Chapter 626: Intention, Affection

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Bian City, Great Liang Imperial Palace. Emperor Liang was currently flipping through records in his study, his sharp brows tightly wrinkled.

“Your Majesty, now that the Most High Path has waned, the True Immortal Palace that Your Majesty had studied under has achieved their cherished wish of becoming the head of the Azure Dragon. Liangshan Continent’s myriad sects can already be said to have been intimidated. For centuries, no one has been able to threaten the Great Liang Imperial Family’s power. Your Majesty, what else is there that vexes you so?”

The door gently opened. A graceful man dressed in the robe of the national scholar and a black blindfold leisurely walked in. Though his eyes clearly could not see anything, they nevertheless could see very clearly through Emperor Liang’s preoccupation.

“National Scholar, you have recovered?” Emperor Liang’s brows smoothed out.

“Many thanks for the Queen Mother’s troubles, Your Humble Servant is finally well. But this pair of eyes nevertheless will never again see the light of day.” The Great Liang Dynasty’s National Scholar Mo Shangxian slightly smiled. 

His tall stature aside, the black blindfold upon his face gave him a slightly mysterious feel.

“Your Humble Servant was unable to protect the Along The River During Qingming and asks for Your Majesty’s punishment.” 

“How can this be blamed on you. Even We would have been helpless.” Emperor Liang immediately stepped forward to help him up.

Li Taisui had waited until the White Tiger Demonkin had attacked the Great Liang Imperial Palace’s forbiddance, stolen the Along The River During Qingming, and released the Prehistoric Liao Emperor to bring about a disaster to the Treasure Banquet. But to personally see that old man’s power, Emperor Liang recognized that he had no chance facing an unfathomable Star Master with a top-notch Star General. Mo Shangxian’s strength was something Emperor Liang was very clear on.

Supervoid Cultivation and the usage of multiple Supervoid level puppets. Even with Mo Shangxian already doin his utmost, this was unable to stop them. However, this affair had more or less greatly besmirched the Zhao Clan’s prestige. Although no one dared say it aloud, gossip like this was not infrequent. Thus, Mo Shangxian had specifically not allowed Queen Mother of West Lun to heal his eyes, a form of self-punishment.

“But Lord National Scholar, even without using your eyes, you were still able to discern that We were vexed.” Emperor Liang smiled.

“Your Majesty, whenever you are preoccupied, even the air becomes heavy.” Mo Shangxian very earnestly answered.

Emperor Liang laughed. “It seems We must be more aware.”

“Now that the Great Liang Dynasty and the True Immortal Hall are cooperation, pressuring the Azure Dragon Territory’s sects, the Great Liang Dynasty will definitely be unconcerned with state power for the next hundred years. What is Your Majesty worried about? Would you share with National Scholar?”

“National Scholar, you are very considerate. The most recent events have made Us feel troubled.” Emperor Liang drew his arms behind him as he walked to the window and looked over the picturesque mountains and rivers.

“One after another, both the Treasure Banquet and the Alliance of Ten Conference both showed anomalies. Although We already control the influence of the entire Azure Dragon Territory’s sects, to see the Azure Dragon Territory bear a succession of losses, We are unable to be at ease.”

“Your Majesty watches the nation and its people. You indeed are a blessing to this world and the people.” Mo Shangxian said respectfully.

“Most recently, We have issued orders to spy on the Black Turtle, Vermilion Bird, and the White Tiger Territories. Today, We have received information that the Liao Emperor commands the White Tiger Territory’s Demonkin in Fengdu, again forming some kind of array. We fear that they harbor unfathomable motives.”

The Prehistoric Liao Emperor was an expert in arrays. The array at the Crystal Dragon Palace made everyone realize her might. Since she utilized such a massive scale, her background must be significant. This indeed made Emperor Liang feel great danger.

“Fengdu was the capital of the White Tiger’s old Great Liao Kingdom. That place has the Six Paths Reincarnation Guardians. It is obvious there is no other way.” Mo Shangxian shook his head.

To invade the center of the White Tiger Territory’s Demonkin, this was no different from bringing disaster upon oneself.

“Your Humble Servant may actually have an idea?”

“What idea?”

“If anyone in the world is capable of facing the Liao Emperor and that White Tiger Star Master, only the Purple Thunder Monster can succeed. If we can draw the Purple Thunder Monster into the White Tiger Territory, with his Star Generals’ natures, they would not sit idly by. Both sides will inevitably fall into a war. No matter who wins, we can sit back and be the fisherman who catches the snipe and the clam.” Mo Shangxian said. The Purple Thunder Monster was currently like the sun in the sky in Liangshan Continent. Although it could be said he would someday inevitably scale Maiden Mountain, he was more or less a threat to the Ling Yan Princess’ prospects in the Star Duels.

If they could make the Purple Thunder Monster and the White Tiger Territory both suffer losses, then Ling Yan Princess Zhao Hanyan could take advantage of that. At that time, the Star Duels would belong to the Zhao Clan.

Although Mo Shangxian’s analysis was spot on, he nevertheless glossed over one detail – Zhao Hanyan and Su Xing had the Thousand Year Intertwined Contract. Between them, they shared joy and misfortune, harm and blessings; additionally, even without this relationship, Emperor Liang was very aware of his daughter’s deep feelings for Su Xing. At that time, never mind both sides suffering losses, even Zhao Hanyan could become collateral damage.

Emperor Liang did not want to cause trouble for his daughter, and he was also aware that Su Xing’s troubles were currently quite numerous. Maiden Mountain had apparently dispatched the previous Overlords to confront him, and he would perhaps not seek trouble.

“If the Liao Emperor appears, Thousand Buddha Star Chao Gai will not sit idly by. Let them resolve their hostilities themselves.” Emperor Liang shook his head, not wanting to meddle with the Star Duels. “Besides, if there really is something, that Senior in the Great Circle Castle will mobilize…” When he sad this, Emperor Liang paused, then gazed at the faraway mountains in silence.

Even if he was acclaimed as the number one emperor in the Azure Dragon Territory, in the end, he was powerless. Even against a few top-notch Star Generals, he felt that his power was not enough.

His strength was far, far from enough.

Emperor Liang raised his head to gaze at that heaven-supporting pillar, Maiden Mountain.

He suddenly somewhat understood the significance of the Star Duels.

Perhaps this was a staircase to even greater power for Liangshan Continent’s cultivators. Emperor Liang reached out with his hand, covering Maiden Mountain in his tightly balled fist. The atmosphere instantly became even heavier.

Emperor Liang, who did not wish to involve his own daughter, would never have imagined that Zhao Hanyan was currently already infiltrating the White Tiger Territory alone.1

High cliffs, a sea of clouds, the blue sky and ancient trees.

Two noble girls dressed in palace dresses flew along the sky, scanning the boundless sea of trees below.

The prehistoric, ancient air in the atmosphere was omnipresent. Even a gentle breath was like a giant mountain pinning them down. The legendary White Tiger Territory was far unlike the other three territories. That place has circulated a kind of ancient, prehistoric power since time immemorial. This kind of power was invisible and insubstantive, pervading the White Tiger Territory. It would give a person a heavy pressure.

Any devoted cultivator often would find it difficult to fully display their own strength or train very rigorously, but if a breakthrough in cultivation was made under such an environment, that progress would be like reaching heaven in a single bound..

Many cultivators came to the White Tiger Territory to train within the ancient spiritual aura, but most of them end up dead with no grave. Thus, the White Dragon Territory was always known as the most fearsome to the other three Territories. However, rumor had it that because of this ancient spiritual influence’s suppression, most of the Demonkin in the White Dragon Territory very rarely could leave the territory before they manifested an entire human shapeshift. Otherwise, the White Tiger Territory’s Prehistoric Demon Beasts would launch invasions, engulfing the entirety of the Three Territories in a bloodbath.

“Interesting, that ancient spiritual aura is very formidable, as expected. Even This Princess is being somewhat hindered.” The woman dressed in a purple skirt and a golden hairpin slightly smiled. She extended her hand and summoned a purple lantern.

This lantern shone in all directions, wrapping her body in a hazy smoke.

“Using the Purple Smoke Confusing Sky Lantern here to train is even more successful. This Princess really should have come here earlier.”

“Princess Highness, then it would be better to cultivate in this place.” Dong Junqing combed her messy hair.

The two of them were none other than Ling Yan Princess Zhao Hanyan and Dong Junqing.

Having flown for a long time, Zhao Hanyan had finally flown past the mountains to arrive at this legendary White Tiger Territory. The White Tiger Territory was indeed a world of difference from the Azure Dragon, Vermilion Bird, and Black Turtle. She had only just entered, but a sort of very intense sense of danger made Zhao Hanyan’s body stretch taut. She did not dare be negligent.

“Junqing, could it be you want to see This Princess fall behind Gong Caiwei?” Zhao Hanyan smiled. Right now, she could be certain that after that little girl realized Su Xing did not have much time, she definitely went to the “Black Ice Abyss” to search for Ten Thousand Year Black Ice, for the sake of allowing Su Xing to forge his Water Element Flying Sword.

As a wife, there was no way she could not bring Su Xing anything. How can she allow some other woman to steal a march on her. Pondering this, ZHao Hanyan therefore ventured to the White Tiger Territory. According to what she knew, of the Heavenly Spirit Earthly Fiend Purple Rose Five Emements Swords, other than the extinct sun, moon, star, and draconic materials, the Fire Element Flying Swords’ “Clinging Fire Jian Plumage” happened to be in the White Tiger Territory. As luck would have it, Zhao Hanyan knew where it was.

“Princess is truly considerate. In matters of love, Princess has but taken an enormous lead. Is this still not enough?” Dong Junqing snickered. 

Zhao Hanyan bashfully glared at her. “This Princess also wants to experience this White Tiger Territory. Two birds, one stone. Junqing, if you loathe that This Princess is helping Su Xing, then you may watch from the side.”

“Princess Highness, This General did not say she would not help you at all. He is also This General’s number one man.”

“As long as you know, Junqing. We are moving.”

“This General obeys.”

Liangshan Continent’s northern region, the Azure Dragon Territory’s coldest place.

Ten thousand year old glaciers, frozen skies and earth.

The blade-like northern wind felt even more painful than powerful magic weapons or abilities whenever it blew. Even a cultivator could not help but use a magic weapon for protection, but the northern wind was endless. Most of the time, it could exhaust a cultivator’s magic energy. In the end, if they were not forzen to death, they would be in the belly of some northern ice Demon Beast as its next meal.

But things did not end there.

In this vast, frozen ice plain, there were also many unfathomable crevices scattered around. They were like bottomless pits. If a cultivator fell in one, they would sink into a complex maze of black ice, a very ill-boding prospect.

Not even the Extreme Ice Holy Palace’s cultivators were willing to come here often.

This place was none other than…

The Black Ice Abyss!

In this vile atmosphere, a fairy-like woman in white was currently floating leisurely about. Though the north wind wildly blew, it nevertheless did not affect the young woman.

The young woman’s attire surpassed snow, the same shade as this world of white. She clear and cold eyes were even more chilling, making this world pale in comparison. She was a beauty beyond compare. 

As Zhao Hanyan had thought.

She was none other than Immortal Hero Princess Gong Caiwei.

The Gong Caiwei who felt she owed Su Xing too many favors had the intention to pay him back when she learned of Su Xing’s Immemorial Flying Swords.

The Ten Thousand Year Black Ice was the easiest material to find for the Immemorial Flying Swords, but as it had not been forged yet, it was easy to imagine how thorny of a problem the Water Element Flying Sword posed to to Su Xing.

But Gong Caiwei was different.

Ever since she was little, she had grown up on the extremely cold soil of the Extreme Ice Holy Palace. She was already accustomed to the bitter cold of the north, cultivating the superb gifts of the “Ice Spirit Snow Soul Sutra” since she was little, allowing her to face this environment with great ease compared to the normal cultivator.

Thus, Gong Caiwei came to the Black Ice Abyss after she asked the sect for information about the Ten Thousand Year Black Ice’s whereabouts.

No matter what.

Gong Caiwei honestly wanted to do something for Su Xing.

Of course, Gong Caiwei would absolutely would never admit that she had fallen in love with Su Xing. Searching for Ten Thousand Year Black Ice for his sake was merely to repay the favors she owed him. Although searching for the Ten Thousand Year Black Ice could repay them for life, Gong Caiwei was still hesitant to do so.

And now, Su Xing had now way of knowing that two beauties who could ruin a country had each gone to the White Tiger Territory and the Black Ice Abyss in search of two Flying Sword materials. As of this very moment, Su Xing was currently in the Bright Moon Longevity Palace, scolding Wu Xinjie.

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