Chapter 583: Azure Dragon’s Crushing Defeat, Su Xing Appears (Former)

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Turning back the clock a bit.

To speak of Xuanle Feifei in the Crystal Dragon Palace. 

Mu Zhiyu and Mu Wuyu under the Taiyi Spherical Heaven Form Array had their true identities exposed even though they were Traces of True Spirits. The assassin sisters were astonished and looked at each other in bewilderment. “This Taiyi Spherical Heaven Array is so incredible. Just what is this ting, to unexpectedly even affect us to an extent.”

Mu Wuyu clicked her tongue.

“Maiden Mountain hides many things.” Xuanle Feifei smiled and said.

“Did you not already ascend Maiden Mountain? Just what is up there anyways?” Mu Duiying blinked curiously, her Yin Room Black Panther at her side. Although they had been trapped in the array, she did not have any sense of danger at all, and neither did she have any slightest bit of wariness. She was nearly completely oblivious that there were already cultivators in the surroundings targeting her.

Whereas her elder sister Mu Qingying’s cold posture, the killing intent stringing out from her fingers, emitted a powerful pressure.

This stark contrast between the assassin sisters suddenly made Xuanle Feifei feel that if she could truly make each and every one of their movements complement one another, then perhaps they truly could be unrivalled.

Mu Duiying’s words made Bing Qingxuan show curious expressions. Just what was atop Maiden Mountain. Opinions differed. The greatest legend was that it was the Star World after Transforming Star of Annihilation, but just what that was, no one could say for sure. They could only imagine. Consequently, the Star Duels received all of Liangshan Continent’s attention. To be able to cut down on a few hundred, maybe even a thousand, years of cultivation, to directly witness Star World from the peak of Maiden Mountain at the Seven Stars Assembly, this was perhaps the dream of every cultivator. 

“The Seven Stars Assembly is from being that simple.” Xuanle Feifei showed contemplation. She lowered her head in thought, and her eyes for a time were blank, and then they were filled with an ominous glint at others. They changed constantly, however, in her Trace of True Spirit Status, Xuanle Feifei could not remember too clearly.

“Did you appear in order to confront the Purple Thunder Monster?” Bing Qingxuan continued to ask. The man was full of expectation: “This Purple Thunder Monster is truly defiant of the natural order. He has unexpectedly contracted so many Star Generals, Maiden Mountain should have dealt with him long ago.”

Xuanle Feifei refused to answer. She merely smiled and said: “Rather than wonder how he is able to contract so many Star Generals, is it not better to ponder upon why the likes of Lin Chong and Wu Song would follow him?”

“That Monster must have used a despicable trick, not worth mentioning.” Bing Qingxuan said gloomily.

Mu Wuyu chortled. As an assassin, she felt that Bing Qingxuan’s phrasing was honestly somewhat ridiculous.

“And why have we not seen you use this type of despicable trick?” Mu Zhiyu said.

Bing QIngxuan twitched his lips, not saying a word.

“However, as an assassin, what have you to fear. The more Star Generals he has is not necessarily better for him. Could it be you still want a direct confrontation with him?” Xuanle Feifei sneered at him.

“Your Servant engraves Fairy’s words to memory.” Bing Qingxuan cupped his fist.

Xuanle Feifei grunted: “The assassination art that I will impart to you next is something that Zhiyu and Wuyu devised. This Fairy sees you are very intelligent and is confident that with a little comprehension, you definitely will not fail to live up to our painstaking labors…” 

“That Purple Thunder Monster cannot bring trouble to you. Wu Song, Lin CHong, Gongsun Sheng, Yan Qing, An Daoquan and even Tang Long…” Speaking of these names, Xuanle Feifei smiled. The Fairy shook her head. Not only did he have powerful attack Star Generals, even top-notch supportive spiritual energy Star Generals like An Daoquan and Tang Long were in his camp. No wonder Bing Qingxuan was so unsightly.

“After this banquet, This Fairy shall help you dispatch him.” Xuanle Feifei indifferently said.

After hearing Xuanle Feifei’s promise, Bing Qingxuan was delighted from the bottom of his heart. He promptly said: “So long as Fairy kills the Purple Thunder Monster, those Star Generals of his can be left to Qingxuan. This is the perfect test for the assassination art that Fairy wants to impart.”

Xuanle Feifei’s lips slightly curled: As expected, he was a shameless man. To unexpectedly think of exploiting her in order to seize his chance at consuming the Star Energy of several top-notch Star Generals. However, this was what she had wished for, and there was nothing rash in exerting a final effort for the Mu sister assassins.

“You must remember this.” Xuanle Feifei reminded Mu Duiying.

The latter was somewhat inattentive and seemed to not have heard anything. “Huh? Lianxin and the Purple Thunder Monster are related?” Mu Duiying was confused.

Mu Wuyu was just about to ridicule her, all of a sudden, Mu Huiyi cast a chilling glance at one of the surrounding corners.

“Is something the matter? Elder Sister?” Mu Wuyu asked.

“It seems as if something was spying on us just now?” Mu Huiyi said coldly.

Mu Wuyu smiled and said: “Elder Sister is just oversensitive. With so many cultivators and Star Masters, is spotting us not very normal? However, Wuyu will not mind killing those people.”

Xuanle Feifei suddenly sneered: “The Azure Dragon has suffered crushing defeat.”



Meanwhile, the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon and Su Shengxiang finally made their move against Wu Xinjie and the others. Although they appeared to not have their contractor Su Xing nearby, across all of the Crystal Dragon Palace, this Star Master’s power was contrarily the strongest.

Even if Harm Star Wu Siyou had the Pilgrim’s Array, the Pilgrim was unable take a step inside the array, but each of the Star Maidens’ Star Beasts were summoned, making all the cultivators stunned. Wu SIyou’s White And Black Unicorn Tiger, Hua Wanyue’s Heavenly Hero Luan Phoenix, Wu Xinjie’s Nine Tailed Spirit Fox, ZHang Yuqi’s Urgent Sea White Spirit Python, not one of these did not make those cultivators proceed rashly. Furthermore, the Knowledge Star Resourceful Star Wu Xinjie’s Eight Gates Black Gold Chains were capable of autonomous movement even while she was trapped by the array. They were completely unaffected. 

Meanwhile, the Water Illusion Fairy and Han Bing were already engaged in battle.

The two of them were both impressive Supervoid Star Masters. Each of their strengths, magic weapons, and cultivation were all equally matched. The sword-light of the Heavenly Paradise Water Moon Mat Marked Flying Swords formed an odd flower pattern that clashed with Han Bing’s thirty-three Dark Sky Star Frost Swords’ sword-lights. The only things visible were bursts of cold air and fluttering snowflakes. Han Bing’s was an Immemorial Sword Chant, far stronger than Xi Yue’s. The Flying Swords fought fiercely, and the bone-chilling cold that passed through the swordtips directly reached the young girl’s heart. Xi Yue was in constant suffering.

Han Bing was as cold as ice. She pointed her hand.

The Evil Cleanup Knife unleashed a green light that twisted towards Wu Siyou. Han Bing knew that Wu Song had yet to sign a contract, and the first thought on her mind was to kill this terrifying Pilgrim. The White and Black Unicorn Tiger released white light and pounced, but Heaven Shaking Thunder Ling Zhen’s Star Beast was a tiger-like beast with wings. It was a fierce beast of rolling thunder known as “Poor Thunderclap.”1 Its voice was like a roll of thunder, and it could spit thunderbolts. 

Poor Thunderclap and Little White rolled about. The Evil Cleanup Knife circled around again through the gaps in the Eight Gates Black Gold Chain towards Wu Siyou.

The cool and elegant Pilgrim remained composed. Just as she was about to be cut down by the blade, all of a sudden, the shadow of a ruler appeared around Wu Siyou. Xi Yue had used the Dual Modes Ruler just in time. The ruler-shadows spun about Wu Siyou and the others. For a time, the world seemed to flip around, spinning along with the dual modes, striking down the Evil Cleanup Knife. 

Han Bing’s expression was even colder: “Why would you protect her? You clearly know that Wu Song and the Purple Thunder Monster have a deep relationship. In the future overlordship, do you think he will protect you?”

Xi Yue faintly smiled: “This is something between Milord and Lowly Servant.2 What does it concern you?”

“Milord?” Han Bing’s expression shifted, somewhat astonished: “That Purple Thunder Monster truly has astounding tricks. I do not know what bewitchment he used, but he has not only fooled those Star Generals, but he has even convinced a Star Master like you to sell him your life. Han Bing is truly quite astonished.”

“Experience Lowly Servant first, then talk.” Xi Yue shouted.

She raised another magic weapon.

The Blood Spider Seal suddenly enlarged. An enormous blood-shadow of a spider seemingly scuttled towards Han Bing. When the blood seal was released, the surrounding cold air condensed bloody frost. Han Bing coldly glanced at it and waved an extended hand. The thirty-three Dark Sky Star Frost Sword became two rays of sword light that flanked it from the left and right. Cold light illuminated, and the Blood Spider was cut apart by the sword-light. As expected of an Immemorial Sword Chant, the moment a sword array appeared, the Blood Spider Seal was frozen solid.

“Such a stubborn Star Master, just retreat from the Star Duels!”

Han Bing paused.

Wu Xinjie entered the Eight Gates Black Gold Chain. The Black Gold Chains linked and wrapped around, assuming the form of the stars as they scattered around all of the girls. It paired with Xi Yue’s Dual Modes Ruler. Now, there was no fear of somebody else sneak attacking. THe KNowledge Star expressionlessly looked at the battlefield in front of her. Although the White Tiger Seven Spirit Stars were each in their own battles, Wu Xinjie nevertheless knew that these White Tiger Seven Spirit Stars wanted to defeat each of the others and then finally unite to attack the girls, to obtain the greatest benefit in these Star Duels.

Wu Xinjie was considering this at the current moment.

“Elder Sister.” Thief Star Shi Yuan called out and interrupted Wu XInjie’s thoughts.

“How was it?” Wu Xinjie raised her head.

Shi Yuan winked, a knowing expression. Her Three Burrows Crafty Rabbit kneaded its face as it sat on her shoulder.

Wu Xinjie smiled, a north wind that was like a blade. No one could guess what the Knowledge Star was thinking. 

“Die, all of you.”

Suddenly at this moment, the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon and Su Shengxiang already attacked. THe Nine Phantasms Ten Banes Capital Demon Sword’s demon shadows emerged in great numbers, like thousands of wisps of wretched smoke. They pounced like demons, immediately joining Han Bing’s side. 

“Tangtang, quickly return to the Star Nest.” Wu Xinjie issued orders without the slightest hesitation.

Bearing the brunt, the Rat Star Bai Yutang next to ZHang Yuqi blinked her bright eyes. She listened to the Knowledge Star’s words, and her Star Crest immediately flashed on her forehead. Her figure dispersed like smoke. Just like this, she vanished from the array, leaving the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon dumbstruck.

Self Star Release?

But the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon completely did not sense that wretchedness from a Star Release. Generally speaking, even if she had Star Released, there would be an outflow of a lot of Star Energy. This Star Energy was categorized as a portion of a Star Maiden’s power and could be absorbed by a Star Maiden, so it could be said that although a Star Release could return to a Star Nest, the damage was very serious.

“What happened?” Su Shengxiang also felt this was strange.

The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon’s first thought was that the Purple Thunder Monster was nearby, but no matter where he looked, he could not see the Purple Thunder Monster’s figure at all. However, this Purple Thunder Monster could appear and disappear at any time. Everyone in Liangshan knew this. If there was an oriole behind them, things would be troublesome. The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon hesitated for a moment.

“That Rat Star Bai Yutang can brew strange wines. Perhaps that wine is the cause.” Su Shengxiang stared at the girls. The girl who was as fine as a hair immediately noticed that many Star Maidens in front of her emitted a lustrous glow.

No mistake, this was none other than Bai Yutang’s Dark Rank Wine “Yearning Day And Night.”

This wine could allow a Star General to return to the Star Nest without any restrictions. Of course, there was a certain price, and this price was that after return to the Star Nest, they would be unable to voluntarily leave for a certain amount of time.

And it was because of this that Wu Xinjie and the others were secure in the knowledge they had backing even while trapped by this array that restrained them.

“Yuan’er, you also return to the Star Nest.” Wu Xinjie ordered.

“No way, This Young Lady doesn’t want to be teased by Su Xing.” Shi Yuan puffed her cheeks.

“Then die.” The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon sneered.

Shi Yuan made a face, and her puppet immediately rocketed into the sky.

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  1. 窮霆
  2. 賤妾, self-address


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