Chapter 585: Liangshan Continent’s Number One Star Master Is Here

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Five nine-clawed golden dragons descended from above. Their dragon roars shook everyone present, and the Crystal Dragon Palace’s millions of cultivators raised their heads. Beautiful Buddhist light bathed all things. In the light, the petals of a lotus flower blossomed across vast space. Golden lotuses blossomed everywhere, and stern Buddhist chanting enveloped everything.

The five nine-clawed dragons coiled in the air, suddenly enlarging. They were a hundred chi long, and their five golden rays of light directly attacked the Yelü Wuxin that was at the array eye of the Taiyi Spherical Heaven Form Array.

Ever since Yelü Wuxin activated the Taiyi Spherical Heaven Form Array, producing myriad linked celestial bodies, even the unequalled Konghou found it difficult to move her arms and legs. That weapon in her hand wrapped in stars rose and fall directly. Rays of powerful and tyrannical sword qi fell into the Taiyi Spherical Heaven Form Array and fought the millions of celestial bodies.

Konghou wrinkled her tall brows. Regarding the White Tiger Territory Star Masters trapping Star Generals into a position of absolute disadvantage for a Star Duel, she was apparently displeased, but the Taiyi Spherical Heaven Form Array was endless. For Konghou alone to break this Star World level array was easy to talk about. Even if Yelü Wuxing did not have Star World’s Celestial Body All Directions Banner keeping watch, she still made Konghou dumb as a wooden chicken.

Seeing Crimson Stars fall one after another, Konghou’s indolent countenance was immediately infuriated.

Just at this moment, she suddenly heard a dragon roar.

Konghou glanced over and immediately saw five nine-clawed dragons simultaneously charge into the array. Wherever the golden dragons passed, golden lotuses blossomed, shattering the myriad stars and greatly alleviating Konghou’s pressure.

“Perfect timing.” A languid smile appeared on Konghou’s lips. Her eyes suddenly released a lion-like aggression. The woman flipped the divine weapon in her hand. A galaxy suddenly split in two, protecting her left and right. Then, her figure elegantly moved. She pounced, imposing and cold as a tiger, directly reaching the blue dome of heaven.

Yelü Wuxin’s expression changed.

She had not been free of the Along The River During Qingming for too long. Her Star Energy was far from being recovered to a perfect state. The Taiyi Spherical Heaven Form Array that she had used in a moment of desperation was already an arrow at the end of its flight. She had merely relied on the array to barely contain this monster-like existence that was Konghou, but she was already at her limit.

But following the appearance of the five giant and magnificent golden dragons, Liao Emperor Yelü Wuxin immediately sensed a powerful pressure. A small lantern released brilliant light, absorbing the endless qi of the celestial bodies.

The five colored glass golden dragons shredded the stars to pieces. Konghou’s killing intent was even more penetrating, reaching directly into her heart.

“The light of a firefly dares to compete against the sun and moon!” Yelü Wuxin forced a laugh. She promptly raised the scroll in her hand. The array shifted, and endless starlight surged forth, unexpectedly trapping the five True Dragons. The endless light then immediately dimmed.

“As Your Servant sees it, your sun and moon are still lacking.”

Accompanying the five dragons, Konghou marched straight in unchallenged. The twin sword galaxies in her hands were resplendent, their sword-qi like rainbows as she tore the array to shreds. She easily arrived in front of Yelü Wuxin, combining her twin swords into one and slashed downwards.

At the same time, a giant phoenix suddenly appeared flapping its wings. It was far more vast than the blue dome of heave, far more glorious than the nine firmaments. Yelü Wuxin had been expelled from Star World, and a feeling of fear once again rose in her heart.

Yelü Wuxin immediately activated the “Taiyi Spherical Heaven Form Array” book and True Dragon Qi.

There was a bang.

The array book fluttered under Konghou’s sword-like snowflakes. The array promptly announced its defeat.

“Great King, look out!”

The Liao Emperor’s two fierce generals rushed over when they saw the Great King was being pressed, but how could they block Konghou’s sword. When Chao Gai swa this, the Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Thousand Pagoda flashed. She chanted, firing two rays of Buddhist light to absorb Wu Yanqin and He Bao’er into the pagoda.

The remaining sword-qi shaped like a crescent moon sliced open Yelü Wuxin’s body.

The color drained from the elegant Liao Emperor’s face, and her mouth nearly spat blood. Just as the proud woman in front of her was about to give her crushing defeat, she spread her arms. Celestial bodies ignited, forming an array.

Yelü Wuxin then vanished into the array.

She left only one sentence of indignation.

“This King absolutely will not let this matter go…”1

Her sharp, tiger-like eyes gradually recovered their softness. Konghou’s killing intent vanished, and she looked up at the sky and sighed: “If you truly are able to defeat Your Servant, that would be fine as well…” Pausing, Konghou glanced away. It seemed a man emerged from the Buddhist light. The corner of her mouth unwittingly curled into a smile.

“I shall leave this endgame situation to you to fix.” 

Konghou and Yelü Wuxin’s duel lasted merely a few blinks of the eye. Inside the array, the millions of cultivators did not catch sight of Konghou’s powerful slash, but they felt that after the Buddhist light illuminated, that array disappeared, as if some great adept had intervened. Every single one of them could not help but stare in shock, but when they could clearly see the newcomer, they were even more surprised.

Su Xing’s brow wrinkled when he caught sight of Konghou, feeling this woman was somewhat familiar. Although he listened to Zhu Sha’s proposal to enter the Dragon Palace using his strongest Five Dragon Colored Glass Lantern to break the array, he was somewhat surprised it was so easy.

The thought instantly passed. It was too late to think anymore about it. When he saw Wu Xinjie and the others were in trouble, Su Xing shot over with an escape technique.

“Black Ice Sealing Spirit Sword Array!”

Han Bing’s thirty-three Dark Sky Star Frost Swords released several beams of cold light. The sword-lights linked to form a giant net of ice to capture Xi Yue. The Immemorial Sword Chant’s sword array was tyrannical in its might. Needless to say, they immediately suppressed Xi Yue’s Flying Swords. Sword-lights froze the magic weapons and spirit-lights around the girl, making Xi Yue more and more taxed.


Han Bing’s expression was ice-cold. Just as she was about to grind Xi Yue to pieces, her ears suddenly boomed with thunder, shaking her body. Ling Feixue immediately warned her from inside the Star Nest. Han Bing looked and saw a giant dragon of purple thunder lunging towards her.

Purple thunder filled the sky, menacing, a terrifying sight to behold.

Han Bing immediately raised magic weapons and Flying Swords to ward off this blow. At the same time, gold, green, and gray sword-lights attacked her. Thirty-six Flying Swords fell into the Sealing Spirit Sword Array and unimaginably did not have their spiritual frozen by it. On the contrary, those gray Flying Swords released a faint light that completely dispatched all of the sword-qi that twisted towards them. Subsequently, the golden dragons leapt out, and tyrannically entangled Han Bing’s Immemorial Flying Swords.

Su Xing snapped his fingers.

Activating the Meditative Mind Lotus.

The lotus flower opened to protect Su Xing’s body, and Su Xing seized the opportunity to jump into the array.

Han Bing did not expect Su Xing to surprisingly dare charge in. Even though her heart as rigid as ice, she was flustered for a brief moment. She promptly raised her Demonkin True Body’s “White Mind Returning Origin”2 ability.

As expected.

Su Xing drew close. He put two fingers together, and purple qi swirled like a sword as he stabbed at Han Bing’s chest. This was the Purple Rose Transforming Qi that was cultivated into “Purple Fiend.” Her chest hurt, and Han Bing coughed up a mouthful of blood. Her body was suddenly launched a hundred meters away.

Her ice-cold figure was suddenly a bright red.

“Milord!!” Xi Yue was delighted.

“Don’t let your guard down.” Su Xing was greatly relieved when he saw that Xi Yue was not seriously hurt. At this time, he saw the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon and a female Star Master were entangled with Wu Xinjie. He raised his Flying Swords.

The moment Langya appeared, the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon’s Devil Swords immediately scattered,

“Purple Thunder Monster!!”

The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon shouted, showing an expression of wanting to turn Su Xing into mincemeat.

Su Shengxiang’s brows rose. She retreated to a safe distance, staring at Su Xing in both shock and curiosity – This was the Purple Thunder Monster that threw three territories into disarray, the one who made countless Star Generals follow him. He looked quite dashing.

“Holy Lord of Draconic Demon, let us settle our grudge right here.” Su Xing smiled.

The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon shuddered. Although he hated Su Xing to the bone, he knew that he was no match for Su Xing, especially when Su Xing was already a Supervoid Cultivator. He had not even the slightest chance of winning. “Do not be so…” The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon was about to sneer.

Su Xing suddenly attacked.

His sword-light was like lightning, crashing down from the front. This change of face was so fast that even the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon was too late to anticipate it.

A banner suddenly unfurled, releasing a clear spiritual light that protected the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon. It then pulled him away, making Su Xing’s attack miss.

“Heaven Departing Spirit Distribution Banner?”

Su Xing recognized this banner, and his brow rose.

“So Your Distinguished Self is the legendary Purple Thunder Monster?” Su Shengxiang’s cheeks were rosy, a smile across her whole face.

“Shengxiang.” The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon already had intentions to retreat.

“The Purple Thunder Monster?” Han Bing wiped blood from the corner of her mouth. Her ice-cold pupils were somewhat interested.

“Yes, him, currently Liangshan’s number one Star Master.” The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon deliberately said.

“Liangshan’s number one?”

“No need for small talk in a Star Duel.” Su Xing waved his hand, and the Heavenly Spirit Earthly Fiend Flying Sword’s Earth Element, Wood Element, and Metal Element Flying Swords approached like a swarm of bees, their sword-lights crisscrossing.

“The Heavenly Spirit Earthly Fiend Purple Rose Five Elements Swords?”

Han Bing recognized these Flying Swords and gasped. She hastily drew back in retreat. The man in front of her had Supervoid Cultivation, and he had several types of powerful abilities that she alone honestly could not easily handle.

“Han Bing, I will come help you.”

At this time, with the Taiyi Spherical Heaven Form Array already dispelled, Ling Feixue promptly emerged from the Star Nest, hefting her enormous cannons.

“Do not obstruct Master.”

A silhouette attacked. Skilful Star Yan Yizhen’s fist surged, booming over. Su Xing knowingly smiled, and his gaze then just happened to catch sight of Wu Siyou. The Harm Star sensed Su Xing’s caring gaze, and her heart grew warm. However, Wu Siyou currently was completely out of strength to continue fighting.

“Young Master, be careful!”

Li Xiangfei and Fan Ming emerged.

“Hey, how about you let us Zhang Sisters lecture you.” Zhang Feiyu and Zhang Yuqi similarly took action.

Dark Rank Techniques instantly activated.

Su Shengxiang’s heart sighed, for she had no choice but to join the group of combatants.

After fighting several dozen bouts.

The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon, Su Shengxiang, and Han Bing were no match at all. Regardless of Star General or cultivation, they held no advantages. Every type of magic weapon flew about in the sky, and Xi Yue even activated the Dual Modes Ruler again.

The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon’s side was retreating little by little. “We need to fall back for now, regroup with Taisui and the others.” The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon urgently said.

Han Bing nodded.

She waved her hands to fill the sky with a blizzard to repel Su Xing.

“Regroup? I’m very sorry, but I’m not that kind.” Su Xing disdainfully said.

Hearing his words, the Holy Lord of Draconic did not understand.

But immediately, he realized what Su Xing was saying.

The three of them were just about to retreat when all of a sudden at this moment, the Crystal Dragon Palace severely jolted. Immediately afterwards, a shrill scream pierced their eardrums. Looking in the direction, even Han Bing’s face was unsightly to the extreme.

Shijiu Ying’s enormous thousand year Demon Tree body had been frozen. Immediately afterwards, a cold light slashed. Split into two pieces, Shijiu Ying still did not dare believe what had just happened in front of him.

“A thousand year old Demon Tree was not so tough.” A woman in a purple skirt smiled gorgeously, “Right, Yingmei.”

The Lin Yingmei who had frozen and cut down Shijiu Ying coldly glanced at this Demon Tree

Before the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon could process the fact before him, another howl of extreme anguish roared through the palace. Xiang Chenxing’s True Body Scorched Earth Giant Beast collapsed with a thud. A qilin golden lance had pierced through the armor he was so proud of, directly penetrating his heart, making this surly Demonkin die very cleanly.3

The young girl holding the lance slightly smiled at everyone.

“Strength Star Jade Qilin Lu Xiao, in attendance!!”

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