Chapter 619: “Scholar in a White Robe” Wang Lun

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On the third day of the Alliance of Ten Conference, Immortal Outside Heaven appeared. Seventy-two women danced around her. These women were beautiful, their expressions ice-cold, their presences subdued yet none dared approach them. They were formed from the True Spirit of Flying Swords. Every frown and every smile, every word and every gesture was full of concentrated sword-qi. The seventy-two sword spirits emitted a sword-qi that was like a trickling river flowing through the White Horse Highlands.

In that moment, the White Horse Highland’s million cultivators were frightened stiff.

Immortal Outside Heaven coldly swept over the entire venue. In the end, she descended over Emperor Liang: “It seems that the True Immortal Hall has received the title of One Path.”

“For Senior Immortal Outside Heaven’s True Immortal Hall to become the head of the Azure Dragon’s Alliance of Ten, this is considered fame that follows merit.” Emperor Liang nodded, courteously speaking. Immortal Outside Heaven’s “Seventy-two Outer Void Flying Immortal Swords” could be said to be the Azure Dragon Territory’s current strongest sword chant ability. Even Emperor Liang was inferior by comparison.

With the Most High Path withdrawn, the sole sect that could have contested, the Lifeless Hall, had no way to match against Immortal Outside Heaven because of Shu Xindao’s death, which greatly debilitated their power. The Lifeless Hall and the True Immortal Hall still had two secluded top-notch Ancestral Masters, but they began comprehending Transforming Star of Annihilation fifty, sixty years ago and did not mind the mundane world since. They were like the Most High Path’s Immortal Great Void; no one was clear if they were even dead or alive.

The Alliance of Ten Conference used strength to determine positions. All of the Azure Dragon Territory’s cultivators could only accept the verdict.

And so.

The Azure Dragon Territory’s new Alliance of Ten was re-established.

Among the new Alliance of Ten, other than the long-declining Four Styles School that shone brilliantly and became the Four Styles Sword School of the Four Great Sword Sects, there was also a “Kunlun” sect that emerged as a new force to be reckoned with. They produced two Supervoid Ancestral Masters to replace the vacancy left by the True Immortal Hall, becoming the newest one of the Two Halls. Although their cultivators were no more than Supervoid Middle Stage, the Kunlun sect reportedly was surprisingly overseen by the Azure Dragon Territory’s top-notch medicine refinement sect master, the Queen Mother of West Lun who did not concern herself with worldly things. Thus, it was logical they would be one of the Two Halls.

The Ten Great Sects were thus finalized. Just as Emperor Liang as about to declare the end of the banquet, at this moment, an unconvinced voice hollered out.

“Eh? Over already? This was unavoidably too boring.”

A fat man scuttled onto the arena and stuck out his rotund belly. It seemed as though he had only just woken up, an overexaggerated manner. His voice was clearly not loud, but it was nevertheless clear enough to enter the ears of everyone present, and his cultivation was not shallow.

“Apologies, but the Alliance of Ten Conference’s tournament was too dull. I, Old Pig, had fallen asleep by mistake.” Old Pig smiled. Hearing these words, Tao Fenghua rolled her eyes as she stood next to him.

The cultivators burst into a clamor, saying in their hearts that this person was too rude, to unexpectedly hold the Alliance of Ten Conference in contempt.

“What is Your Distinguished Self called? What advice have you to offer?” Emperor Liang slightly smiled.

“You can just call me Big Brother Old Pig, no need to be so formal.” Old Pig waved his hand, an attitude like a senior looking after his junior.

“You would surprisingly have His Majesty call you Big Brother, you truly are improprietous.”

“An arrogant youngster.”

“Young people these days are all so arrogant.”

Seeing Old Pig raise a senior’s gesture towards Emperor Liang, the cultivators below cried out one after another.

“Youngster?” Old Pig wanted to laugh when he heard this.

Emperor Liang wrinkled his brow.

Immortal Outside Heaven coldly said: “If you wish to challenge This Immortal, This Immortal shall give you an opportunity.”

“Then challenge. But I, Old Pig, do not want to challenge you. The head of the Alliance of Ten is meaningless.” Old Pig smiled. He suddenly pointed his finger at Emperor Liang and shifted the topic: “What Old Pig wants to challenge is – Your Majesty’s throne!!”


The White Horse Highlands erupted.

No one could have imagined that such a scene would appear at the end of the Alliance of Ten Conference, that someone would surprisingly challenge Emperor Liang’s position.

“From what antique did you spring out from? To not even know the rules of the Alliance of Ten Conference.”

“Challenging Emperor Liang, these words are from a spoiled brat.”

“Your Majesty, properly teach this brat who does not know the immensity of Heaven and Earth a lesson.”

Everyone shouted.

Emperor Liang hinted to everyone to be calm. He then looked at Old Pig. The latter was still beaming from ear to ear.

“The throne of the Great Liang can only be occupied by one who has the True Dragon Bloodline. Do not think too highly of yourself.” Immortal Outside Heaven calmly said.

“True Dragon Bloodline, this is actually the first time I have ever heard of this. However, Old Pig is determined to challenge you, Your Majesty. To be able to command the Alliance of Ten is a much better sight than being the head of the Alliance of Ten.” Old Pig chuckled. These words were a tacit understanding from the power Emperor Liang wielded. Now that they were laid out in the open, everyone actually felt somewhat awkward.

“Although Big Brother does not have the True Dragon Bloodline, he has the Yellow Gown of Coronation. No one can say he is unfit for that throne.” Tao Fenghua wrinkled her nose, speaking disapprovingly.

The Yellow Gown of Coronation was a legend lost several hundred years ago. Only a very few today would still be knowledgeable about this. Everyone did not notice the profundity in Tao Fenghua’s words and instead this was the artifice of some arrogant bastard. Immediately, there was thronging mockery.

“This man looks exceedingly mighty. Why dillydally. Do you not dare accept Big Brother’s challenge?” Tao Fenghua snorted.

“Then We are much obliged.” Emperor Liang calmly rose.

When everyone saw that Emperor Liang surprisingly was taking action, they grew excited.

“Your Distinguished Self is a new face. We wonder from which sect you hail. Since you have challenged us, you must have some history?” Emperor Liang smiled.

“The name, huh. Everyone must know after the last few days?” Old Pig chuckled.

“The Yue Dragon School shall be rude!!”

Down below, an aged yet powerful voice immediately followed.

All gazes looked in the direction of the voice. They saw cultivators dressed in yellow long robes, led by an old man whose honor was roused to vigor as he cupped his fist.

The Yue Dragon School!!

“So it turns our you are that Yue Dragon School.” Emperor Liang slightly sighed. In these three days, he did not know why, but a rumor that the Yue Dragon School would step on the Alliance of Ten’s toes was circulated all over. Later, this grew even more intense. Several top-notch cultivators already somewhat understood what was happening. However, before this, they had merely thought this was a joke, nothing more. They naturally knew of the Yue Dragon School. This sect’s background was traced back to Senior Nine Dragons, but it declined in the end, its strength currently ranked among the weakest. 

“Although Your Servant does not know who is deliberately promoting this sect, since we are indebted to everyone’s sight, the Yue Dragon School wishes to issue a challenge.” Old Pig narrowed his eyes: “If Your Servant accidentally wins, then Your Servant asks that for as long as Your Majesty lives, you help develop the Yue Dragon School’s influence, to once again show its former glory. What does Your Majesty feel?”

Old Pig was aware he was no more than a True Spirit. Sooner or later, he would return to Maiden Mountain. Even if he helped the Yue Dragon School obtain a position in the Alliance of Ten, that would be short-lived. Therefore, he thought of setting out against Emperor Liang.

The magnificent Great Liang Dynasty’s symbol was here before the Alliance of Ten Conference, and with so many witnesses, he was not afraid that Emperor Liang would dare break a promise.

Immortal Outside Heaven thought to herself that this man was very shrewd, however, she nonetheless disapproved. She could see that this man was Supervoid Late Stage cultivation. Even if he was hiding something, his presence was far from being on their level of profoundness. They could only say he had just stepped into Supervoid Late Stage.

Emperor Liang laughed: “We have not encountered something this interesting in a very long time. Since you are of the Yue Dragon School, then We accept your challenge!”

“Your Majesty, properly teach this brat a lesson.”

“This big brother Old Pig is too blind, Your Majesty.”

“Do you not see those two women standing beside him who look like they can match Star Generals? I think he must have trained his powers night and day. He definitely can defeat Emperor Liang.”

“Is the former Nine Dragons Sect about to resurrect? There was the Four Styles School before, and now, there is another even more wild Yue Dragon School.”

“What dinosaur,1 that is clearly a carp.”2

When everyone heard this unprecedented bet, their blood boiled. The White Horse Highlands were in a clamor. Faraway, Wu XInjie’s eyes lit up: “Hua Xue, Xinjie is counting on your illusion to add fuel to the fire…”

The Nine Tailed Spirit Fox cooed.

“Sisters, we will have to avoid the ensuing events.” Wu Xinjie turned her head back and smiled at the Sisters.

“What are you doing?”

Xuan Yunshang was at a loss.

Double Sevens.

Su Xing and Hua Wanyue looked in astonishment at the woman in white who had appeared.

That woman’s build was slim, and she was dressed in thin white muslin. Her amply developed body was vaguely visible underneath. “It has been a very long time since I heard such pleasant words of affection…” The woman sat on the bridge, her legs crossed as she sized up Su Xing and Hua Wanyue, her gaze seemingly cold.

“Your Servant and Wanyue have entered this place rashly. If we have offended Your Distinguished Self, please excuse us.”

The Su Xing who possessed unquantifiable battle experience immediately caught scent of the woman’s level of danger. As he strained all of his body’s nerves, he also very sincerely cupped his fist to demonstrate his good intentions.

“If two hearts are united forever…” The woman recited this line and looked at Su Xing: “I must say, your poem honestly moves My heart…” Before Su Xing could be allowed to be a little vain, the woman’s tone changed. “This is bringing trouble upon yourself.”

White silk flashed.

Imperceptible killing intent inconceivably fell on top of him.


Hua Wanyue’s short spear and the woman’s weapon collided. In just the blink of an eye, Hua Wanyue was sent flying. The force of that blow was unimaginable. Immediately following this, the weapon in that hand swept towards Su Xing. Similarly, he was unable to block this, and Heavenly Abyss was dispersed, knocking Su Xing away.

Su Xing righted himself as he descended in midair. That Hua Wanyue also was able to settle her posture because the galaxy had restored her Star Energy.

The two of them glanced at each other across the galaxy, each of them showing shock.

So strong.

Su Xing acknowledged that he possessed absolute confidence in his close combat martial arts, but in that first exchange, that confidence was immediately knocked in half by the staff in that woman’s hand. He seemed to have experienced this feeling before…Just like when he first faced Uesugi Musou.

Star World Ruins.

Could she also be from Star World?

Su Xing took a deep breath.

“Is Your Distinguished Self from Star World? Is there any animosity between us?”

“Your Servant merely feels displeased looking at you two.” The woman’s expression was arrogant. Then, she also smiled, full of disdain and mockery: “Since you have come to this place, then Your Servant shall have death do you part forever…”

Thereupon, she spun that staff of white jade wrapped in red luan birds. “What is your name? Throw out your strongest attack magic weapon, and Your Servant shall inform you her name.”

Her white figure moved, and the woman attacked once again.

This time, Su Xing did not hesitate at all to activate the Four Symbols Seal.

The spiritual auras of the Four Holy Beast True Spirits immediately bubbled forth and rushed out.

The four Holy Beasts that were comparable to Supervoid Cultivators were enough to give trouble to even the best Supervoid Cultivators, but the woman smiled. She swept with that staff in her hand, surprisingly forcing away the four Holy Beast True Spirits. And then…And then this woman very intelligently did not attack the Holy Beasts, but instead, she attacked the Four Symbols Seal itself.

This is bad.

Su Xing was overwhelmed. He hastily imbued the seal with his magic energy.

That woman was honestly too ferocious. Her staff whistled about. The Four Symbols Seal’s spirit-light completely lacked protection. This Prehistoric top-notch Spirit Treasure was shattered on contact. With a bang, the Four Symbols Seal disintegrated, and without the object to which they were attached, the four Holy Beasts’ True Spirits immediately were destroyed.

Su Xing stared blankly and could not help but utter, “Fuck…”

The woman sighed with exceptional vanity and satisfaction.

“‘Scholar in a White Robe’ Wang Lun,3 en, this is Your Servant’s Name.”

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  1. 躍龍, allosaurus. In Chinese, it is also pronounced yuèlóng, the same as the Yue Dragon School
  2. An insult based on their name
  3. 白衣秀士王倫


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