Chapter 568: Bind Silk Before Rain

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Just as Wuyan Guang’s spear was about to cut down Shu Xindao, against a Transforming Star of Annihilation level martial general in close range, even a Supervoid Peak Cultivator would be unable to last. It was just at this critical moment that three rays of jadeite hidden weapons flew over with a sonic boom. After three bangs, they struck against the spear. The hidden weapons wrapped in powerful force then pushed back the spear. Only then did Shu Xindao escape from under her spear, avoiding this disaster.

“Eh?” Wuyan Guang was surprised. She gloomily looked at the young girl who interrupted her attack.

Zhang Biluo coldly stared back at her, not at all swayed by her opponent’s frightening aura. Her fingers parted, and eight rhomboid jadeite concealed weapons wound around her fingertips, “Number one Fierce General of the Great Liao, let us see what you can do.” Yan Wudao sneered. He brought out the Six Paths Plate, striking with several rays of black light.

When the black light slammed onto Wuyan Guang, it was immediately devoured by the sea of blood surrounding her body. This powerful Prehistoric Spirit Treasure was surprisingly completely ineffective against her.

“Jadeite hidden weapons? Is it that Maiden Mountain Agile Star?” Wuyan Guang’s eyebrows rose, showing a cruel grin. “I shall take you as tribute for the Great King leaving seclusion.” The sea of blood suddenly lowered, its speed beyond normal limits. A sharp white ray attacked in right before Zhang Biluo’s eyes.

Zhang Biluo faded into nothingness, using her Innate Skill Gods Appear Devils Vanish.

Wuyan Guang sneered. She suddenly thrust her spear. The air immediately blossomed with an elegant splatter of blood. Zhang Biluo groaned as she was cut out of her invisibility. The girl flexed her fingers and used her Dark Technique, Hell Has No Road.

Eight Asking Directions To The Underworld Stones slammed into Wuyan Guang’s three layered armor. The Northern Liao’s number one Fierce General was completely unmoved, like a boulder. Her body merely rocked gently. “Sword array!!” Yan Wudao activated his sword array.

At the same time, the Shu Xindao who escaped with his life swiftly used his most powerful sword array.

His Flying Swords divided into four, then four into eight, combining into an arc of light.

“In a rush to die?” Wuyan Guang was furious. Her powerful aura shook for several miles. Everyone shuddered. Even someone as powerful as Emperor Liang felt the pressure. Then, there was a magnificent arc. The sword array Shu Xindao had hastily used to provide support was surprisingly destroyed in one blow. Following that, killing intent that toppled mountains and overturned seas pressed in.

Shu Xindao’s eyes widened. He unexpectedly felt that he had sunk into the ocean, powerless to struggle.


The killing intent engulfed Shu Xindao. From this, this Lifeless Hall Supervoid Late Stage Ancestor was immediately destroyed, with no body to bury.

“Ancestral Master.” Yan Wudao was pale. Before he could feel regret, Wuyan Guang’s true attack was carried out. Her killing intent covered him, and the girl was already in front of Yan Wudao a split second later, attacking at the same time.

The presence of the powerful martial general nearly made Yan Wudao choke. For the first time, a sort of fear rose in his heart.

Was this a Transforming Star of Annihilation general?

Yan Wudao saw the glinting cold light of the spear was about to smother him.

“Wudao!!” Zhang Biluo screamed. Her green figure leapt in front of him. This slash directly cut into her back. The girl vomited blood. “Biluo.” Yan Wudao’s face once again chilled. Hugging Zhang Biluo, he fled several hundred meters away.

Zhang Biluo’s clothes were bloody, her breathing ragged.

“Return to the Star Nest.” Yan Wudao did not hesitate to order her.

“Wudao, be careful.” Zhang Biluo left behind one pale worry and then vanished from sight.

“She disappeared?” Wuyan Guang said in astonishment.

Yan Wudao stared straight at Wuyan Guang. His expression that was cold as a knife showed slight enmity.

“Northern Darkness Has Fish, why did you not use the Three Clarities Banner to save Shu Xindao?” Immortal Outside Heaven icily spat each word. If Northern Darkness Has Fish had used the Three Clarities Banner just now, he could have still rescued Shu Xindao, but for some reason, after the Liao Emperor appeared, Northern Darkness Has Fish had maintained an unsteady expression, as if he was hesitating over something. This made Immortal Outside Heaven considerably enraged.

Northern Darkness Has Fish was silent, his eyes full of gloom.

“Northern Darkness Has Fish, if you do not wish to ruin the illustrious name of the Most High Path for generations, then set aside your grudges for now.” Emperor Liang coldly said. How could he not see what Northern Darkness Has Fish was thinking about.

“Today is the day the Azure Dragon Territory is destroyed. The Azure Dragon Territory has dominated the Star Duels for eight generations. Now, the time has come for a transition of power.” Cang Feng clearly said. Every one of his words held a forceful pressure. Those Galaxy and other cultivators could only feel powerless to resist. 

Following Cang Feng finishing his speech, the other White Tiger Seven Spirit Stars flew to his side, each revealing their Star General, a very spectacular sight. Besides the White Tiger Seven Spirit Stars, the Black Turtle Territory’s Holy Lord of Draconic Demon and the Vermilion Bird Territory’s Lady Snake Scorpion were present. 

“Do the Azure Dragon Territory’s Star Masters dare fight a war!!”

Shijiu Ying mercilessly laughed.

The Azure Dragon Territory could be said to be looking at each other in dismay. The Star Masters with the greatest qualifications were considered Xie Zhenyuan and Zhao Hanyan, but looking around at everyone present, there was surprisingly no trace of either of the two. That left the Azure Dragon Territory’s next in line Star Master as Yan Wudao. He was righteous and severe, but Featherless Arrow had been cut down into the Star Nest by Wuyan Guang.

Even the Star General Agile Star Zhang Qing who was number one in concealed weapons was defeated. The other Star Masters did not dare utter a word.

At this moment, the people remaining suddenly recalled one other person – a man who overturned Heaven and Earth in the Azure Dragon Territory, who overturned the rivers and seas, who fought against a crazy tide in the Vermilion Bird Territory – the Purple Thunder Monster, and he had another nickname, the “Purple Thunder Saint.”

Northern Darkness Has Fish loudly and clearly shouted: “Purple Thunder Monster, if you act against the Three Territories now, This Ancestor shall immediately write off our grudge.”

Everyone else was cried out in relief upon hearing this.

But no one responded.

Northern Darkness Has Fish had wanted to take advantage of this chance to draw out the Purple Thunder Monster and his numerous Star Generals. Then, he would use the Connecting Heaven Ocean Settling Pearls to seal and kill him, but he continued to wait for a response to no avail, which slightly puzzled him. Just at this moment, a rumbling cave in occurred in an area of the Crystal Palace. A gorgeous pavilion toppled, and a graceful chant suddenly emerged from the strange lights that covered the skies.

“Eight Gates Black Gold Chain, Dark Rank Technique – Bind Silk Before Rain!!”1

A beautiful girl of graceful physique pointed her finger. Bizarre dark gold chains of light wound closely in space. Yang Zijin raised her Extreme Vast Blue Emperor Saber. Her swordsmanship was breathtaking beyond compare. Ray after ray of blue saber-light cut against the unending chains. Wu Xinjie’s Bind Silk Before Rain made wherever Yang Zijin stood seem like a prison. The chains appeared in every position with unpredictable speed and angles.

If it was not for Yang Zijin’s superb Realm, her surly saber technique that had been passed on over generations, perhaps she would need only a few seconds to be bound to death by the Eight Gates Black Gold Chains.

With a clanging noise.

Yang Zijin seized upon a fleeting gap in coverage. She flashed away in that instant the moment the Eight Gates Black Gold Chain appeared, finally withdrawing from the dead zone. 

Bind Silk Before Rain came to an abrupt end.

Everyone’s eyes lit up when they saw those chains. Were those not the Knowledge Star Resourceful Star Wu Yong’s second Destined Star Weapon?

In that battle, there were more figures.

This meant that the Purple Thunder Monster had already begun battle.

“Since you are not willing to submit, then do not blame This King for being merciless.” Yelü Hui courteously smiled.

“This Palace actually wants to see whether or not the Connecting Heaven Ocean Settling Pearls can take you.” Long Wanxin sneered. She said to Northern Darkness Has Fish: “Northern Darkness, now that the Liao Emperor has appeared, Wanxin will need those twelve Connecting Heaven Ocean Settling Pearls back for the time being.”

When Northern Darkness Has Fish saw that she wanted to use the Connecting Heaven Ocean Settling Pearls, he knew that he could no longer hesitate. Regardless of just where the Purple Thunder Monster was, since his Knowledge Star was here, he must inevitably be snooping around in the shadows. Northern Darkness Has Fish nodded. He closed his eyes, and his Most High Jade Clarity Flying Swords formed a sword array. Northern Darkness Has Fish began to form hand seals and chant an incantation.

“The skilful masters of old, with a subtle and exquisite penetration, comprehended its mysteries, and were deep so as to elude men’s knowledge. As they were thus beyond men’s knowledge, I will make an effort to describe of what sort they appeared to be. Shrinking like those who wade through a stream in winter; irresolute like those who are afraid of all around them; awestruck like a guest; evanescent like ice melting away; unpretentious like wood that has not been fashioned into anything; vacant like a valley, and dull like muddy water…”2

Upon hearing this incantation, her face suddenly changed. Is this not the incantation for the twenty-four Connecting Heaven Ocean Settling Pearls?

Prehistoric Spirit Treasures often had no restrictions for use, but there were some treasures that required an incantation to control. For example, the Treasure Bowl, Soul Summoning Banner, and the Heaven Connecting Ocean Settling Pearls were like this. With just half of the Connecting Heaven Ocean Settling Pearls, the other twelve could be controlled as well. It was because of this that Long Wanxin had no misgivings lending them out. So long as she had that incantation, she was not afraid of not retrieving them, but she had never thought that Northern Darkness Has Fish would suddenly chant the incantation to the Connecting Heaven Ocean Settling Pearls. 

For a palace guarding treasure like this, the Crystal Dragon Palace closely guarded the psychic incantation. Only the Imperial Empress of each generation knew of it. Long Wanxin did not know how he knew of it. For a time, she was somewhat at a loss. “Northern Darkness, what is the meaning of this?” 

“That state of vacancy should be brought to the utmost degree, and that of stillness guarded with untiring vigor. All things alike go through their processes of activity, and we see them return to their original form. When things have displayed their luxuriant growth, we see each of them return to their roots. This returning to their root is what we call the state of stillness; and that stillness may be called a reporting that they have fulfilled their appointed end. The report of that fulfilment is the regular, unchanging rule. To know that unchanging rule is to be intelligent…”

“…not to know it leads to wild movements and evil issues. The knowledge of that unchanging rule produces a capacity and forbearance, and that capacity and forbearance lead to a community of empathy. From this community of empathy comes a kingliness of character; and he who is king-like goes on to be heaven-like. In that likeness to heaven he possesses the Dao. Possessed of the Dao, he endures long; and to the end of his bodily life, is exempt from all danger of decay.”

Following the end of the incantation, the Crystal Dragon Palace suddenly glowed brilliantly.

All around the palace, twelve resplendent pearls as vast as the sun and moon hovered high above, releasing azure light. These light rays combined into one ray, merging with each other, like an immense honeycomb, but some were missing, which felt somewhat regrettable. Northern Darkness Has Fish then raised the twelve Connecting Heaven Ocean Settling Pearls in his hand.

These twelve pearls rocketed into the sky, expanding suddenly and embedded themselves among the others.

In a split second.

The Crystal Dragon Palace was enveloped in a barrier thin as a cicada’s wing.

The Crystal Dragon Palace inherently had a barrier to keep out the fathoms of deep sea. This was nothing unusual to everyone, but they felt that those lens-like rhomboid barriers were releasing a somewhat unsettling pressure.

“Strange, there seems to be no air.”

“Eh? It’s true.”

“What is happening? How have those ruins and dust just froze there?”

Everyone suddenly noticed that the atmosphere was slightly different. The collapsed palace, the disturbed dust, and the slight airflow had all unexpectedly froze in midair.

“Ocean Settling Barrier!!” Emperor Liang’s tone sunk. He discerned that the Crystal Dragon Palace had already become a cage, with no one allowed to enter or exit.

“Northern Darkness Has Fish, what are you doing!” Long Wanxin shouted, pale.

Northern Darkness Has Fish slowly opened his eyes. He expressionlessly glanced at Long Wanxin. He then waved his sleeve and rushed towards the Liao Emperor.

Wuyan Guang had thought to slay him, but Yelü Hui’s expression hinted to her. Thus, she stayed her hand.

Everyone had thought that the Most High Path’s number one ancestor was staking his life against the Liao Emperor, and they charged together in a fervor.

Northern Darkness Has Fish was halfway there when he suddenly felt his whole body be restricted by a sort of pressure. He raised his head to see He Chongbao was using magic. He was inwardly astonished. He was surprisingly unable to break free even with his Supervoid Peak cultivation. This power really was the legendary Transforming Star of Annihilation.

As he was inwardly afraid, Northern Darkness Has Fish bowed his head in even greater deference.

“Your Servant Northern Darkness Has Fish is willing to join Your Majesty Liao Emperor.”


The Crystal Dragon Palace sunk into a deathly stillness that was even more terrifying than the “Ocean Settling Barrier.” The tens of thousands of cultivators were dumbstruck. They did not dare believe the sight they saw before them – the number one Ancestral Master of the Azure Dragon Territory’s number one sect, the Most High Path, had unexpectedly defected…

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  1. 未雨綢繆, basically means be prepared for a rainy day.
  2. 古之善為道者,微妙玄通,深不可識。夫唯不可識,故強為之容。豫兮若冬涉川,猶兮若畏四鄰,儼兮其若客,渙兮若冰之將釋,敦兮其若樸,曠兮其若谷,渾兮其若濁 These are lines from the Dao De Jing. I have adapted this from the James Legge translation

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