Chapter 621: “Nine Immortals Bewitching Song”

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The Five Spirits Laws labeled thunders according to the Five Phases, “metal, wood, water, fire, and earth,” becoming Creative Metal, Receptive Wood, Blooming Water, Clinging Fire, and Gentle Earth, also known as Liangshan Continent’s Five Astonishing Thunders. Cultivators could refine them inside their own bodies, activating the power of the worldly Five Elements to form astral thunder at will. Powerful users could even borrow the power of the Five Sacred Mountains’ Earth Element to similarly use powerful Divine Thunder.

However, the Five Spirits Law Heavenly Book was long lost. What currently circulated today were mostly ruined fragments and pieces, however, even if only one of them was learned, that would be enough to lead to grand feats in Liangshan Continent.

And while the Gentle Earth Divine Thunder’s Earth Element looked nondescript in Old Pig’s hand, once the Gentle Earth Divine Thunder appeared, it seemed as if all of the earth surrounding the arena became thunder-light, showing fangs and claws. The thunder-light within crackled about, just like golden serpents. After several loud crashes, like several explosions leveling the earth, the wildlife on the plains took flight, scattering everywhere. All of the spectating cultivators were terrified and restless.

Astonishingly, it was the genuine Gentle Earth Divine Thunder.

What a hero Emperor Liang was. As far as a cultivator standing at Supervoid Peak was concerned, it was already very rare to be flustered. Although the Gentle Earth Divine Thunder was mystical, Emperor Liang’s True Dragon Imperial Qi was refined using the Mandate of Heaven. The Five Elements Astonishing Thunders were completely at a bit of a deficiency.

Emperor Liang made no movements. The spiritual energy surrounding him became a golden ray of light, manifesting a True Dragon. Following this golden spiritual aura spreading in all directions, it swept the Gentle Earth Divine Thunder clean away.

Old Pig once again formed a hand seal. The ground’s Earth Qi bubbled forth, and a yellow aura appeared, enveloping the platform. 

The large platform suddenly became obscured. Outside cultivators opened their eyes wide but were unable to see anything. Even Immortal Outside Heaven could only barely make out figures flitting about. Countless Gentle Earth Divine Thunder appeared from the earth, becoming innumerable droplets. Thunder-light rushed forth, striking one another. Immediately, they exploded, as if Heaven and Earth were rend apart. She thought to herself that this fat man was somewhat formidable.

These countless Gentle Earth Divine Thunders only needed to detonate once to trigger a chain reaction. Their explosions filled the eyes with red lights. Each chain reaction exploded, and that platform flashed with crystalline light, shaking the White Horse Highlands. Nevertheless, the others could not see clearly what was happening inside. Although there was no sound, everyone sensed this genuine Gentle Earth Divine Thunder’s might. Even first-rate Supercluster cultivators would perhaps be nothing more than smithereens if they were caught in that.

Unable to clearly see the battle inside, the people outside were suddenly worried, discussing in succession.

“Just what is the background of this fatso? To surprisingly have the Gentle Earth Divine Thunder.”

“The other person is a Supervoid Late Stage Great Cultivator, what is strange about his having such a thing.”


“But still, he is honestly somewhat skilled. No wonder he dared to talk like that.”

“This Yue Dragon School is truly fortune. Where did they receive such an Ancestral Master!”

Everyone was both envious and fearful of the Yue Dragon School that had not been worth a mention a few moments ago, very conflicted.

At this moment, they suddenly heard a dragon’s roar.

The Gentle Earth Divine Thunder filling the area was suddenly torn to shreds. Emperor Liang used the True Dragon Imperial Qi to twist apart the Gentle Earth Divine Thunder. He raised his hand, and a ray of yellow light stabbed directly at Old Pig.

Any way it was put, Old Pig was a Great Cultivator from several hundred years ago. Although he had relied on his Star Duel Covenants to achieve instant success, he was still Emperor Liang’s senior. He completely did not lose out to the qi of Emperor Liang’s True Dragon Mandate of Heaven. Old Pig sneered, and the Gentle Earth Divine Thunder exploded again and again.

But at this moment, the distance between a Star Master of the Star Duels and a genuine cultivator began to appear.

Emperor Liang urged on his sword chant, not holding back his profound magic energy at all. The Seventy-two Outer Void Flying Immortals Swords twisted the yellow dragons. With the yellow dragons destroyed, the Life-cast Flying Swords were destroyed as well. Old Pig’s complexion immediately appeared unsightly beyond compare.

The Seventy-two Heavenly Immortals descended, their sword-qi like a galaxy suspended above them. It cleared away the yellow smoke surrounding the platform. This power was completely unlike any of the Star Master opponents Old Pig had ever faced.

Those flying yellow rays became nine-clawed True Dragons that pounced directly at Old Pig.

This was one of Emperor Liang’s most powerful abilities.

True Dragon Heavenly Kill!

Emperor Liang’s attack demonstrated the difference between them.

Old Pig was caught off guard. He could only grit his teeth as he bore the attack. The dragon roared, and the True Dragon Heavenly Kill directly constricted Old Pig. The nearby cultivators watching this scene were startled. This Old Pig was unexpectedly without any defensive magic weapons. To encounter Emperor Liang’s True Dragon Heavenly Kill like this bode ill for him.

Just at this moment, Old Pig’s Divine Intent moved, and that yellow robe on his body unleashed spiritual light. A nine-clawed True Dragon shape manifested on the yellow robe. Immediately, it leapt out and attacked the True Dragon Heavenly Kill.

Two True Dragons appeared. It was impossible to distinguish which was real and which was fake, shocking all of the cultivators.

With a bang.

Old Pig was leapt backwards, surprisingly escaping the True Dragon Heavenly Kill without losing composure.

Even Emperor Liang showed astonishment at this.

“The Yellow Gown of Coronation!!!”

“Your Distinguished Self truly impresses Us. To surprisingly have this level of magic weapon protecting you.” Emperor Liang gazed at Old Pig with an increasingly reserved expression: “But to capitulate to the Yue Dragon School, Your Distinguished Self’s identity is somewhat suspicious.”

Old Pig meaningfully smiled: “Your Majesty is skilled. This True Dragon Imperial Qi makes Old Pig’s Yellow Gown of Coronation very taxed. To defeat Your Majesty alone, it appears that Old Pig was indeed a bit arrogant.”

“Interesting.” Emperor Liang heard the implication in his words, and the corner of his lips curled into a smile. “Very well then. We shall seriously come experience this Yellow Gown of Coronation. Just which is stronger, Our True Dragon Mandate of Heaven or your Yellow Gown of Coronation.”

“Very good!!”

The two of them showed smiles. Between their grins, perilous killing intent nevertheless gushed out of each of their bodies, shaking the pavilions on the White Horse Highliands to the verge of collapse. Supervoid Cultivators’ Divine Intents began to pressure one another, probing.

Not a moment later, a bead of cold sweat slid down Old Pig’s forehead. His pudgy body began to shudder. Although Old Pig did his utmost to apply pressure, Emperor Liang’s spiritual pressure was a whole other level of terrifying.

He was not Emperor Liang’s opponent.

The difference was already made clear in Old Pig’s heart at this moment.

Emperor Liang shouted and stamped his foot. His intense spiritual pressure seemed substantive. The five nine-clawed True Dragons that were concentrated from the imperial qi became material one after another, pouncing towards Old Pig.

Old Pig’s only trick was the Immemorial Gentle Earth Divine Thunder. Five mountains of Divine Thunder sprouted from the ground, blocking in front of Old Pig, yet they were completely unable to stop the True Dragons’ assault. The five mountains were destroyed one after the other.

The Yellow Gown of Coronation automatically protected Old Pig. The man curled his body in preparation to resist, but at this moment, the surrounding seventy-two Heavenly Immortals Swords used unstoppable force to attack. Seventy-two absolutely beautiful sword-qi rays twisted around Old Pig’s body, trapping him in another Outer Void Sword Array.

Old Pig’s complexion changed. The yellow robe on his body sustained the endless rampage of the sword-qi, making him unable to budge.

The pressure on his body became even heavier.

Emperor Liang had no interest in continuing this farce. He waved his hand, and the seventy-two sword immortals returned to his side. The mountain-toppling sword-qi then vanished from Old Pig’s body, and at this moment, the latter was already cutting a very sorry figure. The spiritual aura of the powerful magic weapon on his body turned weak, its spiritual light extinguished.

“Now then, the show is over.”

Emperor Liang declared. His figure moved, and he swiped a palm at Old Pig. This strike was intended to destroy the Yellow Gown of Coronation. Just as the palm strike was about to land, a gorgeous shield appeared out of nowhere. He focused all of his strength into his palm, and this shield’s red light expanded. Scorching fire suddenly blocked and repelled Emperor Liang’s palm. Emperor Liang was shocked to have surprisingly been repelled by this shield.

“This is…”

Seeing two phoenix shields spread their wings and spin around Old Pig’s surroundings, Emperor Liang drew in a breath.

Feng Armor Huang Shield!!

“You repulsive man, you unexpectedly dare hurt Big Brother!”

“Old Pig, are you alright.”

Tao Fenghua and Yue Qingshang could wait no longer. They charged onto the arena, and what blocked Emperor Liang’s palm was none other than Tao Fenghua’s Star Weapon, the Feng Armor Huang Shield. Old Pig had inherited Tao Fenghua’s Innate Skill, so this Feng Armor Huang Shield could protect him at any moment.

Yue Qingshang brought out the Xuang Nü Xiao and blew a tune.

The Xuan Nü Xuai blew a slow, bone-chilling tune.

Countless hailstones fell from the sky towards Emperor Liang.

Dark Technique. Ice And Rain Attract.

The Six Star Dark Technique left Emperor Liang with no choice but to use his Flying Swords to defend, and the sleet that pounded his Flying Swords brought a biting cold. His body’s magic energy seemed to freeze into powerlessness, making the emperor of the Great Liang Dynasty comprehend what made this graceful woman frightening.

Everything happened in the blink of an eye.

“Star General!”

“Star Master!!”

The entire White Horse Highlands was dumbfounded. They stared in disbelief at the Star Crest engraved on Old Pig’s forehead. This identity reveal surprisingly showed that he was a Star Master. No one dared believe their eyes.

“A Supervoid Late Stage Star Master…So incredible…”

“Heavens, how is he more of a monster than the Purple Thunder Monster!”

“This generation’s Star Duels truly are unbelievable.”

“This must be Manage Star Nine Tailed Turtle’s Star Weapon. They are unexpectedly so powerful, to have reached this realm before the Three Heavenly Books.

“Just who are you, Your Distinguished Self?”

Emperor Liang said in a low voice, finally perceiving that Old Pig’s identity was not very ordinary.

Old Pig chuckled.

“Big Brother, why waste your breath on him.” Tao Fenghua gnashed her teeth in anger. Seeing Old Pig’s defeat, she was full of hostility towards Emperor Liang.

“For you Star Masters to interfere in the Alliance of Ten Conference, do you honestly believe you can be so arrogant?”

Immortal Outside Heaven rushed over at this time.

“You must not be a Star Master of this era? The Yellow Gown of Coronation, the Yue Dragon School, and two Earthly Stars. Could it be…You are that Star Master from the Yue Dragon School who contracted double Stars five hundred years ago…” Emperor Liang was slightly astonished.

“Impossible…” Immortal Outside Heaven did not dare believe this.

“Is Your Majesty still willing to uphold our agreement? If you lose to me…” Old Pig innocently said.

At this moment, not only Immortal Outside Heaven, but every other cultivator had unsightly expressions.

If he truly was a fourth generation Star Master plus two Star Generals, how could Emperor Liang possibly be their opponent.

“Your Distinguished Self is indeed shrewd.” Emperor Liang smiled. “But a Star Master ought to properly abide by the rules of the Star Duels. We do not know why you have appeared here or why Maiden Mountain displayed that phenomenon, but We urge you not to complicate things.”

“It seems Your Majesty is about to let slip a secret. I, Old Pig, am very disappointed.” Old Pig had anticipated this.

“Since this is the case, This Immortal shall also fight you. This will be even.” Immortal Outisde Heaven sneered.

Old Pig nodded, his expression completely disdainful: “You, Old Pig does not mind…” Looking around him, Old Pig’s eyes glinted with disdain at the strongest cultivators present: “You, and you, and you…If you refuse, then come at me all at once.”

“So arrogant.”

“You think just because you contracted two Earthly Stars you can dare not place us in your eyes!”

“Your Majesty, let us teach him a lesson together!”

All of the cultivators were infuriated.

Several thousand Flying Swords suddenly rained down.

Old Pig sneered. He only sensed that the Purple Thunder Monster was nowhere present in the White Horse Highlands, and he did not want to waste any time at all, so as to avoid unanticipated accidents: “Since you refuse, then I shall kill all of you and make this sect hold supremacy!!!”

Iron Whistle Yue Qingshang was already fully charged. She shut her eyes and played her flute.

The flute’s song dragged, and a bewitching tune descended from the heavens.

Immediately, it spread over the White Horse Highlands’ thousand li.

“Be careful!”

Emperor Liang’s complexion changed.

Yue Qingshang played the xiao passionately.

Heaven Rank Technique!!

Nine Immortals Bewitching Song!!!

Author’s Note:

Cautiously recommending a friend’s book, “Counterfeit”1. Little Ice has written books on Qidian for so long, and I don’t like to speak at all and practically don’t recognize any other authors. This friend is one of a few, and I got many pointers from him.

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