Chapter 590: Flower Falling To Yama, “Prisoner Star” Zhu Qianrou’s Dreamland

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Xie Chang’an relied on the Five Tigers General Double Clubs Huyan Shuang’s peerlessly talented Wind And Moon display to defeat the powerful enemies Ye Futu and Cang Feng, but the Yan Wudao who possessed the Star General most adept in hidden weapons, Zhang Qing, suffered the first defeat of his life.

The Earth Spirit Star Xin Lao of the White Tiger Seven Spirit Stars raised the All Things Bracelet, which left Yan Wudao cutting an extremely sorry figure. The radiant light of the All Things Bracelet restrained the Undergoing Rebirth Flying Swords, the Six Paths Plate, and his other powers one after another, and each of Xin Lao’s attack methods were done casually.

Furthermore, Maiden Mountain’s most expert hidden weapon Star General Agile Star Featherless Arrow Zhang Bilou was considered as having met her nemesis. Xin Lao was using some unknown escape technique. Each of her steps was illusory, able to switch positions in an instant, and it seemed as if she had an eye on her back. No matter how much support she drew from the hidden Green Bird, no matter how craftily she concealed her weapons, she was completely unable to so much as scratch Xin Lao, making Zhang Biluo endlessly frustrated.

“All Things Absorb Energy!”

Xin Lao suddenly chanted.

The All Things Bracelet’s densely patterned light rays suddenly focused. Time seemed to freeze. The jade bracelet spun, emitting countless afterimages. A ray of light fell towards Yan Wudao.

This is bad.

Yan Wudao immediately sensed danger.

Zhang Biluo was extremely unreconciled. Her fingers curled and released to use the Dark Rank Hidden Weapon “Hell Has No Road” to strike the All Things Bracelet. The All Things Bracelet let out a clear “ding” sound. The jade bracelet shook, slowing for a brief moment.

Yan Wudao knew this All Things Bracelet’s might. To be able to take the Six Paths Plate, Yan Wudao immediately ordered without hesitation, “Biluo, we are leaving!”

“We will meet again!” Zhang Biluo bluntly snorted.

Space warped, and Yan Wudao and Zhang Biluo left this place.

Xin Lao beckoned with her hand. The All Things Bracelet fell onto her wrist and turned into a sparkling, normal jade bracelet. The woman wordlessly gazed at the Crystal Dragon Palace. Suddenly, her apathetic eyes slightly moved. Her figure sunk into the ground like mud, suddenly disappearing from view.

The Purple Thunder Monster’s entrance stunned the entire Crystal Dragon Palace and even made the originally slightly dismissive Xuanle Feifei give him a whole new level of respect.

“This Purple Thunder Monster is somewhat skillful indeed, to surprisingly be able to break the barrier and the array.” Xuanle Feifei gasped in surprise. She was well aware of the twenty-four Connecting Heaven Ocean Settling Pearl Barrier’s might. Even when she was at her prime, she would be unable to break through. Furthermore, for the powerful array trapping Star Generals to unexpectedly break after his appearance, he honestly was a bit shocked.

Mu Wuyu excitedly said that the Purple Thunder Monster had already aroused her interest. Now, she could not wait to kill him.

The little sister’s words obtained Mu Huiyu’s approval.

Assassins were inherently supposed to take action at the most loathsome of moments, particularly when Su Xing was fighting on all fronts. To end him just when his power was flourishing would make Mu Wuyu feel a certain kind of satisfied pleasure.

Originally, Xuanle Feifei was planning to seek out Konghou for a bout. Now, it seemed that this woman was too abnormal. When she faced the Liao Emperor, she was not using full strength at all. The three of them were not her opponent.

“This Fairy feels that Chao Gai has some plans for this Purple Thunder Monster. Now is the perfect chance to kill him right under her nose, see how she reacts.” Xuanle Feifei nodded.

“However, that truly is a pity. These Little Sisters will be upset to death.” Mu Wuyu said, vexed.

“Perhaps this Purple Thunder Monster truly can end the Star Duels.” Mu Huiyu whispered in a sorrowful voice.

Xuanle Feifei and Mu Wuyu was stunned.

“Elder Sister, if he truly can change the Star Duels, then Wuyu will slightly look forward to him killing me.” The girl mockingly smiled.

Xuanle Feifei turned her head to Mu Qingying and Mu Duiying and said: “In a moment, you must watch carefully. This is the last thing we can teach you.”

Mu Qingying coldly spat the word “properly.”

Mu Duiying gazed in the direction of the Purple Thunder Monster with a blank expression, her thoughts unknown to all.1

Mishe Chilie shrieked, displaying his True Body. His True Body was a flaming serpent in a sea of fire. His body was huge, his glossy skin slithering over rolling magma, “I will kill you!” Qingci’s enormous Star Energy made Mishe Chilie harbor one final thought of putting all of his luck into the fight. 

Mishe Chilie’s eyes were thoroughly red. He opened his maw, spitting out a wide expanse of lava. He then activated a powerful magic weapon, “Heaven Burning Twin Swords.” These twin swords were refined using two of his own fangs. They were imbued with soul-refining flames and were mighty. The Five Snakes Burning Fire Token and Heaven Burning Twin Swords caught the Nine Dragons magic weapons. Mishe Chilie hissed loudly: “Qianrou,2 quickly!”

His Star Crest glimmered.

A little girl appeared in midair.

That girl was delicate and fine. She had long, shapely brows and starry eyes, a white face and fair skin. Her beautiful purple hair was tied into two cute ponytails. Her hair was even bound in a butterfly shape. She wore a Western style, fluffy, hundred pleat skirt.

The girl’s age did not seem more than about ten, but she had an aura that completely did not match her appearance. Those purple, crystalline pupils innocently blinked. Ferocity immediately appeared in her eyes, yet each and every one of her movements was considerably calm and steady.

Qianrou opened her arms. A gorgeous porcelain bottle full of dark purple clouds, with a dragon coiled around it, appeared out of thin air.

“Purple Gold Nine Poisons Bottle?”3

Song Qingci and Yueying were stunned.

How could these two not recognize this Star Weapon. She was the ranked ninety-second Prisoner Star Dry Land Alligator Zhu Gui.4

“Watch Qianrou use ‘Life Demaning Soul Seeking Miasma’5 to turn you all into ugly cripples.” Zhu Qianrou turned the Purple Gold Nine Poisons Bottle over, letting out a pervasive fog of purple poison.

“I will go meet this Little Sister. Qingci, you handle that Demon Snake.” Yueying mysteriously smiled.

Song Qingci immediately understood.


Mishe Chilie opened his maw to devour Qingci. The qi flames on his body swelled, just like millions of fire serpents leaping up. Song Qingci then pointed her hand, and a dragon shadow coiled around her whole body, blocking that maw.

Mishe Chilie used his whole body’s magic energy to contest Song Qingci. In his view, this picturesque woman apparently without any means of defense was merely relying on this Nine Dragons Seal, nothing more. Perhaps to other cultivators, a Purple Rose Astral Treasure, the “Nine Dragons Star Driving Seal” was sufficient to raise them by several levels, but as a White Tiger Territory Demonkin, Mishe Chilie did not fear it at all.

Mishe Chilie’s snake body coiled around, constricting Qingci. His falmes soared, becoming a giant mouth to devour Qingci.

The Yellow Rank Life Demanding Soul Seeking Miasma that Zhu Qianrou released was formidable. Yueying had only just touched it, and her flesh immediately felt searing pain, as if she was melting. “This is honestly quite the vicious poison technique.”

Yueying smiled.

She suddenly started dashing the moment she landed. Her figure was like a rainbow, the Star Weapon in her hand like an aurora, splitting the Life Demanding Miasma in half.

Zhu Qianrou was calm and composed, strangely showing an evil smile.

“This Princess is not afraid of you brutes.” Saying this, an enormous and gorgeous flower popped out from the Purple Gold Nine Poisons Bottle. It blossomed in Zhu Qianrou’s surroundings, forming a giant flower petal.

The Yueying who had drawn close in one move was immediately knocked away by this flower petal. Opening her hand to look at it, her skin was a vaguely purple color. Yueying clearly felt that her blood vessels were full of purple poison.

“The Blooming Flower Yama is beautiful, is it not? This Princess’ clothes cannot be dirtied by a crass Elder Sister who knows only brute force.” Zhu Qianrou licked her lips, for she was only just starting.

“Dark Rank Technique?”

Yueying felt her vision blur, and her body slowed considerably. Her heart was slightly impressed with this little sister who was unknown up until now.

This poison fog would make a contractor-less Star General feel intense pain. Without a Star Nest, to dispel this poison was very taxing on cultivation, and there was not time to catch her breath during a battle.

Yueying moved once more, her speed even faster.

Flower Bloom Yama!

The Flower of Yama bloomed around Zhu Qianrou. The beautiful purple flower was in full bloom beside the girl, full of an eerily evil beauty. Several moments later, Yueying had no choice but concede defeat. Without a Star Master’s aid, to break through this Flower of Yama was indeed somewhat thorny, and Qianrou’s technique was boundless, not like other Star Generals who had limits.

“Sister Qianrou, Yueying feels you are absolutely not simple. Why, then, would you sign a contract with the White Tiger Territory’s Demonkin?” Yueying warmly asked.

Zhu Qianrou’s smile vanished. The little girl very surreptitiously twitched her lips, and her purple pupils reflected an eerie glint. She sneered: “If Elder Sister can be this arrogant when she sees that stinking old man, then fine.”

“Is he very strong?” Yueying could discern that the Little Sister in front of her was apparently very fearful. It seemed she had been forcefully contracted.

“Defeat This Princess first, then we shall see.” Zhu Qianrou shouted.

The Purple Gold Nine Poisons Bottle flipped over.

A magnificent poison fog sprayed out. Yueying dodged left and right, not at all eager to engage. This made Zhu Qianrou exceptionally resentful, “This is why This Princess is very annoyed by you Elder Sisters that can only use brute force…”

A cold wind moved behind her.

Zhu Qianrou’s eyelashes slightly drooped, as if she foresaw it. She showed a triumphant, sinister grin. Just at this moment, a painful scream came from the side. The little loli was surprised, and turning her head to look back, this distraction immediately slowed her, leaving an irrevocable gap.

Mishe Chilie screamed. He rolled on the ground in pain, the flames upon his whole body splashing in all directions like a torrential downpour. Very quickly, their surroundings were of scorching and searing flames. In Qingci’s surroundings, a tall woman with dark skin appeared. Her hand held a double-sided axe with surging killing intent. Her eyes were baleful and overwhelming. On Mishe Chilie’s lower jaw were two deep gouges, injuries she caused.

“Elder Sister, I will hack him to bits…” Killer Star Li Longkui hefted the Bereaved Immortal Lofty Slaughter, flying over with demonic strides. 

Mishe Chilie screamed in terror, but it was a pity that he could not easily use the Jade Pendant in Demon Mode. Just as Mishe Chilie planned to undo his True Body, he was already a step too late. Killer Star Black Whirlwind’s berserk speed was like her name, swift as a hurricane. A black tornado spun, and her double-headed axe quickly swiped across Mishe Chilie’s body.

Dark Technique.

Wild Dance of Demons and Gods!!


Li Longkui gloomily stopped her axe. Mishe Chilie’s snake body was already hacked to pieces, a solemn death.

Dry Land Alligator Zhu Qianrou vomited blood. With her contractor dead, the little girl sustained heavy injuries. The Purple Gold Nine Poisons Bottle fell onto the ground, letting out a clear clattering sound, but Zhu Qianrou did not feel distressed like other Star Generals would when their contractors died. Instead, she laughed. “Idiot, This Princess even warned you to not sign a contract. Now, you got turned into mincemeat.”

Yueying could hear her sorrow. With an expression of interest, she quietly stood to the side.

Qingci walked over at this moment. Li Longkui wanted to kill the girl, but Qingci stopped her. Qingci looked at Zhu Qianrou, and her heart sighed as she opened the Birth Treasure Outline.

Star Position: Prisoner Star

Star Name: Zhu Gui

Nickname: Dry Land Alligator

Innate Skill: Poison Miasma

Five Elements: Fire

Yellow Rank Special Move: Netherworld Life Demanding Miasma

Dark Rank Special Move: Flower Blooming Yama

Earth Rank Special Move: Poison Dragon Swallowing Heavenly Smoke

Current Status: Star Nest Destroyed (Cannot be conquered)

Detailed Materials: …

“Earth Rank…” Yueying was stunned. Suddnely, she noticed that the seemingly weak little sister in front of them surprisingly still had killing intent. If she had not been distracted at the end, perhaps she herself would be the one heavily injured, maybe even dead.

It seemed that she had not been forcefully contracted at all.

“Hey, could you violent bulls kill This Princess already? This Princess currently can still use her Earth Rank.” Zhu Qianrou haughtily said.

Qingci summoned the Heavenly Star Birth Banner, hoping to change the situation.

The little girl evilly smiled: “You really are the Leader Star. If only This Princess had encountered Big Sis first, that would have been good. Chilie would not have died either. Forget it, This Princess caused him trouble, so This Princess will take her own life to accompany him…”

“Qianrou, you…”

Everyone was somewhat surprised. The other sisters also emerged in succession from Qingci’s Star Nest.

Qianrou looked back. Those pretty and flirtatious purple eyes saw through the scorching sea of fire, gazing at the far-off booming thunder-lights. Then, she very gracefully stood, patting off her ragged hundred pleat skirt and wiping away some blood. She showed the disposition of a proud princess in the dark of night.

“This Princess shall give you Elder Sisters a warning. Do not seek out that White Tiger Territory old man. He is very powerful. Without the Heavenly Books, you will not be able to defeat him. Just let the Purple Thunder Monster and him decimate one another.”

“Is he truly this powerful?” Qingci skeptically asked.

Zhu Qianrou grunted. Then, she blinked and earnestly laughed: “Are you truly not killing This Princess? If you are not, then This Princess is leaving.”

Qingci shook her head. Li Longkui only obeyed Qingci’s words and retracted her baleful aura.

None of the other Sisters could make the killing blow, after all, they were all Sisters. Furthermore, although Prisoner Star Dry Land Alligator Zhu Qianrou assumed a princess’ arrogant attitude, she was fundamentally not so horrid.

Without her Star Nest, Zhu Qianrou could not last for too long. Her indestructible body would return to Maiden Mountain.

“This Princess will first go properly bury Chilie. After all, he did look after This Princess in the White Tiger Territory.” Zhu Qianrou smiled and said. She skipped about, and all of the girls quietly watched her.

At the instant Zhu Qianrou passed Li Longkui, suddenly, when no one could have anticipated it, Zhu Qianrou’s eyes abruptly emitted a powerful and evil fury.

The girl screeched, leaping forth. Her hands burned with raging poison fog as she scratched at Li Longkui. 

But Zhu Qianrou did not injure Black Whirlwind at all. The Killer Star’s Innate Skill Loss Of Pain Perception made her attack completely ineffective. The casual Li Longkui did not need orders. The martial general instinctively attacked, one slash cutting Zhu Qianrou down into the earth.

“No matter what, This Princess will take revenge…”

Zhu Qianrou smiled happily. As she lost consciousness, her pupils lost focus. Her arrogance turned increasingly empty, and in the end, she completely vanished. In her dreamland, Zhu Qianrou seemed to remember that scene from when she first met Mishe Chilie.

The Zhu Qianrou of back then had rushed about, inadvertently reaching the White Tiger Territory, facing the White Tiger Territory’s terrifying dangers, leaving her somewhat at wit’s end.

In the sea of fire, that nondescript man then said to her – Let me protect you in this place…

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  5. 索命追魂瘴
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