Chapter 588: Ten Feet Of Blue’s “This Hatred Faces Wind, This Passion Leaves Moon”

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Across all of Liangshang Continent, there was no prior spectacle of Four Great Supervoid Cultivators taking action against a single Star Master at the same time. Elder Dried Bone and the other three Supervoid Cultivators released their spiritual powers. As if Mount Tai was bearing down, the air within several dozen li froze. All of the cultivators trapped within could only feel stifled, incapable of budging.

Let alone that the four Great Supervoid Cultivators were somewhat afraid of Su Xing, they nevertheless did not leave any leeway.

Although he was somewhat dissatisfied with Fiend Star moving forward, how could Elder Dried Bone and the other two Law Protectors not think of taking down this Purple Thunder Monster who was legendary in three of the Territories. Besides killing him to obtain his massive Star Energy that could make them break through to Supervoid Peak in one go, they could even reach Transforming Star Of Annihilation Stage. Even that Five Dragons Colored Glass Lantern was enough to allow them to aim for the throne of Liangshan Continent.. 

Noticing that Su Xing’s Skilful Star, Harm Star and other Star Generals were either incapable of further battle or were separated, Elder Dried Bone seized the chance to attack.

“Ten Thousand Bone Sword Array!”

“Nine True Heavenly Commandments Sword Array!”

“Heavenly Cycle Changing Holy Sword Array!!”

There was also Corpse Devil Ruthlessness swinging an enormous chunk of iron. Similarly, he used a powerful ability. “Giant Sword Unrivalled!” More than a thousand Flying Swords, all bright, dark, or resplendent, split off into countless rainbow lights that fell over each other during their attack on Su Xing. Four Supervoid Cultivators, and two of them were Middle Stages that perhaps even Emperor Liang would be forced to flee from.

Even the Konghou who was spectating was pondering whether or not she should lend Chai Ling’s little lover a helping hand.

Everyone felt that that Thunder Monster had finally met his doom.

But upon remembering the Purple Thunder Monster’s current prestige, everyone was not so certain.

Su Xing was fearless, flipping his wrist.

The Empress Tu Earth Book bubbled forth.

Qi of yellow dust scattered, and the True Spirit Empress Tu Fairy’s sleeve flipped. Rolling, dark yellow qi formed a dust cloud that wrapped around Su Xing’s group. All of the Flying Swords thundered, yet there was no visible damage at all.

“Heaven and Earth wither, gods and souls indestructible!”

Elder Dried Bone raised a black lantern. This lantern clinked, and a tiny flame as black as ink released a foul evil light that swallowed the earth qi. Although this Nine Hells Lantern could not compare to the Five Dragons Colored Glass Lantern, its might was still tyrannical. The core flame inside the lantern received “Nine Hells” from the “Underworld Blackfire.” Having undergone Elder Dried Bone’s continuous refinement, the lantern’s light could corrode every sort of magic weapon it shone upon.

“Coiling Dragon Wall!”

True Lord Heavenly Commandment similarly activated his strongest magic weapon. A rampart carved in the likeness of a coiling dragon was raised, becoming a giant dragon of clear light that attacked the Earth Book, but the moment of impact made the Earth Book’s defenses show cracks. Then, Corpse Devil Ruthlessness’ ability “Ruthless Bellow.” A soul shredding roar shook the cultivators’ internal organs to pieces.

Su Xing inwardly thought to himself that this was formidable. Liangshan Continent’s top-notch Supervoid Cultivators were fully deserving of their reputation, as expected. The Empress Tu Earth Book was surprisingly unable to resist this attack. The Empress Tu Fairy showed a pained expression, and the dark yellow Earth Qi was suppressed to an increasingly feeble state. Furthermore, outside the Earth Book were Supervoid sword arrays and powerful magic weapons waiting for prey. For the time being, this was surprisingly hard to deal with.

Lin Yingmei wrinkled her brow. She raised the Arctic Star Serpent Spear in preparation to attack with “Ice-Heart Seals Sun And Moon.” These Four Great Law Protectors of the Devil Star Palace would absolutely perish under the Majestic Star’s Earth Rank. Before she could execute, Wu Xinjie held her back.

“Little Sister, do not go for now.”

“Xinjie?” Lin Yingmei did not understand.

“Just leave these people to Niangzi.” Wu Xinjie slightly smiled.

Lin Yingmei was bewildered.

Elder Dried Bone and the others were also deeply afraid of the Majestic Star using her Earth Rank. Seeing that she had yet to use it, they urgently boosted their magic energy output. Their powerful Supervoid magic energy boomed, affecting the organs of a hundred other cultivators.

“So this is the Spirit Sealing List’s Empress Tu Earth Book. It has unexpectedly developed a True Spirit. What a formidable magic weapon. It is surprisingly able to block for this long?” Elder Dried Bone saw that the Earth Book was powerful, and his heart was somewhat astonished.

“An insignificant Star Master surprisingly dares to face four enemies alone. You are a mantis obstructing a chariot, you overestimate yourself.” True Lord Heavenly Commandment laughed. “Destroying your magic weapon True Spirit makes This One a bit regretful. It would be better to give it to This One, and then how about This One lets you go?”

Spiritual pressure descended.

Just as the Empress Tu Earth Book was about to be destroyed.

Su Xing formed a hand seal, “Empress Tu, come back!” A ray of yellow light flashed by. The Empress Tu Earth Book closed, its True Spirit vanished, and the billowing earth qi faded into thin air without the Earth Book. Elder Dried Bone and the other cultivators were waiting for precisely this moment. Then, the Four Great Law Protectors’ magic weapons, powers, and Flying Swords each attacked Su Xing, bearing powerful energy.

Forget you, even Emperor Liang would inevitably die.

All of those abilities and magic weapons destroyed Su Xing.

Elder Dried Bone sensed that the Purple Thunder Monster had apparently given up resisting. His heart was delighted. Could it be that the legendary Purple Thunder Monster would die by their hand? This delight was fleeting, for he heard True Lord Heavenly Commandment suddenly shout, “Impossible!”

Looking again, Elder Dried Bone’s face was immediately ashen.

The sword chants dispersed. Su Xing appeared before them completely unharmed, a relaxed grin upon his face, as if he was mocking their attack just now.

“This is absolutely impossible.” Elder Dried Bone was shocked.

No one could be this relaxed under the attack of four top-notch Supervoid Cultivators working together.

“That is…” Fiend Star’s tone concentrated.

It was only at this moment that Elder Dried Bone noticed that Su Xing was enveloped in golden wind and green light. This beautiful light wrapped around Su Xing like clothing. It was more abnormal than the strongest defensive magic weapon that Elder Dried Bone had seen, the “Head of Resisting Heaven,”1 but this clearly was not like a magic weapon. In that flowing light, Elder Dried Bone clearly sensed a kind of unprecedented tranquility and love.

“This is a Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Skill!!!” Elder Dried Bone’s eyes widened as he shouted in disbelief.

“How is this possible…” True Lord Heavenly Commandment’s smile vanished.

The Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Skills of the Star Generals of Liangshan Continent’s legendary Star Duels. Any cultivator would inevitably adore and hate such a thing when mentioned. These skills were extremely mysterious and exceptional. Their appearances in records of the Star Duels were as few as phoenix feathers, but to be able to achieve a Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Skill with a Star General, which one of those would not be one of the final Seven Stars. But a Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Skill was extremely difficult. Only when a Star General reached a certain Realm could one possibly manifest.

How could Elder Dried Bone imagine that this outstanding Purple Thunder Monster could contract so many Star Generals without saying that he was unexpectedly able to comprehend the Heaven Earth Dark Yellow. However, thinking carefully, this was actually quite obvious.

But after looking looking at those beautiful girls behind Su Xing, he did not see any of the Star Generals in resonance.

Killing intent shook behind him.

Only then did Elder Dried Bone spot far behind him a wondrous young girl as gorgeous as flowing water currently staring coldly at them. Those golden pupils were luminous and clear. Her hands each gripped beautiful golden and green sabers. Her body was similarly shrouded in a glow that was identical to Su Xing’s.

The Star Crest on her forehead made clear her identity.

Who was this?

Who else could it be.

Bright Star Ten Feet of Blue Hu Niangzi and her Heaven Earth Dark Yellow.

“When Autumn’s Golden Wind Embraces Jade Dew!!”

The Su Xing under the effects of When Autumn’s Golden Wind Embraces Jade Dew could appear to be in a state where he had no match, however, he could not make any other movements. Bright Star Hu Niangzi raised her double sabers, and only then did When Autumn’s Golden Wind Embraces Jade Dew’s true killing move begin.

Crescent rays of gold and green light crisscrossed, rising up and falling like a torrential downpour.

In but a single glint.

The Great Cultivators’ sword arrays were disintegrated.

“What a powerful Heaven Earth Dark Yellow.” Elder Dried Bone sucked in a breath.

“You dare attack my prince consort, you are very bold!!”

“Milord, I shall help you.”


At the same time, three shouts sounded out. Zhao Hanyan, Xi Yue, and GOng Caiwei rushed over in succession. Each of the girls’ cultivations had reached Supervoid, powerful and imposing. Elder Dried Bone suddenly somewhat fell apart when he saw this battle formation.

What the fuck kind of situation was this.

Three Supervoid Cultivators would unexpectedly stand on the Purple Thunder Monster’s side.

“You are helping your future enemy. You will inevitably regret this in the future.” Elder Dried Bone sneered. Knowing that they had lost the advantage, any further fighting would result in the Devil Star Palace’s Four Great Law Protectors losing their lives here and now. Without even thinking, Elder Dried Bone used an escape technique to flee.

The other cultivators also had the intent to retreat when they saw this.

But how could Ten Feet of Blue let them leave so easily. Hu Niangzi snorted. The saber-light of the Heaven Earth Dark Yellow first constricted them, and by the time When Autumn’s Golden Wind Embraces Jade Dew vanished, the girl leapt up high. Like a wisp of smoke, she wonderfully danced.

“Give up your lives!”

Hu Niangzi instantly attacked. The sabers in her hands slashed out gusts of saber-wind. They whooshed swiftly, catching True Lord Heavenly Commandment. Before this Supervoid Early Stage Cultivator could struggle, an extremely beautiful figure arrived in front of him.

Her black hair flowed, beautiful.

The True Lord Heavenly Commandment who had been originally preparing to use his powers to counterattack suddenly felt his heart stop. He was stunned by the beautiful scene in front of him. The Coiling Dragon Wall he clenched in his hand stiffened. True Lord Heavenly Commandment renounced all resistance, seemingly as wide open as a baby. He merely stared blankly at the beautiful scene in front of him.

The corner of Hu Niangzi’s mouth curled, revealing a breathtaking smile.

True Lord Heavenly Commandment suddenly had a sort of ridiculous feeling that “even death is worth it.” Then, Hu Niangzi’s other saber directly entered his heart as brilliantly as that golden curve, achieving his wish.

To be able to make a Supervoid Stage Cultivator die so peacefully without resistance, this naturally was Hu Niangzi’s Earth Rank Technique.

– This Hatred Faces Wind, This Passion Leaves Moon!2

When Elder Dried Bone saw that True Lord Heavenly Commandment was surprisingly done in so easily, his heart was even more fearful. Fiend Star and Corpse Devil did not see this, for their escape speed was even faster.

Zhao Hanyan and the others wanted to stop them, but how could they obstruct Supervoid Middle Stage Cultivators.

“Dear Husband.” Hu Niangzi brought True Lord Heavenly Commandment’s Astral Bag to Su Xing, speaking in a tender and sincere whisper.

“Nicely done, Wife.” Su Xing smiled and said, “Let’s go see the others first.”


Su Xing arrived in front of Yan Yizhen. The indifferent maid was still tenacious, but when Su Xing gently patted her, Yan Yizhen then collapsed against his chest, “You went through a lot of trouble just now.” Su Xing said pitifully to the Little Yi who had used all her power for the Three Arrows Lethal Crossbow.

“Slave Servant ought to do this.” Hearing Su Xing’s gentle voice, Yan Yizhen felt even more limb. Her cheeks slightly blushed. Fortunately, against Su Xing’s chest, no one else saw.

“Little Yi, return to the Star Nest and rest properly. Leave the rest to us.” Wu Xinjie ordered.

“Slave Servant obeys.”

With a bit of reluctance to leave, Yan Yizhen still entered the Star Nest without hesitation.

Having finally settled the Devil Star Palace’s forces, Su Xing breathed out. However, things were far from truly finished. Now was not the time to catch up. Su Xing looked at the other places in the Crystal Dragon Palace and narrowed his eyes. “Let’s Star Duel properly with these White Tiger Seven Spirit Stars.” 

“Hee, hee, Yuan’er already wants to.” Shi Yuan rubbed her palms.

“However, there is something else that we must request of the Immortal Hero Princess.” Wu Xinjie said.

Gong Caiwei was still in a daze as she gazed at these Star Generals at Su Xing’s side. Hearing Wu Xinjie’s words, she returned to her senses. Her eyes glinted brightly and blinked. Without even waiting to hear what Wu Xinjie was asking, the Immortal Hero Princess already nodded her head in agreement.

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  1. 禦天之首
  2. 此恨臨風,此情別月


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