Chapter 580: Hu Mi VS Taisui

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The Crystal Dragon Palace was under a bloody carnage all around. Star Masters were currently waging a war, however, there were nevertheless many Supervoid Cultivators spectating from afar. It was excusable for these Supervoid Cultivators to be unable to interfere in the battle between four top-notch cultivators involving Northern Darkness Has Fish and Emperor Liang, but against the White Tiger Territory Seven Spirits, they had an attitude of watching the world burn.

Worried about the White Tiger Seven Spirits Star Masters’ status, these Supervoid Cultivators did not take action, so as to avoid breaking the Star Duels’ rules. Other than someone like Shijiu Ying whose fury was unrestrained as he conducted an open slaughter, the majority of cultivators stayed a distance away, calmly watching this rarely seen sight in a thousand years of Star Duels.

Yet one Supervoid Cultivator did not have such thoughts.

A girl wearing a dark purple skirt and stepping with spry and graceful steps appeared. The gazes of the cultivators that were originally watching the other Star Master battles could not help but have their gazes drawn over. Upon seeing her, their originally calm expressions became astonished one after another.

“What, a Supervoid Stage Star Master?”

“Could she be the Ling Yan Princess?”

“Are you blind? To not even recognize the Ling Yan Princess, do you not see that she is wearing the Purple Firmament Immortal Palace’s Rainbow Raiment?”

“The Purple Firmament Immortal Palace’s Star Master is surprisingly Supervoid Stage!!”

The corner of Fox of Voracious Admiration Hu Mi’s hung a seemingly vague charm. Originally, she had wanted to reveal her identity after the Three Heavenly Books. It was a pity that she did not calculate that the Taiyi Spherical Heaven Form Array would appear. Even if she was unwilling, her Star Crest was prominently displayed within the array.

Hu Mi had originally wanted to Star Duel once with the Ling Yan Princess Zhao Hanyan who was acclaimed as the Azure Dragon Territory’s number one Star Master. Hu Mi’s Divine Intent swept through, not finding her, leaving Hu Mi feeling quite disappointed. Seeing that the other Star Masters were battling the White Tiger Seven Spirits, Hu Mi was loathe to interfere. She had a personality like Xu Jingshu’s. Only someone who was strong could stir her interest.

Her gaze indifferently swept about when Hu Mi’s eyes lit up. She had found her opponent – Li Taisui.

Li Taisui was currently sitting upright on a prayer mat in meditation. The murderous auras that pervaded his surroundings became gentle breezes when they drew near him. He was tranquil to the peak, someone unfathomable. His old man’s forehead similarly twinkled with a Star Crest, faintly changing.

An aged Star Master drew the curiosity of many cultivators. Several reckless cultivators vainly attempted to seek a bit of success, however, before they even drew close, divine thunder fell from the heavens that utterly destroyed them. After this, the other cultivators did not dare approach.

Beside the old man similarly sat a lightly made up woman. She wore a large white robe, with her bangs freely hanging. Her slightly closed eyes made for a contemplative expression. Suddenly, an enormous boom from the sky interrupted Li Taisui and Yang Zijin’s thoughts.

A massive seal flew towards them, as giant as the Five Sacred Mountains. Upon the seal, a black turtle, dragon and snake soared about. Clear light was released, and its power pressed towards Li Taisui. Even a Supervoid Cultivator was unable to contend against the Black Turtle Seal directly.

Li Taisui opened his eyes, and he furrowed his brows. He gently waved his left hand, and a paper fan appeared. He fanned it, and several bolts of thunder flew out of the fan. Along the way, they became several fanged and clawed thunder dragons.

The Black Turtle Seal and the thunder dragons clashed, producing a gigantic explosion.

The Black Turtle Seal in all cases was a Supreme Grade Prehistoric Spirit Treasure. It released clear light, and the thunder dragons disintegrated immediately after a mere few seconds. Li Taisui was not flustered as he rocked the fan. Fan-shadows linked together, and the fragmented thunderbolts once again gathered into a lightning net that wrapped around the Black Turtle Seal.

The thunder was wild, overpowering.

The Black Turtle Seal spun in midair, restoring itself to its original form before flying back.

Li Taisui narrowed his eyes. The paper fan crackled with arcs of electricity. The old man shook the fan, looking at a young girl without saying a word. Only when Hu Mi drew closer did Yang Zijin finally open her eyes that were even deeper than the starry sky.

The Black Turtle Seal gently landed in Hu Mi’s palm. Hu Mi clicked her tongue to herself, covering her gentle smile. “Senior presumably is the leader of the White Tiger Seven Spirit Stars then? An old Star Master. Hu Mi actually has never seen one before.” She was completely unafraid of the old man that concealed his qi aura. The Fox of Voracious Admiration calmly showed her gracefulness.

“It has been very long since someone was able to be aloof in front of This Old Man.” Li Taisui smiled amiably.

“Senior, are you making fun of Hu Mi? Hu Mi saw Senior bow your head to that Prehistoric Liao Emperor a moment ago.” Hu Mi blinked, her tone carrying a bit of mockery.

Li Taisui’s smile was even more profound, “What This Old Man said is true. It has been very long since a cultivator like you dared to ridicule This Old Man.”

“You flatter me. Senior must not be angry.” Hu Mi smiled.

“Of the renowned Azure Dragon Territory Star Masters, only you can be considered passable, miss. Truly, reality does not live up to the name.” On the surface, Li Taisui appeared to be recovering, but in secret, he had already spread his Divine Intent to cover the Crystal Dragon Palace. He was secretly monitoring all battles. Ye Futu and Cang Feng were working together to suppress, Shijiu Ying had revealed his True Body wand was surrounded and had incurred everyone’s wrath, Xiang Chenxing had taken an enormous advantage over three feeble female cultivators, Han Bing was being entangled by a female cultivator, etc. Every move and gesture was within the palm of Li Taisui’s hand.

Even when his Divine Intent had detected many hidden Star Generals, they were far too weak. Li Taisui disdained to lift a hand against them.

Suddenly seeing a Star Master as eye-catching as Hu Mi, it was no wonder that Li Taisui would show a satisfied expression. However, beneath his satisfaction was an even stronger rejection of the influence of the Azure Dragon Territory’s Star Masters.

Hu Mi did not retort. The Azure Dragon Territory was fine, as was the WHite Tiger Territory. Star Masters, in the end, represented only themselves. As for right and wrong, good and bad, human and demon, everything was a fleeting cloud.

“Since this is the case, Hu Mi shall arrogantly challenge Senior on behalf of the Azure Dragon Territory. But if Senior loses, Hu Mi wonders if it is possible for Senior to pull back your forces? The Star Duel originally should be after the Three Heavenly Books. This is what a Star Duel is, do you not agree?”

Li Taisui laughed aloud and praised her: “This Old Man Li Taisui today shall agree with you, but little girl, if you lose, then look out for your own life.”

Hu Mi smiled.

Li Taisui shook the paper fan, activating Nine Turns Widespread Thunderbolt.1 

The sky and earth turned, and blue thunder fell. Hu Mi’s sleeves fluttered, and several wisps of purple smoke flew out from the sleeves. Then, this purple smoke looped around Hu Mi’s whole body. The purple smoke quickly spread like a heavenly canopy, and when the blue thunder boomed against the canopy, the cracks of firewood could seemingly be heard. The inside of the purple smoke twinkled, tottering.

Li Taisui pinched his fingers together. Blue thunder as wide as a bucket was about to forcefully break through Hu Mi’s defensive ability.

Hu Mi’s expression turned grim. Her expression changed as the purple smoke was quickly breached by the blue thunder. The smoke dissipated, revealing an absolutely beautiful Flying Sword formation. This was the Heaven Filling Purple Firmament Flying Swords’ “Nine Palaces Heart Protecting Array.”2

Li Taisui wore a slight smile and nodded to himself. He continued to wave the paper fan.

Thunder suddenly rose, transforming into a tidal wave. As far as Hu Mi could see, thunderbolts became cavalry barreling at her. The powerful thunder and lightning leveled a range of several li. Arcs of lightning struck Hu Mi, and the girl felt her whole body was in scorching pain.

This was Li Taisui’s trump card.

Thunder Moves Nine Heavens!3

“Hu Mi, look out!!” Xu Jingshu nervously shouted.

Hu Mi’s brows locked tight. Her legs could not help but take a step back, for she already had thoughts of retreating.

“You must pay the price for underestimating this old man, a very wretched price…” A benevolent voice transmitted through the waves of thunder. Li Taisui’s paper fan once again waved. Under Hu Mi’s feet, a purple magic circle suddenly appeared. This array was full of ancient characters, and the inside had the markings of a strange beast. Countless purple arcs of lightning spurt out of the array. These arcs were no harmful, but Hu Mi immediately felt the surrounding space be disturbed by this lightning, incapable of being moved.

The purple lightning formed a cage. Hu Mi found she had no way out.

– Lightning Flash Thunder Barrier!!

What a powerful technique.

Hu Mi drew in a breath. Her whole body felt cold. This was the first time she had a premonition of her mortality. She was unable to keep her composure anymore. The Fox of Voracious Admiration quickly formed hand seals, stringing them together continuously, an incantation pouring forth endlessly from her mouth. Hu Mi promptly raised the Black Turtle Seal again. The three-inch Black Turtle Seal suddenly expanded and rose into the air. It was the size of a mountain, dimming the seas. The seal’s bottom had the words “Black Turtle,” and its oppressive spiritual aura heralded the Black Turtle’s emergence into the world.

Hu Mi practically imbued all of her magic energy into the Black Turtle Seal.

The Black Turtle Seal hurtled straight down at the “Thunder Moves Nine Heavens” magic. With a bang, Thunder Moves Nine Heavens surprisingly swallowed the Black Turtle Seal like a great wave. The thunder’s clear-light was endless. Hu Mi continued to form hand seals, and suddenly, there was a bang, an ear-splitting noise.

The Black Turtle Seal finally shattered Thunder Moves Nine Heavens, and at the same time, this powerful Prehistoric Spirit Treasure surprisingly lost its spiritual powers in totality, becoming a three-inch sized seal. It lost its sharpness, and Hu Mi’s body shuddered. She vomited blood. Clearly, this was not good to endure, but the girl completely did not relax. Once the Thunder Moves Nine Heavens was destroyed, she immediately recalled the Black Turtle Seal, looking upon this large seal with distress.


Hu Mi shouted.

Li Taisui’s Lightning Flash Thunder Barrier was capable of completely trapping someone in an instant. A strong person could endure this, but a single instant was enough to decide life and death. Without this instant of Thunder Moves Nine Heavens, and without Yang Zijin’s attacks of instantaneous speed, by the time the force passed, Hu Mi had enough time to break through. The Heaven Filling Purple Firmaments Flying Swords’ light broke. Relying on just her Supervoid Cultivator Star Energy, she easily broke the array.

But even so, the use of the Black Turtle Seal just now and the Thunder Moves Nine Heavens left Hu Mi’s vitality greatly harmed. She wiped the blood at the corner of her mouth. The Fox of Voracious Admiration’s expression was even colder. In her heart, she knew that even before the battle had begun, her chances of victory had already slipped away.

“Hu Mi, why did you not use the Supreme Ultimate Diagram?” Xu Jingshu was both angry and confused as she asked this.

If she used the Supreme Ultimate Diagram, she could have easily broke free of the opponent’s attack. Hu Mi could even have seized the initiative. Perhaps she could have even turned the tables, but what made Xu Jingshu perplexed was that Hu MI would rather brave the risk of using the Black Turtle Seal instead of using the Supreme Ultimate Diagram.

Hu Mi slightly sighed as she looked at the completely drained Black Turtle Seal. Because she had the Supreme Ultimate Diagram, the publicly recognized number one Prehistoric Spirit Treasure in Liangshan Continent, the Fox of Voracious Admiration did not have many important magic treasures.4

She did not expect that at the critical moment, this Black Turtle Seal she seized from the Purple Thunder Monster’s lover would surprisingly save her life.

Hearing Xu Jingshu’s question, Hu MI gazed at the prayer mat that Li Taisui sat upon with odd coldness.

“I cannot use it. The prayer mat this Li Taisui sits upon could be the current number one on the Spirit Sealing List, the Good Fortune Prayer Mat…The Supreme Ultimate Diagram must be used second to launch a surprise attack. If we lose our chance, we will die without doubt.

Guardian Star Xu Jingshu was shaken. If Hu Mi could have seen her, then she would have seen unprecedented shock on Gold Lancer Xu Ning’s expression. To still be calculating the confrontation of the Supreme Ultimate Diagram against the Good Fortune Prayer Mat at the crux of life and death, Xu Jingshu admitted to herself she did not have the courage for this.

If Su Xing could see this, he probably would be intrigued as well.

“But if you do not use the Supreme Ultimate Diagram, we will never defeat him.” Xu Jingshu’s worries were very grim. The old man in front of them was very powerful, she could sense it.

“Yes…” Hu Mi’s worried brows creased even more deeply.

“Little youngster, eat This Old Man’s lightning once more.”

Li Taisui smiled and waved the paper fan.

A bolt of lightning instantly crackled in front of Hu Mi.

Hu Mi barely defended it, and her internal injuries once again grew more severe.

The girl endured the blood rushing into her throat. She pointed her hand and shouted.

“Ten Sides Complete Annihilation Sword Array!”5

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  1. 九轉蒼生雷罡, best I could come up with for this attack.
  2. 九宮護心劍陣
  3. 雷動九天
  4. A bad policy in general to have only super powerful equipment and no lower tier items.
  5. 十方俱滅劍陣


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