Chapter 589: A Magnificent Wild Dance

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Clear as water sword-light clashed with translucent fire, twisting together with absolutely beautiful light. One side churned like a watery dragon, and the other flapped like the wings of a bird. The dragon and bird battled actually beautifully.

Long Nü’s “Water Dragon Roar Wave” and Ye Futu’s “Vermilion Bird Blackening Flame” were both used at full power. Their cultivations were about even, both taking an even share of the limelight in their struggle, a sight to behold.

And to the side, Xie Chang’an’s Eight Legions Of Naga And Deva Protection and Cang Feng’s Demonkin ability “Nine Turns Astral Wind” also battled fiercely.

Four extremely quick silhouettes crisscrossed, leaving bystanders with no room to interfere.

Ye Futu and Cang Feng faced the Crystal Dragon Palace’s Seventh Princess Long Nü and man of exceptional gentility and grace. Originally, Ye Futu and Cang Feng had victory in their grasp, but they were showing signs of defeat by the two in front of them. If it was not for the Crystal Dragon Palace’s guardians, they would have already lost their lives on the spot, but following the collapse of the Taiyi Spherical Heaven Form Array, everything was shockingly reversed.

The Earthly Star Guardian of Three Mountains Huang Mengrui, one of the Four Heavenly Kings, raised her sword. Her Dark Rank Sword Technique “White Waterfall Hearing Noise” directly swept over, and the also Four Heavenly King Hao Bingxin had wanted to leave the array, but she was forcibly contained in the Star Nest by Ye Futu. Hao Bingxin was already injured previously when she fought Wu Siyou. Ye Futu knew that she was currently completely incapable of facing her, and Ye Futu did not want to make her face the risk of being killed whatsoever.

Although she knew Ye Futu’s concern, seeing her own contractor was being suppressed, Hao Bingxin could not stand this.

“Friends, now that the Purple Thunder Monster is the fisherman who caught both the clam and the snipe, must we continue fighting?” Xie Chang’an held a tone of warning, informing them that the Purple Thunder Monster was currently their true enemy.

“What are you thinking of?” Cang Feng asked.

“We team up.” Xie Chang’an said. His thinking was not wrong at all, after all, in the future Seven Stars Assembly, the Purple Thunder Monster’s extensive Star General formation would inevitably defeat them even without fighting.

“No need for an alliance.” Long Nü pursed her lips and pointed a hand seal.

The Water Dragon Roar Wave became countless waves, and Huang Mengui seized the chance to put strength to her sword, going after the direct source of their problems.

“I feel the same.” Ye Futu continuously stepped backwards, contrarily smiling at Xie Chang’an: “Now that the array has broken, Your Distinguished Self’s Star General still does not emerge?”

“Why not yours?” Xie Chang’an smiled.

“Watch this!”

Saying this, Magnificent Star Hao Bingxin finally could endure no longer and forced her way out of the Star Nest. The Silver Snow Dragon Abyss Broadsword nimbly swung, and a very heavy strength was suddenly brandished. Huang Mengrui’s rapier blocked it, and a water wave sword-light surged over. Hao Bingxin used her sword to block it, slashing back with her Dark Rank. 

With a bang, the ground was split with a several meter wide hole by the giant sword. The powerful force made Huang Mengrui and Long Nü take a step back.

“Little Sister Magnificent Star.” Huang Mengrui’s eyes emitted an excited glint. Encountering the Earthly Star Four Heavenly King made Guardian of Three Mountains unable to contain herself.

The corner of Xie Chang’an’s lips curled.

A silhouette similarly charged out of her Star Nest to directly assault Hao Bingxin. Hao Bingxin waved her sword. Her eyes were suddenly dazzled as two whips leapt past her swordtip like vipers, nipping at her shoulders.

Hao Bingxin gasped and was pulled over by the two whips.1

That figure of peerless talent also had a pace of ease and dexterity. Her whips shook, biting Hao Bingxin’s wrist. The pain made the Magnificent Star nearly spill tears. The little loli grit her teeth and counterattack with all her might, but these two whips were unrelenting.

Under the two whips, Hao Bingxin completely lost any room for resistance and was flipped around by the whips. In the end, the whips cracked, sending Hao Bingxin flying away.

The entire process was like a white steed speeding by, a mere instant.

The dust cleared. A beautiful and naturally poised woman appeared before them. That woman was dressed in a golden brocade and a long skirt with a slit, revealing one of her beautiful snow-white legs. She had jade green gloves and golden dragon-marked arm covers. Her snow-white shoulders were slightly exposed, an elegant countenance.

Her eyes were like black dots, carrying a sort of easygoing feel.

Especially those whips in her hands which were produced with incomparable beauty. Segment after segment interlocked. Their whole bodies were clear, like a bright moon or falling snow.

“Wind And Moon Unmatched??”

Ye Futu was shaken.

Long Nü and Cang Feng both showed surprise.

Wind And Moon Unmatched, Maiden Mountain’s Five Tigers Star General, Prestige Star Double Clubs Huyan Zhuo!

“Does Your Servant still have the qualifications to unite against the Purple Thunder Monster with you?” Huyan Shuang smiled.

As expected of the Five Tigers General, this not at all guarded attitude brought a sort of enormous hostile pressure.

“However, wait until after you survive Shuang’er’s clubs before we discuss an alliance.” Huyan Shuang slightly smiled, and her beautiful figure moved.

Hao Bingxin had only just wobbled her way back up when she sensed a pressure attak her.

Cang Feng’s Star General Xiang Nongmei wanted to go rescue her, but hidden weapons nevertheless foced her back. She could not keep up with Huyan Shuang’s speed and could only watch helplessly as Huyan Shuang pass by Hao Bingxin’s body. Then, the little loli was like beautiful porcelain, showing a crack. After she toppled over, she fell into the Star Nest.

Ye Futu was in endless pain.

“Leave now.”

Cang Feng shouted.

At this moment, Xie Chang’an was already moving to attack Ye Futu. His magic weapon “Seven Apertures Finely Exquisite Banner” was tossed out, to trap Ye Futu to death. But Ye Futu was not a nobody. His heart’s unswerving determination made him return to his senses in time. He jumped backwards, and his wrist flipped out a beautiful fan with seven long feathers – “Seven Feathers Fan.”

The fan moved.

It spat out large swathes of flame. The flames became a phoenix that completely surrounded the Seven Apertures Finely Exquisite Banner, and the flames’ suplus power did not disperse, forcing Xie Chang’an into only being able to retreat.

“Seven Feathers Fan?” Xie Chang’an was considerably surprised.

The Seven Feathers Fan was a famous magic weapon among the Prehistoric Spirit Treasures. The fan was made from the feathers of seven Fire-type Immemorial Divine Beasts. Its mighty power was incomparable, however, legend said that this Spirit Treasure had long been lost. It was known that Liangshan Continent had passed down a similarly exceptional imitation, the “Seven Feathers Karma Fire Fan.”

The Seven Feathers Fan required the cultivator to expend vast amounts of Star Energy. Ye Futu did not want to use this at all until the most critical of moments.

Huyan Shuang’s hands shook. Her two clubs suddenly softened, slithering over. Although the Seven Feathers Fan was powerful, the Four Star Destined Weapon of the Five Tigers General was even stronger. Wind And Moon Unmatched drove away the flames, and the whip-light twisted towards Ye Futu’s neck.

Ye Futu used all of his power. The Seven Feathers Fan released three more different kinds of flames, but this was still unable to stop this powerful Wind And Moon Unmatched. Just as he was about to be beheaded by the whips, at this moment, several hidden weapons struck the whip, dissipating much of its power.

“Futu, leave now!” Cang Feng blocked in front of him.

Ye Futu did not expect him to surprisingly help him at such a dire moment. He was surprised. He did not dare tarry, and he seized the chance to use the Outlaw Liangshan Jade Pendant to leave the Crystal Dragon Palace.

Huyan Shuang was not furious she was unable to kill Ye Futu. She wore a smile, gracefully raising her whips.

Any way it was put, Xiang Nongmei was the Flying Star Eight-armed Nezha, an expert in hidden weapons. Her technique was extremely fast, and her Star Weapon, the twenty-four “Star Slashing Flying Daggers” emerged from behind her, slashing at Huyan Shuang.

One hand held the Three Star fire spear, the “Nine Songs Clinging Fire,”2 and her other hand held the “Heavenly King Vajra Shield.”3 Three Star Weapons simultaneously appeared, and three Dark Techniques were cast at the same time.

“Flying Daggers Dark Rank: Vast And Endless Strikes!”4

“Nine Songs Clinging Fire Dark Rank: Windy Fire Boiling Kill!”5

“Heavenly King Vajra Shield Dark Rank: Hundred Beast Obstruction!”6

The ranked sixty-fourth Flying Star Eight-armed Nezha’s Innate Skill was “Handover.” She was the only one among Maiden Mountain’s Star Generals that was capable of using three Star Weapon techniques at the same time. Even Nine Tattooed Dragons’ nine Star Weapons could not be called forth together simultaneously like this, naturally and unforced. Not only this, but after a Dark Technique, she could instantly switch to another technique, making her attacks impossible to defend against effectively. This was the formidable aspect of the Eight-armed Nezha. 

Huyan Shuang’s eyes glinted. Wind And Moon Unmatched struck down the Star Slashing Fire Daggers one after another and faced the Nine Songs Clinging Fire Spear’s Windy Fire Boiling Kill with complete calm using her whip.

Xiang Nongmei already knew that her Three Dark Ranks was a waste of energy against a Five Tigers General. Hundred Beast Obstruction defended in front of her, blocking Huyan Shuang’s whip attacks. Huyan Shuang’s whip attacks could be long or short, and with Xiang Nongmei’s three Star Weapons suppressed, by the time the whips drew near, Huyan Shuang indifferently smiled. The whips danced, using her Dark Rank Firework Turning Into Cold.

Xiang Nongmei was defeated.

Cang Feng never thought that an apparently spoiled young boss like Xie Chang’an would surprisingly be able to contract with the Five Tiger General Double Clubs Huyan Zhuo. As he had a newfound respect for Xie Chang’an, he could not help but say: “Your Highness, Cang Feng has underestimated you. In the future, we perhaps can honestly ally to face the Purple Thunder Monster.”

“Chang’an agrees.” Xie Chang’an smiled and retracted the Seven Apertures Finely Exquisite Banner.”

Cang Feng nodded and also used the Jade Pendant to escape from this place.

Regarding Xiang Nongmei being defeated by Huyan Shuang, on the surface, he did not care much and even acted friendly with Xie Chang’an. To be this shrewd was frightening, and Xie Chang’an chuckled.

When Double Clubs Huyan Zhuo emerged Ye Futu and Cang Feng were defeated.

Long Nü and Huang Mengrui stared cautiously at Xie Chang’an. “Ally with the Demonkin? Your Highness Chang’an, you are truly audacious.” Long Nü apathetically said.

Xie Chang’an laughed and scratched his nose.

“Elder Sister Shuang’er, Mengrui would like a battle.” Huang Mengrui raised her Waterfall Dragon Cry Sword, giggling.

Huyan Shuang smiled: “As Your Servant sees it, this is not the place nor time for a Star Duel, is that not so? Your Highness.”

Xie Chang’an was taken aback and grunted.

On one side, the Purple Thunder Monster was trying his hardest to save a desperate situation, and on the other, there was the tyrannically strong White Tiger Seven Spirit Star. Neither of the two sides were partners that were easy to accommodate. “Chang’an wonders what the Seventh Princess feels about Chan’an’s idea just now? With the Purple Thunder Monster so powerful, this is the perfect chance for us to unite with all the Star Masters present and perhaps eradicate him.”

Long Nü wrinkled her brow and was about to reply.

Huyan Shuang nevertheless seized Xie Chang’an’s hand and gracefully smiled. “Your Highness, did you forget that we still have other matters? With the barrier broken, we should leave.” She straddled her Star Beast Snow Treading Black Bird and allowed no explanation as she pulled Xie Chang’an on, without giving him a chance to say anything. To Long Nü, this appeared truly domineering, completely unlike the behavior a Star General ought to have.

“If Little Sister wants to battle, let us discuss after the Three Heavenly Books.” Huyan Shuang gazed into the distance. Her beautiful eyes mirrored Wu Siyou’s cool and elegant disposition.

The Snow Treading Black Bird immediately left Long Nü’s field of view.

“The Three Heavenly Books then.”

Huang Mengrui retracted her rapier.

“Long Nü, what is the matter?” She asked.

“Let us go meet the White Tiger Seven Spirit Stars.” Long Nü said and mounted her riding sword.

Upon the Snow Treading Black Bird.

Xie Chang’an was confused: “Shuang’er, what has Chang’an forgotten?”

Huyan Shaung showed a crafty smile: “The Crystal Dragon Palace’s treasures are innumerable. Now that a great disaster is upon us, in this chaos, Your Highness, what are you still waiting for in this supreme banquet?”

Xie Chang’an was taken aback and immediately understood her idea.

“Ha, ha, never expected you would do something like this, Shuang’er.”

Huyan Shuang brushed aside a lock of black hair by her ear and faintly said.

“So long as Your Highness lives, what harm is there in this idea.”

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