Chapter 595: Please, Fairy, Get Into The Boiling Pot

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Following Li Taisui leaving the Crystal Dragon Palace in the end, this endless banquet finally concluded. And what should have been the Crystal Dragon Palace’s world-famous banquet brought an unprecedented disaster.

The majority of the palace had become rubble, crumbling fences and dilapidated walls, corpses strewn as far as the eye could see, and countless treasures scattered everywhere. Every kind of bright light was destroyed under the ruins, numerous, perhaps even countless. The remaining cultivators began a mad pillage, up until Long Wanxin used her Supervoid might to stop them was order restored.

Gazing at what was once the the Crystal Palace before it had been disintegrated, Long Wanxin heaved a long sigh.

The towering Spirit Sealing List was still as lofty as before. Calmly looking at everything, Long Wanxin knew that this thousand year Treasure Banquet had suffered disastrous loss after one battle. If she wanted to recover its former glory, she would perhaps need to waste a hundred years.

“If it was not for Xing’er’s entrance, the Crystal Dragon Palace of the Azure Dragon Territory’s Three Palace would perhaps have been destroyed today.” Chai Ling’s hand held the Golden Thread Feather Fan, her eyes misty, her smile charming.

“At least no one in the Azure Dragon Territory will dare provoke the Purple Thunder Monster anymore.” Konghou drank wine, heedlessly saying.

“And who would dare? The Azure Dragon Territory’s Most High Path is an example.” Chai Ling somewhat understood why Liangshan Continent would fear Star Generals and Maiden Mountain over the years. However, Su Xing had multiple Star Generals, and before he had obtained the Heavenly Books, he had already changed the Most High Path beyond recognition. If Maiden Mountain was truly infuriated, Liangshan Continent’s millions sects would be scattered dust at just a snap of her fingers.

Queen Little Whirlwind’s heart suddenly wanted to go ascend Maiden Mountain for a look.

“This Palace shall greet Xing’er.”

“This One advises you to not go right now.” Chao Gai warned.

Chai Ling turned her head back, her brow wrinkled.

“Our banquet has already drawn to a close. However, from the looks of it, your lover’s banquet still has one final delicacy.”

Konghou narrowed her eyes, an indolent curve upon her lips.

Chai Ling and Gu Tong were stunned.

The first Star Duel banquet involving Star Masters across the Four Territories since the beginning of the Star Duels finally ended. This allowed Liangshan Continent’s countless cultivators to witness the cruelty and beauty of the Star Duels. For the remaining cultivators that did not leave, they each separated. On one hand, they cleaned the aftermath of the Crystal Dragon Palace, and on the other, they each cast spirited glances at Su Xing. This man who could obtain the accompaniment of multiple top-notch Star Generals made them envious and jealous.

This banquet was bound to become another of the Purple Thunder Monster’s indestructible legends that swept across the Four Territories.

Su Xing at this moment was not in the mood to mind them. He was currently tending to his wives. Although in their views the Purple Thunder Monster alone had practically warped the situation of the Star Duels, as far as energy consumption in battle was concerned, Su Xing was even distressed over the wives that had fallen into the Star Nest.

“Wanyue, truly, thank you for being able to aid Young Lord.” Wu Xinjie smiled.

“That arrow just now was so fantastic. Shi Yuan even thought you wanted to kill Su Xing. In the end, it surprisingly passed right through him without any harm.” Shi Yuan patted her chest, and the other girls also agreed.

When Hua Wanyue’s arrows shot towards Su Xing, all of the girls thought that Hero Star Little Li Guang wanted to take action against Su Xing. Even Wu Siyou thought this.

“Big Brother truly believes in Sister Wanyue. That is why he did not dodge.” The gentle tone of An Suwen, who was healing Su Xing’s wounds, had an additional bit of lingering fear.

“Perhaps he has already taken the Hero Star to be his own Star General.” Zhao Hanyan was slightly jealous.1

These words made Hua Wanyue very uncomfortable, making everyone laugh.

“Ling Yan Princess, why did we not see Dong Junqing this time?” Wu Xinjie asked curiously. Up until now, this was strange. With the battle in the Crystal Dragon Palace so chaotic, to unexpectedly not see the Five Tigers’ General of Double Spears’ figure, this honestly was too strange. Wu Xinjie certainly knew that lily woman was as inseparable from Zhao Hanyan as her shadow was.

“You go ask your Lord Husband.” Zhao Hanyan pursed her lips.

Wu Xinjie gasped. These words sounded dubious.2

Dong Junqing was recovering in the dragon boat after losing her virginity, but Su Xing was embarrassed to say this aloud. Lin Yingmei helped Su Xing out, saying: “Her vitality is greatly wounded and has not recovered yet. Young Master has made her rest on the dragon boat.”

“Siyou, why not return to the dragon boat for a proper rest, too?” Su Xing saw that Wu Siyou was silent, and he was somewhat hurt to see her worn appearance.

“Your Concubine3 is unhurt.”

“Wifey, let’s sign a contract right now, don’t care about the other superfluous things.” Su Xing grabbed Wu Siyou’s shoulders and pulled this woman who was as cool and elegant as frost into his embrace.

Wu Siyou softly sighed. Her body suddenly felt limp, yet her hand still pushed Su Xing’s chest, “Lord Husband, please do not make things difficult for Your Concubine…”

“Wifey, I really am very uneasy when you’re like this.” Su Xing hugged Wu Siyou tightly, whispering next to her ear. “Since you and I are husband and wife, Siyou, just oblige me. What contract resuscitation. I don’t care about that at all.”

Wu Siyou’s face was red. She powerlessly struggled a few times. She felt the surroundings had more than a million gazes concentrated upon them. Su Xing moved his lips to kiss Wu Siyou, and Wu Siyou found she was unable to refuse this kind of feeling. Just at this moment, a giant bird soared into the sky suddenly from one place in the palace. Its wings flapped, stirring endless starfire.

The powerful spiritual power swept across the entire Dragon Palace like a tidal wave, jolting most of the cultivators.

Seizing this chance, Wu Siyou pushed Su Xing aside. Seeing Su Xing’s miserable expression, she wanted to laugh but held it in. “What is happening?” Wu Siyou changed the topic.

“Just now, that was Little Huang…” Wu Siyou felt that rainbow phoenix was a bit familiar.

Su Xing nodded, “You girls stay here…” Then, he used the Blood Shadow Escape Technique, quickly moving away. His speed was so fast it made even Lin Yingmei briefly unable to catch up.

“If something will embroil us in danger, Young Lord loves to use the Chaotic Tail Escape. If we had known this would happen, we should have told Young Lord sooner.”

All of the girls immediately rushed over.

“Xinjie, just what is happening to Little Huang?”

Wu Siyou inquired.

“Sister Xinjie is inviting that Fairy to enter the boiling pot.”4 Shi Yuan chuckled.


Xuanle Feifei was stunned at the unforeseen events unfolding before her eyes. A phoenix rushed at Mu Wuyu, and the Investigative Star was trapped by an array she was unable to break free from, looking on helplessly at the phoenix attacking her.

What is happening?

Recalling a few moments ago, after Xuanle Feifei saw the Purple Thunder Monster repel Li Taisui, she beckoned Mu Zhiyu and Mu Wuyu to prepare to carry out their deadly assassination against Su Xing. Xuanle Feifei was confident that the Purple Thunder Monster was dead for certain.

No Star Master under Heaven was capable of fighting off the sneak attack of a pair of assassins and escaping completely unscathed. With Mu Zhiyu and Mu Wuyu’s tacit coordination, the current Su Xing, with all his power, was not their opponent. And his Star Generals had all lost their battle capability, not worth being afraid of. In fact, Xuanle Feifei planned in her mind to have the Mu Sisters completely kill all of Su Xing’s Star Generals and then kill the Purple Thunder Monster at the end.

By Xuanle Feifei’s reckoning, as long as they killed the Majestic Star, even if the Twins were exposed, there would be no effect at all.

Xuanle Feifei’s plan had no gaps at all, but the truth nevertheless gave her a cruel blow to the head.

The twins had only just slinked away when just at this moment, a rabbit hopped out, soundless. It had concealed itself extremely well, so much so that even Xuanle Feifei had not noticed it. When this black rabbit emerged, two figures appeared at the same time as well.

A stone-faced woman pointed with an extended hand, unfolding the Five Elements Weather Banner in their surroundings. Then, a snow-white rabbit hopped out, too. This snow-white bunny widened its eyes, and the array that was originally easy to break free from surprisingly immobilized the completely for the moment.

And it was at this snap of the fingers.

Another girl, petite yet appearing exceedingly refined, moved at that instant. The girl suddenly opened her eyes, and her body was wrapped in flames. Enormous wings of fire sprouted from her back. The magnificent, gem-like flames wrapped her whole body and suddenly brought the girl hurtling towards Mu Wuyu. The flapping wings extended several li in length. With the cry of a phoenix, she was surprisingly like the legendary bird. 

Absolutely beautiful despair appeared before them.

“Gongsun Sheng…” Xuanle Feifei shouted.

This little girl was none other than Leisure Star Dragon in the Clouds Gongsun Huang, and she was using her Earth Rank Technique.

Phoenix Execution Sky Break!!

From the hidden black rabbit, the array that trapped them, up to Gongsun Huang’s absolutely beautiful Earth Rank, they each were linked one after another, with not even the slightest difference in timing. Everything had been planned flawlessly.

How could the Xuanle Feifei who had just been preparing an assassination foresee that she would instead become the prey.

Phoenix Execution Sky Break’s speed was extremely fast. Gongsun Huang rushed to Mu Wuyu’s side in the blink of an eye. Even if she was a previous Overlord, against the Earth Rank of the number one magic energy Star General, there was absolutely no way she would remain calm.

The leisurely Mu Wuyu had also become grim beyond compare. She raised her double daggers to block.

It was already too late now to flee or use her Earth or even her Heaven Rank. Little Restrained Mu Wuyu could only defend with her double daggers. In the next instant, faster than even the passage of time itself, Phoenix Execution Sky Break already heavily boomed against Mu Wuyu.

The flowing, magnificent flames exploded this instant. Unlike that sort of tenderness from when she threw herself into Su Xing’s embrace upon originally comprehending the Earth Rank, at this moment, Gongsun Huang’s eyes had only extreme detachment and killing intent.

All of Phoenix Execution Sky Break’s power immediately struck open Mu Wuyu’s defenses. The flames washed over every inch of Mu Wuyu’s flesh, and she felt her soul roast. A sort of powerful shock wave that was unstoppable was about to burn her away from the inside.

Mu Wuyu never expected that the assassination techniques she was so proud of would declare its end before even beginning. At the same time her heart was unresigned, Mu Wuyu displayed the powerful aspects of an overlord Star General.

Mu Wuyu then resisted with all her strength against the Phoenix Execution Sky Break that could instantly dispatch a Supervoid Cultivator. At the last moment, she gazed at the incoming girl and crossed her daggers towards the girl without any mercy. Stabbing into Gongsun Huang’s body, a baleful aura filled and spilled out of the sabers. The phoenix flames immediately ebbed.

The Pinebrand Ancient Sword in Gongsun Huang’s hand also bluntly stabbed Mu Wuyu in the heart, not to be outdone in her aggression.


Mu Wuyu shouted.


The flames dispersed, and the phoenix was extinguished. Gongsun Huang flew away, for she had no strength left. When her body was about to crash, she was hugged by a person, “Little Huang!” Su Xing hugged Gongsun Huang tightly.

The girl cocked her head and blinked. “Your Highness, leave quickly.” The girl shut her eyes, and the Leisure Star immediately fell into the Star Nest. Su Xing’s heart seemed to rend in pain. He arrived in front of Zhu Sha. “Let’s go!!” Saying this, he pulled Zhu Sha along.

This stone-like woman was taken aback. Just as she left, at the spot she had been standing at, an ice-cold daggertip slashed. Mu Zhiyu suddenly appeared, having landed on nothing.

The Three Burrows Crafty Rabbit and the Cassia Rabbit nevertheless were too late to escape, gloriously sacrificing their lives.


Mu Zhiyu wanted to pursue for the kill when she suddenly heard Xuanle Feifei’s voice. Worried about her little sister, she turned back. Mu Wuyu’s whole body was transparent, her True Spirit about to fade away, “Little Sister!!” Mu Zhiyu was emotional.

“It is up to you, Elder Sister.”

Mu Wuyu smiled, and her True Spirit dissipated.

Mu Zhiyu turned her head, staring at the Su Xing a hundred ma away. Her calm eyes suddenly burst forth with terrifying murderous intent.

Su Xing’s heart chilled.

This is bad…

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  1. As in a jealous lover, not jealous that he has more Star Generals.
  2. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  3. Remember, her usual address is Your Servant, but it can be tl’d as Concubine. I translate hers as Concubine to differentiate in Lin YIngmei’s presence.
  4. Technically, the phrase is 請君入甕. “Please, sir, get in the pot.” It means “to give someone a taste of their own medicine.”


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