Chapter 587: Su Xing VS Four Great Supervoid Cultivators?

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Heaven Shaking Earth Splitting Gathering Triple Cannon!!

The concentrated cannonfire frantically roared towards Lin Yingmei. The first wave rolled like a tidal wave, immediately consuming Lin Yingmei in cannonfire. In that instant, the engulfing cannonfire once again burst with an ear-splitting explosion, as if a mountain had risen from the ground, seemingly disintegrating Lin Yingmei. The cannonfire that rose into the sky became a third wave of ten thousand dragons. Immediately afterwards, they descended without mercy, like the spectacular sight of the sky falling.

Even a Supervoid Cultivator like Su Xing was jolted back by the leftover power of the cannonfire.

The three waves of cannonfire represented the three levels of man, earth, and heaven. This was the “triple cannon” of Heaven Shaking Thunder Ling Feixue.

After the cannonfire, the place that Lin Yingmei stood at was already like purgatory, a miserable sight to behold. Every kind of gorgeous precious stone was blown to slag. Even a Supercluster Cultivator would fear this type of powerful attack. Even he himself would have been smithereens.

This was the power of those legendary Maiden Mountain Star Generals.

Although Ling Feixue’s Earth Rank was tyrannical, to instantly dispatch Maiden Mountain’s top-notch martial general Majestic Star Panther Head was nevertheless impossible.

An ice-cold figure rushed straight out of the sea of fire.

An ice-cold speartip condensed the surrounding air into frost. The drifting embers became snowflakes, and the scorching hot temperatures suddenly fell to below zero. The Arctic Star Serpent Spear released a dazzling cold and elegant light.

Lin Yingmei’s Dark Rank.

Freezing Frost of Nine Provinces.

The Ling Feixue who had used her Earth Rank had no strength at all to counter this. Her Star Master Han Bing at this time was completely unable to compensate and could only stare helplessly as that ray of cold light brushed over Ling Feixue’s astonished and unreconciled face.

“What a splendid Lin Chong…”

After she said this, Ling Feixue already fell into the Star Nest.

Although she used a Five Star Destined Weapon to block Ling Feixue’s Earth Rank, Lin Yingmei still sustained significant injury. She wanted to pursue in a burst of energy, but Su Xing stopped her and made An Suwen heal her.

Su Xing dismissed her thoughts of pursuit not because he wanted to let these Demonkin Star Masters go. Although Ling Feixue’s Earth Rank successfully suppressed Su Xing’s pursuit, they had nevertheless overlooked one other person.

Little Yi and Su Xing’s minds had tacit coordination, and she had already brought out the Three Arrows Lethal Crossbow.

Concentrating all of her Star Energy into the arrows, her Star Crest glowed. Three rays of scarlet light then whooshed as they were suddenly fired.

Who in the world could avoid the three arrows containing all of the Skilful Star’s power.

The crossbow bolt sunk directly into Han Bing’s chest.

The woman cried out. Her white clothes immediately blossomed with a bright red bloodstain. The bolt’s penetrating power nearly forced Han Bing into her True Body. Compared to her Su Shengxiang was not so miserable.

Su Shengxiang’s Star General was young girl with long, perfectly straight black hair. She wore old-fashioned black leather armor that offset her fiery curves. Underneath the armor was white silk thin as a cicada’s wing, contrasting with the girl’s skin that was white as snow.

The bolt punched into the girl’s body. Even so, the girl’s face showed no suffering at all.

Compared to her, the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon was somewhat unfortunate.

Li Xiangfei and Fan Ming were isolated from him. Fortunately, the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon had the Heavenly Demon Armor and had cultivated the Devil Star Palace’s Eight Desolations Devil Body to strengthen his physical body. Little Yi’s arrow was stopped by the Eight Desolations Heavenly Devil Body after piercing through the Heavenly Demon Armor. It finally came to a rest close to his heart.

The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon howled in pain.

“Damn all of you!”

Correct Star Demon King of Chaos Fan Ming’s tone was serious. Before she could lash out with her anger, the normally extremely calm and noble Li Xiangfei nevertheless was also infuriated by their situation of consecutive defeats each time they encountered Su Xing. Li Xiangfei’s eyes were enraged, brandishing her White Night Dragon Carving Sword without a word.

White light flashed.

It blinded Zhang Yuqi and Zhang Feiyu.

Because Zhu Sha had broken a corner of the territory, the East Sea was pouring in. It was already beginning to flood the Crystal Dragon Palace. The water level was not high yet, unusable to White Stripe in the Waves and the Boatman, but as far as Maiden Mountain’s number one Water General River Dragon was concerned, she was not to be underestimated. In the instant that Li Xiangfei raised her sword…

The Crystal Dragon Palace’s sea water inconceivably evaporated in that instant. It all gathered into an enormous water pillar that Li Xiangfei formed. This action, this breathing, this release, they were all quick beyond limits. How could anyone react.

In the blink of an eye, Li Xiangfei’s Earth Rank Technique was complete – Infuriated Azure Sea!1

If it was any other top-notch martial general against the top-notch Water General’s Infuriated Azure Sea, they would be very misfortunate. Fortunately, the Zhang Sisters were also Water Generals. Mid-technique, they had already sensed it. Although they were able to react in time, they were still seriously hurt instantly by Li Xiangfei and lost their capability to continue battle. 


Fan Ming and Li Xiangfei were contracted to the same contractor. They acted with tacit coordination. After Li Xiangfei incapacitated the Zhang Sisters, Demon King of Chaos was already clawing at them, using her Earth Rank without the slightest hesitation – Soul Flying Sword Dispersal.

Zhang Yuqi and Zhang Feiyu could only wait for death.

The two were perfectly coordinated, as expected of the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon, currently the Black Turtle Territory’s number one Star Master, but it was a pity that they had ran into the abnormality that was Su Xing. Just when Fan Ming thought she could kill the two Zhang Sisters, a blood-shadow rushed over.

Because they traded blows in an instant, Su Xing could only once again use the Chaotic Tail Escape, the Escape Technique that was defiant of the natural order, to be able to make it in time. His hands clasped together, opening the Meditative Mind Lotus Flower.

Fan Ming sneered, as if she was saying – You came at the perfect time.

Although the name of the Demon King of Chaos’ Earth Rank Technique did not have an air of destructive intimidation, Soul Flying Sword Dispersal’s “Dispersal” name was brandished.

The bladetips of the Soul Fragmenting Claws separated. According to the enemy before her, they would automatically divide into countless strands of killing intent. In the blink of an eye, they not only disintegrated Su Xing’s lotus flower completely, many more still pounced towards Zhang Yuqi without stop. 

“Return to the Star Nest.”

Su Xing snapped his fingers. The Earth Element “Heavenly Abyss” appeared, yet this Earthly Star’s Earth Rank was terrifying to the extreme, making Su Xing feel pain from his Life-cast link. THe powerful Earth Element Flying Swords merely lasted a half second before being pierced by the dispersing killing intent, however, it was precisely this half second that allow Zhang Yuqi and Zhang Feiyu to return to the Star Nest.

“How can this be?” Fan Ming was shocked. Only if a Star General self Star Released could they possibly return to their contractor’s Star Nest this quickly. But how could Demon King of Chaos have known that Zhang Yuqi had ingested Rat Star Tangtang’s Dark Rank Wine Yearning Day And Night that was capable of instantaneous return to the Star Nest.

“Damned man.”

To not kill the Zhang Sisters under a situation of completely assured success drove Fan Ming insane. The girl looked at Su Xing, her eyes full of fury – it was this man who once again meddled with her.

“Just who are you!!”

Fan Ming shouted. At the same time, she spread her arms, and her Soul Fragmenting Claws surrounded Su Xing.

“Ming’er, you must not.” The Li Xiangfei who had just used her Earth Rank saw that Fan Ming had lost all reason, hurriedly shouting to call her back. Li Xiangfei had a sort of inauspcious premonition. This man was extremely dangerous.

As expected, just when Fan Ming pounced.

Su Xing evaded with Light Smoke Dance Steps, making Fan Ming land on nothing. His fingers snapped, and Instant Frost Flame formed. The Frost Flame instantly froze Fan Ming. Su Xing then summoned the Metal Element “Heaven Tearing.” The Heaven Tearing Metal Swords pressed against Fan Ming’s neck.

The young girl stared at the man in front of her with an expression of disbelief.

Fan Ming was sent flying by this slash. Similarly heavily injured, Lin Yingmei could easily kill her. Lin Yingmei wrinkled her brow, yet she did not do so. She raised the Arctic Star Serpent Spear and moved to attack Han Bing and Su Shengxiang.

Su Shengxiang knew that today was unexpected failure. When she saw that a corner of the Heaven Connecting Ocean Settling Barrier had broke, Su Shengxiang instantly activated the Outlaw Liangshan Pendant, coqettishly smiling: “Purple Thunder Monster, Lowly Servant will experience you another day. At that time, Your Distinguished Self must take pity on Lowly Servant for her feebleness.”

Han Bing coldly grunted. Having been struck by the Lethal Crossbow and lost Ling Xuefei, she was also made a prompt decision to leave the Crystal Dragon Palace.

The last one left, the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon’s face changed.

“Holy Lord of Draconic Demon, let’s chat.” Su Xing said, “Langya” spinning around. Their swordtips glowed with clear light, concentrating into a green rainbow that flew to take the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon’s head.

Fan Ming jumped to block, but a chain wrapped around her arms and legs.

Wu Xinjie smiled sweetly. “Little Sister, apologies.” The Knowledge Star did not have any burdens of compassion or justice. The Eight Gate Black Gold Chain killed Fan Ming.

Just as the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon was about the meet an unfortunate end, several dozen Flying Swords descended from the heavens and held back Langya.

The moment they made contact, Su Xing was stunned.

The Heavenly Cycle Changing Holy Swords?

Su Xing hastily recalled Langya. The thirty-six Flying Swords assumed a formation. At the same time, several figures already appeared in front of him.

“Senior Protector!!” The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon breathed a sigh of relief.

Those Heavenly Cycle Changing Holy Swords seemed to have been used by this person.

“Seniors, you interfere with a Star Duel, do you not fear implicating the Devil Star Palace?” Wu Xinjie mockingly laughed.

Corpse Devil Ruthlessness and the other three Law Protectors looked at each other. To leave the palace today, absolutely nothing could happen to the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon, otherwise they would have no good explanations. However, the one who intervened just now was Fiend Star. If Chao Gai truly pursued the matter, they could quibble no longer.

Thinking quickly, Elder Dried Bone of the Devil Star Palace Law Protectors smiled kindly: “Purple Thunder Monster, your current battle formation is vast, unexpectedly making those top-notch Star Generals completely follow you. Even Strength Star Jade Qilin is accompanying you. Perhaps even Chao Gai is not your foe. Why make things difficult for others.” His words clearly were meant for Chao Gai, who was standing idly by and watching, secretly mocking Maiden Mountain as incompetent.

“If the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon withdraws from the Star Duels, I will not pursue him.” Su Xing shrugged, matter-of-factly saying.

These words made the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon unable to restrain his anger.

“Little brat, do not be too arrogant. You have broken the rules of the Star Duels. Perhaps even Maiden Mountain will not protect you. Do you honestly believe that you can face the four of us with your injured Star Generals?” True Lord Heavenly Commandment disdainfully said.

The Devil Star Palace’s Four Great Law Protectors were mighty Supervoid Cultivators. To be surprisingly shaken by a single Star Master was honestly humiliating.

That being said, they were slightly afraid of the Purple Thunder Monster’s reputation. Each of them drew on qi from their dantian, using their abilities as they secretly waited to take action.

“Law Protectors, let us seize the opportunity right now while Wu Song and the others are heavily injured and kill him.” The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon enviously said.

Elder Dried Bone coldly glanced at him.

To be frank, he very much did not want to participate in matters of the Star Duels at all. Even if Maiden Mountain did not investigate him, this Purple Thunder Monster’s numerous abnormal Star Generals were intolerable. During that moment he hesitated, there was a sudden change.

The quiet Fiend Star let out a bone-chilling sneer. He pointed his hand.

The Heavenly Cycle Changing Holy Swords assumed a Star Breaking Ancient Sword Array. The precarious situation immediately collapsed. 

Elder Dried Bone cursed under his breath, his expression becoming extremely unsightly.

“Li Jun, quickly take him away!” The old man spat out a turbid breath.

Li Xiangfei grabbed hold of the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon. The woman shouted. The seas suddenly surged like an arrow. Li Xiangfei transformed into a dragon that shot straight out of the Crystal Dragon Palace.2

And at the same time, the four Great Supervoid Cultivators Elder Dried Bone, Corpse Devil Ruthlessness, True Lord Heavenly Commandment, and Fiend Star all took action.

Which made all of the cultivators feel despair.

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