Chapter 624: Tread On Frost, And It Will Come To Strong Ice

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The Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Skill was a Star General’s legendary technique. Although it was not generally accepted to be stronger than a Heaven Rank, sometimes, it was more advantageous than a Heaven Rank. This was not the first time Wu Xinjie and the girls had seen a Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Skill. At least, their Young Lord already had Wu Siyou and Hu Niangzi comprehend their Heaven Earth Dark Yellows. The former’s was “Do Not Laugh Laying Drunk On Battlefield,” and the latter’s was “When Golden Wind Embraces Jade Dew.” Either one of these was fit to enter the annals of Liangshan Continent.

And in fact, although Heaven Earth Dark Yellows were well-renowned, there was an obvious pitfall.

This was that after a Star General used their Heaven Earth Dark Yellow, the Star General herself would enter a state of extreme weakness, unable to use any techniques. It could be said that using a Heaven Earth Dark Yellow demonstrated that a Star General had reached the end of her rope. Thus, a Heaven Earth Dark Yellow was very rarely used, and only as a last resort.

Old Pig using “Reminiscing The Xiao Players At Fenghuang Terrace” so quickly was because Wu Xinjie had left him with no choice.

However, Old Pig had absolute confidence that victory was his.

This unprecedented Heaven Earth Dark Yellow was the result of himself, Nine Tailed Turtle Tao Fenghua and Iron Whistle Yue Qingshang all working together. Its attack and defense were invincible, completely without weakness. It was enough to sweep away all enemies.

Yue Qingshang played her flute atop Tao Fenghua’s Fenghuang Terrace. Her fairy gown and clothes fluttered, the tassels dancing. Her serene song poured out from the xiao. It immediately became rainbow specks of light that sprinkled down the Fenghuang Terrace. Thereupon, phoenixes upon the Feng Shield Huang Armor on the Fenghuang Terrance awakened, soaring into the heavens, rocketing upwards.

Magnificent flames immediately spread across the world and burned the White Horse Highlands.

The summoned Supervoid-level Holy Birds frightened all of the cultivators out of their minds. THey tumbled over each other as they fled, but this Fenghuang Terrace’s song was not limited to this. First, then a second, then a third…Holy birds emerged one after another, blotting out the sun with their appearance onto the White Horse Highlands. Even Wu Xinjie felt overwhelmed.

All of the cultivators had taken flight.

But the might of the Supervoid Phoenixes allowed them nowhere to run.

Several of the phoenixes surrounded the Fenghuang Terrace. Along with the flute melody, they sang, sweeping over the White Horse Highlands. Other than top-notch Supervoid Cultivators like Emperor Liang, the other cultivators were burned to ash by the phoenixes’ flames hardly an instant after it shone upon them. Seeing this situation, Emperor Liang’s expression finally became very unsightly. No wonder this Old Pig had such an arrogant tone. He unexpectedly had a technique so defiant of natural order.

Countless Flying Swords and magic weapons plunged towards Old Pig, but the Fenghuang Terrace dissolved all of the attacks in succession.

Old’s eyes were full of a sinister glint. He indifferently listened to the screams around him.

But not everyone was fleeing.


All of the girls cried out in shock. They watched as Lin Yingmei dove straight for the Fenghuang Terrace, a chunk of ice and frost sprinkling down upon the world. She appeared quite inharmonious with those heaven concealing flames.

“The Panther Head…Old Pig did not kill that era’s Lin Chong. We shall not be modest with this generation’s.” Old Pig coldly eyed Lin Yingmei rushing through the Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Skill, his eyes full of disdain.

Even if the Majestic Star was one of the Five Tiger Generals, with superb martial force, for one person alone to break through their Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Skill was a complete fantasy.

Yue Qingshang blew into her Xuan Nü Xiao. The flute’s song resounded, the melody drifting.

Under the guidance of the xiao, the summoned phoenixes charged towards Lin Yingmei.

“Little Sisters, we must go help Yingmei.” Wu Xinjie said in a low voice when she saw this scene.

For so many Supervoid Cultivation level phoenix holy birds to fight Lin Yingmei alone, even the Five Star Destined Weapon in her hand absolutely could not last for too long. But Lin Yingmei was very clear that if she ran now, it would mean that their plans to confront the overlord would have all been for nothing. After the Heaven Earth Dark Yellow, Old Pig’s group could not possibly sit and wait for death. If they fled then, the next time would truly be trouble.

Old Pig’s Heaven Earth Dark Yellow signified that the Fourth Overlord was already at wit’s end. At the same time, it also signified that Lin Yingmei and the others must put their all into this fight.

Without even needing her to say it.

The other girls had already mobilized.

Clang, clang.

A flaming phoenix battled Lin Yingmei. The Supervoid Holy Beast could not bring too much of a threat to Lin Yingmei. The Five Star Arctic Star Serpent Spear even held the advantage, but Tao Fenghua and Yue Qingshang’s Heaven Earth Dark Yellow “Reminiscing The Xiao Players At Fenghuang Terrace” was not just one, it was a flock.

“Majestic Star Panther Head is honestly so impulsive.” Tao Fenghua giggled.

Yue Qingshang played gracefully.

The phoenixes cried, spreading their flames.

Lin Yingmei was surrounded by fire. Disregarding everything, she did her utmost to struggle free.

“Yingmei, I shall assist you.”

Skilful Star Yan Yizhen appeared in front of Lin Yingmei, her fists beating down the phoenix, a “Swallowfalsh Samsara” pounding the phoenix like a torrential downpour.

“Little Yi…”

Lin Yingmei was somewhat surprised.

With the Skilful Star’s current strength, there was no advantage at all to be spoken of fighting a phoenix alone. Yan Yizhen’s slim vermilion pupils were as calm as a dry well, as if she completely anticipated this danger. In her eyes was only the holy beast. Despite the pain wracking her body, she did not shrink back at all from entangling the phoenix.

Lin Yingmei understood tacitly and nodded.

The Majestic Star abruptly shouted and circled around the phoenix, straddling Crying Frost and flying up.

“If you want to die, then Old Pig shall oblige you all.”


Old Pig sneered.

Yue Qingshang changed her tune. At the same time the phoenixes were finished destroying the White Horse Highlands, they changed direction to encircle and attack Lin Yingmei.

Another watery figure daintily interceded, rushing to block the phoenix attack in front of Lin Yingmei. The girl wielded twin sabers, golden light and green wind reflecting one another, incomparably beautiful.

“Elder Sister, allow us to do a little something for Dear Husband!” Bright Star Hu Niangzi’s expression showed boundless love. A Dark Rank “This Passion Faces Wind, This Hatred Leaves Moon,”1 easily obstructed the phoenixes.

“Little Sister, be careful!”

Lin Yingmei’s speed did not slow at all.

“Who are you kidding. Qingshang and my Reminiscing The Xiao Players At Fenghuang Terrace had once forced a dozen Sisters back into the Star Nest, making them flee with their tails between their legs, and you believe you can break through?” Tao Fenghua shouted.

The third phoenix, fourth phoenix, fifth, sixth…All of the Holy Beasts pounced towards Lin Yingmei at the same time. This overwhelming battle formation was unprecedented, and even Emperor Liang felt stifled.

But what made the Great Liang Dynasty even more overwhelmed was the next scene.

Wu Xinjie, Shi Yuan, Tang Lianxin, Zhang Yuqi and all the other Star Maidens charged forth, not to be outdone. To contend directly against a phoenix with their own strength was practically like a moth flying into a flame, but each and every one of the girls was spry and lively, not one single bit afraid. On the contrary, they were full of a fighting spirit that made even Emperor Liang stare in wonder.

“Elder Sister, do not hold back teaching them a lesson.” Shi Yuan flipped, seizing one of the Holy Beasts with her Hoodwinking Flying Claws.

“I will be a shield.” The most reclusive of the Sisters, Solitary Star Tang Lianxin, was full of fearless courage and intensity.

“Don’t think that your blowjob is anything special. We can do that, too.” Zhang You qi evilly laughed. The ring on her finger burst with light, and a giant river poured down from the clouds in the sky. As if it descended from the heavens, as if was a divine warrior, it ruthlessly stabbed into a phoenix.

Earth Rank Technique Heavenly Sword!!

“Your Servant also wishes to do something for Sir.” Xi Yue and Boatman Zhang Feiyu were not to be outdone. The latter used every one of her powers and techniques to intercept a phoenix.


A phoenix flapped its wings, and countless fire arrows rained down.

The chains in the air turned and captured all of the flames like a large net.

“Go, Yingmei, carefully make this Old Pig watch Young Lord’s number one wife.”

Knowledge Star Wu Xinjie appeared in midair, her Eight Gates Black Gold Chain unfurling at the same time, its profound array passing through space.

Lin Yingmei nodded, moving forward without a second thought.

Sister after sister stood before Lin Yingmei, getting rid of the obstacles for her. Without any obstructions, without any hesitation, Lin Yingmei’s resolve and killing intent were higher than the heavens, deeper than the seas.

Old Pig and Tao Fenghua were stupefied by the scene before them.

As if sensing Lin Yingmei’s surging killing intent, Yue Qingshang’s Xuan Nü Xiao melody became somewhat rushed.

Reminiscing The Xiao Players At Fenghuang Terrace was played at maximum power.

“Sister Yingmei, charge straight ahead.” Shi Yuan could last no longer and was chewed to bit by a phoenix. Fortunately, she had ingested Soul Pulling Dream Winding beforehand. Even if Su Xing was a thousand li away, she could instantly return to the Star Nest.

Then, Tang Lianxin also fell into the Star Nest.

Zhang Yuqi and Yan Yizhen followed soon after, falling into the Star Nest from a phoenix encirclement.

“Niangzi, go, quickly.” Wu Xinjie had the formidable Eight Gates Black Gold Chains. The phoenixes were hard-pressed to injure her in the slightest, but the Hu Niangzi who was in a direct confrontation against the phoenixes was already unable to continue.

Wu Xinjie was worried.

However, at this moment, a Yazi Saber cut down a phoenix, resolving Hu Niangzi’s crisis.

The one who acted was shockingly Song Qingci.

The Sisters fell one after another into the Star Nest. Endless cold was already in Lin Yingmei’s eyes, and her heart was full of a baleful aura frozen in in her chest and transmitted to her weapon.

“Die, die, die…” Tao Fenghua shouted.

The last few phoenixes were summoned. They spared no effort launching themselves at Lin Yingmei, not giving the girl any room to retreat. They thought only of killing her here. This time, even a top-notch cultivator would undoubtedly die?

“Let us see who will save you this time!”

Boom.The phoenixes self-destructed, their powerful force instantly destroying Lin Yingmei.

Before Old Pig could breathe a sigh of relief, his victorious smile froze.

Cold snow broke through the flames, and the young girl charged out unscathed.

“How can this be…” Old Pig did not dare believe this.

“The rest is up to you, Elder Sister…” An Suwen’s consciousness faded. Her last Mind-steeling Smoke And Rain cleared a final path for Lin Yingmei. Thereupon, the Efficacious Star’s figure also faded into the Star Nest.


A world-shaking lion’s roar broke out of Lin Yingmei’s mouth.

All of her murderous intent.

All of her anger.2

All of her resolve.

This moment was frozen upon Lin Yingmei’s lance. With the force of an entire army of cavalry, she stormed the Fenghuang Terrace.

At this moment.

For the first time, Old Pig’s heart gave rise to fear, and he surprisingly subconsciously took several steps back. He did not know whether he was shaken by the conduct of the Star Maiden in front of him or because of the Majestic Star’s power, but at this moment, Old Pig had thoughts of fleeing.

But the chilling cold killing intent coming from the Majestic Star’s body had seemed to freeze his legs completely. He felt unable to budge.


Lin Yingmei leapt off Crying Frost, her Arctic Star Serpent Spear piercing in a straight, ice-cold line.

Dark Rank Technique.

Ice-heart Seals Sun And Moon!!

Tao Fenghua had thought that her grand Fenghuang Terrace could stop Lin Yingmei’s baleful aura. Dozens of dazzling phoenixes were unable to slow the girl’s pace, and the magnificent flames of the Fenghuang Terrace were frozen over.

The xiao song came to an abrupt end.

Yue Qingshang stared wide-eyed, unable to believe anyone could break through the Reminiscing The Xiao Players At Fenghuang Terrace and come before her, piercing her chest with a spear.

“Old Pig…”

Yue Qingshang groaned and slowly fell over.

Lin Yingmei retracted her spear and grit her teeth. With cold eyes, she pointed her spear straight at Old Pig and Tao Fenghua.

“Your Servant is Lin Yingmei, Young Master’s woman for all my life…Your Servant shall face you!!!”

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