Chapter 594: Hua Wanyue’s Address, “Milord”

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Hu Mi raised the Supreme Ultimate Diagram. The void primal chaos released a strange light.

Hailed as the famous number one Prehistoric Spirit Treasure, the Supreme Ultimate Diagram was known to all in Liangshan Continent. This treasure could use softness to overcome strength, countering every type of ability and magic weapon as well as overriding control as the user’s own. Time passed, and countless bloody carnages occurred in contest for the Supreme Ultimate Diagram. In the end, only the cultivator publicly recognized as number one in Liangshan Continent was allowed to possess it. 

For the Supreme Ultimate Diagram to appear from the hand of the Purple Firmament Immortal Palace’s Star Master, Emperor Liang, Long Wanxin and Immortal Outside Heaven each felt flabbergasted.

Emperor Liang asked: “Fairy Hou,1 what is the meaning of this? Is the Supreme Ultimate Diagram not supposed to be with Immortal Extreme Clarity? How is it with your palace?”

The Purple Firmament Immortal Palace’s elder Fairy Hou was also stupefied. She had never heard of this matter before.

“It seems after this banquet is over, We must pay a visit to the Purple Firmament Palace Master!” Emperor Liang was stern, and Long Wanxin and Immortal Outside Heaven were silent.

But the Supervoid Early Stage Fairy Hou could only comply as a yes-man in the face of the ire and commands of the three top-notch cultivators, how could she dare say anything.

When Hu Mi finally saw that the Spirit Sealing List’s number one spirit treasure Good Fortune Prayer Mat was finally released, she was already impatiently thinking of pitting herself against it. Her hand seals formed, and the Supreme Ultimate Diagram flew towards the Good Fortune Prayer Mat. But since this was the number one spirit treasure, how could the Supreme Ultimate Diagram ever conquer it. Li Taisui’s eyes narrowed, showing a meaningful and strange smile.

The power of the Good Fortune Prayer Mat rolled over space, and the Supreme Ultimate Diagram was unable to move an inch closer.

Upon seeing that the Supreme Ultimate Diagram was incapable of subduing Li Taisui’s spirit treasure, Hu Mi inwardly thought that this was a pity. She immediately changed tactics. The Supreme Ultimate Diagram released several golden bridges. These bridges appeared out of thin air, and no matter how exceptional this primal chaos good fortune was, these golden bridge were unstoppable, extending out to Su Xing’s party. Since this was the formerly most powerful spirit treasure, it was naturally not limited to only subduing spirit treasures. In fact, this “Supreme Ultimate Golden Bridge” was the ability that earned the Supreme Ultimate Diagram the most recognition. This golden bridge could span across all of the mundane world. It could easily dominate any array or space.

Under the crushing of the primal chaos, Su Xing and the others immediately stepped onto the Supreme Ultimate Golden Bridge.

The heavy pressure immediately vanished. This endless primal chaos was like a black cloud swept aside by the sun, showing a clear day.

“What a formidable magic weapon.” Su Xing praised in his heart. From the moment he dropped into Liangshan Continent, he had seen countless magic weapons, yet his heart still was in awe of this.

Li Taisui’s Good Fortune Prayer Mat and Hu Mi’s Supreme Ultimate Diagram. The pair’s magic weapons could be said to make cultivators eye them covetously, endlessly envious. Compared to other Star Masters, they were far more destitute. Even Su Xing only had the Five Dragons Colored Glass Lantern that could slightly contest. As for just who was stronger, Su Xing was unsure in his heart.

In the first head-on clash between the Supreme Ultimate Diagram and the Good Fortune Prayer Mat, the two were even in power.

Li Taisui smiled: “Purple Thunder Monster, since you have the title of Purple Thunder, why not take this opportunity to compete against This Old Man’s Divine Thunder and see who is superior?” Without waiting for Su Xing’s reply, Li Taisui’s fingers curled tightly. He opened his mouth, and a bolt of lightning fired straight at Su Xing.

This dark colored lightning pierced through the primal chaos, illuminating space, shooting towards the Supreme Ultimate Golden Bridge without stopping at all.

Su Xing, too, wanted to know just how powerful this Li Taisui was. He also used full power to strike with Purple Mansion Immortal Thunder.

On the golden bridge spanning a hundred meters, Li Taisui’s Divine Thunder and Su Xing’s Purple Mansion Immortal Thunder each displayed abnormal forms. The former was like a creeping beast while the latter was a dragon breaking the heavens. Beast and dragon clashed at the middle of the bridge.

Thunderbolts immediately intertwined, viciously rolling about. They surprisingly shook the indestructible bridge to the edge of collapse. If it was not for their position in the Good Fortune Primal Chaos, perhaps the surplus waves of thunder would have been sufficient to overturn the East Sea.

Su Xing and Li Taisui used their purest Star Energy to duel. The others could only watch, stupefied, endlessly surprised.

“Nine generations of Star Duels is outrageous as expected, to surprisingly have such abnormal Star Masters.” Emperor Liang gasped in admiration. “After the Three Heavenly Books, we will not be their opponents.”

“This truly is lamentable. We cultivated several hundred years away in order to reach this level now. I never thought the Star Energy of these Star Masters could soar into the heavens in one step, just because they signed a contract. Perhaps they will even comprehend Transforming Star of Annihilation by relying on their Star Generals.” Long Wanxin pursed her lips, great vacillation in her eyes. When she remembered the matter with Northern Darkness Has Fish, her heart felt pain.

Immortal Outside Heaven faintly smiled: “Emperor Liang, truly, congratulations to you. The Ling Yan Princess and Purple Thunder Monster have a relationship that is not shallow. It seems that the Ling Yan Princess will inevitably occupy one spot in the Seven Stars Assembly.

“But there can be only one overlord. Emperor Liang, you must properly warn the Ling Yan Princess to not be confused by the Purple Thunder Monster.” Long Wanxing kindly said.

“Since they participate in the Star Duels, why should we elders mind their business. With things as they stand, we can wait until these three Heavenly Books.” Emperor Liang’s eyes showed sternness, his expression not changing.

“However this old man is formidable. This Immortal has no chance against him. Who knows what the Star Duels in the future will be like!” Immortal Outside Heaven showed an expression that conceded defeat.

“The Ninth Star Duels, they should bring about a conclusion.” Long Wanxin nodded.

The others were silent.

Su Xing’s five fingers curled. Five bolts of Purple Mansion Immortal Thunder once again shot over. Li Taisui also showed a solemn smile across his whole face, changing his calm and composed expression from before. The old man’s fingers similarly balled together.

Thunderclaps then slammed together.

Outsiders already could feel pressure, and the persons involved themselves were even more aware. Su Xing’s expression was incomparably grim, currently barely resisting Li Taisui’s Thunder Magic. Li Taisui was inherently a Thunder Spirit beast. He innately possessed talent with Thunder Magic. Regardless of how it was put, Su Xing had acquired his training, and he had only trained for these past few days. Besides, Li Taisui’s cultivation was higher than Su Xing’s by a degree. How could he ward off Li Taisui’s attack.

Li Taisui’s thunder beast was already nibbling away at the purple thunder dragon bit by bit, inching towards Su Xing.

“Sisters, quickly transfer Star Energy to Su Xing.” When Wu Xinjie saw this, she promptly mobilized.

All of his Star Generals tacitly nodded towards one another, and their foreheads’ Star Crests glowed.

Multi-colored light pierced through space and flowed into Su Xing’s body. The purple thunder dragon’s body swelled a size larger and pushed back against the thunder beast.

Hu Mi and Long Nü both felt astonishment when they saw this scene.

In history, there had never been such a spectacular scene. The Star Generals’ expressions were all earnest, sending their own Star Energy to support their Star Master. In the past records of the Star Duels, this was very rarely seen. However, thinking carefully, since Star Masters could resonate their Star Energy when imbuing their Star Generals, the reverse was also logical.

“Little Sister Caiwei, we truly have lost.” Zhao Hanyan sighed.

Gong Caiwei was silent.

“To unexpectedly return support…Siyou, just who is this man? Why do I feel that he is not a person of this world?” Outside the primal chaos, Hero Star Hua Wanyue drew in a deep breath.

The Hua Wanyue who received no answer turned her head.

When she saw the current Wu Siyou, she froze.

Wu Siyou did not answer. The cool and elegant woman tightly clenched her fists, her gaze like a tiger, staring straight at Su Xing. A pair of snow-white legs already assumed a posture that was already planning to charge into the primal chaos at a moment’s notice. She only needed the necessary moment. Hua Wanyue had no doubts that Wu Siyou would rush into the array, even using the “contract” method to aid Su Xing, resuscitating him.

He truly is a fortunate man.

Hua Wanyue shook her head. The Hero Star took a deep breath, then exhaled a breath like an arrow. She drew the Heaven Earth Sun Moon Bow into a full moon. With the eyes of a falcon, she saw through this primal chaos, through the struggling thunder beast straight to Li Taisui.

Power gathered onto Hua Wanyue’s bow, collecting all of Hero Star Little Li Guang’s strength.

Su Xing’s completely unguarded back entered Hua Wanyue’s eyes. Several times, she had thought of cutting this man she so despised into thousands of tiny pieces. Currently, Hua Wanyue nevertheless did not have a single bit of hatred. On the contrary, she felt that figure that was barely resisting was more majestic than a mountain.

“Hua Wanyue.” Wu Siyou summoned Noble Frost Demonic Lotus as she watched Hua Wanyue’s movements.

The corner of Hua Wanyue’s mouth curled into a slight grin. The woman laughed and said: “Milord,2 watch this!!!!”




The arrow drew a shocking trajectory as it passed by, flying straight towoards Su Xing. THe arrow that was seemingly about to stick into Su Xing made Tang Lianxin’s expression change. She hastily summoned the Great Void Golden Lotus to defend him. 

Sensing the boundless killing intent behind him, Su Xing nevertheless was indifferent. He did not take a single step, as if Hua Wanyue’s arrow was not fired at him.

Hua Wanyue’s “killing arrow” was honestly both fast and unanticipated. The other girls could only stare helplessly, but just when this arrow was about to penetrate Su Xing’s back, the arrow suddenly vanished from sight into thin air.

The next instant, it “pierced” through Su Xing’s chest and emerged, its speed unhindered.

With a ripping sound.

The arrow tore apart the lightning, shooting unstoppably towards its true target – Li Taisui.

Dark Rank Archery.

Heartbreak Without A Scar!5


Li Taisui was taken aback. He promptly threw out the paper fan in his hand, barely blocking the arrow. Killing intent erupted, raising a stormy wave. At the same time, Su Xing and Li Taisui’s two bolts of divine thunder dueled with an enormous noise. Crackling, the powerful aftereffect directly crashed into both sides. Su Xing suddenly shuddered, knocked off the golden bridge by the thunderbolts. The bones in his whole body fractured.

This old man’s thunder magic was indeed incomparably fierce.

And Li Taisui was pushed back one tiny step. Although he appeared much more relaxed compared to Su Xing, from the perspective of this top-notch Thunder Spirit Demonkin, this small step was an undoubtedly inconceivable thing.

“Purple Thunder Monster, why not unite with This Old Man and attack Maiden Mountain together? With your numerous Star Generals, it goes without saying that Maiden Mountain and Chao Gai will not let you go!!” Li Taisui’s expression was sharp. He howled with laughter as he recalled the Good Fortune Prayer Mat.

The primal chaos returned to its source, leaving only every type of magic weapon and Flying Sword that was rid of spiritual power.

“There is also this little girl who can ally with us as well.”

Li Taisui did not want to fight any further. He was completely satisfied to have battled in thunder magic with the legendary Purple Thunder Monster. The old man showed a rare expression of interest. “Zijin, Xin Lao, we are leaving!”

“To where!” Lin Yingmei shouted.

Yang Zijin was already wounded all over her body. Blue Faced Beast blocked her, and then she instantly escaped back to Li Taisui’s side.

The old man used the Jade Pendant without any reluctance. Immediately, the group departed from the Crystal Dragon Palace.

He left behind only one enticing sentence.

“Think it over carefully!!”

“Young Lord, are you alright?” Wu Xinjie worriedly stepped forward.

Su Xing hurt all over his body, but he generally could still stand. This head of the White Tiger Territory’s Seven Spirits Li Taisui was very difficult to take on.

The Hua Wanyue who had only just slightly recovered was once again completely exhausted after using her Dark Technique. Her eyesight turned dark, and she stumbled forwards. Then, she fell against a broad back she had once felt.

This feeling…Hua Wanyue opened her eyes and saw Su Xing.

Su Xing turned his head back, gently saying to her: “Thank you.”

“Hmph, I wanted to kill two birds with one arrow. I merely did not succeed, nothing more. There is no need to say thanks.” Hua Wanyue grabbed Su Xing’s shoulder.

Su Xing thinly smiled. “I’m thanking you for being able to take Your Servant to be your lord.”

Hua Wanyue was startled. She suddenly remembered this, and her face could not help but blush. That “Milord,” even she did not know why she shouted that out, but seeing the other Sisters were deeply devoted to Su Xing, her heart wanted to do something. Thus, she inexplicably cried that out.

“Hmph, how your love goes unrequited. I only want to kill you!”

Hua Wanyue pushed Su Xing aside, biting her lip.

From far away, a woman in a palace dress watched everything.

“Zhiyu, Wuyu, now is the time for us to end this banquet…”

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  1. 篌仙子
  2. 主上, this is an actual Milord, different from Xi Yue’s 官人. I’ll be switching Xi Yue’s “Milord” to “Sir.” I had been uncomfortable with that translation before, but it wasn’t incorrect.
  3. 弦鳴, SFX
  4. SFX, sonic boom
  5. 傷心無痕


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