she flew out using centrifugal force. In that instant, heaven and earth shook.

Dark Technique!

Flame Engulfing Mountains Rivers

After the flames passed, Hao Bingxin had stubbornly withstood them, however, the Star Beast possessing her body had already been destroyed by Qin Mingyue. She cut a very sorry figure, full of blood and cuts. If the girl could be described as a delicate ceramic, then in that instant, Hao Hingxin was full of cracks.

“Bingxin!!” Ye Futu felt pained.

“Do not move!!” Grandfather Li shouted.

The Seven Spirits Absolute Destruction Array required all of the Seven Spirits, so he could not move at all. Otherwise, everything would be ruined at the critical moment. Ye Futu grit his teeth.

“Futu, Bingxin is fine.” Hao Bingxin’s complexion was pale. The girl forced a smile.

“Hmph.”  Qin Mingyue glanced at them. She disdainfully said: “Little Sister, watch this!” Saying this, she raised her mace and smashed it downwards. This strike would absolutely smash Magnificent Star Hao Bingxin back into the Star Nest.

But at this moment, a sifting sound resounded in the air.

Like a needle piercing through. Qin Mingyue was startled. She promptly stopped and waved a burst of wind and flame, knocking down the sneak attacking poison needles. However, something even more dangerous came afterwards. A pair of twin sisters appeared in front of her, their ages similarly young, but their expressions were full of malice.

These twins smiled, their communication thoroughly taciturn.

Their hands danced at the same time. A poison snake phantom and a scorpion specter suddenly attacked.

“Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Skill – Snake And Scorpion Beauty’s Kiss!!!”

Before Qin Mingyue could see clearly, her chest hurt. She had been hit.

“You finally came.”

Grandfather Li laughed.

A beautiful woman emerged. She carried in her hand the Stars Falling Dragon Sword, and upon seeing this array, she was startled. She proudly nodded. “Five Tigers General Qin Ming. Today is your last day!”

Lady Snake Scorpion smiled sinisterly.

At this moment, captain of the Crystal Dragon Palace’s imperial bodyguard, Long Feizhi,1 brought six other Dragon Generals and rushed over from another side. Lady Snake Scorpion said: “It seems you have quite a lot of trouble.” 

“Leave this place to me.”

Ling Feixue and the other Star Generals were earnest.

“Who are you people, to unexpectedly dare cause trouble in the Crystal Dragon Palace!!” Long Feizhi was shocked. He immediately shouted. “Stop immediately!!”

His answer was a Flying Dagger.

Xiang Nongmei’s eyes flashed with a keen light. The battle instantly began.

The six that Long Feizhi brought were of profound cultivation. The sword cultivator Dragon Generals2 attacked without saying a word. Illusory saber-light linked into a wall that was completely unable to obstruct Xiang Nongmei’s superb hidden weapons. She did not care in the slightest about the weapons of the Dragon Palace’s imperial bodyguards that flit past her body.

Because that was nothing more than the shadow of an illusion.

Suddenly, as if reacting to something, Long Feizhi’s cross spear3 waved about. Following the rings of metallic clashes, the cross spear blocked the incoming slash that had the force of a thousand catties. Countless lights and shadows hid their true sword. The instant their opponent was careless, the murderous intent that existed in reality would slay their prey in an instant. This was the aspect that a Dragon General was truly strong in. 

But, this one-strike certain kill was unexpectedly blocked so easily. Long Feizhi showed surprise.

This is a Star General?!

“Use the Dragon Flying Nine Firmaments Array!!”

The seven Dragon Generals immediately regrouped. Knowing the might of a Star General, they did not hesitate at all to use their special ability.

The palms of Long Feizhi’s hands gathered a sparkling ball of light.

The blinding silvery flame in his hands quickly spread all around, flowing like water from its master’s arms. On the cross spear, a ripple of death was evoked. In the end, the flame condensed into a burning long sword.

The Dragon Generals successively activated the chant, reading their incantations, and flaming swords manifested afterwards.

“Insignificant tricks.” Ling Feixue snorted and fired.

Concealed weapons and cannons attacked one after another.

But the Dragon Generals immediately chanted together. Those blades became a dragon shape that unexpectedly stopped all attacks.

This appeared somewhat interesting.

Ling Feixue was already slightly intrigued by this Crystal Dragon Palace.

As the most powerful Dragon Imperial Guard of the Crystal Dragon Palace, the Dragon Generals’ formation was naturally surly.

Gazing steadily at the figure within the silver flames, the eyes of Ling Feixue and the other Star Generals could not help but stare. Their pupils were much more astonished than before. The silver light was resplendent, forming a heavenly dragon. This was truly too shocking for the eyes.

Towering in the silver flame, the flying dragon flapped its wings, looking as if it was about to plunge into the nine firmaments. The surrounding cultivators were astonished as well.

Both sides faced one another, neither breaking this equilibrium. Ling Feixue’s thinking was not at all understanding of the Dragon Generals, but she was curious about to what degree a normal cultivator could reach.

“Kill!!!” Long Feizhi shouted.

The next moment, the seven Dragon Generals pointed their fingers. Seven gorgeous flying dragons shot out from their weapons, forming a single array. The entire palace was engulfed, even the Seven Spirits Absolute Destruction Array. The flying dragons roared and began unbridled destruction.

The silver flame did not harm any structures at all, but its power was not any one bit lowered.

Despite her whole body being enveloped in a layer of Star Energy, Ling Feixue’s clothes were not damaged at all. However, her mind began to hurt. Finally, she tasted suffering she had not felt in a long time. That pain of soul being burned, of being engulfed, was etched into her mind. This kind of pain originated directly from her mind. Swallowed by flame that poured down like a torrent, Ling Feixue coldly snorted.

“Done playing? Now it is our turn.”

Dark Technique.

Thunder Clap Fire Rain!!!

Dark Technique.

Bright Mind Dragon Carving!!

Dark Technique!!

Killing Fishscales!!4

Wu Siyou and Yang Zijin’s battle was already like a wildfire entering its climax. The two were Star Generals of extraordinary martial arts. The latter was contracted to a Star Master with enormous Star Energy support and was already incapable of losing to Wu Siyou. In a hundred bouts, her advantage was increasingly clear.

Sensing that side was increasingly chaotic, Wu Siyou fought at full power.

But the Dark Star before her eyes was far stronger than she had imagined.

The two traded blows quickly at close range. Yang Zijin’s attacks were extremely fast, and Wu Siyou’s attacks were not weak. This kind of speed already made the two of them lose any time to think. The world consisted only of the shadows from their duel. At least in Hua Wanyue’s eyes, it was a shadowy battle.

As a Star General also powerful in battle, Wu Siyou’s boxing clearly surpassed Yang Zijin. Even if the latter possessed the Treasure Blade Is Ageless Innate Skill, there were many times that Wu Siyou had already broke into her opponent’s striking distance. If it was not for Yang Zijin’s Realm being too fast, victory would have already been settled.5

When Wu Siyou’s swordedge once again sprayed sparks from Yang Zijin’s weapon, the tranquil as water and detached woman also finally wrinkled her brow, feeling serious that she had been in this battle for so long.

“Watch this!!!” Yang Zijin raised the Extreme Vast Blue Emperor Saber. The blade slashed waved three times in succession, and a wave of scorching saber-qi rushed out, ripple after ripple.

It shockingly possessed the same power as Wu Siyou’s rippling sword-qi.

Facing the incoming attack that toppled mountains and overturned oceans, Wu Siyou was not flustered at all. She rushed directly at the center of the saber-qi.

The saber-qi rippled with a melodious sound. That was the rhythm of two divine weapons clashing.

Yang Zijin suddenly waved her right hand at Wu Siyou. A dark power like a thunderstorm attacked. In the black sky, there was even more gloom.

Then, the instant they brushed past one another, her weapon once again hacked a brilliant arc towards Wu Siyou.

“Hmph!” Wu Siyou scoffed.

“That is not certain.” Accompanied by confident words, Wu Siyou’s blade fiercely deflected.

The next instant, the bladetip that held a cold light once again turned back like a serpent. This time, the sharp edge did not slow in the slightest as it broke through Wu Siyou’s defense. The sharp edge instantly stabbed into Wu Siyou’s left shoulder, drawing open another wound. Blood spurted out. An ice-cold wind rose, and just as she was prepared to deliver the final blow, Wu Siyou had already evaded, wounding herself at the same time with a sword strike.

“Elder Sister, we’ll help you!!”

A loud shout resounded.

Yang Zijin was taken aback.

She saw several young girls.

They were Yan Yizhen and the others.

Meanwhile, at the Crystal Palace’s main hall.

Everyone was stunned the moment the legendary Double Seven appeared. This legendary Astral Treasure that could forcibly rescind and recontract had been hyped increasingly to a fever pitch. Any Star Master would drool over this, but as for whether the Double Seven was genuine or not, no one could be certain.

The hall was instantly silent. Everyone looked around, probably in search of Su Xing’s whereabouts.

Everyone knew that the Purple THunder Monster had contracted Lin Chong. THis Double Seven was perhaps a countermeasure against him.

“Bidding begins now!” Long Wanxin said.

The moment she finished speaking.

“ I bid fifty trillion!”

Four resounding and powerful words instantly made everyone even more quiet. This bid’s voice came from a magnificent booth. The window was unobscured, yet there was only a vaguely visible graceful figure.

Fifty trillion. No one else dared bid.

Who were they kidding. Perhaps the Double Seven was very useful in the Star Duels, but to a sect, it was completely meaningless. They could not possibly waste fifty trillion on a mere Star General.

“But Imperial Princess has a condition. She must know whether or not this Double Seven is useful.” Jinzhi said.

Long Wanxin nodded, “This map records the location of the Double Seven. You may try it, however, this was the addition of an adept. This Palace knows not whether it is real or fake. Please be aware.” Long Wanxin’s words were very gentle, yet everyone noticed something.

“No matter.”

Long Wanxin did not expect the Double Seven to have bid at such a high value, however, she did not count on just fifty trillion.

I could have gotten so much more.

She sighed in her heart.

Just as she was about to bring out the ninth and final item.

Suddenly, a Long clan sister urgently walked in and said something to Long Nü. Just at this moment, the entire suddenly shook, as if by an earthquake.

“Ah, that!!!”

Frightened shouts sprung everywhere.

Countless cultivators that were spectating the auction cried out and scattered everywhere. Long Wanxin was startled and put away the last auction item. The Crystal Dragon Palace quaked even more fiercely. Everyone ran away.

“That is??”

Xi Yue saw that a scene faraway suddenly changed.

Above the Crystal Dragon Palace, an enormous vortex had appeared. In the vortex, the seven spirit lights of metal, wood, water, fire, earth, wind and thunder jumped about. In the stirring storm, countless figures were fighting. Heaven fell and the earth rend, very fierce. 

“This is?”

The Supervoid top-notch cultivators each changed expressions.

The Crystal Dragon Palace was situated in the deep sea. Its foundation was the most sturdy of all of Liangshan Continent’s sects, and because it had the Connecting Heaven Ocean Settling Pearls, it was stable as a boulder. Even in a major disaster, it would be difficult to shake it.

But that formation was something else. The vortex anomaly that appeared made the entire Crystal Dragon Palace quake.

“Not good!!”

Emperor Liang was taken aback. He promptly flew over, but he stopped instantly.

A dragon-shaped wind was spat out of the vortex. Immediately afterwards, sand and stone flew away. Metal, wood, water, fire, earth, wind and thunder all flew about at once. A powerful pressure made many cultivators unable to stand. A few cultivators wanted to run, but they were instantly killed by the rolling wind.

By the time the dust settled, the Crystal Dragon Palace recovered its clarity.

Three figures simultaneously appeared in the sky above.

Among them was a very graceful youth wearing an imperial robe. Her hand held a scroll, and a hairpin and crown sat atop her head. Her robe fluttered, quite with a feeling that was carefree of the world.

That youth was extremely refined, and there were two women beside that youth. Even Emperor Liang was unable to see through their cultivation.

But that imperial robe of liao beasts, how could Emperor Liang ever forget it.

She was none other than that

“Prehistoric Liao Emperor Yelü Hui!!!”6

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  1. 龍飛之
  2. The elite guard of the palace apparently
  3. This would technically be a yari, but I don’t know if that’s the actual image the author wanted to evoke.
  4. 戮鱗
  5. I have no idea how this sentence is supposed to make sense.
  6. 洪荒獠帝耶律輝


    1. This character is based on Yelü Hui from the Water Margin, who was a man and was the ruler of the Liao. He is the main antagonist in the story.

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