Chapter 570: Star World Rumors, Konghou Takes Action

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“Is it really alright for us to not make a move?” Mu Wuyu and Mu Huiyu simultaneously turned their heads back.

Xuanle Feifei’s delicate finger twirled a lock of her black hair. She looked at the chaotic battlefield. The Prehistoric Liao Emperor Yelü Hui’s abrupt rebirth indeed made Fairy Xuanle quite surprised. Just how powerful the legendary Transforming Star of Annihilation Realm was, Xuanle Feifei did not know, but she nevertheless could discern that the Yelü Hui, Wuyan Guang and He Chongbao before her eyes absolutely were not as simple as Transforming Star of Annihilation Stage.

That sort of feeling was just like…a Star General.

“We are not a match.” Xuanle Feifei shook her head. Although she was unwilling, it was necessary to concede this fact in front of them.

The number one martial general Wuyan Guang’s martial arts were outstanding. Even the Mu Assassins would be hard-pressed to find an advantage in close range, and that Yelü Gui and He Chongbao watched like tigers. A rash attack would instead ruin their lives. To be able to shine above the rest in the Star Duels, what Xuanle Feifei relied on was precisely her shrewd ability to evaluate the situation. Let alone… “Let alone that only Chao Gai is capable of handling this Liao Emperor, perhaps even she is no match. This Fairy wonders what that Maiden Mountain will do. We are no more than Traces of True Spirit, and we have our own mission. For now, we shall monitor the situation…” Xuanle Feifei emotionlessly said.

Mu Wuyu and Mu Huiyu were a bit reluctant.

Xuanle Feifei turned her head back to Mu Qingying and Mu Duiying, saying: “Both of you sisters watch carefully. This is an extremely rare opportunity. As assassins, the most important thing is to completely understand the capabilities of your assassination target. When the Three Territories’ Star Masters make their move, the victor will inevitably be king. If you can grasp their combat details, this will be an absolute help in your future assassinations.”

Bing Qingxuan cupped his fist and reverently thanked her.

“Was Chao Gai not admonishing us to not meddle in others’ business? Why not listen to her this time…” Xuanle Feifei ruthlessly smiled.

The Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Thousand Pagoda appeared, radiating Buddhist light, temporarily suppressing the arrogance of both sides.

Very quickly, a beautiful girl appeared in the yellow light.

She was none other than Thousand Buddha Star Chao Gai.

“Yelü Hui! If you meddle in the Star Duels, This One absolutely will not tolerate you. Quickly stop this at once!” Chao Gai’s tone was strict.

On Wu Xinjie’s side, Blue Faced Beast Yang Zijin had already withdrawn to Grandfather Li’s side to guard him. Wu Xinjie had been knocked back by the power of Yelü Hui’s exchange with Emperor Liang and the others, stopping for the moment. Upon seeing Chao Gai appear, Wu Xinjie was not surprised. In fact, even though Long Nü did not attract her attention, hearing Chao Gai’s words, the Knowledge Star still felt a slight change take place.

Chao Gai apparently was familiar with the Liao Emperor Yelü Hui. At least, she knew of her existence. Her seemingly strict tone nevertheless hid slight astonishment.

“Who are you, to unexpectedly dare command the Great King.” Wuyan Guang snorted disdainfully, absolutely not placing the Thousand Buddha Star in her eyes. She raised her spear and attacked.

The Thousand Pagoda’s profound light flooded, filling the heavens as a giant net that twisted towards Wuyan Guang.

Wuyan Guang violently slashed, yet this was not as relaxed as before. The layers of Buddhist light were like a bog, wrapping around her whole body, preventing her from displaying her full power. The Great Liao’s number one martial general was shocked. She knew then that this Chao Gai was powerful. In realm, she was on par, maybe even a level higher than herself.

“As expected, Maiden Mountain has also come.” Wuyan Guang laughed, springing upwards.

The spear slashed a ray of light like a galaxy. This magnificent light ray directly slashed. Cultivators in its way were torn to shreds before they could even react. The light extended to the ends of the Crystal Dragon Palace and slammed into the barrier with a rumble.

Chao Gai formed a hand seal. The Thousand Pagoda shot out a ray of yellow light that wrapped around Wuyan Guang and tried to absorb her into the pagoda.

He Chongbao read an incantation and used Star Magic. A hundred dazzling runes soared about. The twelve blood shadows became seventy-two blood-fiends in a split second. These blood-fiends were dreadful. Cultivators that so much as touched these blood-fiends were dead with no body left behind in an instant. The seventy-two blood fiends devoured the yellow light and freed Wuyan Guang. Then, the blood-light enveloping the Crystal Dragon Palace attacked Chao Gai.

Waves of blood rolled along the way, fiendish qi surged. Even the Supervoid Cultivators took a few steps back in fear, feeling terrified of the He Chongbao who killed as if human life was like grass.

Chao Gai’s long hair fluttered. Her hair then turned into a golden color, each strand radiating Buddhist light.1 A Star Crest appeared on Chao Gai’s forehead, and the Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Thousand Pagoda hovered above Chao Gai’s head, releasing unending light. This brilliant Buddhist magic split off into one hundred and forty-four rays of yellow light. Every two rays each seized one blood-fiend. The seventy-two blood fiends surrounded Chao Gai, yet they were unable to advance one single step.

He Chongbao added more magic energy and battled against Chao Gai’s magic.

The others were unable to interfere.

“Chao Gai, This King  asks you, just what are these Star Duels?” Yelü Hui leisurely asked at this moment.  “Why descend into this realm? Could it be because of This King?”

“You are Yelü Wuxin?”2 Chao Gai was awe-inspiring.

“You know This King’s True Name, huh.” Yelü Wuxin was slightly surprised.

“How could This One not know. Of Star World’s millions of Star Names, your Northern Liao is considered tyrannical. A thousand years ago, a member of the imperial family named Yelü Wuxin suffered defeat. Afterwards, she took the number one great general Wuyan Qin3 and the national scholar He Bao’er4 and disappeared without a trace. Legend said that they fell to a lower realm…It seems that was true.”

“This lower realm is actually very interesting.” Yelü Wuxin did not change her expression.

“No wonder Liangshan Continent’s hundred Supervoid Cultivators were all unable to kill you.” Chao Gai sneered.

“Is Star World Empress still that little girl? Chao Gai, you command one hundred and eight Star Generals. You are not managing those Four Great Female Traitor Ministers, yet here you are in Liangshan Continent playing some Star Duels game. What sort of farce are you putting on here?” Yelü Wuxin thoughtfully asked.

Chao Gai did not say anything. She fired off killing intent. “This One shall ask you once more. Immediately stop interfering with the Star Duels, otherwise there will be no end to your troubles.”

“No end to my troubles? This King is aware that you all came down from Maiden Mountain. This King just happens to want to properly appreciate you.” Yelü Wuxin tore apart her friendliness and suddenly read an incantation. Her body bubbled with an overwhelming qi. This qi rolled with resplendent golden light, vaguely assuming the form of a True Dragon, no different from Emperor Liang’s True Dragon Imperial Qi.

“True Dragon Qi?” Emperor Liang took in a deep breath.

It was no wonder that while she was in the Along The River During Qingming, using the True Dragon Imperial Qi for a thousand years was unable to refine away the Liao Emperor. As it turned out, she was also of the True Dragon bloodline and similarly refined the True Dragon like Emperor Liang did.

“It is a coincidence. This King was bored in the Along The River During Qingming and inadvertently comprehended the True Dragon while inside this profound painting.”

“This King just so happened to want to ascend to Star World and take that Empress’ head. Today, THis King shall take your head as test, lackey.” Suddenly, Yelü Wuxin thought of something and sneered: “Maiden Mountain is Star Dueling here, could it be this?”

Saying this, as if subduing all of the Crystal Dragon Palace, a thousand chi long nine-clawed True Dragon hissed forth. The other cultivators fell to their knees, and even Emperor Liang was stunned.

Chao Gai knew its might. Her clothes fluttered, and the Thousand Pagoda protected her, bubbling forth Buddhist light. A golden light rushed around and illuminated the entire palace, like a candle flame in the night. 

In the Buddhist light, Brahmanistic chanting came with the wind. Several large true bodies emerged from within the Buddhist light. The Acala Wisdom King, the Kundali Wisdom King, the Yamantaka Wisdom King, the Vajrayaksha Wisdom King, the Trailokyavijaya Wisdom King, guardian deities of tall and large golden bodies all appeared. They obstructed the horizon, overlooked all beneath them, making a malevolent face, an angry one, a forced smile, a grim face, not one good expression.   

The Wisdom Kings were wrathful manifestations of Buddhism. They were formed of anger, unable to become merciful bodhisattvas. They could only become Wisdom Kings that protected the law, subduing all evil.

Not only this, but other than the Wisdom King Law Protectors, other asuras, vajras, innumerable buddas, and thousands of brahmans chanted. She truly was the “Thousand Buddha Star.”

The grand thousand Buddhas thus entangled the nine-clawed True Dragon.

“What a Thousand Buddha Star. However, just you alone, This King honestly is reluctant to kill you.” Yelü Wuxin shouted her praise.

He Bao’er and Wuyan Qin immediately joined the battle.

Even if Emperor Liang and Wu Xinjie wanted to intercede, they were helpless. This was already more than Transforming Star of Annihilation. This completely was a battle that only True Phoenix Realm Star Generals could fight.

“What do we do?” Yan Yizhen had brought out the Three Arrows Lethal Crossbow. The Skilful Star wrinkled her brow. This was the first time she had felt stumped.

“This guardian of the Star Duels Chao Gai seemed to be in trouble.” Wu Xinjie shrugged and smiled: “Only as a resort should we use the Three Realms Immortal Movement Pendant to save her life. However, before then, we should greet those Demonkin.”

The Knowledge Star gazed at those White Tiger Seven Spirit Stars and the other Star Masters of the Three Territories, showing a profound expression.

As the Crystal Dragon Palace was in chaos, a reign of terror, there was one place in the palace that nevertheless appeared particularly tranquil. 

Noble Star Little Whirlwind Chai Ling leisurely reclined on a couch. She held Xing’er, her beautiful legs were exposed, and she had a carefree appearance. The only thing missing was a musician playing the qin. Regardless of the Liao Emperor’s appearance or Northern Darkness Has Fish’s betrayal, Chai Ling contrarily appeared very indifferent. Her beautiful red phoenix eyes swept over the crowd. She was originally a bit worried, but after she learned from Shi Yuan that Su Xing had left the Crystal Dragon Palace early, Nobleman Chai was loathe to even put on a single gesture of grandeur.

“As expected, Chao Gai still appeared. However, it seems that she is not powerful at all.” Chai Ling wore an arrogant smile: “Against the Liao Emperor and her subordinates, it appears Chao Gai is about to be defeated.” 

Konghou sat beside Chai Ling, chugging on a large jug of wine. If there was a plate of food around, this would be a model spectator plot gag.

“To unexpectedly be able to see someone who can challenge Maiden Mountain, interesting.” Konghou was apparently a bit drunk, her cheeks an intoxicated red.

“These White Tiger Seven Spirit Stars honestly had an exceptional plan, to unexpectedly exploit the Crystal Dragon Palace, to not only convince the Most High Path’s number one Ancestral Master to defect but to even unite the Star Masters of the other two territories. If it was not for Xing’er, these White Tiger Seven Spirit Stars would inevitably be the overlords of these Star Duels.” Chai Ling praised.

Konghou grunted. Perhaps no one would have imagined that the White Tiger Territory would produce Star Masters, much less imagine a situation where three of the territories united, of course.

“Right, Elder Sister Konghou, can you break this barrier?”

“Each of these Connecting Heaven Ocean Settling Pearls is considered a Prehistoric Spirit Treasure. Twenty-four is actually a bit of a problem.” Konghou shook her head.

“Then you mean to say that at full power you could break through?” Chai Ling asked in amazement.

“It is possible, however, the Crystal Dragon Palace would suffer a calamity. Everyone else would be buried at sea.”

Chai Ling originally wanted to rescue a few of the Star Masters, but she could only drop this.

“However, if that Liao Emperor defeats Chao Gai, Xing’er would also be in a bit of trouble.” Chai Ling said charmingly.

Konghou rolled her eyes: “Chai Ling, you should direct your flirtations to that man instead. Your Humble Servant will not take your bait.”

“This Palace is merely feeling injustice on behalf of the Sisters, that is all.” Chai Ling pet “Xing’er” as she softly spoke.

“Your Humble Servant actually really wants to see Chao Gai flee in defeat.” Konghou covered her mouth, her lips curling into a slightly cold curve. “Then, what will Maiden Mountain do.”

“Elder Sister…”

“However…” Konghou stretched her body, her large breasts accentuated, her wonderful curved highlighted. “To have Chao Gai flee in defeat ought to be done by Your Humble Servant…”

Konghou licked her lips, carrying herself a bit drunkenly. Her footsteps appeared somewhat worrisome.

But when she took her next step, Konghou had already vanished from Chai Ling’s sight.

“Liao Emperor, you better watch yourself. This Palace is suddenly a bit sympathetic towards you.”

Chai Ling cheerfully said.

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  1. She just went Super Saiyan.
  2. 耶律無心
  3. 兀顏琴
  4. 賀寶兒


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