Chapter 592: Thunder Moves Nine Worlds

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“Xiao’er is not one of his wives, but neither does she want to take advantage of his troubles.”

Jade Qilin Lu Xiao raised both of her hands to show her innocence. Sitting atop her qilin beast, she made clear that she did not want to join in. Everyone could understand. As Maiden Mountain’s number one martial general, even if the Strength Star directly confronted a Star Master, she would always disdain to kill the contractor first. This was a pride passed down over a thousand years.

The others would not be so softhearted, especially Ling Yan Princess Zhao Hanyan, who had been defeated the first time by Li Taisui. She wanted to avenge Junqing.

Without any hesitation, everyone used their sword chants.

More than a hundred Flying Swords were simultaneously unleashed. Li Taisui’s eyebrows rose, showing slight surprise. He never expected this legendary Purple Thunder Monster who angered gods and men alike would surprisingly receive the coordination of other Star Masters, and the cultivations of each of these Star Masters were all Supervoid Stage. Compared to his White Tiger Seven Spirit Stars, they surprisingly did not lose out in the slightest.


Li Taisui thought to himself. He did not dare be indolent. His hand gripped the fan and waved it.

From the center of the white paper, more than a hundred lightning bolts entangled the Flying Swords. To be able to contend against all of these Flying Swords with his own power alone, this old man who was the head of the White Tiger Seven Spirit Stars clearly had some background, Su Xing thought to himself. He did not dare be careless. If all of this was the case, then this was far from enough. His Divine Intent moved, and the already prepared Four Symbols Seal flew out.

The jade seal suddenly expanded, glowing with bright white light as it unleashed the Holy Beast White Tiger True Spirit.

The White Tiger roared, ferociously pouncing. The powerful spiritual pressure made Li Taisui’s incoming lightning bolts completely fall apart before they could reach the White Tiger, and Zhao Hanyan and the others were like Su Xing. They knew that Li Taisui was unfathomable, choosing this chance to strike a fatal blow in a single rush.

Zhao Hanyan activated the Yin Yang Bracelet, Xi Yue used the Dual Modes Ruler, and Long Nü also put all of her strength into using her powers.

“A good trick.” Li Taisui said praised them indifferently, nonchalantly changing his pace. Two of his fingers closed together.

He chanted.

A ball of thunder-light appeared out of thin air that hovered above Li Taisui’s head. After the thunderball jumped about the surroundings with a crackle, it spun extremely quickly. Each revolution seemed to suck in the spiritual power hanging in the air. It released a curtain of thunder, and within a second, the thunderball had spun more than a hundred times, and its form had increased several times in size. A hundred beams of light instantly expanded, flooding the buildings of the Crystal Dragon Palace, becoming an indescribable scene of thunder and lightning.

“Careful.” Su Xing warned loudly.

“Huh, this is.” Zhao Hanyan was astonished. A force that was unexpectedly powerful beyond compare was transmitted through Li Taisui’s technique.

“Purple Thunder Monster, This Old Man wonders whether or not you can block This Old Man’s Thunder Moves Nine Worlds.”

Li Taisui slightly smiled, and his fingers parted.

With a crash.

The thunderball suddenly expanded. Ten thousand zhang of lightning splashed over the entire area. Zhao Hanyan and the others were continuously pushed back by this scorching thunderclap’s power. Their connections to their attacking magic weapons were surprisingly all cut by the thunder-light. Li Taisui pointed, and one bolt of thunder became an enormous beast that filled the heavens, lunging towards Su Xing, its giant mouth open. This kind of universally shocking technique did not lose out at all to a Star General’s Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Skill.

Su Xing immediately struck a hand seal.

Instant Frost Flame surrounded him, freezing space to ward off the rolling thunder-light. Just as Thunder Moves Nine Worlds tyrannically rolled over, at this moment, a storm suddenly rose. This green hurricane flew out from behind Su Xing, colliding with the thunder-light. An inconceivable scene happened. The powerful thunder and lightning lasted merely a moment before they were completely devoured by the green hurricane.

Su Xing looked.

This was not a green hurricane at all. This was clearly nothing more than a countless number of Essence Swallowing Dragons.

In the blink of an eye, Li Taisui’s lightning had vanished into thin air.

The old man was shocked.

Everyone subconsciously cast a glance over. A gentle girl dressed in blue and white palace garb currently pointed her delicate finger. Her bright eyes showed a slightly pained expression, but she did not want to concede defeat in the slightest. She was none other than Efficacious Star An Suwen. 

“Essence Swallowing Dragons?”

Li Taisui recognized the identity of this storm, the astonishing legendary demonic lifeforms that could consume the Five Spirits. Even Li Taisui had only heard about them in rumors. He never thought this kind of terrifying animal would appear in the Efficacious Star’s hands. To be clear, Essence Swallowing Dragons were born from consuming Essence Qi. If the Essence Qi was not pure, they would self-destruct. They were very difficult to raise.

And the Essence Swallowing Dragons before them were completely clear and limpid. Their green lights were like rainbows, their Essence Qi pure, valuable beasts that were surprisingly hard to come by.

However, to control nearly ten thousand Essence Swallowing Dragons was extremely taxing on An Suwen’s Divine Intent.

Efficacious Star An Suwen’s eyes that did not concede defeat made Li Taisui praise her. The girl’s delicate voice broke out of her throat. The Essence Swallowing Dragons became green clouds that flew towards him.

Li Taisui continuously released several thunder amulets ineffectively into the swarm of Essence Swallowing Dragons. Seeing his thunder magic lose their usefulness, it was at this moment a bright jade bracelet appeared out of thin air. It released bright light that completely trapped the Essence Swallowing Dragons. The mud beside Li Taisui transformed into a wonderful human shape. She was none other than Earth Spirit Xin Lao.

“Xin Lao, you have come.” The old man smiled.

Xin Lao nodded. Her hand rose.

The earth beneath Su Xing’s feet cracked open, and a mountain broke out of the ground, sending the group flying high. Once again, they used the sword chant and magic weapons. At the same time, the Four Symbols Seal manifested the Black Turtle, Vermilion Bird and Azure Dragon. Immediately, they attacked the All Things Bracelet.

“Outer Void Flying Immortals Sword Array!!!”

“Cold Ice Snow Soul Sword Array!!!”

“Heavenly Paradise Water Moon Sword Array!!!”

“Ocean Settling Divine Needle Sword Array!!!”

The four great beauties Zhao Hanyan, Gong Caiwei, Xi Yue and Long Nü all used their sword chants at the same time. Zhao Hanyan’s Flying Swords manifested their absolutely stunning True Spirit Sword Immortals, descending from the nine firmaments and encircling Li Taisui. Gong Caiwei’s Flying Swords were white lights of ice and snow, creating the scene of a frozen world.

Xi Yue and Long Nü also used each of their abilities. The former’s Flying Swords were like the reflection of the moon in water, unclear whether it was real or fake. The sword array of unclear reality immediately covered the world. Long Nü also used all of her power. The Flying Swords became twnety-four Ocean Settling Divine Needles. Each of the Ocean Settling Divine Needles’ sword-qi turned into chains, fastening around one in particular.

Su Xing did not neglect anything. His thirty-six Immemorial Flying Swords each turned into golden dragons, green pythons, and a giant mountain. Their powers were not inferior to the girls’ sword arrays.


This scene made Xin Lao slightly moved.

Li Taisui was neither hasty nor slow. He wore a kindly grin: “Not bad, not bad. This is a Star Master worthy of This Old Man’s gaze…” He spat out a mouthful of clear qi. An unremarkable prayer mat flew out. This prayer mat’s appearance was plain and simple, completely without luster, without power, nor any waves of spiritual power whatsoever. It was nothing more than a prayer mat.

In their fields of view, a mass from the times of primal chaos formed, and those terrific sword arrays surprisingly completely vanished.

Everyone was shocked.

“The Good Fortune Prayer Mat!!”

Hu Mi shouted.

The Good Fortune Prayer Mat’s appearance shocked everyone, and Emperor Liang and the others who fought Northern Darkness Has Fish stopped one after another, looking in astonishment towards this number one magic weapon of the Spirit Sealing List. When the Good Fortune Prayer Mat appeared, Li Taisui’s surroundings were enveloped in endless primal chaos. Su Xing, Zhao Hanyan, and the rest’s coordinated assault became nothingness. Even Spirit Treasures the likes of the Four Symbols Seal were devoid of their power. The Four Great Holy Beasts were completely returned to primal chaos.1

Northern Darkness Has Fish snorted. The Three Clarities Banner waved, and the three doppelgangers broke free of Long Wanxin and the others. One controlled a Supreme Sword Chant, one used the Most High Indifference, and one used the Extreme Clarity Immortal Light. Without consulting one another, the doppelgangers mounted a sneak attack on Su Xing. 

The Most High Path’s number one cultivator was also the Azure Dragon Territory’s Supervoid Peak Cultivator. Emperor Liang and Long Wanxin were temporarily unable to obstruct him.

“As a Star Master, this old man is breaking the rules a bit..”

Konghou was above, witnessinging the scene before her as she spoke to Chao Gai, who refrained from entering the battle.

“Just what is the matter with the White Tiger Territory’s Star Master?”

Chai Ling at this time also came to ask. Behind her was also Gu Tong. Gu Tong gazed at Su Xing’s side with a nervous expression. She had originally thought of going to help Su Xing, but she was pulled back by Chai Ling, who said that without a Star Nest, Gu Tong should not interfere in a battle between these abnormal Star Masters, so as to avoid self-destructing herself. Queen Noble Star very clearly indicated she was not afraid of Gu Tong Starfalling, but she was afraid that Su Xing would be distracted. This Female Tiger was quite speechless. 

“The White Tiger Territory has had Star Masters since the first Star Duels began. Some Demonkin received the imprint of the Star Duels and became Star Masters. Because only those with a complete human form can sign a contract and possess a Star Nest, they only finally appeared during the ninth generation.” Chao Gai explained.

“Just what Demon Beast is this old man? How is he so powerful?” Gu Tong asked.

“Judging by his thunder magic, he should be categorized as a Thunder Spirit type of Demon beast.” Konghou thought. From her extensive reading of books, she knew much about the White Tiger Territory. “Thunder Spirit Demon Beasts are myriad, but Your Servant honestly cannot recall one like him.”

“Will Maiden Mountain not manage this?” Chai Ling charmingly covered her lips.

“The Ninth Star Duels. The mysterious and inexorable have their own factors.” Chao Gai matter-of-factly answered.

Chai Ling sneered.

“But then what do the Overlord Trials count as?”

Chao Gai smiled and said: “If he cannot pass even this level of ordeal, then how can he be able to achieve the wish.”

CHai Ling gasped. It sounded as if Chao Gai stood on Su Xing’s side. This overlord trial thing made Gu Tong puzzled, but she could discern that Su Xing had apparently met with Maiden Mountain’s hostility. “Just what is happening?” Female Tiger worriedly asked.

“Can the Star Duels truly be ended?” Konghou stretched herself. “Up until now, Maiden Mountain has never even said why we Star Duel. And now it seems that the previous overlord have become nothing more than Maiden Mountain’s tools, reduced to a Trace of ridiculous True Spirit. Just what is Maiden Mountain, Chao Gai, why not tell us directly.” The girl indifferently said, her expressions nevertheless very dissatisfied.

Chao Gai wanted to say something but stopped. In the end, she still shook her head. “If you can ascend Maiden Mountain, you will naturally understand. To know now would merely be a burden.”


“This Old Lady…Oh…Big Sister Chao Gai, may I ask a question?” Gu Tong raised her hand, cautiously speaking.

“What do you wish to ask?”

“Is there a limit of fifteen Star Generals who can ascend Maiden Mountain?” Gu Tong swallowed.

Chai Ling also stared at the Thousand Buddha Star, her eyes concealing slight worry.

“This Palace also not does not know about this. However, since there is the Seven Stars Assembly, there naturally will be its own logic.” Chao Gai’s dubious words made Chai Ling displeased. Just as they were about to speak, a sudden change occurred at this time. Li Taisui raised a prayer mat, and then a lump of primal chaos wrapped up the surroundings. The scene inside immediately  became nothingness.

“Such a powerful magic weapon. This is never before seen in Liangshan Continent.” Chai Ling uncomfortably gazed at Konghou.

As if Konghou did not understand Little Whirlwind’s worried thoughts about her lover, but she absolutely would not meddle in the Star Duels’ affairs, even if she herself had quite a favorable impression of Su Xing. She did not want to favor anyone in particular.

“However, Your Humble Servant actually can help him first settle a few minor inconveniences. To have him alone sort out the entire Crystal Dragon Palace’s aftermath is indeed quite difficult for him.” A bottle of wine suddenly appeared in her hand as Konghou smiled somewhat drunkenly.

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  1. 混沌, so this phrase will pop up often, but primal chaos is a reference to Chinese creation myth.


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    [“But then what do the Overlord Trials count as?”]

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