Chapter 579: A Banquet of Starfalls (V) Yueying And The Uprising

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The Crystal Dragon Palace’s Treasure Banquet was Liangshan Continent’s grand banquet, and because this banquet was absolutely safe, the majority of the Star Maidens in the Star Duels would attend  to ncrease their strength before the start of the last phase, “Three Heavenly Books.” But these Ninth Star Duels had displayed millennial changes.

The Prehistoric Liao Emperor’s Taiyi Spherical Heaven Form Array had become the nightmare of Star Generals. As far as these Star Generals without contracts, these loners, were concerned, this was unimaginable disaster.

Yueying was one of them.

The young girl knit her smoky brows, watching the scene in front of her, her expression as unflustered as ever, even if she was already targeted by the White Tiger Territory’s Demonkin.

A fervent smile hung upon Mishe Chilie’s lips, and his expression was wild and hungry as he stared at the woman in front of him.

The young woman’s garb was truly beautiful to the extreme.

Wispy attire, a short cloak, and an upper garment that was like two lotus leaves half-covered her snow-white breasts. Her deep cleavage was especially visible, and a resplendent piece of colored glass hung in the middle. 

Her lower body was dressed in a hundred pleat short skirt, and her white legs were wrapped in black thigh-high stockings, with her snow-white skin faintly visible underneath the black silk, full of allure.

Finish off with a pair of multi-colored boots, and the girl’s whole appearance sparkled, very bewitching.

Although he did not know which Star General this girl was, to be able to be so beautiful with such boldness, Mishe Chilie had no doubt that if she consumed her Star Energy, his own Star Energy would inevitably skyrocket.

“What a pity, beautiful girl, that Chilie does not have the Twin Stars Button. Otherwise, I would have truly wanted to seize the chance to take you.” Mishe Chilie clicked his tongue, his eyes turning craftily, debating to himself whether or not to call that snow woman Han Bing to take her? This train of thought was disdainfully dismissed. Who was he kidding. In the future, when they scaled Maiden Mountain, they would still be in a “you die, I live” situation. To give her another powerful Star General, this truly was the act of someone who did not know how to write the word “death.” 

Mishe Chilie took out an amulet. He raised it into the air, and it transformed into five flaming serpents, each chasing after another’s tail. They released fire-light, baring their snake fangs. They bit at Yueying with visible venom on their fangs.

This “Five Snakes Burning Fire Token” was Mishe Chilie’s Life-cast magic weapon. Its power was not to be looked down upon. To be rolled by the five snakes, even if your cultivation was high, you would be smithereens, especially now when Yueying was already without any strength.

Multi-colored light rolled, and a peacock with its tail fanned out appeared out of thin air. Its feathers were like fans, releasing multi-colroed rainbow lights that stopped the five serpents.

“Star Beast?” Mishe Chilie was taken aback.

“Luo Xia,1 go!” Yueying coldly said.

The red peacock that was like a multi-colored flash screeched. It radiated multi-colored light, and those dots that looked like eyes on its feathers opened one by one. Each and every one of them fired jewel-like light.

Mishe Chilie sneered. Similarly, when his Star General saw her contractor in danger, she also summoned her Star Beast.

A gigantic alligator-like Star Beast completely covered in red scales appeared. This beast’s name was “Sudden Thunder,”2 swift as a clap of thunder. Its jaw could open wide enough to swallow anything whole.

Sudden Thunder pounced towards the peacock.

Nevertheless Yueying’s Star Beast was formidable. Its crest released multi-colored light that easily obstructed Sudden Thunder. Then, the torrential light squeezed Sudden Thunder into screeching.

This seemingly exceptionally fierce Star Beast was killed by the multi-colored light in a matter of seconds.

“Eat my Flame Emperor Whip!”

Mishe Chilie formed hand seals and used an ability.

The crackling whip whistled. The multi-colored light continued to sweep, and Mishe Chilie proceeded to form several hand seals. The whip struck with earth-shattering power.

The red peacock unleashed powerful multi-colored light that stopped the whip.

Mishe Chilie used another ability. His figure moved, and his body transformed into the shape of a fire serpent that suddenly lunged.

The multi-colored light was unable to stop Mishe Chilie’s full power attack. It persisted for a moment before it immediately shattered. Losing the protection of the multi-colored light, Luo Xia thus lost its greatest asset.

Mishe Chilie flicked out his snake tongue. He grabbed Luo Xia and tore it apart. Then, his other hand plunged towards Yueying’s head with powerful Fire Spirit magic energy.

The Yueying who was trapped by the Taiyi Spherical Heaven Form Array had no way to run, but she faced this inevitably deadly palm with no fear, as if life or death mattered not to her.

Just as Yueying was about to Starfall, suddenly, a dragon’s figure flew over. That dragon-shadow wrapped around Yueying’s whole body and stopped all of Mishe Chilie’s attacks. Then, the dragon cried, and a black drill attacked, like a pitch-black dragon rolling. When Mishe Chilie saw this magic weapon was out of the ordinary, he did not dare be careless. He activated his powers to ward it away and retreat.

“Little Sister, are you well?”

A voice as gentle as jade range in Yueying’s ears.

The slightly puzzled Yueying looked to the voice. A woman as beautiful as a poem walked daintily over. She had a face like a lotus, with long shapely brows, eyes like twinkling stars, as if she walked out of a painting, a subtle fragrance upon her.

The woman’s pure white forehead had a green Star Crest, but it was somewhat odd that she could not distinguish if this woman was a Star General or a Star Master. However, upon seeing her, Yueying nevertheless felt a very familiar feeling. This feeling could only be possessed by the sisters of Maiden Mountain’s 108 Star Maidens.

Star General?

Even the aloof Yueying could not help but be startled.

In the Taiyi Spherical Heaven Form Array, even the powerful Pilgrim Wu Song would find it difficult to take a single step, but the woman in front of her showed completely no effect despite standing in the array.

“Who are you?”

Yueying’s tone sunk, and she filled with hostility.

This woman was none other than Qingci.

Song Qingci’s hand held the Justice On Heaven’s Behalf Uprising Gathering Banner with ease inside the array. She slightly smiled, “Little Sister, I trust you have been well since last we met. Elder Sister merely wants to help Little Sister.” Saying this, Song Qingci turned.

Mishe Chilie used “Thousand Snakes Leaving Cave,” and a thousand fire serpents emerged like smoke, wrapping around Qingci’s Yazi Saber.

Leader Star Song Qingci did not give him any breathing room. She pointed her white hand.

Her clothes fluttered, and her hair shifted. Her whole body glowed with multi-colored light, displaying around her seven differently shapped magic weapons – the Nine Dragons Seal had emerged.

The Fish Dragon Pot flew out, looping in the air. It suddenly increased in size, and the gorgeous and exquisite Fish Dragon Pot let out a cloud of clear light. The Fish Dragon Pot could suck in the Five Magics and Five Spirits. Mishe Chilie’s fire serpent ability just happened to be categorized as a Fire Spirit. It was unable to resist for long before being sucked into the pot.

Mishe Chilie’s complexion changed. He hastily released the Five Serpents Burning Fire Token.

The five Fire Serpents swelled in size and were much fiercer than before.

Qingci once again beckoned with her hand. The Pu Lao Bell and the Bi Xi Seal of the Nine Dragons magic weapon attacked. The former released cacophonic ringing that disturbed Mishe Chilie’s thoughts while the latter pressed down like an enormous mountain.

“Nine Dragons Seal!”

Mishe Chilie shouted. This magic weapon was classified as an absolute in Liangshan. Legend said that it had developed out of the Three Heavenly Books. How could Mishe Chilie manage against this.

The Yazi Saber’s saber-light ground Mishe Chilie into a very sorry figure. Three Purple Rose magic weapons, Mishe Chilie could not last against this. His cheeks were flush with anger. He never thought that such a powerful Star Master would unexpectedly come here. Gazing at Qingci’s picturesque beauty, his body shuddered with fury. Red-light swelled, and a giant flaming python charged out of the flames. His eyes were like copper, his fangs very sharp.

He unexpectedly manifested his True Body.

Qingci’s expression wore a slight smile. The fourth Purple Rose magic weapon Suan’ni Image immediately moved.

The suan’ni divine lion on the sculpture immediately grew a hundredfold in size. Its lion roar was a roll of thunder, bearing a suffocating astral wind. It bit its way towards Mishe Chilie forcefully. Mishe Chilie saw that things bode ill for him and thus released fierce flames before turning around and retreating.

Seeing his sorry figure scuttle away, Qingci remained unmoved, as if this was not worth a mention. Her gentle gaze completely focused on Yueying. “Now that the situation is on the brink of crisis, the Sisters must unite. Little Sister, are you willing to ascend Maiden Mountain with Qingci’s Uprising?”

“Uprising??” Yueying’s brow wrinkled. She stared straight at Qingci’s complexion and suddenly recalled something. She was immediately shocked. “Impossible, could you be Leader Star Song Jiang?”

Qingci nodded.

“Impossible, how could such a thing happen, do not deceive Me!” Yueying sneered.

“It is a long story. After Little Sister uprises with Qingci, there will naturally be an explanation. As for the danger before us, Qingci asks Little Sister join the Uprising. This ‘Heavenly Star Birth Banner’ can protect Little Sister’s safety.” Qingci shook her head, warmly advising.

“And if I refuse?” Yueying countered.

Qingci smiled: “Whatever apprehensions Little Sister may have, Qingci naturally will explain. Neither will Qingci force you. In the future Star Duels, Qingci naturally stands with the Sisters.”

Qingci gazed at Mishe Chilie forming hand seals. Several of the Nine Dragons magic weapons attacked even more fiercely. Yueying noticed that the Prostrate Snake Ruler had no intentions of leaving.

Yueying looked and discovered that the Qingci in front of her who called herself an Elder Sister was indeed full of familiarity. Her words were also full of sincerity. If she had attempted to do so, then killing her would have been no more difficult than blowing dust away right now. Even if she used her Uprising, this did not sound like a bad thing.

“Qingci, how many Sisters are in your Uprising?” Yueying asked.

“There is already Qin Ming, Jin Dajian, Dai Zong, Sun Xin and many other Sisters.” Qingci replied.

“Xinyue? She has joined your uprising?” Yueying’s eyes narrowed, and she showed a smile.

“This was also for Little Sister Xinyue who requested Qingci to come find you.”

“Can the Uprising truly end the Star Duels?” Yueying continued to ask.

“Is this not precisely the sole wish of us Sisters?” Qingci’s slight smile made Yueying slightly moved.

“Good.” The girl carefreely looked the the heavens and laughed. “Sole wish, well said!! Compared to a Star Master, at least you still make Me feel happy, Qingci.”

Qingci pursed her thin lips, a luminous flicker in her eyes.

“Uprising, it sounds very interesting.”

Yueying softly grunted.

Qngci smiled. “Does Little Sister acquiesce?”

“Just let Me see how your Uprising is.”

Qingci slightly nodded. She waved the Heavenly Star Birth Banner. THe banner flowed with resplendent light. A dimness manifested, and then flickering stars, showing the bright light of a starry sky.

Beams of light revolved, gathering into a beautiful, graceful Star Crest that was the exact same as Yueying’s

Qingci waved the Heavenly Star Birth banner at Yueying.

A speck of light entered into Yueying’s Star Cest. Withing that boundless ocean of consciouessness, Yueying suddenly felt a sort of familiar feeling, as if something was calling out to her.

Yueying froze and immediately realized what this feeling was.

At this moment, so long as she wholeheartedly agreed, it seemed a contract would be reached.

“I will help you, Qingci…” Yueying proudly raised her chin. Her eyes emitted a lion-like might and spirit. This was a manner and character only a super martial general could possess.

Qingci knew.

She was perhaps one step closer to ending the Star Duels…But this was far from enough. Qingci subconsciously gazed towards a certain place of the Crystal Dragon Palace. Past the pervasive lights, the obscuring smoke and omnipresent domineering auras, she saw the steadfast loyalty of Sisters trapped in the array, not conceding defeat at all.

Those earnest expressions made Qingci moved.

But Qingci knew those Sisters belonged to neither her nor him…Qingci’s heart slightly sighed.

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