Chapter 584: Azure Dragon’s Crushing Defeat, Su Xing Appears (Latter)

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Shijiu Ying slaughtered enthusiastically. His True Body was a thousand year old Life Killing Tree. This tree grew in dark and moist places, and it was specialized in devouring every type of wild animal. Commonly, some Demon Beasts would be eaten, bones and all, if they drew near. It cold be said to be extremely cruel. After exposing his True Body, Shijiu Ying’s cruel personality was even more unrestrained.

Abilities utilized at nearly Supervoid Middle Stage could not be resisted by ordinary cultivators. Very quickly, the cultivators were defeated one after another, dying one after another, suffering grievous injuries.

“The Azure Dragon Territory truly is a place full of trash.” Shijiu Ying sneered, his Demon Qi moved unhindered, and his tree trunk opened several dozen eyes, scanning all of his surroundings for targets.

Suddenly, a Star General trapped by the array entered his vision.

That Star General sat in a restaurant of the Dragon Palace. She originally had been savoring wine, but the Taiyi Spherical Heaven Form Array made her very troubled. It appeared that she did not sign a contract and was alone. On her shoulder was a tiger looking about.

Shijiu Ying laughed. This perfectly suited his tastes, and he quickly moved towards her.1

The trapped Star General was the ranked one hundred and first Yin Star Female Tiger Gu Tong. Because she was not like Li Shuangfei and the others who were under the Uprising, Gu Tong was also traveling alone. The Crystal Dragon Palace had suddenly caught her unprepared. Fortunately, the restaurant’s position was not conspicuous, a temporary fortune for her. However, in the end, she was still discovered by Shijiu Ying.

Gu Tong bit her lip. The Star Beast “Tiger Upon The Shoulder” opened its tiger mouth and bared its fangs. It roared, the powerful soundwaves directly shaking apart the sharp leaves Shijiu Ying had fired, but to obstruct a Supervoid Cultivator’s approach, this was nothing more than an idiot’s sleeptalk.

Shijiu Ying lunged. Like blades, his branches sliced at her.

Gu Tong sighed in her heart, shutting her eyes in despair.

Just at this moment, a token hovered above Gu Tong’s head. This token flashed with four golden lights, covering Gu Tong’s whole body in the luster of colored glass. A warmth flowed into her limbs.


Shijiu YIng’s attack was unable to pierce through the golden light barrier at all.

“Red Ink Iron Certificate?” Shijiu Ying was stunned.

“Xing’er, bestow him a thousand gold.” Chai Ling smiled sweetly.

The Three Eyed Wealth Inviting Cat’s third eye opened and fired a beam of copper and gold phantoms at Shijiu Ying. It was just like a magic weapon.

“Noble Star, you are courting death!!”

Shijiu Ying sneered. Seeing that Chai Lin had lost her Red Ink Iron Certificate, greedy thoughts were born in his mind. He concentrated all of his magic energy to attack Chai Ling. Little Whirlwind Chai Ling covered the pretty smile on her red lips with the Golden Thread Feather Fan. The Purple Rose Astral Treasure Moon Seizing Star Taking glowed with the magnificent splendor of the moon and stars. Seven stars flashed and directly protected Chai Ling.

At this time, his Star Beast was tossed continuously away, and SHijiu Ying’s branches and leaves leaked blood as he was repelled.

“You.” This was the first time she had seen this legendary Noble Star Little Whirlwind Chai Jin. Gu Tong was somewhat shaken, for she had never thought this Elder Sister who was placed outside the Star Duels would surprisingly give up the Red Ink Iron Certificate to save her.

“Since you are Tangtang’s Mama, This Palace may as well help you.” Chai Ling seemingly smiled. She glanced at Gu Tong, her expression containing an indescribable charm. 

Chai Ling was naturally very clear about Su Xing’s trifles at the Spring Breeze Drunken Rain Pavilion. The current Yin Star and Su Xing’s relationship was apparently somewhat unclear, but seeing that she did not have the Uprising condition, Chai Ling thus helped her.

To make that man owe her a favor was not a bad thing.

“Noble Star, a wise man submits to the circumstances. If you join us now, we can still let bygones be bygones.” Shijiu Ying coldly said.

“This Palace shall keep her hands clean and will not wallow in filth with you.” Under the Moon Seizing Star Taking, Chai Ling could move as she pleased in the array. The queen grunted. Jinzhi, Yuye, and the other female cultivators of the Great Circle Castle raised their sword chants. A fragrant breeze swept, and sword-wind rustled.

Shijiu Ying shook. Tree leaves flew out, filling the skies and descending to the ground with a foul black, the presence of bone-gnawing ghosts.

“Quickly take her away.” Chai Ling shouted.

Jinzhi and Yuye obeyed. They seized Gu Tong and quickly withdrew.

“Imperial Empress, be careful!!”

Chai Ling seemed to bathe in stars. The Moon Seizing Star Taking was unleashed at maximum output. The Noble Star’s expression was grim, moving backwards step by little step.

“Where can you run to in this place, just die.” Shijiu YIng laughed. A black qi sprinkled forth that enveloped Chai Ling. Chai Ling slightly stared. This Demonkin honestly was not easy to handle.


At a certain place in the Crystal Dragon Palace, a heart-wrenching scream resounded. The innately irascible Sikong Dangniu stared dumbstruck at the Xiang Chenxing who had suddenly appeared in front of her.

Xiang Chenxing’s True Body was a rhinoceros Demon Beast of glistening golden armor, the . Luminous Golden Scorch.2 It received this name from the speed of its charge that was capable of burning sand and dirt into ash. The Sikong Sisters and Su Yixiao’s alliance against this Supervoid Demon Beast was already at the end of its rope.

The Sikong Dangniu of an impetuous personality was oppressed stiflingly. She was far from being as composed as her elder sister, and neither was she as meticulous as Su Yixiao. In this blitz, a moment’s carelessness had been seized by Xiang Chenxing.

Xiang Chenxing’s escape technique arrived right before Sikong Dangniu’s eyes. His whole body ignited with scathing flames as he used his strongest Demon Beast type ability – “Burning Extreme Eight Desolations.”3

He was swift as the wind, ferocious as a wildfire.

Sikong Dangniu was unable to bear the attack. She was only able to take one step back before she was struck head-on. In that instant, she only felt her bones and blood vessels burn away, an unbearable pain.

This sort of pain also lasted only a moment. Sikong Dangniu was already dead almost instantaneously.

The stars dimmed, and a Crimson Star fell. Sikong Chuhe let out a mournful wail as she leapt towards her little sister’s corpse. Sikong Dangniu’s body was as scalding as red-hot iron. When she drew near, she could smell the stench of something burning. But in spite of it, Sikong Chuhe only stared blankly at her little sister. The girl was no longer as calm and easygoing as she had been previously. Her eyes were empty and lifeless.

Xiang Chenxing had no feelings of pity when he saw this. He seized the chance to charge again.

Thinking that he could once again kill a Star Master, all of a sudden, countless furious Flying Swords spun about, linking into an ethereal sword array that surprisingly made Xiang Chenxing unable to take a single step forward. 

Xiang Chenxing was caught unprepared. He looked slightly in surprise at the ashen girl.

“Give me back my little sister’s life.” Sikong Chuhe shouted.

The ethereal sword array’s from was like water, adopting the pattern of the wuji.4

But her fury was in the end unable to manifest as strength. Xiang Chenxing bellowed, and his raging flames surged towards the sky. Once again, he used Burning Extreme Eight Desolations.

The swords of water instantly evaporated. “I shall send you to go see your little sister now.” Xiang Chenxing growled. A beautiful figure just barely rescued Sikong Chuhe.

“If you want to take revenge for your sister, then calm down a bit.” Su Yixiao scolded her.

Sikong Chuhe’s eyes were a thorough red as she gazed at Xiang Chenxing with hatred etched into her very being.

“This time, the Azure Dragon is bound to be destroyed. What revenge will you take then?”

Xiang Chenxing’s body transformed again into a tall and sturdy man. Seeing Sikong Chuhe’s grief, this inflexible man’s eyes surprisingly showed a bit of reluctance.

“I will cut you into ten thousand pieces!!”

Sikong Chuhe ground her teeth.

Xiang Chenxing shook his head. His tone was as stiff as before, but with an additional bit of sympathy. 

“There is no need for grief. Today, the Azure Dragon’s Star Masters are bound to be destroyed. Allow me to end your suffering…”

At the same time, on Li Taisui and Hu Mi’s side.

Li Taisui used his absolutely overwhelming advantage to suppress Hu Mi. The old man’s fingers snapped, and arcs of electricity linked together, forming a sword that stabbed at the girl’s chest.

Even the Daluo Golden Immortal would be powerless to return to Heaven against this thrust.

But despite Hu Mi’s wan complexion, there was nevertheless not a trace of fluster. Just at the moment her chest would be pierced, a sudden glint of phantom golden armor wrapped around the girl’s body.

Li Taisui’s finger immediately felt his power being seemingly eaten away. The old man was taken aback. His eyes emitted light, and his fingertip fiercely pressed down, bursting forth with astral thunder.

Li Taisui was repelled. The leisurely old man used his paper fan to blow away the dust on his face. The corner of his lips wore a slightly interested smile as he looked at the girl who escaped disaster.

Hu Mi’s face was colorless as she panted. Her whole body vaguely shuddered uncontrollably.

“Was that Gold Lancer Guardian Star Xu Ning’s Treasure Armor Innate Skill just now?” Li Taisui asked curiously.

“To think the White Tiger Territory’s Demonkin would be just slightly knowledgeable.” Hu Mi’s lips slightly curled, and she wiped away blood.

As Li Taisui said, that was Xu Jingshu’s Innate Skill “Treasure Armor” just now. When in danger, the Star Energy in her body would automatically condense into golden armor to protect her. Although this concentrated golden armor was not real, it was because of Xu Jingshu’s Innate Skill that she could resist Star Generals’ weapons and special attacks with a defense that was possibly even more powerful than defensive spirit treasures.

However, using this kind of Innate Skill consumed the Star Master’s Star Energy, and to resist the old man’s thunder just now, Hu Mi felt that the Star Energy in her body had been mostly drained.

In her heart, she was secretly astonished the old man’s strength was so unfathomable. In secret, she considered how to get away.

“Thinking of running?” Li Taisui’s expression was beneficent.

“Hu Mi has not see the magic weapon that Senior is so proud of. How can Hu Mi run away?” Hu Mi smiled.

Li Taisui nodded, slightly impressed with the girl’s mental state.

“What a pity that you are a Star Master. Otherwise, This Old Man would definitely have trained you.”

“Senior’s words are unavoidably arrogant, as if victory in this Star Duel is in your grasp.” Hu Mi took a deep breath, buying time to recover her breathing. 

“Star Duel?” Li Taisui smiled.

Hu Mi realized that the old man did not place the Star Duels in his gaze. To be accurate, he did not place other Star Masters in his gaze.

However, he had this strength.

“The Azure Dragon Territory is nicknamed the Star Duels’ first paradise. A pity that its Star Masters have given up everything yet were unable to scratch us in the slightest. This Old Man is not arrogant. Rather, your display gives This Old Man no choice but to be arrogant.” Li Taisui fanned himself.

“The Azure Dragon Territory’s number one Star Master, the Ling Yan Princess, is not here, let alone that Senior has apparently forgotten about the Purple Thunder Monster, who is not so easy to handle.”

“Little girl, you truly are modest. This Old Man has already seen the Ling Yan Princess. Compared to her, you are actually somewhat stronger. That Purple Thunder Monster has escape calamity this time, but in the future, This Old Man will naturally meet him.” Li Taisui slightly smiled.

Hu Mi’s heart shivered. It seemed like the Ling Yan Princess had already suffered defeat at Li Taisui’s hand. This old man was surprisingly so powerful?

“Little girl, you should have some other trick left that you have not used yet.” Li Taisui said: “Quickly use it then, do not blame This Old Man for not giving you a chance.”

“Hu Mi does not dare play any more tricks. It would be better that before Hu Mi dies, would it be possible to allow me to see that Prehistoric number one magic weapon?” Hu Mi feigned a feeble appearance.

Li Taisui’s smile was even more unrestrained.

“Then This Old Man shall send you off.”

The Crystal Dragon Palace was in chaos. Although the White Tiger Territory’s Demonkin ran rampant, there were still many cultivators looking out for their own interests or watching the world burn. From their perspective, this was nothing more than the final battle of the Four Territories’ Star Masters.

In a thousand years of Star Duels, such an opportunity was difficult to find, but it was a pity that the Star Generals being trapped in the array had lost their brilliance. They could only rely on each of their Star Masters to fight.

But it seemed that the Azure Dragon Territory’s Star Masters completely lacked the strength to fight back.

The White Tiger Territory Seven Spirit stars were practically a hot knife through butter, unstoppable. They could only see Star Master after Star Master fall before their eyes.

“Could it be that our Azure Dragon Territory has no one? For us to have surprisingly fallen to such a state.” A cultivator wrung his wrists in lamentation. The other cultivators were silent. The situation in front of them was indeed wretched. The Azure Dragon Territory’s highest level cultivation Star Master Xie Zhenyuna seemed to have retreated before the battle under orders from his Ancestral Master, breaking free and escaping from the Crystal Dragon Palace’s disaster. The Ling Yan Princess widely recognized as the number one Star Master also did not appear, leaving only Yan Wudao, Long Nü and a few others being suppressed to an unsightly degree, showing a situation of defeat. 

It was no wonder. Without their Star Generals, how could Star Masters relying on only themselves resist Supervoid Demonkin? Even the Azuer Dragon Territory’s Supervoid Cultivators were far from enough.

“Hmph, this Purple Thunder Monster actually is a lucky bastard. He surprisingly did not appear.”

“Otherwise, this would have been a good choice to eradicate him.”

“What a pity.”

Everyone conversed one after the other, Suddenly, a dragon roar resounded through the Crystal Dragon Palace. The dragon roar drew everyone’s attention. All the cultivators subconsciously lifted their heads, and the scene they saw before them immediately struck them dumb.

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  1. IDK how a tree can move…
  2. 爍金焦
  3. 焚極八荒
  4. 無極, commonly translated as “Without Ultimate.” Whereas the Taiji aka Yin-Yang symbol aka Supreme Ultimate features a duality of black and white, the Wuji is represented by a simple circle.


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