Chapter 591: The Beautiful Girl Is Lost

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Her breathing becoming gradually heavier, Hu Mi was already covered in cuts and bruises. She relied on her strong willpower to prop herself up and not fall over. Arcs of electricity jumped about her body. Her clothes were already in tatters, her white arms covered in wounds. Blood dripped along her fingertips onto the ground.

The dripping was a hopeless sound.

But the girl was not at all hopeless.

“You still do not flee? Are you still waiting for This Old Man to use the Good Fortune Prayer Mat?” Li Taisui gently fanned himself, speaking leisurely. Compared to Hu Mi, he was a completely different person. “If This Old Man actually uses the Good Fortune Prayer Mat, you will certainly regret it.” Li Taisui heedlessly said.

“As expected, Hu Mi is not your opponent.” Hu Mi panted, irritating the wounds over her body. Other than the Supreme Ultimate Diagram, she had practically used every trick she had and was unable to bring Li Taisui even the slightest bit of a threat. By contrast, the old man’s attitude was easy, strolling through the courtyards, completely not using his full strength.

Hu Mi felt that these Ninth Star Duels truly were abnormal.

“Hmph.” Guardian Star Xu Jingshu raised her golden lance and jumped high. That divine spear in her hand dropped down, wrapped in power that could break a mountain. “Jingshu!” Hu Mi called out, not daring to be slow.

Dark Star Blue Faced Beast Zijin held her Extreme Vast Blue Emperor Saber in one hand. She raised her face, and her bangs were lifted by the spear’s wind, revealing her bestial birthmark. Although her battle with Wu Siyou had cost her full power, Li Taisui used his powerful Star Energy to already restore the Dark Star to perfect condition.


Sparks scattered everywhere.

Yang Zijin’s slash caught Xu Jingshu’s attack. Her leg kicked, and the earth caved in. Soaring upwards, Yang Zijin’s assault was like an animal on the hunt. When she attacked, her attack was fatally fierce.

Blue saber-light passed by. Xu Jingshu’s armor then caught the Extreme Vast Blue Emperor Saber, “Watch this.” Xu Jingshu shouted, and she raised her spear and stabbed.

A crackling, unstoppable gust rolled up, completely disintegrating the True Qi surrounding Yang Zijin. The woman who was apathetic as a flower was unmoved. She stepped in midair, and her figure vanished from under the spear.

Xu Jingshu raised her head. Yang Zijin already appeared several meters above her. Blue Faced Beast rode the sale, falling towards Xu Jingshu. Xu Jingshu charged all of the Star Energy in her body. Yang Zijin disappeared then reappeared, flitting about instantaneously during her descent. Her speed instantly accelerated to a degree that Xu Jingshu did not anticipate.

Xu Jingshu said to herself, Oh, shit.

The Dark Star finally showed her fangs. She extended a hand, dazzling Xu Jingshu’s eyes. The Extreme Vast Blue Emperor Saber’s saber-qi then wrapped around Xu Jingshu, turning into dragon fangs that ground up the Guardian Star. Astonishingly, this was her Dark Rank Saber Technique Heavenly Dragon In Dance.1

Her armor glowed brightly. Xu Jingshu relied on her Innate Skill to barely resist, but the Dark Star’s Star Energy realm was clearly higher than hers, already near True Phoenix realm. Regardless of reactions, actions, strength, or speed, her continuous slashes made Xu Jingshu collapse onto the ground. Compared to Hu Mi’s injuries, she herself was no better.

Hu Mi wanted to intervene, but Li Taisui’s lightning obstructed her. She could only call out.

“Death before dishonor is a great feeling.” Xu Jingshu laughed and charged fearlessly forward.

Yang Zijin gently shook her head, maintaining her negative attitude. The girl took a knee, suddenly swinging the Blue Emperor Saber. Their silhouettes passed by another. Xu Jingshu gasped, finally falling into the Star Nest. Yang Zijjin sheathed her saber, her black and white skirt untainted by even a speck of dust, “You still will not leave?” Yang Zijin spoke, a voice like waves, beautiful and slow.

When she finished speaking, Yang Zijin stopped her steps. She looked at her shoulder and noticed her shirt had a hole torn in it. Blood dribbled out, staining her immaculate clothes red.

Hu Mi inwardly sneered. She did not expect that Xu Jingshu would only be able to graze the Dark Star ever so slightly.

“It seems This Old Man cannot show mercy.” Li Taisui’s eyes released a stern glint, and his fan tapped.

A blinding arc of lightning struck.

Hu Mi retreated. Her face still maintained a hopeful smile: “Senior ought to have already done so.”

“You really do not fear death?”

“Hu Mi is afraid of death.” Hu Mi was calm: “But there is a man who loves to play the hero who saves the beauty. Hu Mi is waiting for him.”

Li Taisui sneered. Suddenly, his fan shook.

A violent thunderbolt struck.

With a bang, it completely knocked Hu Mi’s incoming Flying Swords aside. Hu Mi’s expression changed. This old man was also capable of powerful abilities, for her Supervoid Flying Swords were incapable of resisting. Hu Mi promptly wanted to retreat, but Li Taisui’s swift killing move had only just begun.

The lightning that flew over suddenly seized her body, digging into Hu Mi like claws. In that instant, searing pain made the Fox of Voracious Admiration nearly lose consciousness, but Hu Mi grit her teeth. If she fainted, then she would inevitably die. Hu Mi used all of her magic energy to receive this blow and retreat backwards. She immediately thought of using the Jade Pendant, but the incoming lightning rolled once more, not giving her any chance. 

Hu Mi’s body suffered this attack heavily. Her muscles and bones all crumbled as she powerlessly flew backwards.

“You are too arrogant, This Old Man shall give you a lesson in regret.” Li Taisui’s pupils were like a beast’s, full of viciousness. He opened his mouth, and a beast of lightning galloped forth, instantly descending upon Hu Mi’s head like an executioner’s blade.

Fang of the Thunder Beast!!

Just at this moment, purple thunder crackled and flocked from behind Hu Mi, appearing to clash with the thunder beast head-on. Lightning exploded, and thunderbolts jumped in the surroundings, shattering everything. A figure appeared behind Hu Mi. The girl felt her originally limp and powerless body be propped up by a sturdy chest. Instantly, she was filled with a feeling of safety.

“You actually came.” Hu Mi giggled.

Su Xing held Hu Mi. Purple Mansion Immortal Thunder attacked, but against the head of the White Tiger Seven Spirits, the Li Taisui who was similarly an expert in thunder magic, Purple Mansion Immortal Thunder was completely unable to last for too long before being shredded by the thunder beast. THe leftover arcs of lightning still pursued them.


Su Xing ordered.

The twelve wide Heavenly Abyss swords clattered together like shields, combining without showing any cracks, finally stopping the thunder beast, but when the powerful surplus energy slammed against the Flying Swords, the Life-cast linked contractor, Su Xing, still felt very pained.

After the wave of powerful lightning passed, the Crystal Dragon Palace was practically reduced to a tenth of its original size. The interior treasures were all destroyed, and the other cultivators stared dumbstruck. Already no longer daring to spectate, they scattered in succession.

“So you must be that Purple Thunder Monster.” Li Taisui sized Su Xing up, showing a bit of interest.

“And you must be that old man.” Su Xing chuckled. The Hu Mi against her chest smirked, but this action aggravated her whole body painfully.

“Why save Hu Mi, Hu Mi is your enemy.” Hu Mi asked in a low voice.

“I didn’t want to save you at all, but since this White Tiger Seven Spirit Star is the enemy, we can ally for the time being. Besides, I know you have a Supreme Ultimate Diagram.” Su Xing said bluntly.

Su Xing had sensed Li Taisui’s power from very far away. Compared to him, this old man was truly a villain.

Looking with Seeing Clearly.

His nearly Supervoid Late Stage cultivation was simply unbelievable. Could he break through to Transforming Star of Annihilation by revealing his True Body? This was the first time that Su Xing had such a feeling of defeat. This old man was far more outrageous than he.

Wu Siyou, Zhang Yuqi, Yan Yizhen, Hu Niangzi, Hua Wanyue and the others were already incapable of further battle. Right now, Su Xing needed to ally for enough fighting strength, and the Purple Firmament Immortal Palace’s Hu Mi was the best choice. Regardless of her cultivation or her Star General, she was well-known among the Star Masters of the Star Duels. The Supreme Ultimate Diagram magic weapon was even more capable of facing off against him, and with her aid against the thunder old man, they would be like tigers that grew wings.

“An alignment of interests is normal.” Hu Mi smiled. “However, Hu Mi is currently unable to use the Supreme Ultimate Diagram.”

Just as Su Xing was about to say something.

A jealous voice suddenly entered his ear.

“Lord Husband, just how long will you hold this beauty?” Zhao Hanyan already rushed over, seemingly smiling. Su Xing was startled, only then noticing from Zhao Hanyan’s warning that he was being too dubious with Hu Mi.

The girl lay limply against his chest, and one of his arms was even wrapped around her slender waist. And because of her battle with Li Taisui, Hu Mi’s whole body was covered in wounds, her light purple immortal skirt already utterly frayed. That her jade colored bodice exposed the underside of her breasts was extremely audacious. From Su Xing’s overlooking viewing angle, her perky snow-white peaks and deep cleavage were completely visible to him.

This scene was honestly very sensual.

However, what sort of person was Su Xing. He possessed more than a dozen Star General wives, so he was already immune to such stunning beauty. Su Xing said: “Hanyan,how could she ever compare to you.” Saying this, Su Xing imbued a ray of True Qi into Hu Mi and afterwards handed her off to An Suwen to heal.

“To badmouth Hu Mi right in front of her, Hu Mi had even thought that you were very knowedgeable about romance.” Hu Mi indifferently said.

An ice-cold figure blocked between Hu Mi and Su Xing. Lin Yingmei separated them, clearly very uncomfortable with this woman. Hu Mi smiled. She wanted to say something, but Lin Yingmei already shifted her gaze onto Li Taisui.

“Young Master, allow Your Servant to meet him first.” Lin Yingmei gripped the Five Star Arctic Star Serpent Spear restlessly.

“Yingmei, we’ll go together!”

Su Xing had hardly finished speaking when the two of them tacitly united. The thirty-six Immemorial Flying Swords’ lights were like rainbows. Purple Mansion Immortal Thunder and the Meditative Mind Lotus Flower were activated in succession. Su Xing borrowed Innate Skills to rush forth, to kill the enemy in a spurt of energy.

Yang Zijin moved at the same time, quickly obstructing Lin Yingmei with her extreme speed.

The Arctic Star Serpent Spear and the Extreme Vast Blue Emperor Saber clashed. Yang Zijin immediately sensed strength that far surpassed the Guardian Star’s. Yang Zijin did not dare be careless, easily using her Yellow Rank “Tooth Extraction.”

Saber-light suddenly slashed.

Lin Yingmei caught it with the end of her spear shaft and then twirled her spear, “So you are the one who injured Siyou? Your Servant will show no mercy.” Lin Yingmei said coldly during their battle.

“Same here!” Yang Zijin calmly answered.

The immediate reply was Majestic Star Panther Head Lin Yingmei’s cold and absolutely peerless spearmanship.

“This Old Man actually wants to see what virtue and ability can make the Majestic Star follow you.” Li Taisui moved his fan.

Several thunder beasts appeared in succession. When, each of his abilities surprisingly died out with the thunder beasts, Su Xing’s Divine Intent secretly seized the Four Symbols Seal. His Blood Shadow Escape Technique rose, closing in to Li Taisui’s side.

The old man appeared very clear about Su Xing’s frightening points, and Li Taisui then tapped his fan.

A thunderclap burst out from his fingers, like a sharp sword piercing through.

Su Xing used Purple Mansion Immortal Thunder to block. It was unexpectedly unable to defend, and he was pushed several hundred meters back.

“Purple Thunder Monster, your cultivation is still too shallow. You wish to face This Old Man by yourself?” Li Taisui chuckled derisively.

“There is also us!”

Voices full of killing intent flew in from the sky.

Gong Caiwei, Long Nü, Lu Xiao and the others rushed over in succession. This group surrounded Li Taisui. Including Su Xing’s beauty, this extensive battle formation made the other cultivators dumbfounded.

“It seems your women really are numerous.”

Hu Mi’s mocking voice rang in the silence.2

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  1. 天龍起舞
  2. And maybe you will be one of them soon?


  1. Thanks for the chapter Schwarze_Kreuz! If he hadn’t fought like 6 battles consecutively before Li Taisui this battle formation would really be ridiculously impressive.

  2. 1. [A jealous voice suddenly entered his ear. “Lord Husband, just how long will you hold this beauty?”]
    Hanyan… the PERFECT EXAMPLE of the double standard.

    In Su Xing’s defense, he really was being pretty businesslike with Hu Mi here…
    That, and aside from a few Star Generals and Hanyan herself, for god knows why, has seldomly actively went after the ladies who wed him. That’s usually all them. Just ask Xinjie.

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