Chapter 599: Return To The Four Styles School

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The light of daybreak fell into the serene forest. Birdsong and flower fragrance filled the air, and the grass stirred with the blowing wind.

A young woman dressed in a simple and elegant long skirt trailing the ground currently sat in front of a hut in the forest. A drawing board was set on her knee, and the ink painting was tenderly outlined stroke by stroke. On the portrait was a man and a woman. The man embraced his female counterpart, lowering his head in a passionate kiss, and the female’s long black hair was rendered by the female painter with the utmost care, fanned out like a waterfall, considerably graceful as it was drawn from a deep to a light shade.

The woman shut her eyes, showing an intoxicated expression.

Under the young woman’s brush strokes, the portrait was lifelike, vividly portrayed. It made a viewer unable to help but feel envy for the man able to embrace the beauty. 


Su Yixiao stopped painting and gazed at the portrait, spellbound.

In her mind, she could not help but recall that extremely legendary scene in the Crystal Dragon Palace. Under everyone’s stares, he signed the most sublime Kiss Contract with the Star General Wu Song, and only he was able to do such a thing.

Just what sort of person is the Purple Thunder Monster?

Su Yixiao also remembered Lin Yingmei and Hua Wanyue. They similarly served the Purple Thunder Monster as beauties on his left and right hand sides.

“Yixiao, your painting approaching closer and closer to perfection.” A young woman in a green, hundred pleat skirt stood nearby, quietly smiling, like a valley orchid. Her slender white fingers stroked the painting. The figures in the painting seemed to come alive under her tough. Only one person in the world could possess such absolutely beautiful hands – Sacred Handed Scholar Xiao Qingyan.

“Yixiao, has he won you over?” Xiao Qingyan said.

Su Yixiao gently said: “Qingyan, could it be that you are not curious? Why martial generals like Wu Song, Lin Yingmei, and Hua Wanyue would follow him?  Even the Strength Star stands on his side, and there is also the Ling Yan Princess.”

Xiao Qingyan nodded. Indeed, this sort of matter could not be found even if one was to overturn every annal of the Star Record, but was such a thing important? His Star Generals increasing in number merely indicated that the situation for the other Star Masters was growing increasingly difficult, “From the perspective of worldly people, in the thousand years of Star Duels, Wu Song signing a contract is beginning to already be meaningless.” Xiao Qingyan indifferently described the painting. 

With the final stroke, the Life Managing Black Bamboo Wolf Brush drew a line of purple vapor that dispersed the man and woman in the painting like smoke.

“Does the Purple Thunder Monster not have another nickname, Purple Thunder Saint? Yixiao believes he must have some special trait that can allow Lin Yingmei to follow him. Qingyan, could it be you do not have faith in the Majestic Star’s judgment?”

Xiao Qingyan did not have an answer.

“Little Sister Yixiao, you must not be fooled by the Purple Thunder Monster.”

A voice said from inside the hut. A girl dressed in light blue palace garb walked out, and beside her was a gentle girl in a blue and white skirt and shirt.

“Elder Sister Chuhe, have you traded blows with the Purple Thunder Monster before?” Su Yixiao asked.

“En. This man practices some unknown evil cultivation method. You cannot be in contact with him for too long. Chuhe personally witnessed the head of the Five Tiger Generals Brave Star fall prey to this evil magic. She betrayed her own contractor and fell into the Endless Abyss.” Sikong Chuhe coldly said.

Su Yixiao was shocked.

“As I thought.” Xiao Qingyan said this was logical.

“Little Sister and I once sought him out because we believed in the Majestic Star, yet we were nearly killed.” Mentioning her little sister, Sikong Chuhe showed grief.

“Elder Sister, please save your grief.” Su Yixiao consoled her.

“However, the Purple Thunder Monster is so ostentatious that all the Star Masters in the Seven Stars Assembly will surely unite against him.” Sikong Chuhe said: “Little Sister has also seen it. Against Li Taisui’s might, the Purple Thunder Monster is no match. In the future, he will inevitably suffer a calamity, and it seems Maiden Mountain and Chao Gai seek trouble with him. We cannot associate with him any further, so as to avoid bringing our own doom.”

Xiao Qingyan nodded, agreeing with Sikong Chuhe’s perspective.

Su Yixiao retracted her previous sentimentality, slightly smiling: “Elder Sister be at ease, Yixiao also understands.”

“Right, is Tai Shuwang alright?”

After the Crystal Dragon Palace, Su Yixiao and Sikong Chuhe brought the heavily injured Tai Shuwang away to this forest to recuperate. “His injuries are too severe. Right now, he is relying on Pei Caixuan’s Star Energy feedback support to persist.” Sikong Chuhe wrinkled her brow. Tai Shuwang had been slammed by Xiang Chenxing’s True Body, shattering his whole body’s meridians. To live through that was a stroke of luck. Although they had used many medicines after the matter, he would still need a length of time to recover.

“In any case, we worked together.” Su Yixoa forced a smile although the teamwork between the three of them was no match for a single Heavenly Spirit Star General.

“Little Sister Yixiao, Chuhe sees that your identity has some noble background, presumably not simple. Chuhe wonders which house you hail from?”

“I am a commoner, there is no house.” Su Yixiao shook her head.

Sikong Chuhe was not forceful when she saw the girl was not willing to answer, “Then what plans does Little Sister Yixiao have next?”

Su Yixiao pondered. The Three Heavenly Books was about to begin, and returning to manager her inn was no longer possible, “Elder Sister, what plans do you have?”

“Ai, originally, Chuhe and Little Sister were planning to go to the White Tiger Territory to find ‘Heaven Earth Stone Iron’…But now…Little Sister has taken her leave first, and Chuhe is suddenly left at a loss of what to do.”

Heaven Earth Shears?

Su Yixiao had heard of a spirit treasure that apparently required psychic communication. The higher the mutual understanding, the stronger the Heaven Earth Shears became. The Sikong Sisters were twins, so their tacit understanding was naturally unspoken.

“Little Sister Yixiao, how about we team up? The situation of the Star Duels is unstable. You and I have good rapport, and I wish to forge this Heaven Earth Shear with Little Sister Yixiao.” Sikong Chuhe tidied her bereaved mood and asked.

Su Yixiao asked the Sacred Handed Scholar, “Qingyan, what do you feel?”

Xiao Qingyan still sketched a new painting and did not lift her head: “Everything is your own decision, Yixiao.”

Su Yixiao looked at SIkong Chuhe’s genuine friendliness and the always gentle expression in Shan Meng’er’s eyes. Su Yixiao felt no feelings of revulsion towards them. “Then Yixiao is indebted to Elder Sister Chuhe’s kindness.” Su Yixiao gracefully bowed.

“Thank you, Little Sister Yixiao.” Sikong Chuhe excitedly clasped Su Yixiao’s hands, leaking tears of joy.

“Let us set out at once! Chuhe feels this trip to the White Tiger Territory is a good opportunity to scout information about the Demonkin, to find out just what these Demonkin Star Masters are.”


“And what about that man?” The silent until now General of Sacred Water Shan Meng’er blinked her tender and leisurely eyes.

As if she had heard their conversation, a woman with black armor and a black face veil looked at them from the window.

“Little Sister Caixuan, you will have to look after your master. Give him a message for us. If fate would have it, may we meet again at the Seven Stars Assembly.” Sikong Chuhe slightly smiled.

“Caixuan understands.” The woman’s voice was cold and stiff, but there was gratitude.

Four Styles School.

The Star Riding Dragon Boat drew a river of stars as it descended above Fire Eastern Island. Before it could enter the island, they were stopped by pair of male and female Nebula Stage cultivators, “This place is the Four Styles School’s territory, we ask that Senior announce your name.”

The female cultivator deferentially cupped her fist in a salute. Sensing the powerful aura emanating from the dragon boat, the two cultivators were already breaking out in a cold sweat, their fists tightly clenched.

“Senior Sister Yanyu, it’s me. It has been a long time, I trust you have been well.” The dragon boat’s canopy was pulled open, and an elegant man walked out onto the deck while an expressionless girl followed behind him.

The female cultivator was taken aback when she saw the man, but then she was pleasantly surprised.

“Junior Brother Su Xing, Junior Sister Lianxin…”

They were exactly Su Xing and Tang Lianxin.

“Long time no see, Junior Brother. I heard that Junior Sister Hongxue said that Junior Brother presented the Headmaster with a Life Extending Flat Peach. The entire staff was discussing about Junior Brother Su Xing.” Yang Yanyu showed an expression of wonder, her eyes full of adoration as she looked at Su Xing.

Life Extending Flat Peach, Liangshan Continent’s holy fruit. It was surprisingly gifted to the Headmaster. Who would have been so generous, especially a Star master. The Junior Brother Su Xing in front of her honestly was somewhat mysterious. Yang Yanyu carefully looked and noticed that while Su Xing’s aura was introverted, it exhibited a powerful pressure. Clearly, his cultivation was already unfathomable.

“It was useless in my hands, anyways.” Su Xing did not mind.

“Junior Brother Su Xing…You must not know, many of the sect’s Senior and Junior Sisters have asked Yanyu about Junior Brother.” Yang Yanyu smiled and said.

Su Xing also smiled. Before, he did not spend much time in the Four Styles School. The lone person he got along with was Yang Yanyu. Yang Yanyu herself perhaps never thought that ordinary man from back then would ever soar into a realm where the Life Extending Flat Peach did not mean much.

Recalling that as if it was yesterday, she sighed.

Su Xing and Yang Yanyu chatted for a while until Tang Lianxin tugged Su Xing’s sleeve to remind him. Only then did they end their chat.

“Headmaster has already given orders that if Junior Brother Su Xing returned to the sect, he must personally be notified. He wants to welcome you himself.”

“No need. I am only a youngster.” Su Xing shook his head. Then, he guided the Star Riding Boat straight to the main hall.

Seeing that faraway back, Yang Yanyu let out a sigh of regret.

“Junior Sister, could it be that you have also fallen in love with Junior Brother Su Xing?” The male cultivator guarding the island alongside her inquired.

Yang Yanyu hardly concealed her attraction, “Junior Brother Su Xing has changed greatly now. How can Yanyu dare reach above herself.”

“Star Masters are just incredible. I never thought that in such a short time, Su Xing’s cultivation would be nearly the same as the Headmaster’s. We could cultivate for a lifetime and still not know whether or nor we could even reach this realm.”

“Nearly the same as the Headmaster’s?” Yang Yanyu shook her head: “Senior Brother, you have guessed incorrectly. Junior Brother Su Xing is already Supervoid.”

“What, Supervoid Stage!!” The male cultivator was shocked. “The Azure Dragon Territory’s number one Star Master Xie Zhenyuan is Supervoid. Could it be that Junior Brother Su Xing is an even greater genius than Xie Zhenyuan?”

“Maybe so. In short, Yanyu could never match up with him.”

The man was somewhat envious: “Truly remarkable. Fortunately, Star Masters must ascend Maiden Mountian. If every person received a chance at the Star Duels, if they did not fight to the death to go to Maiden Mountain…Just what is Maiden Mountain, to be so powerful, to surprisingly be capable of so easily allowing an ordinary cultivator transform into a dragon.”

“Perhaps that is the legendary Star World!!”

The man suddenly recalled something and his eyes lit up. “Since Junior Brother Su Xing…Senior1 has already reached Supervoid, and the Headmaster is nearly about to breakthrough to Supervoid Stage, does this mean that our Four Styles School will have two Supervoid Cultivators? Then in this time’s Alliance of Ten Conference, the Four Styles School has a hope of entering into the Three Palaces and Four Sword Sects.” As their former Nine Dragons Great Sect had declined for so long, were they finally able to stage a comeback?

“Yanyu fears you are thinking too much.” Yang Yanyu gently shook her head. “In this Alliance of Ten Conference, the Headmaster perhaps will not attend.”

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