Chapter 581: Pink Tender Hand, Jade Fresh Scent

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Hu Mi’s pervasive Purple Firmament Nine Palaces Flying Swords fired countless bursts of light. They were like shooting stars, launched towards every single one of Li Taisui’s pressure points, completely sealing every single angle and blind spot that Hu Mi could think of with Flying Swords. Purple sword light radiated, winding around.

The sword array took shape, the peak of an encirclement.

Even a similarly ranked cultivator would find it hard to contend against another Supervoid Cultivator’s sword array.

Li Taisui’s eyes held an aloofness that seemed to mock her. The paper fan in his hand gently waved. An autumn breeze rose and thunderbolts fell, countering the incoming sword-lights.

The paper fan shook. He was thinking of counterattacking, but Hu Mi had taken the dominant position. How could she be so lax. She formed hand seals, and the sword array’s attack power was then unexpectedly like a tidal wave, continuous.

The sword-lights that filled the sky revolved about, like countless snowflakes drifting down.

Hu Mi had the intent to force Li Taisui into used the magic weapon at the top of the Spirit Sealing List – the Good Fortune Prayer Mat. She held nothing back using every trick and ability she had. Thus, her Heavenly Spirit Astral Treasure “Parting Star Ring,”1 “Phecda Divine Light,”2 and other abilities were used in succession.

“Little girl, these are good tricks.” Li Taisui leisurely smiled. All of a sudden, his eyes exploded with a severe radiance. The paper fan waved downwards, and the ground thundered. A gigantic animal-shaped arc of lightning formed. Its thunder-light was glistening, the arcs of electricity like dragons. The old man commanded it to go forth. The thunder-light flashed, and Hu Mi’s omnidirectional sword array and other powers were completely broken.

The thunder-beast’s aggression made Hu Mi vomit blood, and the girl’s eyes showed grimness.

So powerful!!

Even a top-notch Star Master would have difficulty contending against a Star Master like this.

Just what kind of monster is he.

Hu Mi barely stabilized her body. She released a protective “Phecda Divine Light” to shield her body. In her mind, she asked: “Jingshu, if there was no Taiyi Spherical Heaven Form Array, what are your odds of victory?”

“This old man’s Star General is of unclear background, but she appears to be very powerful. I fear she will not be very easy to deal with.” Xu Jingshu looked like a calm maiden, a gentle and and tranquil woman, amidst a storm as she watched the thunder-light. Even the proud Guardian Star had a grave tone.

Hu Mi grunted.

This old man’s strength was unfathomable, so much so that he did not take one step away from where he sat on the prayer mat as he warded off all of her attacks. It was also clear that the paper fan in his hand was a powerful magic weapon. Perhaps Xu Jingshu could have a chance if she comprehended her Heaven Rank or used her Earth Rank at an unexpected moment, but this old man’s experience was boundless, terrifyingly astute. To catch him off guard was undoubtedly the sleeptalk of an idiot, and it appeared he did not currently have the occasion to use his full power.

Now, perhaps only the Purple Thunder Monster could possibly compare to him.

Thinking fast as lightning, all of a sudden, Hu Mi felt her entire body go numb.

From inside the Star Nest, Xu Jingshu shouted: “Hu Mi, look out!”

Hu Mi was taken aback and lifted her head.

The sound of thunder and fierce winds rolled into her face. Li Taisui suddenly vanished from atop the mat, pouncing forth as if he was a dragon. Hu Mi, in her shock, completely did not anticipate this. While the old man’s face wore a benign smile, his left index finger advanced to tap a spot on Hu Mi’s chest. This finger was like a divine soldier directly striking her heart. Hu Mi’s whole body was ice-cold. At this time, the girl was already without any chance to resist.

In the thunder and wind, Hu Mi heard the old man’s assertion.

“This Old Man shall take your life.”

“That old man really is a monster, to have such powerful force. Fortunately, he is not our enemy right now.”

There was a crowd of people several dozen li away. Those people were dressed in black robes and armor, their baleful auras skyrocketing, up to the extent that all of their surroundings seemed to be covered in a gloom. The man leading these people spoke. He wore clothes as black as ink, was just about twenty in age, with sharp brows and bright eyes. In his handsomeness was a clear coldness, like an unsheathed sword displayed in its splendor, a difficult to forget impression.  

Li Taisui and Hu Mi’s battle was far too unreasonable. Even from this far away, they could sense the pressure. However, it was precisely because of this old man’s powerful aura of qi that the man felt that even Hu Mi was not worth a mention. In his heart, he naturally determined that a Star Master who fought Li Taisui was as good as dead.

“Lord Husband, he is not an enemy now, but afterwards? Could we be as lucky?”

“Shengxiang does not like weak men.”

The man was none other than Holy Lord of Draconic Demon. At his side was a girl. Her spotlessly white hands held a cup of wine as she walked in front of him, her long and slender fingers resting on the porcelain. The wine in the cup was a dark green brew, beautiful as well. The woman had a lovely and charming grace, with an endless loveliness as she looked around and spoke. This woman was like her name, Su Shengxiang.3 

Her jade body had a fresh fragrance, a faint scent.

The Devil Star Palace originally sought out Star Master Xi Yue to cultivate the “Devil Star Luan Movement”4 dual cultivation art, to greatly bolster the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon’s cultivation. However, it was nevertheless because of Su Xing that the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon cut a very sorry figure returning the way he came. Afterwards, they begrudgingly searched the Black Turtle Territory without restraint for a Star Master.

The Devil Star Palace’s reputation was illustrious and celebrated in the Black Turtle Territory, but that did not help much. And because Great Saint Starkiller had betrayed an allied Star Master, the current Devil Star Palace repulsed everyone. However, they did not expect that a woman would nevertheless come searching for them.

She was Su Shengxiang.

“Shengxiang, what realm is your Devil Star Luan Movement at? When can we practice it?” Holy Lord of Draconic Demon looked at the girl’s shapely figure, gritting his teeth.

“What is Lord Husband worried for, the Fifth Stage still has not started, correcT? Could it be you are afraid that Shengxiang will run away? Shengxiang already calls you Lord Husband.” Su Shengxiang faintly smiled, assuming a seductive manner.

The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon was not afraid of Su Shengxiang having some ulterior motive. She was currently being doted upon by the Black Turtle Territory’s Devil Sect. The treatment she received was immeasurably greater than what she received before. Her Three Star Destined Weapon was even upgraded to Five Star, and she even received a Prehistoric Spirit Treasure, the Five Elements Ring that was ranked nineteenth on the Spirit Sealing List. Of course, the condition for all of this was that Su Shengxiang would willingly be branded with a complete destruction forbiddance in her body by Devil Ancestor Dark Nether.5

Even the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon felt this forbiddance was disgusting, shunning it to no end.

“If we want a place in the Star Duels, then we must work together. This is beneficial for the both of us. The Devil Star Luan Movement art, so long as you and I have deep trust, will allow us to reach perfect harmony, ‘black and yellow are indistinguishable, water and milk are inseparable.’ In the future, the legendary Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Skills of Star Master can be possible. Then, we will inevitably make the Purple Thunder Monster and that Water Illusion Fairy pay the price.” The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon’s eyes showed killing intent.

Su Shengxiang smiled without saying anything.

“With such a great situation, it is a pity the Purple Thunder Monster escaped, truly a great pity.” Su Shengxiang looked around at the surroundings: “Now, the White Tiger Seven Spirit Stars are already slaughtering the other Star Masters. Lord Husband, will you not do anything?”

The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon looked around. He had no interest in meddling with the battle of the Star Masters. The Three Ruans’ Water Fort was not easy to handle, for the Water Fort disciples had established a powerful formation to protect Ruan Jin’er and Ruan Mei’er. Also, Ruan Jin’er’s surroundings had countless black butterflies dancing about. The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon recognized these as Ming Die’s “Hell Fantasy Death Butterfly Flying Swords.” To face them was truly troublesome. Heaven knew what other Flying Sword abilities that this Sword Star had.

Of course, there was another reason, and that was there was only one person that the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon focused his hatred on – the Purple Thunder Monster.

But the Purple Thunder Monster being seemingly absent from the banquet made him slightly irritated.

“Then let us seize the opportunity to kill that Pilgrim Wu Song and those other Star Generals then. It seems she does not have a contract. Killing that Knowledge Star and the Purple THunder Monster’s other Star Generals back to the Star Nest will satisfy the hatred in my heart.” The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon grunted. He was not at all aware that Wu Xinjie had lost her virginity. He did not have too much interest in a Star General that could return to the Star Nest upon death. Thus, he was even more resentful of the Wu Siyou who stood on the Purple Thunder Monster’s side.

“Will you elders not take action?” The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon looked back and asked the elders standing behind him.

The Devil Star Palace’s Four Great Law Protectors were all in attendance, however, Elder Dried Bone, Corpse Devil Ruthlessness, and True Lord Heavenly Commandment were all unmoved, “Holy Lord, the Star Duels are something we are not to interfere in.” Elder Dried Bone smiled.

The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon nodded in understanding. It appeared that the Prehistoric Liao Emperor’s defeat was inevitable. If Chao Gai was to investigate the Taiyi Spherical Heaven Form Array, things would be bad.

“I will go!”

Just as the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon and Su Shengxiang were about to go forth, suddenly, the always gloomy and silent Fiend Star coldly spoke.

“Fellow Fiend Star, do not be impulsive.” Elder Dried Bone advised.

“This will not implicate Devil Ancestor nor the Devil Star Palace. Fiend Star will bear all the consequences.” The man coldly said.

“Your Servant feels that confronting several Star Generals trapped in an array will make Snioer Fiend Star’s actions contrarily hurt the Devil Star Palace’s face. Just allow Lord Husband and Your Servant go take care of this. If later the Purple Thunder Monster emerges from hiding for a sneak attack, then please assist, Senior.” Su Shengxiang’s tone was gentle, soft to the bone. Even the Devil Star Palace’s Great Law Protectors went limp.

Fiend Star snorted, as if he did not feel anything. This made Su Shengxiang a bit surprised.

“What Shengxiang is very correct. Headmaster does not want to allow the Azure Dragon Territory to see the Black Turtle Territory’s number one Devil Palace as being explotative.” True Lord Heavenly Commandment said. “Fellow Fiend Star, I feel that you ought to listen to Shengxiang’s words.”

“Fiend Star understands.”

Fiend Star’s voice emotionlessly answered.

Holy Lord of Draconic Demon and Su Shengxiang used their Flying Swords to make their way towards the Knowledge Star with brewing murderous intent. Along the way, Su Shenxiang glanced at Fiend Star, a peculior luster in her eyes. She asked without any feeling: “Lord Husband, this Fiend Star is the Devil Star Palace’s newly inducted Law Protector? He does not seem to be an ordinary cultivator.”

“He is indeed unordinary. However, as for his identity, Wife will naturally find out in the future. At that time, he will not allow Wife to be full of pleasant surprise. Husband can guarantee that.” The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon seemingly smiled.

Seeing there was a deeper meaning to Holy Lord of Draconic Demon’s words, Su Shengxiang fell into contemplation with an odd expression.


Several escape lights flew out from a temple in this plain and unadorned town along the shore of the East Sea. The escape lights flashed, making the residents of the entire Jimo City feel a powerful pressure. The sky seemed to envelop the city like Mount Tai. Dogs stopped barking, and the vegetation seemed to stiffen. It made the people unable to breathe think they had reached the end of days. Fortunately, this type of pressure lasted merely an instant.

Those rays of escape lights moved past the east side of Jimo City. A few moments later, they vanished into the crashing white waves of the East Sea, and only then did the city recover its calm.

The residents farmed, the grasses bent with the wind, everything was as before.

But some cultivators in the city were nevertheless shocked.

“Just now, that was the Spiritual Pressure of a Supervoid Cultivator??”

“Too terrifying, I think I saw three silhouettes. Three Supervoid Cultivators?”

Everyone took a deep breath. Three Supervoid Cultivators simultaneously rushing towards someplace impatiently, everyone suddenly felt chills.

At the center of the East Sea, the winds were calm.

The escape lights topped, revealing a man, two girls and a dragon boat.

They were Su Xing, Gong Caiwei, Zhao Hanyan, and in the dragon boat were Lin Yingmei, An Suwen, Hu Niangzi and the others.

Peering into the center of the East Sea, suddenly, Su Xing’s head hurt.

“Su Xing, what is the matter?” Zhao Hanyan asked in concern.

Su XIng’s brow locked tight, and his eyes showed frightening murderous intent.

“Tangtang returned to the Star Nest!!!”

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  1. 離星環
  2. 天璣神光
  3. 酥生香, her surname is not the same as Su Xing’s, which is 蘇.
  4. 魔星鸞動
  5. In other words, he can kill her at any moment. The Devil Ancestor is finally serious about no more screw ups in the Star Duels.


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