Chapter 593: Pensive Qingci’s Heart

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Chai Ling froze.

Seeing Northern Darkness Has Fish’s three doppelgangers fly straight towards the zone of primal chaos, they clearly wanted to seize the chance for a surprise attack on Su Xing. Add on that this top-notch number one ancestor of the Most High Path was Supercluster Late Stage Peak, Su Xing would not last even if he was an asura.

“Then This Queen must trouble Elder Sister.” Chai Ling curtsied.

Konghou smiled, her beautiful figure vanishing.

Just as Northern Darkness Has Fish was charging all his magic energy in preparation for an all out fight, a dangerous presence blocked his path.

“Your Humble Servant will not pursue you any further for your usage of the Connecting Heaven Ocean Settling Pearls. However, Your Humble Servant will ask that you quickly leave right now.” Konghou calmly issued him a command to remove himself.

“Can it be that even you protect that Purple Thunder Monster as well…” Northern Darkness Has Fish’s expression changed.

Konghou scratched her head, an expression of vexation that said she did not know how to reply.

Northern Darkness Has Fish furiously said: “This Old Man and the Purple Thunder Monster can never live under the same sky. Today, This Old Man absolutely will not forgive you!” With a bang, the Three Clarities Banner doppelgangers unfolded, releasing three rays of escape-light that split apart. Even Emperor Liang and Long Wanxin were unable to stop them.

Konghou shook her head, somewhat pitying Northern Darkness Has Fish’s behavior.

Konghou’s figure twisted.

That was an incredibly high level of speed. Before Northern Darkness Has Fish could activate his powers in time, two terrifying punches directly attacked his chest. Even though Northern Darkness Has Fish was already outputting magic energy to defend himself, his magic energy completely collapsed under the force of the punches.

There were two screams. Two of the Northern Darkness Has Fishes formed from the Three Clarities Banner were surprisingly instantly killed by Konghou in a mere second, leaving only the True Body.

Northern Darkness Has Fish vomited a mouthful of his aged blood. The True Body the Three Clarities Banner manifested and his own person were identical, linked in mind and spirit. It could be said that they were bound together for good or ill, suffering the same fortune and misfortune. To have lost two of them two Konghou made Northern Darkness Has Fish sustain heavy injury. If it was not for Konghou holding back, Northern Darkness Has Fish who was reputed to be the Azure Dragon Territory’s number one Supervoid Ancestor would perhaps already be destroyed entirely.

Emperor Liang and Long Wanxin who was this scene showed astonishment. However, if they knew Konghou’s identity, they would not feel strange at all that she could defeat Northern Darkness Fish instantly.

To be frank, the indolent woman in front of them could be said to be the strongest existence in all of Liangshan Continent.

“Northern Darkness Has Fish, you had best turn back from the brink.” Emperor Liang shouted.

Long Wanxin also said: “Fellow Northern Darkness, you must not continue this mistake.”

“This Old Man has misjudged today’s matters. He did not anticipate that the Liao Emperor would not be your opponent.” Northern Darkness Has Fish cupped his fist, speaking words of righteous speech: “Today’s alliance with the White Tiger Territory’s Demonkin was an action undertaken bt THis Ancestor alone, having no relation to the Most High Path. This Ancestor asks that Emperor Liang and Long Wanxin let the sect off. As for other matters…Hmph, This Ancestor vows to never stop until he has taken the Purple Thunder Monster’s head.

“You truly are obstinately persisting in the wrong ways. Xing’er, reward him with a thousand gold.” CHai Ling stroked the black cat, smirking.

The Three Eyed Beast opened its mouth and spat out a beam of golden light right at him.

Northern Darkness Has Fish resentfully glanced at Chai Ling. He struck a ray of Extreme Clarity Immortal Light. Then, he raised a talisman, escaping from the Crystal Dragon Palace.

“This old fart is already deranged. Elder Sister Konghou, why did you not kill him, so as to avoid a long and worry-filled night.”

“Chai Ling, you ought to first think about yourself. To use the Red Ink Iron Certificate at this Phase, you have lost your life-protecting item.” Konghou rolled her eyes.

“With Elder Sister Konghou, what does the Red Ink Iron Certificate even count for.” Chai Ling disagreed.

Konghou smiled without uttering a word.

Gu Tong asked at this moment: “Nothing will happen to Su Xing, right.”

“Him, huh. He will be fine.” Chai Ling was not worried in the slightest. This was a man who could attain a Heaven Earth Dark Yellow with Wu Siyou and Hu Niangzi, so having a Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Skill with Lin Yingmei was not strange either. Let alone the might of the Good Fortune Prayer Mat, his battle formation included Hu Mi, who had the Supreme Ultimate Diagram. In short, no matter the perspective, Su Xing always was somewhat abnormally strong. An even more important point was that Li Taisui had not used full strength. Perhaps he had his own plan. If things went according to Chai Ling’s predictions, this Li Taisui perhaps would pull Su Xing into their fold.

At this time, following the Roc Demon King being repelled by Queen Mother Qi Xia and Liu Tianya’s teamwork, Lady Snake Scorpion being defeated by Shi Jinglun and using her Jade Pendant, the Crystal Dragon Palace’s intense fighting was already completely still.

Only Su Xing’s battle against Li Taisui was left in this place.

And ever since the beginning of history, the confrontation between the two strongest Star Masters made people endlessly overwhelmed.

Leader Star Song Qingci spectated. However, compared to them, her inside was still somewhat not too peaceful.

“Qingci, are we not taking advantage of this opportunity to kill the Purple Thunder Monster?” Jin Qiongyu’s eyes showed killing intent.

“We do not want to take advantage of another person’s dangers.” After Li Shuangfei and the others from the Spring Breeze Drunken Rain Pavilion knew that the Purple Thunder Monster’s identity was Su Xing, they immediately made their position clear.

“Elder Sisters, you have also seen just how abnormal the Purple Thunder Monster is. Right now, other than Lin Chong, no one else by his side can continue battle. If we do not seize the chance to give him a bit of pressure now, it will be difficult to say when another opportunity will present itself later.”

“Sister Qingci, you should not continue to be indecisive about a single Star Master.” Guo Fang disapproved.

Qingci warmly said: “Little Sisters, do not worry. If we face Su Xing now, there will be no benefits. On the contrary, it will expose our location and become the mortal enemy of the White Tiger Territory.”

“Can it be that we are letting go of this opportunity just like this?” Jin Qiongyu was very indignant.

Sun Xinyue shrugged her shoulders: “I actually do not think this is an opportunity at all.”

“Before the Three Heavenly Books, Your Servant asks that the Sisters hide their strengths and bide time.” Song Qingci’s tone carried a slightly earnest request.

“Lady Lun also agrees with Qingci’s words.”

A stern voice came over. All of the girls turned to look. Shi Jinglun and Liu Tianya walked towards them. Nine Tattooed Dragon heard their conversation and agreed with Qingci’s judgment.

“Queen Jinglun.”

“Jinglun, are you alright?” Qingci looked at the pair with concern. “Tianya, are you well?”

Liu Tianya hinted he was unharmed.

“A pity we let Lady Snake Scorpion escape.” Shi Jinglun clicked her tongue.

“What you said just now Jinglun, can it be that Big Sister Minute Star also fears Lin Chong?” Jin Qiongyu was stunned.

“Jin Qiongyu, just think this through. When even Strength Star Jade Qilin Lu Xiao is together with this Purple Thunder Monster, even if we took action, perhaps this Jade Qilin would not stand by idly.” Shi Jinglun calmly said.

Jin Qionyu and the other girls looked. As expected, Jade Qilin Lu Xiao sat upon her qilin, her expression easygoing, but a detailed inspection would reveal that Lu Xiao’s eyes were nevertheless full of vigilance.

“Never expected that even Jade Qilin would also…” Jin Qiongyu was unable to believe this. If this truly was the case, then the top-notch martial generals Harm Star Wu Song, Hero Star Hua Rong, Strength Star Jade Qilin, Majestic Star Lin Chong all stood on the Purple Thunder Monster’s side.

Even if Jin Qiongyu was any more conceited, she understood that it was impossible for them to defeat Su Xing.

“Little Sister Qiongyu, this is incorrect.” Qingci consoled her: “If Little Sister Lu Xiao is like this, we can instead bring her to our side.”

“Eh?” All of the girls showed curiosity.

“If we take advantage of his criss now, not only will other Sisters hold us in contempt, we may even force Wu Song to sign a contract with Su Xing, so to cast stones at someone at the bottom of the well is to degrade ourselves. The top priority is still to invite Little Sisters to unite together. So long as we can work together towards our wish of ending the Star Duels, in the future Seven Stars Assembly, Wu Song and Lu Junyi will definitely stand together with us in friendship.” Qingci warmly smiled.

“Hmph, well, I do not think so.” Although Jin Qiongyu said this, her overbearing forcefulness from just now had deflated. She gazed at Su Xing, full of indignation.

“With Sick Yuchi joining us, next is that so long as we can convince Ruan Jin’er and the other Sisters, prepare for the Three Heavenly Books, we can then battle the Purple Thunder Monster.” Shi Jinglun was very humble towards Yueying.

“I also feel this is acceptable.”

“En, let us go now then. So as to avoid drawing suspicion.” Seeing that the Sisters would no longer discuss matters about Su Xing, Qingci did not know why she breathed a sigh of relief in her heart. How could Jin Qiongyu have known that while she wanted to seize the opportunity for a sneak attack on Su Xing, little did she know that Qingci wanted to confront Li Taisui.

Qingci’s heart was complex. She clearly knew that Su Xing would be their great enemy someday, but her heart nevertheless always had a sort of fluke, a sort of fluke that they perhaps could work together towards Maiden Mountain.

Did this kind of fluke originate from the trust of those millennial Star Generals or was it because of Su Xing, Qingci herself did not understand.

“So this is the number one Prehistoric Spirit Treasure?” Su Xing was astonished to discover that inside the primal chaos, all spiritual power completely vanished. Magic weapons and Flying Swords lost their usefulness one after another. Even with his Life-cast link, he was unable to summon them back.

The Good Fortune Prayer Mat was only just getting started. Li Taisui benevolently smiled.

The Good Fortune Prayer Mat spun in the air. Immediately afterwards, that primal chaos shrieked and frothed, wild as boiling foam. The Good Fortune Prayer Mat shook. Su Xing and the others’ expressions changed as the space around them seem to be molded by reincarnation. First, space crumbled away, and all energy and spiritual power vanished. A powerful, irresistible and unstoppable fortune energy smashed them to smithereens, as if it was smashing an egg. The yolk, white and eggshells were completely stirred together.

In this type of viscous primal chaos, other than Star Generals the likes of Lin Yingmei who could still maintain combat speed, the Star Masters’ powers completely disappeared, powerless to continue.

“Young Master!”

Lin Yingmei wielded her spear to the limit when she saw this. The Arctic Star Serpent Spear burst with a ray of glittering light. Lin Yingmei revolted, the snowy light emission making Lin Yingmei’s entire person appear just like a brilliant, ice-cold sun. Even the radiance of the sun and moon seemed to freeze. Her long, black hair instantly took on a blue hue, and bits of ice danced around Lin Yingmei’s body like fairies. The beautiful sight reduced people to speechlessness. Her hair was like snow, flecked with frost. Upon seeing this anomaly, Blue Faced Beast Yang Zijin also changed.

Ice-heart Seals Sun And Moon!!!

Lin YIngmei’s spear attacked, and an ice-cold spear-light shot straight for Li Taisui. THe Majestic Star’s whole body was like snow, chilling to the bone.

Dark Star Yang Zijin was worthy of being called the top-notch martial general that had trained in the White Tiger Territory. Surpassing Lin Yingmei’s extreme realm, Blue Faced Beast uttered a bestial roar for the first time. Instantly, her blue birthmark seemed to turn crimson, making Yang Zijin’s placid as water complexion become a ferocious animal. Emitting a severe aura, Yang Zijin counterattacked.

This slash, like ten thousand beasts released from their cages, transmitted ten thousand rays of saber-qi that swallowed the heavens and sunk the earth.

Shockingly, it was Blue Faced Beast’s Earth Rank.

“Depleting Heaven Shattering Earth!!!!”1

The two great Star Generals’ Earth Ranks clashed, disintegrating the surrounding primal chaos, but Su Xing’s side still remained trapped. “Hu Mi, what are you waiting for…” Su Xing coldly shouted.

“You truly do know what Hu Mi wants.”

Hu Mi was startled. She faintly smiled, and the girl chanted an incantation. At the same time, she mustered all her power. A picture immediately flew out from within the primal chaos and unleashed brilliant light. This was none other than the former number one magic weapon of the Spirit Sealing List, the Supreme Ultimate Diagram!

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