Chapter 616: Journeying Together With You

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“Wind, Thunder, Water, Fire, restore Qian and Kun!!”

Daoist Master Xuan Tian chanted, and the completely white sword in his hand quivered. Four talisman scripts immediately morphed profoundly around the sword’s tip. In a split second, astral wind, scorching flames, black ice, and a thunderclap burst out of the sword.

The astral wind gusted, breaking through the Seventy-two Roads abilities. The flames burned, destroying every protective art. The black ice sealed, pinning the target in place. Lastly, the thunder attacked, twisting over towards its target that was helpless to attack, defend, or flee.

The four styles of wind, thunder, water, and fire brought out the best in one another, coordinated with one another, exceptionally marvelous. Its endless intent to attack flowed continuously, mutually engendering and restraining each other. The Huan Zhen Headmaster could only barely fend this off, making all the cultivators watch dumbstruck.

“Four Styles Qian Kun Sword!!”

“This is the Four Styles School’s sect-protecting treasure?!”

“What a formidable magic weapon. These Four Styles spellcraft is really deserving of its reputation.”

“En, they are far more formidable than that arrogant Yue Dragon School.”

“That kind of garbage sect can only hoot and holler. It is obvious that this Four Styles School has not revealed its talent, for it acts without being exceptional.”

“Never heard of the Four Styles School.”

“You must be ignorant. This was once among Nine Dragons’ sects.”

The cultivators present hollered in satisfaction, crying out one after another. In his mind, the Yue Dragon Headmaster cursed, You flock of fools gossip about our death as if that was perfectly normal. As he thought this, the Yue Dragon Headmaster watched the duel on the arena with an expression of envy.

The Four Styles School competed against the Huan Zhen Sect for the title of Four Styles School. There were three contests, and they each had won one of the prior two. The last match would decide the victor. The two great headmasters personally took action, and their styles were naturally extraordinary.

The Huan Zhen Sect’s “Seventy-two Roads Huan Zhen Sword Chant” and the Four Styles School’s Four Spirits Supreme Exalted Sword Chant were not weak, but following the appearance of the “Four Styles Qiankun Sword” that was famous in the Azure Dragon Territory, the Huan Zhen Sect’s Supervoid magic weapon could not resist at all.

The Yue Dragon School Headmaster knew that the Four Styles School resided at Fire Eastern Island, relying on the topography to preserve itself relatively intact among the Nine Dragons Sects, but he had heard not so long ago that this Daoist Master Xuan Tian had been no more than at the Supercluster Late Stage bottleneck. He never imagined in a few months he would make a sudden breakthrough into Supervoid, making the Yue Dragon School’s headmaster endlessly envious.

“Hmph, but This School has Senior Old Pig. The Four Styles School cannot compare to This School.”

The Yue Dragon School inwardly reckoned as he looked to Old Pig.

The man narrowed his eyes, seemingly both asleep and awake, completely lacking even the slightest bit of vitality. His gaze occasionally swept over the cultivators present, the aura on his body brimming with killing intent that was condensed like swords. The Yue Dragon Headmaster was even more delighted when he saw this. You foolish cultivators, do not hesitate to mock us then. If you anger us, This Path’s Ancestor shall have you know his might.

“This sword is so incredible.”

Upon a pavilion, Wu Xinjie gazed at the Four Styles Qiankun Sword in awe.

“I really couldn’t tell. I even thought that the Four Styles School didn’t have anything.” Shi Yuan nodded.

“The Four Styles School mainly cultivates the Four Symbols Sword Chant. Each of the Sword Chants have their own specialization. Although this Four Styles Qiankun Sword will not place on the Spirit Sealing List, it is forged from the extent of the Four Styles School’s founder’s comprehension of the Four Spirits. The average Spirit Treasure is basically no match.” Tang Lianxin had stayed in the Four Styles School the longest, and she was the most understanding of the sect.

“So it turned out this Four Spirits Sword Chant is so powerful?” An Suwen had never heard of this before either.

“After all, this is one of Nine Dragons’ sects.” Wu Xinjie smiled.

Tang Lianxin nodded, “What Elder Brother cultivates is the Immemorial Purple Rose Sword Chant, so of course Sisters would feel the Four Styles School is very weak.”

Back to the ring, at this time, the victor was already very clear. 

The Huan Zhen Headmaster resisted with all his might, using everything he had, but Daoist Master Xuan Tian had only just broke through to Supervoid. His vigor and mood had unprecedented confidence. This sect-protecting treasure in his hands was like a fish back in water.

The duel was not to life or death, only to the extent of their abilities.

How could the Huan Zhen Sect be the Four Styles School’s opponent. Very quickly, the Huan Zhen Headmaster had no choice but to concede defeat.

“Congratulations. We now confer upon the Four Styles School ascension to the Four Styles Sword Sect.” Emperor Liang rose and addressed everyone present.

Thus, on the first day of the Alliance of Ten Conference, the Four Great Sword Sects were re-established.

The Divine Flame Sword Sect, the Shifting Flower Sword Sect and the Taiyi Sword Sect relied on their strong foundations to maintain their positions as the three sword  sects. The Blooming Water Sword Sect did not have a Supervoid Cultivator and was finally supplanted by the Four Styles School, becoming the last Sword Sect – the Four Styles Sword Sect.

However, because of the contest later for the Three Palaces, Two Halls, and even One Path, there were still several variable before the Alliance of Ten Conference would end.

“Lianxin, Xinjie will soon have to trouble you to plead with Daoist Master Xuan Tian. Make them temporarily leave the White Horse Highlands for the nearby White Horse Ford to rest awhile.” Wu Xinjie turned her head to smile at Tang Lianxin: “It is better that the Four Styles School does not participate in the most wonderful of shows.”

Tang Lianxin nodded, understanding her plan.

Things are progressing smoothly as I imagined, but I wonder how smooth the progress between Young Lord and Wanyue is.

Wu Xinjie thought.

As if he was rousing from sleep, Su Xing opened his eyes. A wonderful and classical silhouette appeared in his fuzzy line of sight. That figure was filled with dejection, moving father and farther away. “Wanyue,” Su Xing recognized who this figure belonged to. In his heart, he was startled, and he hastily reached out his hand to grab her.

And his hand grasped something soft.

He heard a moan.


His hand stung, and only then did Su Xing completely awaken.

He saw Hua Wanyue currently glaring at him in embarrassment. In her anger was a distinct coquettishness. Hua Wanyue’s hands covered her chest. Seeing her angry gaze, her blushing face, Su Xing immediately realized what that softness he had grabbed just now actually was.

“I thought you left.” Su Xing blinked, pretending to have forgotten what happened just now.

Hua Wanyue could not easily mention what happened either. She indignantly said: “Without you, how can I leave.”

Su Xing gasped, saying in embarrassment: “Wanyue, you don’t need to sound so charming.”

Hua Wanyue: “…”

“See for yourself.”

Su Xing looked around the area and only then noticed that they were in a narrow cavern. THere were two exits, one radiating white light, the other exit flowing with rainbow light, blinding. The white light did not have any restrictions, but only the Star Master could enter and exit. The rainbow light exit had a forbiddance only allowing entry to Star Master and Star General only if they both entered together. No wonder Hua Wanyue would say that.

“This Double Sevens is a relic of Star World. The interior is extremely perilous. Any Star Master that enters it will have their Star Nests frozen, the contracted Star Generals unable to assist you. Do you still plan to enter?” Hua Wanyue asked.

“Relic of Star World?”

Su Xing listened, but to freeze or whatever the Star Nest honestly was a bit stranger.

“The Double Sevens Token says that if a Star Master loses the protection of a Star General, there will a very great probability of death, but you can be at ease. If you actually die, your wives will only annul their contracts with you.” Hua Wanyue continued to say.

“That’s awfully thoughtful.” Su Xing muttered.

Hua Wanyue calmly said: “There is still time for you if you return now. After all, there has never been record of a Star Master who left the Double Sevens alive…And you have so many…”

“No need to think.” Su Xing instantly grabbed Hua Wanyue’s soft, jade hand without thinking. He allowed no argument as he pulled the woman towards the rainbow exit, his expression self-confident, completely unafraid. “If I’m leaving, then we’re leaving together. No record of anyone leaving alive, then I’ll leave alive and show them!!!”

Hua Wanyue allowed Su Xing to pull her hand. Hearing these words, her chest suddenly felt hot.

Her eyes were blinded, and the rainbow light receded.

The scene that appeared before them made Su Xing and Hua Wanyue stupefied.

Outside the cave was boundless world of black. Stars as large as the sun and moon stood motionless in the black world. Each giant star flickered with strange light, each displaying a unique splendor. THe size of the stars made Su Xing and Hua Wanyue become as insignificant as dust. 

This kind of shocking scene made Su Xing recall the scene of being in deep space.

“What is this.” Hua Wanyue had never seen such a magnificent scene. For a time, her chest felt tight.

Su Xing was thinking, “This can’t be Liangshan Continent’s outer space, can it? A star is an individual world?” However, upon closer inspection, he found that although these heavenly bodies were seemingly massive, they were formed from the conglomeration of every kind of substance. Rather than say this was the boundless cosmos, it was more like a strange array.

“As expected, the Double Sevens is somewhat interesting.” Su Xing’s blood boiled.

Just at this moment, Hua Wanyue groaned and lost her strength. She fell towards the endless abyss. Su Xing moved in front of her and held Hua Wanyue’s silky, nephrite body against his chest. “What’s the matter.”

“My Star Energy is unable to be used.” Hua Wanyue’s breathing was ragged and faint. The Star Crest on her forehead flashed to reveal it was similarly frozen. The Star Energy flowing throughout her body had congealed after entering the Double Sevens.

Hua Wanyue could not muster any strength. She could only barely use her white hand to hold onto Su Xing’s shirt.

“This place is not good for Star Generals.” Su Xing said: “I’m bringing you to search for an exit right now.”

Hua Wanyue groaned.

Su Xing hugged Hua Wanyue as he traveled back and forth among the heavenly bodies. The deep black world was deathly silent. Su Xing was quite enraptured by the weak appearance of Hua Wanyue laying against his chest, and he recalled that though they had known each other for some time, this was the first time he had seen Hua Wanyue so docile. And now, the position between the two of them had never been more intimate.

One of Su Xing’s hands held her shoulders, and the other held her legs. Through the thin silk, he could clearly feel the girl’s gentle as jade and glossy skin. Because he was holding her, Hua Wanyue’s chest was in inevitably close contact. For this reason, she positioned one of her hands between their chests as a partition. This little gesture made Su Xing see a rare, cute side of her. 

“Wanyue, did the Double Sevens Token not say how to leave?”

After traveling for an unknown amount of time, Su Xing broke the silent atmosphere between them.

“The Double Sevens has a galaxy. Pass through that galaxy, and you will be able to see a bridge. We can leave from there.”1 Hua Wanyue’s breathing was labored, making her burning hot face gradually cool.

“But you must be careful. These stars are a bit strange.” Hua Wanyue warned.

Su Xing nodded.

She had hardly finished when, as if in response to Hua Wanyue’s words, the surrounding countless silent stars suddenly emitted a life-like glow. The boundless expanse of space suddenly came alive.

Su XIng stopped. The surrounding stars began to move. These stars had glaring radiance, erupting with powerful pressure, obstructing their progress. Su Xing scanned using his Divine Intent. A powerful force jolted him back, nearly shaking him unconscious.

What incredible power.

Su Xing took a deep breath and seriously said: “Wanyue, wrap your arms around my neck.”

Hua Wanyue froze. She had wanted to tell him to not think of taking advantage of her, but seeing Su Xing’s serious expression, she swallowed her words for the moment. She saw the opposition was a giant heavenly body formed from every sort of dirt and stone barreling towards them. That might seemed like it was about to pinch an ant to death.

Hua Wanyue sensed its power and hesitated a moment as she grit her teeth. She shut her eyes and wrapped her arms around Su Xing’s nect. With a boom, a powerful pressure pushed Hua Wanyue’s center of gravity towards Su Xing. Her erect twin peaks squished against Su Xing’s chest, pressing them nearly flat. The Hero Star’s whole body suddenly was numb.

“This Double Sevens indeed is a trap.” Hua Wanyue grit her teeth.

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  1. This is derived from the Qixi AKA Double Sevens Festival, which came from the legend of the cowherd and the weaver girl.


  1. Thanks for the chapter Schwarze_Kreuz and Albert N.! Bet she regrets coming on this trip already lol.

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