Chapter 567: The Great Liao’s First Fierce General – Wuyan Guang

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The three figures slowly descended. The leader was a refined, delicate and learned young girl. She wore the black and yellow imperial robe of the Great Liao and donned a set of suan’ni armor. The hair along the sides of her head ran in front of her chest. If it was not for that slightly bulging chest that clearly showed she was of the female sex, she would have seemed like a elegant and beautiful youth who was gentle as jade.

There were two women beside the girl. The one on her left was mature and seductive. Her eyes showed a nefarious glint, and her hair was tied into two ponytail. She had an odd three-layered armor covering her upper body. The inner layer was chainmail, the middle layer an armor of sea beast hide, and the outer layer was golden armor. Her black leather trousers stuck against her slender legs. The girl on the right wore dark purple armor. She had light purple hair and a pair of eyes red as blood. She appeared exceptionally frightening. Strangely, various kinds of runes hovered around the girls surroundings.

Having read and reread the thousand year history of Liangshan to the point of memorization, Emperor Liang naturally recognized those two girls. One was named Wuyan Guang,1 who named herself the Great Liao’s number one martial general. The other was He Chongbao.2 She was capable of using magic unknown to gods or devils. When the Great Liao originally invaded the Azure Dragon, the extraordinarily remarkable powers of these three girls made the Azure Dragon Territory’s cultivators helpless in the face of a crisis. The girls’ immortal and indestructible3 bodies in the end could only be sealed into the Along The River During Qingming by relying on the powers of one hundred Supervoid Cultivators.

It was precisely because of that calamity before the dawn of time that Supervoid Cultivators would fade from this world, becoming increasingly weak.

The three emerged, and the Crystal Dragon Palace was deathly silent.

“The Prehistoric Liao Emperor, how is this possible!!!!” Shu Xindao was slightly shocked. This situation had changed too drastically. They had just been guessing the plan of the ones that stole the Along The River During Qingming. Who would have thought that in just several days, the Prehistoric Liao Emperor would already emerge.

Yelü Hui closed the scroll. She had a docile, harmless appearance. Her face wore a smile as she looked around at Grandfather Li and the others, “Was it you that released us?”

“Your Servant Taisui greets the Great King!” Grandfather Li and the others announced themselves.

“How many years have passed?” Yelü Hui asked.

“Liao Emperor, you have been sealed in the Along The River During Qingming for almost a thousand years.”

“What a surprise, so long.” The girl hummed.

“Great King. This place looks to be very lively.” Wuyan Guang licked her lips, currently worried that her lips were chapped. She looked at the massive Crystal Palace and the millions of cultivators with a savage grin as if she was about to gorge herself on blood.

As the Great Liao’s number one great general, the stench of blood billowed from her head to toe, making her surroundings fall into a malevolent ocean of blood.

“This place is the Crystal Dragon Palace, currently holding its Treasure Banquet that occurs once every fifty years. The Azure Dragon Territory’s strongest cultivators are practically all here.” Grandfather Li smiled wholeheartedly, completely like a kindly old man. But every word he said, every sentence made the Azure Dragon Cultivators’ whole bodies shudder, extremely frightened.

“You truly are considerate.” Yelü Hui benevolently smiled. She swept her gaze all around. Those eyes immediately saw through the Crystal Dragon Palace. “Only so few Azure Dragon Cultivators?”

Emperor Liang, Immortal Outside Heaven, Shu Xindao, and the Supervoid Peak Cultivators were pale, dripping in cold sweat.

“Your Highness, Fellows, what are you all afraid of, this Liao Emperor has been refined in the Along The River During Qingming for a thousand years. There is no need to fear her now!!! She is no more than a girl fresh off the teat.” A Supervoid Early Stage scattered cultivator arrogantly shouted, immediately showing contempt when he saw that Emperor Liang and the others were surprisingly stretched as taut as bowstrings.

This scattered cultivator yelled and put his palms together.

Fifty-five wide black iron swords appeared, turned into rainbow light and swiftly slashed.

“Do not be reckless.” Immortal Outside Heaven was startled and hastily called out to stop him.

But she was already too late.

It happened in an instant.

The Supervoid Early Stage Scattered Cultivator’s sword array had barely taken shape. This young and vigorous man still maintained a perfect defensive stance. In the blink of an eye, accompanied by the muffled thud of his heart being run through, everyone nevertheless suddenly noticed that Wuyan Guang was already standing beside the man. They were shoulder to shoulder, his blood splattering about.

An alloy-tipped spear directly pierced through the Supervoid Cultivator’s various defensive magic weapons. Then, while he was still talking big, it impaled his innards. The cultivator’s eyes widened. He hung on the spear’s tip like a scrap of paper fluttering in the wind. He whimpered a few times, and his eyes finally dimmed. He was still.

Instant kill!

Everyone choked.

They did not dare imagine that a Supervoid Cultivator would surprisingly be killed in a single instant!

“Cultivators are still so weak.” Wuyan Guang sneered, throwing the corpse away.

“And how will you manage against This King this time around?” Yelü Hui played with a strand of hair that lay across her chest.

“Take advantage of the fact that the Liao Emperor has yet to recover after emerging from her seal. Everyone, We ask that you set aside your grudges and unite in the Azure Dragon Territory’s moment of crisis. No eggs stay intact under an overturned nest.” Emperor Liang shouted, his voice was like a booming bell, shaking the Crystal Palace.

The emperor of the Great Liang released his True Dragon Imperial Qi. In a split second, a nine-talon golden dragon took shape from nothingness. 

Immortal Outside Heaven, Shu Xindao, Long Wanxin and the other Supervoid Peak Cultivators each nodded and used their strongest abilities. Just at this moment, an enormous boom practically shattered the Crystal Dragon Palace’s barrier. The seawater outside the palace rolled. A corner of the Crystal Dragon Palace suddenly split with innumerable cracks. Then, streams of flaming lava spewed out, forming spectacular fire dragons.

A foehn wind rolled in several kilometers, making everyone gasp. A powerful force rose from the ground, seemingly about to pulverize the Crystal Dragon Palace. Emperor Liang, the Liao Emperor, and others suddenly froze. They heard a frighteningly forceful voice come suddenly from within the flames.

“Earth Rank Technique: Heaven Falls Earth Rends!!!” 

Fiery Thunderbolt Qin Mingyue was injured by the Heaven Earth Dark Yellow of the Xie Twin Heavenly Stars. The Twins each dashed, tacitly using their Dark Rank in preparation to crush the Five Tigers General.

Qin Mingyue’s face was a complete red. Her hands tightly gripped the Wolf Fang Fire Beacon Mace, and a red Star Crest glimmered on her forehead. Her pupils were brilliant as gems. At this juncture, she used her Dark Rank, “Heaven Falls Earth Rends.”

With Qin Mingyue as the center, a range of several kilometers was disintegrated by her mace. Lava and fire dragons gushed out, surrounding the Xie Twins. Instantly, there was an explosion.

Lady Snake Scorpion was pale from shock. She promptly raised the Stars Falling Dragon Sword to resolve a portion of the force, quelling the flames. Savage Star Xie Diao and Crying Star Xie Chan were already covered in cuts and bruises. They even had to rely on sacrificing their Star Beasts “Green Scaled Unicorn Python” and “Devouring Infant” in order to avoid this disaster.

Qin Mingyue gasped for breath. The little loli’s tiny hands that held her massive mace were already quivering, but her eyes were full of determination. Snake Scorpion Beauty’s Kiss was taking effect in Qin Mingyue’s body, making the little loli suffer unbearably.


Xie Diao and Xie Chan suddenly pounced. A shadow quickly flashed by Qin Mingyue’s side, taking her away at the last moment. The Xie Twins gnashed their teeth, “Thinking of running!!” They waved their hands, throwing out Five Star Destined Weapons.

Several bangs.

In midair, a staff swept them down.

“Little Sisters, you honestly are like snakes and scorpions in mind.”

Nine Tattooed Dragons Shi Jinglun rode atop her Single Horned Pixiu Beast. High above, she hung an indifferent smile upon her face, wielding the Yellow Dragon Staff in one hand.

“Minute Star.” Xie Chan ground her teeth. “Courting Death, Dark Technique – Provoke Bees Vex Scorpions!!”4

The Golden Scorpion Fine Rain Needles flew out, becoming a stream of golden lights.

“Hmph.” Shi Jinglun snorted disdainfully. The Single Horned Pixiu Beast furiously roared, shaking out an astral wave that blocked the Dark Technique. Nine Tattooed Dragons flashed away, descending in front of Xie Chan. “Little Sister, be careful.” Xie Diao shouted. Her Bamboo Viper Gloom Blade hissed towards Shi Jinglun.

The Yellow Dragon Staff transformed into a dragon phantom that pounced on Xie Chan. The girl was wounded yet used a Dark Technique. She had no leeway to defend against this. Shi Jiuling’s Yellow Dragon Worships Heaven directly struck Xie Chan. Then, her staff technique swept as fast as lightning, beating Xie Chan into the Star Nest.

“Little Sister!” Xie Diao turned pale.

Shi Jinglun whirled around. Her footwork changed, and then she slashed at Xie Diao.

Xie Diao was far more composed than her Little Sister. She had already prepared to use the Bamboo Viper Green Gloom Edge to block. The Single Horned Pixiu Beast to the side roared to shake her off. Savage Star’s hands came together, and the Bamboo Viper Green Gloom Edge suddenly manifested a viper’s phantom.

Instantly, Nine Tattooed Dragons and her Star Beast were surrounded.

This was precisely a Dark Technique.

Long Serpent Big Boar!!5

“Elder Sister, are you alright?” Wang Jingzhi looked at Qin Mingyue and hastily asked.

Qin Mingyue was heavily injured, her expression becoming increasingly pale.

“I shall bring Elder Sister to go see Big Sister Qingci.” Wang Jingzhi grabbed Qin Mingyue and teleported.

Qin Mingyue, Shi Jinglun, and the Xie Twins’ battle was no more than a few moments, but this nevertheless made everyone in the Crystal Dragon Palace hold their breath for a moment. That vast Heaven Falls Earth Rends practically was about to crumble the Crystal Dragon Palace. Some cultivators had begun to flee in fright.

“Eh?” Yelü Hui spotted them, showing an odd expression.

“Who are they?” Yelü Hui’s brows slightly wrinkled. She surprisingly sensed the same kind of aura that she had.

Grandfather Li took the opportunity to inform Yelü Hui the whole story.

“Star Generals?” Yelü Hui looked at the Star Maidens, and the creases in her brow became apparently even deeper.

“Taisui.” At this time, Lady Snake Scorpion and the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon rushed to his side, their expressions astonished and full of caution. They had yet to decide their position on this legendary Liao Emperor.

“Great King, in this Treasure Banquet, our three territories have not only united to massacre the Azure Dragon, we also wish to topple Maiden Mountain.” Cang Feng reverently said: “What does the Great King think?”

Yelü Hui gazed at Li Xiangfei and the other Star Generals. Then, she glanced at He Chongbao. A strange luster flashed past her eyes and she struck her palm, saying “Good, good, good.” Then she said: “You have spoken very well. This King shall ponder about Maiden Mountain’s barrier. At that time, you will accompany This King together to attack Maiden Mountain.”

Pausing, Yelü Hui looked around the whole Crystal Dragon Palace. She suddenly smiled: “Can the Star Generals of Maiden Mountain present here hear me? If you are willing to follow This King in attacking Maiden Mountain, then join This King’s faction. This King treats everyone favorably, without exception. If you wish to be enemies, then do not blame This King for being merciless.”

The originally restless Star Masters were suddenly somewhat hesitant upon hearing this.

“Guang, let them know of This King’s might.” Yelü Hui slightly smiled.

“As you command.”

Wuyan Guang smiled broadly. With spear in hand, she suddenly rushed towards Shu Xindao.

Shu Xindao raised the Yellow Springs Brush, madly writing calligraphy in his hands.

The calligraphy attacked Wuyan Guang as if they were substantive. Each brush stroke contained Shu Xindao’s Supervoid Peak power. The characters were comparable to a few dozen magic weapons, but this calligraphy melted away like snow upon touching Wuyan Guang’s three-layered armor.

“Watch this – “

Wuyan Guang grinned, and her spear twisted.

Shu Xindao was surprised. He promptly wanted to escape, but Wuyan Guang’s spear was honestly too fast. Instantly, it twisted in front of his face. The Yellow Springs Brush and calligraphy were the first to be ground to pieces. Then, the spear slashed.

Emperor Liang and Immortal Outside Heaven wanted to save him, but the shaking of Wuyan Guang’s spear nevertheless left the two of them with no way to get close.

“Quickly use the Tree Clarities Banner to save him.”

By the time she spoke.

The Great Liao’s number one Fierce General showed two beast-like fangs. Her spear stabbed directly towards the Lifeless Hall’s number one ancestor, Shu Xindao.

Shu Xindao’s face was ashen, in despair.

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  1. 兀顏光
  2. 賀重寶
  3. Sound familiar?
  4. 撩蜂剔蠍, a line from the original Water Margin.
  5. 長蛇封豕, a phrase meaning ruthless.

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