Chapter 622: Across The Milky Way, Crossing The Magpie Bridge, This Life Has Been Decided (Latter)

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Flower shadows swayed, gracefully and swiftly.

The Red Jade Star Splitting Short Spear drew a beautiful arc. The graceful woman’s eyes were stern, like a sword unsheathed.

Wang Lun leaned away, an inexplicable smile on her face. “Oh, angry?” She lazily raised her hand, as if she was disdainful of Hua Wanyue’s attack.

As well, everyone was aware that the Hero Star’s archery was perfect, and the greatest weakness of an archer was their weakness in close-range combat. “Anger will only weaken you.”

Her long staff released a shadow, meeting the furious spear.


An unexpected scene happened.

The staff and short spear crossed. An unstoppable force crashed like a tidal wave. Even Wang Lun felt her arms go numb, the webbing between her thumb and index finger split. She looked in shock at her staff that had been split in two.

Wang Lun’s reactions were quick. When the short spear cut at her chest, she stepped backwards a bit, her figure swift as a swallow, daintily retreating. As light as a wisp of smoke, she inconceivably disappeared from under the short spear.

Her escape made Hua Wanyue somewhat indignant.

Just at this moment, Wang Lun suddenly felt a cold chill come from behind her. Its fully charged power seemed to have been waiting for a chance from the very beginning.

Then, there was Su Xing.

Possessing powerful battle sense, Su Xing always made use of every single second. Not letting go of any opportunities, the green light of the dagger in his hand radiated. Its qi was scathing, its green leaves splendid. This was none other than the Thousand Year Contract’s Intertwined Branch Swords.

Not good.

The Intertwined Branch Swords immediately passed through the layers of obstructions, stabbing into Wang Lun’s body.

Wang Lun did not foresee she would be unable to block Hua Wanyue, nor did she expect this loathsome man would have already anticipated her. There was an unspeakable hatred in her heart.

Not holding back any further, the power blew outwards like a storm, as if dispersing the Milky Way. Afterwards, an absolutely beautiful pair of phoenix wings unfurled from her back. Astonishingly, this was the power of a True Phoenix Realm.

Even if Su Xing was any stronger, he could not possibly contend directly against a True Phoenix Realm. He was violently blown away.

Spinning in midair, Su Xing came to a stop.

Wang Lun descended, her eyes amazed yet also hateful.

Hua Wanyue raised the Red Jade Star Splitting Short Spear. Red light flickered, like blood, like a rainbow.

“The Hero Star, absolute in both archery and spearmanship. That appears to be no exaggeration…” Wang Lun evidently felt that in their clash, Hua Wanyue had used her Dark Technique.

However, she did not expect her short-spear attack to be severe, to surprisingly be able to temporarily ward off her long staff and even break it.


Hua Wanyue did not say much. Her short spear vanished, and the Heaven Earth Sun Moon Bow appeared.

She drew it and fired an arrow.

Su Xing similarly sneak attacked from behind. The two were in a pincer formation. In Wang Lun’s eyes, that tacit coordination could truly be described using the words “embarrassing” or “poor example.” 


Another staff appeared in Wang Lun’s hand. This staff burned like fire, clear as a jewel. A phoenix shape coiled around the staff, a stance magnificent to the extreme.

This was Wang Lun’s Destined Star Weapon “Double Sevens Clinging Phoenix.”

“Ten Thousand Li God Killing Arrow!!”

“Heavenly Abyss Flying Swords.”

“Purple Mansion Immortal Thunder!”

The Dark Technique and Su Xing’s abilities attacked at the same time.

“High Love Deep Hatred!”

Wang Lun used her Dark Technique again.

The Double Sevens Clinging Phoenix Staff’s shadows were myriad. Countless phoenix shadows shot out of the staff with stunning postures, attacking the surroundings.

The Ten Thousand Li God Killing Arrow easily broke apart.

The Purple Mansion Immortal Thunder also vanished into thin air.

Yet the barely standing Heavenly Abyss blocked in front of Wang Lun like towering mountains.

Su Xing’s hand flipped open the treasure book at this moment.

Revealing her Star Name.

Star Position: Scholar Star1

Star Name: Wang Lun

Nickname: Scholar In A White Robe

True Name: Wang Lengji2

Star Number: 370

Star Weapon: Double Sevens Clinging Phoenix (Zero Star)

Star Beast: None

Realm: True Phoenix Second Stage

Innate Skill: White Clothes Fluttering About3

Five Elements: Water

Yellow Rank Special Technique: Assertion

Dark Rank Special Technique: High Love Deep Hatred

Earth Rank Special Technique: Starry River Not Crossing The Magpie Bridge4

Heaven Rank Special Technique: None

Current Status: Double Sevens (Cannot be conquered)

Detailed Materials: …

Although this Wang Lun appeared a bit weaker than the Overlords they had encountered, she was True Phoenix Realm, after all. It was very difficult for Su Xing and Hua Wanyue to contend against her directly, especially now when Wang Lun was surprisingly using her Destined Star Weapon in fury and resentment.

“Wanyue, let’s not get entangled.” Su Xing did not hesitate to come to Hua Wanyue’s side, enduring his wounds as he pulled Hua Wanyue’s hand, warning this proud woman that now was not the time for fighting.

Seeing Wang Lun’s status was trapped in the Double Sevens, rather than continue fighting, it would be better to avoid the trouble.

“Where are you running to?” Wang Lun shouted.

Su Xing’s expression changed.

Heavenly Abyss was breached by Wang Lun.

Su Xing formed a hand seal. The Heavenly Abyss Sword Array once again formed, relying on iron determination to trap Wang Lun. “Leave, quickly!!”

“No.” Hua Wanyue said stubbornly.

“If you have faith in me, then leave first. Don’t think about that fucking Star Generals’ honor. Just go first. If you truly hate me, then you may as well die together with me.” Su Xing shouted.


Bang, bang, bang. Continuous strikes again burst out.

Wang Lun’s powerful attack was continuous. Su Xing put everything into using his Divine Intent for defense, but this was astonishingly taxing on him. Wang Lun was not using her true weapon. Each strike was stronger than the last by several tenfold. Although she was injured, she instead became even more violent.

Under this dillydallying, neither of the two could escape.

“How can I abandon you.” Hua Wanyue finally spoke the words in her heart. She naturally realized the severity of the current situation. Neither was willing to take the first step, contrarily allowed Wang Lun to act as she pleased. Wang Lun’s power was the power of the Double Sevens galaxy. Her power was practically unlimited.

“Yingmei, your hubby will die with Hua Wanyue in the name of love today.” Su Xing sighed. “Wanyue, how are you so stupid.”

Hearing Yingmei’s name, Hua Wanyue bit her lip and finally said.

“I will wait for you to return.”

Saying this, Hua Wanyue flew towards the magpie bridge.

“Since you want to leave, then Your Servant shall send you off.” Wang Lun was enraged by the Heavenly Abyss Swords. The Double Sevens Clinging Phoenix Staff in her hand suddenly erupted, swing down fiercely.

In that instant, the seemingly weak staff became boundlessly large. It practically filled the entire galaxy. Strong light illuminated the cosmos, blowing everything away.

Su Xing’s complexion changed.

This is bad.

Wang Lengji’s Earth Rank.

Starry River Not Crossing The Magpie Bridge!!!


An indescribably magnificent sea of flame roared out from the staff, pouring down. The endless galaxy surprisingly almost evaporated away under this attack.

The Heavenly Abyss Flying Swords became a giant array.

The swords’ power magnified.

Su Xing practically wielded his power to its limit.

But Wang Lun’s Earth Rank was too powerful. Heavenly Abyss trembled uncontrollably, its tortoiseshell marks cracking. With a clang, they surprisingly shattered. Then, they were destroyed by the light. The Flying Swords forged from the Black Turtle Divine Iron that was reputed in Liangshan Continent to be unbreakable had surprisingly been destroyed.

Su Xing vomited blood. Heavenly Abyss and his life were connected. With the Flying Swords destroyed, the consequences could be imagined. This intense pain promptly made Su Xing lose the power to resist. He had thought of using the jade pendant, but now he could not muster even a bit of Divine Intent to activate it.

Oh, shit.

Su Xing cursed to himself, smiling bitterly.

He never imagined that Heavenly Abyss would be destroyed at this moment. THis was truly a failure.


The Double Sevens Clinging Phoenix Staff broke through the heavenly fire. Scholar in a White Robe Wang Lengji’s wonderful figure was in front of him. The woman swung her staff, aiming directly for Su Xing’s heart.

Without any suspense, the staff thrust out.

Su Xing nearly fainted from the pain, but for the sake of allowing Hua Wanyue a successful escape across the magpie bridge, he spared no effort. He instinctively opened the Meditative Mind Lotus Flower.

Although it lasted merely a few seconds, it was enough to fight for the most amount of time.

“Star Masters like you ought to die.”

Wang Lun jealously said.

Just at this moment, a ray of light suddenly arrived.

The speed of this light left her at a loss of what to do.

Surprisingly, it broke through her Earth Rank and headed towards her. How could Wang Lun have thought that by the time the arrow was before her eyes, she would astonishingly see this arrow was as resplendent as starlight. 

Star Piercing Arrow!!!


Wang Lun was struck by an arrow.

Hua Wanyue rushed back and grabbed Su Xing, flying towards the magpie bridge.


“Su Xing, Milord!!”

The graceful woman was anxious, shouting repeatedly, but the light in Su Xing’s eyes was dim.

“You think just the two of you can topple Star World? Your Servant does not believe that.” Wang Lengji shouted, once again activating her Earth Rank.

This time, not only did the entire galaxy disappear, the magpie bridge was also destroyed.

Absolutely beautiful light instantly engulfed Su Xing and Hua Wanyue.

At the center of that gentle light, the two of them, made a beeline for the magpie bridge, tightly embracing, their figure as entwined as peerless birds.

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    1. Not sure. I’ve always been under the impression, now that the Liao Emperor is out, that the Star Duels is a system to find a Star General capable of defeating the Liao Emperor. She is definitely an invader from a foreign world, and this may be Liangshan’s immune response, reverse engineering a Star General capable of killing her. At least, that’s my current theory.

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