Chapter 586: Qingqiao Breaks Her Wings, Executing The Trapped Beast

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When Su Xing broke the Taiyi Spherical Heaven Form Array, Lin Yingmei and Zhao Hanyan had already rushed into the palace. Because Su Xing acted with such power and boldness, he attracted everyone’s gazes onto himself, and the two girls were completely unnoticed.

The Shijiu Ying who had manifested his True Body was insufferably arrogant. His tree body shook, and his earth spikes sprouted like spring shoots after a rain. These earth spikes contained Supervoid magic energy. Each spike was completely full of malevolent killing intent, following Shijiu Ying’s usage of his abilities.

Countless earth spikes surrounded Chai Ling. These spikes constricted the Noble Star like pythons.

Only with the a Purple Rose magic weapon the likes of the Moon Seizing Star Taking protecting her was Chai Ling not so easily shredded apart. The Star Beast Xing’er sitting in her bosom continuously fired “Thow Money Away Recklessly.” Gold instantly pulverized the earth spikes, but in the next instant, another earth spike would grow to take its place. Gradually, this formed an endless sea that reached the heavens. This was Shijiu Ying’s strongest ability, “Unstoppable.”1

When he saw that the legendary Noble Star had joined the Star Duels, how could SHijiu Ying let go of this opportunity. He thought to himself to kill the Noble Star and obtain her death avoiding Iron Certificate. After he ascended Maiden Mountain, he would inevitably vie arrogantly for supremacy. When he thought of this Shijiu Ying became fervent, his expression twisted in ruthlessness.

The Azure Dragon Execution Wood was also used at its utmost to kill Chai Ling.

Their eyes full of worry and wanting to intervene, Jinzhi and Yuye could not wait any longer.

Suddenly at this moment.

Seventy-two fairies suddenly descended into the sea of trees. These fairies had skin that was whiter than snow, and they each held a sword as transparent as jade in their hands. The swordtips were clear, dancing one after another. In the blink of an eye, they surprisingly uprooted Shijiu Ying’s ability.

Shijiu Ying was stunned.

“What a Demon Tree, This Princess actually wants a look.” A woman in a purple dress appeared and smiled.

Zhao Hanyan struck a hand seal.

The seventy-two Outer Void Flying Immortals Swords’ psychic fairies waved their nimble swords, sweeping aside the attacking earth spikes. Zhao Hanyan’s Supervoid Cultivation naturally did not lose out to Shijiu Ying, and her Flying Swords were already nearly at the True Spirit Realm. They were far more powerful than those magic weapons, changing the situation in nearly an instant.

Shijiu Ying was enraged. Seven buds of fire emerged from his tree body, twisting and distorting. In a flash, they were as large as a bowl. The seven buds bloomed like eerie flowers, and then they separated from his trunk and limbs, forming a battle formation. They simultaneously released broad pillars of fire, surged and split into tens of thousands more, just like fireworks. They appeared all over the place at the same time, interweaving into an inescapable net of fire.

Zhao Hanyan pointed and activated “Golden Immortal Points.”2

This cultivation method was a special skill of the True Immortal Hall. Divine Intent is gathered into a finger, and the Divine Intent is transformed into a substantive weapon. Whether it be a Flying Sword, magic weapon or some other ability, they would all receive refinements. However, only a Supervoid Cultivator could possibly wield the might of Golden Immortal Points. Otherwise, when encountering a foe with strong Divine Intent, there would contrarily be great recoil.

Shijiu Ying had been fighting for a long time, so his cultivation and energy were naturally greatly spent.

The approaching cage of fire suddenly met with an incorporeal resistance. Its vigor instantly weakened, and then the flames swirled in an eddy, immediately extinguishing in midair. The seventy-two Outer Void Flying Immortals Swords seized the chance to attack. Shijiu Ying shouted.

“Shijiu Ying, I will help you.”

At this point, the Taiyi Spherical Heaven Form Array had broken, and the Wealth Star Striking Hawk Li Qingqiao in the Star Nest immediately appeared to protect her master. Li Qingqiao’s figure flew, swooping down. Her Flying Daggers appeared, and the Golden Eagle Dragon Devouring Steel Spear very closely stabbed forth.

The spear-light swept the seventy-two Flying Swords to pieces.

Zhao Hanyan was stunned. To be able to break her Psychic Communication Flying Swords easily indicated that her opponent’s martial force and Star Weapon were both exceptional.

“Golden Eagle Dragon Devouring Spear, Wealth Star Striking Hawk Li Ying.” Zhao Hanyan was forced into a swift retreat by the hidden weapons. She did not have Innate Skills like Su Xing’s, so she did not dare contest a martial force Heavenly Star.

“Kill her.”

Shijiu Ying ordered.

Li Qingqiao practically did not even think. She held her spear in one hand and produced countless doppelgangers of her spear. Their power crashed down, and she used her Dark Technique Bright Mind Dragon Carving!!

The speartips strangely maneuvered to attack Zhao Hanyan.

“Kill Chai Jin first.” SHijiu Ying issued more orders. His heart only wanted the iron certificate that averted death.

Li Qingqiao’s speed was extremely fast. Her Innate Skill Hovering Combat allowed her attacks to be even more fierce. Her Star Beast Golden Eagle also swooped out to assault Zhao Hanyan, and the girl herself was like a giant hawk. Her arms spread open as she attacked Chai Ling. A resolute figure then blocked in front of Chai Ling.

Female Tiger Gu Tong’s expression was calm and full of sternness.

Female Tiger was not a misnomer at all. Gu Tong opened her cherry lips, and without making any sound, Li Qingqiao suddenly stiffened, her whole body seemingly frozen. Li Qingqiao showed an astonished expression. Immediately, her brewing aggression completely vanished into thin air.

The Yin Star’s Earth Rank.

“A Wordless Loud Sound, A Shapeless Great Semblance!”3

“Dammit.” Shijiu Ying cursed in anger.

A cold shout dropped from the sky.

This is bad.

Shijiu YIng hastily shook his tree body, but the newcomer was extremely fast. Killing intent that was cold to the bone was basically unstoppable. Before Shijiu Ying could see clearly, he suddenly felt an ice-cold feeling sweep over his body.

Afterwards, every greedy idea, every thought of cruelty completely vanished into thin air. The thousand year old Demon Tree immediately withered.

“Master.” Li Qingqiao vomited blood, staring blankly at Shijiu Ying split in two by a spear. In spite of the pain from her fallen contractor, the enraged Li Qingqiao wanted revenge. However, Zhao Hanyan’s Flying Swords immediately twisted, grinding her fury to death.

A Crimson Star fell.

“A thousand year Demon Tree was not so tough? Right, Yingmei.” Zhao Hanyan smiled.

“Yingmei, you finally came.” Chai Ling patted her chest.

Seeing that Chai Ling had used the Red Ink Iron Certificate, Lin Yingmei slightly wrinkled her brow: “Be careful.” She then turned to glance at Gu Tong, and without stopping, mounted Crying Frost to rush to where Su Xing was.

“She does not even want the spoils of war.” Zhao Hanyan looked at the magic weapons Shijiu Ying left behind and the Star Weapon of Wealth Star Li Qingqiao.

“It is a pity that Little Sister Wealth Star Li Ying chose the wrong master.” Chai Ling looked at that Star Weapon and slightly sighed.

Meanwhile, Lu Xiao also waited until the array broke to mount her Star Beast and rush down. To be clear, this was a coincidence. Originally, Lu Xiao up until now had been refining the Thousand Year Tears to increase her own Star Energy. She did not expect that such a big chance was occurring in the Crystal Dragon Palace. When she had rushed over, she bumped into Su Xing.

She originally wanted to help Su Xing, however, when she saw that he had seized a complete advantage, Jade Qilin then placed her thoughts onto the other dangerous Sisters. It was then that she felt that as a big sister, she honestly was a bit of a failure, to unexpectedly not care for her Sisters first and instead feel concern for the Star Duels’ greatest enemy.

She laughed to herself, and then she heard a wail of grief.

Lu Xiao rushed over without thinking.

The scene in front of her was of an enormous rhinoceros beast rampaging tyrannically. Two girls were currently bitterly persevering. Originally, they were both Star Masters Lu Xiao did not care for, but seeing that one of the girls was in a bit of distress, the Strength Star was moved to compassion. She raised her Golden Qilin Lance and attacked.

Xiang Chenxing was about to kill Sikong Chuhe in one blow, Su Yixiao at this time had already exhausted all of her magic weapons and powers; she was at the end of her rope. Suddenly, Xiang Chenxing sensed danger. He raised his head to see a woman thrusting a lance at him.

Xiang Chenxing roared without a trace of fear.

Even normal Star Weapons could not pierce through his Scorched Earth Armor. Cultivators could only court death, but Xiang Chenxing immediately paid a heavy price for this. Lu Xiao’s martial arts were another level of excellence, practically spotting Xiang Chenxing’s weak point the instant she attacked.

The Golden Qilin Lance directly thrust in.

Xiang Chenxing who originally believed that he could break the weapon suddenly changed. He used his cultivation to try and stop it, but the weapon of the Star General who was number one in martial force had no return logic once unleashed.

Lu Xiao’s fingers gripped tighter, and the Golden Qilin Lance forcefully pierced through this Demon Beast. Xiang Chenxing’s full power magic energy finally eliminated the rays of golden light that wrapped the weapon. WHen he saw the identity of that Divine Weapon, even the stiff as iron Xiang Chenxing cried out in shock.

“Golden Qilin Lance…Strength…”

“Strength Star Jade Qilin Lu Xiao, in attendance!”

Lu Xiao slightly smiled and helped Xiang Chenxing finish his last words.


His sturdy body collapsed like a small hill.

With her Star Nest destroyed, the Star General in the nest manifested. Zhou Zhiyun raised her Flowing Water Green Depths Spear and wildly lunged at Lu Xiao, her Layered Pupils frightening. However, before she could use her Earth Rank, Lu Xiao gently shook her head. She struck apart her weapon and easily ended her pain.

“How can this sort of thing happen!!”

The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon was scared speechless.

Not only him, but the millions of cultivators in the Crystal Dragon Palace were shaken and utterly speechless.

The Azure Dragon Cultivators who were originally on the verge of crisis unexpectedly showed rapid changes after the Purple Thunder Monster appeared. After the powerful Taiyi Spherical Heaven Form Array was broken, the Liao Emperor fled. Then, Han Bing and the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon’s team was repelled. At the same time, the insufferably arrogant White Tiger Seven Spirit Stars surprisingly had two of their Star Masters Starfall in quick succession. Although they had thought that the Purple Thunder Monster was possibly the Azure Dragon Territory’s number one cultivator, to face the teamwork of the Three Territories’ Star Masters perhaps did not have any good consequences for him. No one could have imagined this situation.

“Was that the Five Dragons Colored Glass Lantern just now?”

“What a formidable magic weapon, to unexpectedly break the Liao Emperor’s array.”

“The Strength Star seems to have also followed him here.”

“How is this possible, this simple is unprecedented.”

Countless cultivators cried out in shock everywhere. Their arms and legs felt ice-cold. Compared to the Liao Emperor, the White Tiger Seven Spirit Star’s Star Duels, the Most High Path’s betrayal, they still had time to feel shocked about this matter. These cultivators gazed at Su Xing, full of every kind of complex feeling.

Envy, reverence, fear, adoration, even modesty…

“Strength Star…” Han Bing’s eyes were ice-cold. If a group of these people united, she did not dare continue fighting. How could Su XIng let them go, especially a bastard like the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon who relied on the Devil Star Palace. Today, he must die.

Langya’s Evil Suppressing Clear Light glowed bright. As if he had touched fire, the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon could only shrink back with a sorry figure. If it was not for Su Shengxiang’s Heaven Departing Spirit Distribution Banner, he would be undoubtedly dead.

Although Su Shengxiang would feel no regret if the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon died, at this time, she still felt that the Purple Thunder Monster was the greatest enemy. At this time, she also saw Majestic Star Lin Yingmei on the attack towards them. She hastily called out, “Lord Husband, we must leave quickly.”

“And to where!”

Lin Yingmei shouted. The Star Weapon in her hand drew an ice-cold arc. The Five Star Arctic Star Serpent Spear practically left Han Bing and the other two staring blankly.

“Han Bing, I will protect you.”

Ling Feixue shouted.

The Silent Destruction Star Meteor Cannon belched out scorching fire dragons.

“Watch this Earth Technique.”

“Heaven Shaking Earth Splitting Gathering Triple Cannon!”4

Boom——An enormous rumble shook the entire place.

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  1. 摧枯拉朽, lit. to tear up dry roots
  2. 金仙一指, as in “pointing at something.”
  3. 大音希聲,大象無形, lines from the Dao De Jing.
  4. 轟天裂地羅三砲


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