Chapter 569: Supervoid Peak

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“Northern Darkness Has Fish! How can you just submit to one sorcerer, to just capitulate!” Long Wanxin furiously shouted.

“A fine bird chooses a tree to nest in.1 Fellows, there is no need to persist in your wrong ways.” Northern Darkness Has Fish matter-of-factly said.

Immortal Outside Heaven jeered: “Northern Darkness Has Fish, fancy that you took rash action as the head of the Most High Path. Today, the Most High Path’s generations of repute have been buried by your hand.”

“When three of Has Fish’s Junior Brothers died to the Purple Thunder Monster, the Most High Path was already that in name only. Immortal Outside Heaven, in your current righteousness, how can you know Your Servant’s feelings.” Profound hatred appeared in Northern Darkness Has Fish’s eyes. To be able to make the number one ancestor of the Most High Path who practiced the Most High Indifference feel this, it was obvious he already hated the Purple Thunder Monster to the bone.

“Senior Brother Northern Darkness, you absolutely cannot be confused in the heat of the moment.” Long Wanxin called out.

“Long Wanxin, the one who is confused is you.” Emperor Liang sneered: “Did you think he would let us live?” By the time every cultivator in the barrier was dead, no one would have known anything had happened. Emperor Liang could imagine that Northern Darkness Has Fish would seize the opportunity to declare himself number one, to once again rouse the Most High Path’s might.

Northern Darkness Has Fish chuckled. Evidently, it was as Emperor Liang had anticipated.

Long Wanxin’s complexion was frosty.

“If you are finished chatting, is it not about time to offer tribute?” Yelü Hui, the corner of her lips curled in a smile.

“We actually would like to see what capabilities you have.” Emperor Liang’s Divine Intent moved. The Seventy-two Outer Void Flying Immortals Swords split into seventy-two absolutely beautiful immortals. These wonderful fairies held blades in their hands, raising a graceful sword dance in midair. Their apparently agile and relaxed movements nevertheless emitted a mountain toppling sword qi. 

“I shall assist you.” Immortal Outside Heaven shouted, similarly using her own Seventy-two Outee Void Flying Immortals Swords. Her Sword Chant was renowned as number one in the True Immortal Hall, and even EMperor Liang could not compare. Her seventy-two Flying Swords had already reached the True Spirit Realm. Fairies that were far more beautiful than Emperor Liang’s Flying Swords were like swords, their delicate fingers waved swords with a heaven shaking sword qi.

Two excellent Supervoid Cultivators released the Seventy-two Outer Void Flying Immortals Swords they had cultivated to True Spirit at full power. In a split second, the Crystal Dragon Palace’s skies were fluttering with more than a hundred True Immortals in beautiful dance. This apparently absolutely beautiful scene was moving beyond description. The hundred True Spirit Immortals attacked at the same time. The killing intent of the flying swords shook the Crystal Dragon Palace like heaven-flooding tsunami, and the other lower cultivation, even the Supercluster Ancestors,people could only barely resist.

A clear dragon cry suddenly sounded out.

Among the frenzy of the one hundred and forty-four True Immortals, there were suddenly hundreds of swarming water dragons. THese dragons had a vaguely visible blue Flying Sword body, but their shape was that of a hundred chi dragon. The dragon scales covering their whole bodies glinted with blue light, similarly not to be underestimated.

“Northern Darkness Has Fish, you have made Wanxin very disappointed.”

Long Wanxin shouted.

This was none other than her Supreme Grade Sword Chant Five Lakes Dragon Roar Four Seas Heaven Splitting Sword!!2

“What a powerful Sword Chant, is this a real peak cultivator?” Xi Yue watched this breathtaking scene in awe, speechless.

The powerful sword qi that the Flying Swords emitted practically made the similarly Supervoid Xi Yue feel stunned.

Unlike Star Masters that relied on their Star Energy to reach instant success, whose cultivation could reach peak state in a few short years, Liangshan Continent’s other cultivators were required to waste enormous effort in order to train and cultivate. It was precisely because of this reason that cultivators who could reach Supervoid Peak often cultivated their Flying Swords to frightening realms over many years.

Cultivators that reached this realm needed only their sword chant to be able to stand arrogant and proud.

“Sword chants are actually more interesting than before.” Wuyan Guang laughed and advanced.

The True Spirit Heavenly Immortals and the hundred water dragons intermingled. If it was any other person, they perhaps would have long already been completely destroyed by these Flying Swords, but after Wuyan Guang laughed aloud, the spear in her hand appeared fearless.

The spear slashed out a waterfall-like cold light. The True Spirit Fairies and the water dragon barely withstood this exchange before being repelled.

“Outer Void Flying Immortals Sword Array!”

“Five Lakes Four Seas Sword Array!”

Emperor Liang and the other two formed hand seals and activated sword arrays. The other cultivators present all used their Flying Sword abilities to provide assistance. Very quickly, several thousand Flying Swords flew about and whipped towards the Liao Emperor.

“Only this level of power?” Yelü Hui shook her head.

The expressionless girl He Chongbao behind her extended her hand. A blood-colored rune formed into a profound array. Then, the rune spun about and fell into the sword arrays. Suddenly, bloody light radiated, and a thousand bloody chains abruptly shot out and firmly seized all the Flying Swords.

The thousand Flying Swords cried out incessantly in midair, surprisingly unable to budge after being frozen by the rune.

Emperor Liang and the others urged on all of their magic energy, but the absolute Heavenly Immortals could only futilely struggle.

What powerful magic.

Emperor Liang’s heart sank. He once again formed a hand seal.

The True Dragon Imperial Qi coiling around his body formed an enormous five clawed True Dragon. The True Dragon roared, and yellow light filled the sky, suddenly shattering the blood-chains. True Dragon Imperial Qi was Emperor Liang’s most powerful ability. For Emperor Liang to rely on brute force to bring the imperial family to the summit of the Azure Dragon Territory, other than his strategies, using the imperial family’s True Dragon Qi to produce a unique ability was another important reason.

He Chongbao’s eyes let out a cold glint. Her body shuddered, and twelve blood shadows swiftly flew out. The world was a thorough red, enshrouded in a blood-colored light. The twelve blood shadows turned their terrible steaming qi into demons that menacingly surrounded the True Dragon, constricting it.

Then, He Chongbao pointed her finger again.

An enormous and complex array was erected in midair. The freed Flying Swords were immediately locked outside.

Upon seeing Emperor Liang’s powers that were unrivalled in Liangshan were unable to break through, Immortal Outside Heaven, Long Wanxin, and the other cultivators hurriedly activated magic weapons. A rainbow bandage flew out from Immortal Outside Heaven’s sleeve. This rainbow gauze expanded, forming a rainbow canopy. The multi-colored light attacked the blood shadows. Long Wanxin’s mouth read an incantation, and she tossed out the hairpin in her hand. Then, she pointed, and that white jade hairpin became a half-black, half-white light ray several chi long. It flew towards Wuyan Guang. This “Heavenly Rainbow Bandage” and “Jade Light Sword Hairpin” were the most capable magic weapons these two possessed. However, top-notch cultivators like them already had no need to rely on magic weapons. Although the magic weapons they activated were not comparable to the Spirit Sealing List’s Great Ten Spirit Treasures, by relying on their innate magic energy, they could still be surly.

The Heavenly Rainbow Bandage and the Jade Light Sword Hairpin were rolled away by two rays of clear qi.

Raising their heads to look, Northern Darkness Has Fish shook the Three Clarities Banner. This banner was the size of his palm, with eccentric characters composed upon it, showing Extreme Clarity, Jade Clarity, and High Clarity – the Three Clarities Immortal Light. Extreme Clarity could stall magic weapons, Jade Clarity could break abilities, and High Clarity could capture souls. The Three Clarities combined into their original form could even produce projections, which could be said to be supreme.

“Northern Darkness Has Fish, have you truly resolved yourself to be the Liao Emperor’s lackey?” Long Wanxin shouted in disappointment. “Could it be you truly plan to kill everyone here?”

“Long Wanxin, a hundred Supervoid Cultivators back then could not handle the Liao Emperor. Do you believe that just the few of us can resist just as well?” Northern Darkness Has Fish coldly answered. “The Liao Emperor has just emerged from her seal, and you saw how Shu Xindao was killed in one blow by Wuyan Guang. With things as they stand, do you still not understand the situation?”

“Idiot, you think that the Liao Emperor will let you go?” Immortal Outside Heaven disdainfully sneered.

NOrthern Darkness Has Fish shuddered from head to toe. WIthout saying another word, the THree Clarities Flag shook out the Extreme Clarity Immortal Light.

Despite her feelings, upon seeing him put himself in a dead end, Long Wanxin was furious again. She used “Heavenly Water Divine Thunder.” This thunder was obtained from the Heavenly Water volume of the Five Spirits Heavenly Books’ Water Spirit Book. Its might could not be underestimated.

“You can all die.” Wuyan Guang attacked at this moment. Her spearhead glinted and then slashed.

“Your high cultivation is not bad, but This Fairy does not fear you.” Immortal Outside Heaven was cold as frost, unyielding. The Outer Void Flying Immortal Swords combined into one and caught Wuyan Guang’s spear.

The two weapons clashed, exploding with glaring light, just like a small sun suddenly igniting. Immortal Outside Heaven’s body sunk, and her whole body went numb. Her body was nearly unsteady. In her heart, she was overwhelmed at her opponent’s terrifying martial force. This slash’s power drained her. She immediately recoiled back from the strong light. A blue ray shot out from the light, directly flying towards Immortal Outside Heaven’s head. Immortal Outside Heaven was too late to dodge, and her shoulder was cut into by Wuyan Guang’s spear.

With a ripping sound, Immortal Outside Heaven’s “Nichang Heavenly Feather Rainbow Raiment” was torn to shreds, disintegrating. This magic weapon was slashed apart by Wuyan Guang’s spear. A hole was gouged out of her shoulder’s flesh. Blood flowed out directly, painful enough to make Immortal Outside Heaven grit her teeth.

Wuyan Guang nevertheless flashed to Immortal Outside Heaven’s front.

The True Immortal Hall’s number one cultivator lost her color. She did not expect her opponent’s Realm to be formidable to such a degree. Her Supervoid Peak level Divine Intent was far inferior. The second spear attack once again slashed into her other shoulder. Her snow-white shoulders showed wounds. That Nichang Heavenly Feather Rainbow Raiment was completely shredded.

The seventy-two Heavenly Immortals clustered over. Immortal Outside Heaven tried to retreat, but she had retreated only a hundred steps when the Seventy-two Outer Void Flying Immortals Swords were all completely slain by Wuyan Guang. The Great Liao Emperor’s number one Fierce General charged.

Her spear directly thrust.

Just as the beauty was about to die, just at this moment, a sword-light of flowing water flew over and constricted Wuyan Guang’s spear attack. This flowing sword-light spun, making Wuyan Guang’s spear stagnate for half a second, and it was precisely this haf second that allowed Immortal Outside Heaven to escape.

Wuyan Guang gasped in astonishment. The girl already slashed downwards.

The sword-wind was chilling, a splashing dragon cry and waterfall.

Wuyan Guang held her arm horizontally, beating back her opponent.

Two girls descended in front of her.

“Senior Immortal Outside Heaven, are you alright.” Long Nü’s brows were locked tight as she stared at Wuyan Guang.

“Thanks.” Immortal Outside Heaven nodded.

“Star General? Explain why you Star Generals would appear in this place?  Could it be because of the Great King?” Wuyan Guang said thoughtfully.

“Who even knows who any of you are” Huang Mengrui chuckled.

“Maiden Mountain has vowed ever since the Star Duels began that whoever meddles in the Star Duels will be punished severely. If you truly wish to know, then come test it.” Long Nü calmly provoked.

Wuyan Guang’s eyes released a peculiar luster. “Maiden Mountain? There just happens to be no one who is a match here. This General actually wants to see what abilities Maiden Mountain has.”

Wuyan Guang disdained Maiden Mountain as beneath her. She thrust out her spear.

Huang Mengrui rode upon Terrible Leg and waved her sword to block.

After several bouts, Huang Mengrui showed signs of defeat. Seeing that she was not a match, Long Nü became slightly anxious.

“It seems that Maiden Mountain is no more than trash, just like that Empress Huidi.”3 Wuyan Guang sneered.

Before she finished speaking.

Suddenly, a three inch tall exquisite pagoda suddenly appeared. Rising into the air, it was then as big as a mountain. Altogether it had nine storeys. The moment it was in midair, exquisite treasure light radiated, enveloping Huang Mengrui and the others within. Even Wuyan Gaung was unable to break through it.

The pagoda released treasure light, dignified and brilliant. Surprisingly, it simultaneously shook He Chongbao’s blood light and Emperor Liang’s True Dragon.

Long Nü’s heart breathed a sigh of relief.

A nine storey pagoda, the Heaven Earth Dark Yellow.

This was none other than Thousand Buddha Star Chao Gai’s Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Thousand Pagoda!

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  1. Meaning that wise people find powerful patrons.
  2. 五湖龍吟四海分天劍
  3. 徽帝女皇


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