Chapter 582: Bright Full Moon Fills Heaven And Earth

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Zhao Hanyan had yet to meet Rat Star Bai Yutang. Hearing Su Xing’s words, she was subconsciously amazed. Could it be that Su Xing contracted yet another Star General? She had wanted to ask, but seeing Su Xing’s ice-cold expression, she let the question remain in her heart. 

“Bai Yutang has entered the Star Nest. It appears that the Crystal Dragon Palace is far more dire than I had imagined.” Gong Caiwei said.

Seeing that she was apparently more familiar with Su Xing’s matters than she herself, Zhao Hanyan’s heart was somewhat jealous, but her expression was still unfazed as she said: “But how should we go down?” Staring at the boundless East Sea, they were currently at somewhat of a predicament.

The scene that appeared before them was the East Sea seemingly being congealed into motionlessness. Let alone the year-round ocean breeze, even the flow of water had disappeared. It was as if the sea had been frozen, and even the air was stagnant.

The group attempted to penetrate the ocean surface, yet they seemed to be hindered by something invisible. No matter how much strength they exerted, they could not move an inch.

“This must be the Crystal Dragon Palace’s twenty-four Connecting Heaven Ocean Settling Pearls? A self-contained barrier, no one comes in and no one gets out.” Dong Junqing muttered. 

“There is also the Taiyi Spherical Heaven Form Array.”

One was the Connecting Heaven Ocean Settling Barrier, and the other was the Taiyi Spherical Heaven Form Array that was able to render Star Generals powerless. Two barriers, this was simply an astonishing trick. In a thousand years of Star Duels, there was never such time for a complete slaughter like this, right?

Gongsun Huang blinked. She raised and pointed her Pinebrand Ancient Sword and activated Half-destroyed Landscape, a magic capable of breaking arrays, but under this Connecting Heaven Ocean Settling effect, the mountain toppling Half-destroyed Landscape was unexpectedly flabby, not even the slightest bit useful.

Just when everyone was stumped, Earthly Leader Star Resourceful Strategist Zhu Sha, the woman who as a motionless as a mountain, finally spoke. “Allow Your Servant.”

“Zhu Sha, can you?” Gong Caiwei was not without worry. Although the Resourceful Strategist posessed the strongest array abilities among the 108 Star Maidens, they had already heard her explain the formidable aspects of the Taiyi Spherical Heaven Form Array, this type of nightmare array that could restrain Star Generals. As a Star General, Zhu Sha’s capability to break it was an unknown.

“The Connecting Heaven Ocean Settling Barrier is a Prehistoric Barrier, sheltering the Dragon Palace for a thousand years. If it is destroyed at this time, I fear the casualties will be disastrous.” Zhao Hanyan’s brow furrowed. For the Dragon Palace that was ten thousand li under the sea to lose the protection of the Connecting Heaven Ocean Settling Barrier, not only would the Crystal Dragon Palace become dust, the people inside would inevitably die.

Zhu Sha nodded. The Earthly Leader Star appeared to be very clear that matters at hand were exceptionally intractable.

Zhu Sha hovered in the air, her Five Elements Weather Banner unfurling. The five-sided banner became five rays of auspicious light, linking together into one qi. It sublimated into the Ocean Settling Barrier, and then, the girl chanted. Her forehead’s Star Crest shimmered. The boundless East Sea displayed a multi-colored array. Upon seeing it, Gong Caiwei knew that Zhu Sha was currently seeking the Connecting Heaven Ocean Settling Pearls’ weak point. Consequently, she did not hesitate to use resonance, pouring all of her Star Energy into Zhu Sha.

The Earthly Leader Star Zhu Sha received the Star Energy of the Supervoid Stage Star Master, and her cultivation and realm dramatically increased.

The array’s light was even brighter.

When Su Xing and Zhao Hanyan saw this, they guarded Gong Caiwei from the left and right so as to avoid the girl being sneak attacked. At the same time, Lin Yingmei and Hu Niangzi guarded Zhu Sha while An Suwen used Spiritual Aura Distribution to replenish Zhu Sha’s spiritual energy.

After a certain amount of time, the crimson light in Zhu Sha’s eyes was boundless. Every sort of differently shaped seal and script churned like tadpoles in the East Sea. The Five Elements Weather Banner became five types of of Five Elements Arrays. Each was interlocked, profound beyond compare.

Then they heard Zhu Sha’s voice that was as cold as stone.

“Sisters, Your Servant will use her Earth Rank to break this barrier. However, Your Servant needs to borrow Sisters’ strength. Attack together, and only then will we be able to open a path.” Zhu Sha slowly said.

Lin Yingmei and the others understood. Their Destined Star Weapons successively entered their hands, assuming a formation.

Zhu Sha’s voice began to become sonorous.

“The cauldron uses Heaven and Earth, medicine must have crow and rabbit, put in the refined golden pellet at any time. A tiger roar in the water, a crimson dragon coils in the fire. Further, liquid lead shakes mercury. From the valley up to the mixed pellet. Matters of sons, water and fire recover disgrace, return to age adopting childish countenance. The Five Elements, all Four Symbols, no reconciliation at the crux, as suspended as leisure. Six days as the stars indicate, jade leaves Mount Kun. The motionless fine clouds and rain, at any place in no time, straight through three passes. Inside the yellow court, a sun returns, and the pellet takes time.”1

When she finished speaking, when she uttered the last word, the entire blue East Sea suddenly radiated five lights. Then, the five-sided Five Elements became a flagpole that flashed with a serenely strange luster. The silken flag used golden thread that filled with odd talisman script. Then, this banner spun, and a thin ray of magic energy enveloped the entire East Sea. The five Five Elements Arrays combined into one, releasing resplendent light onto a certain area, trapping the array like a spiderweb.

Afterwards, the deathly quiet sea finally showed an anomaly. The ocean surface showed clear golden light on the horizon, brighter and brighter. Then, a beautiful ball of light appeared as if a moon was rising out of the sea.

Su Xing and Zhao Hanyan showed amazed expressions.

Gong Caiwei’s body shuddered. Clearly, the Connecting Heaven Ocean Settling Pearls were very powerful. Even using resonance was taxing on the girl’s strength. Gradually, she became increasingly pained, and she was already nearing her limit. At this moment, Gong Caiwei felt her hand warm. Su Xing gripped her hand. For one reason, he used an aspect of the Heart Like Mirror Absolute Sincerity Soul Technique’s realm to transmit strength to Gong Caiwei, making the girl’s pain abate. She recovered her calm, and the other was to give the girl a feeling of safety.

A comforting warmth poured into her mind. Gong Caiwei’s heart warmed. She lightly bit her red lips, and her pale complexion showed a slight blush.

“Little Sis Caiwei, do not fail our kindness.” At the same time, Zhao Hanyan slightly smiled as she held her other hand.

Gong Caiwei grunted, and her eyes glowed brightly.

Zhu Sha shouted, and the sea shook. She had resonated with Gong Caiwei to the limit.

The Bright Moon suddenly broke. With an enormous boom, the Ocean Settling barrier finally cracked.

The Earthly Leader Star’s Earth Rank Array.

“Bright Full Moon Fills Heaven And Earth!!!”2

When they saw that a hole appeared in Liangshan Continent’s peerless Connecting Heaven Ocean Settling Barrier under Zhu Sha’s powerful barrier, Lin Yingmei and the rest did not hesitate to raise their weapons and charge towards that moon. Their figures were like swords, swift as lightning.

“Freezing Frost of Nine Provinces!!”

“Flying Star Magpie Dance!!”

“Half-destroyed Landscape!!”

Su Xing and Zhao Hanyan simultaneously tossed magic weapons and abilities at that bright moon. Under the assault of several Star Maidens, the cracking Connecting Heaven Ocean Settling Barrier had another slight hole torn into it, but it was nevertheless difficult to pry it open with the final strike.

Seeing the Connecting Heaven Ocean Settling Barrier was about to recover, Lin Yingmei’s brow wrinkled tightly. She decided to use her Earth Rank “Ice Heart Seals Sun And Moon” to break it, but just at this moment, a ray of golden light fell, coming from the far east. With a lion’s roar, the golden light brought the power of ten thousand troops to break through.3

The powerful martial force struck the center of the bright moon. One final hole at last broke it open.

The Crystal Dragon Palace immediately opened before their eyes.

Su Xing and the others were taken aback.

The golden light receded, and a beautiful woman appeared riding a golden qilin. Her hand held a golden lance. Her brow was picturesque, and she glowed continuously. “Did Xiao’er catch up to this banquet at just the right time, eh? Su Xing.” 

The girl turned her head back and smiled. 

Su Xing slightly smiled and nodded.

The newcomer was the number one in martial force, Strength Star Jade Qilin Lu Xiao and her Dark Rank Technique.

Cavalry Breaks Apart Thousand Militaries.

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  1. 鼎用乾坤,藥須烏兔,恁時方煉金丹。水中虎吼,火里赤龍蟠。況是兌鉛震汞,自元谷、上至泥丸。些兒事,坎離复垢,返老作童顏。五行,全四象,不調停火候,間斷如閒。六天罡所指,玉出崑山。不動纖毫雲雨,頃刻處、直透三關。黃庭內,一陽來复,丹就片時間。
    This is a collection of different poems for which I could find no established English translations. I tried my best…
  2. 一輪明月滿乾坤
  3. 😀 Holy Spear, release restraints. Seal thirteen, decision start. Rhongomyniad!


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