Chapter 634: Left Hand With A Gentle Invitation, Right Hand With A Sheathed Sword

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The Earth Spirit woman of the White Tiger Seven Spirits honestly was very taciturn. Up until now, she had been one with the earth, her sense of existence imperceptible. But the moment she acted, she was heaven-shaking.

The All Things Bracelet was worthy of being called a top-notch Spirit Treasure. Its light was brilliant and clear, like a full moon. The rainbow light of Sun Piercing Heavenly Rainbow was completely sucked away by the All Things Bracelet’s shadow.

But the Star General’s Earth Rank Technique was nothing to scoff at, especially when this was the Earth Rank Archery of the first-rate Heavenly Star Little Li Guang. When Sun Piercing Heavenly Rainbow landed upon the All Things Bracelet, there was a clear bang. The rainbow light was absorbed by the All Tings Bracelet. Similarly, the nigh invincible All Things Bracelet was repelled by the arrow. In midair, it shook, its spirit-light destroyed, losing its vitality.

Xin Lao’s hand gestured to retrieve the All Things Bracelet. She was as aloof as before.

“Xin Lao, settle things as quickly as possible!” Han Bing’s chilly tone pierced through this snowstorm world.

“Not good.”

Hua Wanyue was astonished.

Xin Lao grunted and beckoned.

With a sudden, “Bang!” The sky and earth immediately toppled. The ground sunk down into a bottomless pit. Inside the pit, the crumbling sounds were like something boiling. Instantly, endless flames mixed with astral wind, turbulent mud, and yellow dust. It rushed forth like a raging wave, its power honestly dreadful.

Xi Yue’s expression became even more grave.

“Let us see how you will manage this.” Han Bing said in a low voice, a cold tone.

The air flowing across her cheek brought a feeling of comfort. The gentle wind brushing her ear made her feel free, and all worldly restraints and thoughts of the Star Duels already vanished.

Shi Xiuxiu thought in her bleary consciousness.

Is this the feeling after a Starfall?

Shi Xiuxiu struggled to open her eyes. She finally caught sight of a speck of starlight. It seemed that Maiden Mountain after Starfall and the White Tiger Territory were the same. The air was very heavy; her body was being propped up and was flying. This kind of feeling was very unfettered. As the Daredevil Thid Brother who had pledged her entire life to be a fight to the death, she never knew that ceasing battle would turn out to be so comfortable.

Shi Xiuxiu gently moved her body, wanting to change to an even more comfortable position.

Suddenly, her butt collided with something wide. That object had five outspread fingers, and her butt was perfectly squeezed upon them. A sort of electric current made Shi Xiuxiu’s half-hazy consciousness immediately sober up. She saw a wide and warm chest, and a pair of comforting arms. Shi Xiuxiu’s eyes immediately turned like a wild beast’s, “You!!!”

“You woke up really quickly.” Su Xing lowered his head, staring into Shi Xiuxiu’s cold eyes. “Suwen says your injuries will need at least seven days to fully recover from, that you would need two or three days to wake up.”

Seeing Shi Xiuxiu’s hostile expression, Su Xing teased: “It really isn’t good for you to have such a foul expression towards your life savior.”

Life savior?

Shi Xiuxiu felt the noun this man uttered was truly ambiguous.

“You saved Your Servant?” Shi Xiuxiu blinked her eyes. Then she realized that she had not been contracted, finally showing an astonished expression.

“You believe me now.” Su Xing smiled.

Shi Xiuxiu’s eyes were full of disdain. Her heart recognized that Su Xing possessed a Star General and was thus unable to form any further contracts. Liangshan Continent was full of Star Masters like this. “Quickly put down Your Servant.” Shi Xiuxiu struggled a few times, again triggering pain over her whole body. Daredevil Third Brother’s brow wrinkled.

“Don’t struggle.” Su Xing’s tone rebuked her with a stern tone: “Suwen said your injuries are very severe. You need to rest.”

Shi Xiuxiu completely disregarded Su Xing. If it was not for her body being obstructed and truly unable to budge, she would have already brought out the Seven Colors Goose Feather Saber and hacked this man hugging her to pieces. Su Xing hugged her even more tightly, and only then did Shi Xiuxiu finally stop struggling.

She had never been so ashamed in her life.

The grand Daredevil Third Brother was surprisingly hiding in a man’s embrace, and there was even the illusion of safety.


“What conspiracy are you plotting against Your Servant.” Shi Xiuxiu took a deep breath to maintain her composure. Since Su Xing was a Star Master, then she could be said to be a fish on the chopping board, at his mercy. This man not taking his opportunity to kill her signified he had some other objective.

“I’m called Su Xing. Xiuxiu.” Su Xing introduced himself.


“Do you feel that since I’m a Star Master, you’re currently fish meat on a chopping board at my mercy? Do you think I’ll take advantage of you?” Su Xing guessed through her thinking.

Shi Xiuxiu had an expression that said, “Is that not so?”

“Not every Star Master wants to take advantage of another person’s misfortune. If you really hate me, then I will Star Duel you, but…not now. I listened to my wife to specifically come here to see you. Otherwise, why else do you think I would carry a tigress like you around…You definitely think I am disrespecting you, and you want nothing more than to kill me right now?” Su Xing shook his head, an expression of disappointment. 

“Your Servant has never met your wife.” Shi Xiuxiu coldly said. The only person she recognized was Blue Faced Beast Yang Zijin. Of course, she would not recognize Su Xing’s wife. She was a Star General, and how could she be someone else’s wife. Furthermore, Yang Zijin’s contractor was a stinking old man.

Just as Su Xing was about to reply, he suddenly sensed something, and his heart sunk.

In a flash, he hid behind a large tree, activating a concealment technique.

“Don’t say a word.” Su Xing sternly warned.

He had just hid their whereabouts when a woman dressed in a white robe appeared in the sky above where Su Xing stopped. That woman’s bangs were neatly arranged, matching her attire and tranquil bearing.

She was none other than Yang Zijin.

Yang ZIjin wrinkled her brow, scanning the surroundings. She had clearly sensed there was a slightly weak presence just now. How did it just suddenly vanish.

After Su Xing hid behind the tree, he retracted his presence to its lowest. He stared silently at Yang Zijin, and Shi XIuxiu also shot a glance at Blue Faced Beast, considerably astonished at Su Xing’s ability to sense her appearance.

Blue Faced Beast was considered one of the top-notch martial generals in the Ninth Generation. Su Xing had no interest in experiencing her martial arts. Now that Lin Yingmei and Wu Siyou were no longer at his side, it was obvious what a unilateral front against Yang Zijin would result in. Although Su Xing had the Battle Doctrine Innate Skill that could match against a Star General, he had no way to contend against the most first-rate martial general in a head-on battle.

The maturation of these peak Star Generals’ martial arts had become something very difficult for Su Xing.

To be capable of forcing the Daredevil Third Brother Star General who was at Extreme Realm Eight Stage to flee in defeat, Su Xing was very clear about Yang Zijin’s power.

A while later, other than Yang ZIjin, Su Xing did not see Han Bing, Xin Lao or the others. This signified that they stayed behind to deal with Xi Yue, as he had expected, However, Yang Zijin moved on, which offered him a bit of relief. With Little Huang and Hua Wanyue present, she should have no problems.

While Su Xing pondered, Shi Xiuxiu’s breathing was quickening. The two were hidden behind a narrow tree. So as to avoid being discovered by Yang Zijin, the space was small and their bodies were stuck close together. Shi Xiuxiu could feel her breasts that were bound by the white gauze being mercilessly squeezed by the man’s arms. Even the Shi Xiuxiu who was fierce in martial arts finally showed a Star Maiden’s bashfulness.

If it was not for seeing Su Xing’s eyes glued completely onto Yang Zijin, Shi Xiuxiu would have had the impulse to immediately kill him.

Shi Xiuxiu considered shouting out to alarm Yang Zijin. She had a favorable impression of Blue Faced Beast Yang Zijin and also knew that while this Sister appeared cold and expressionless, she was rather kind on the inside. She had been saved by her several times in the White Tiger Territory. However, turning back to see Su Xing’s serious expression, Shi Xiuxiu dismissed the thought.

Yang ZIjin looked around. Seeing there were no presences and thinking herself mistaken, she continued on.

This time, Su Xing did not fly. Instead, he stuck to the ground and used an escape technique, evading as much as possible.

Halfway through, Su Xing suddenly stopped. Far away, on an enormous cliff, a white-robed woman just happened to be bathing quietly in the moonlight, her hand gripping the hilt of her saber. Her presence was tranquil, waiting for him.


Su Xing gloomily looked at Yang Zijin – This beast’s sense of smell really was not so easy to fool.

“My dear…Would you be so kind as to let us pass…”

Shi Xiuxiu was speechless. She felt that this man was honestly frivolous. Was he actually unaware of how frightening the woman before them was? To surprisingly be able to utter the words, “My dear.” She did not realize, however, that Su Xing did so merely to calm the situation down. Yang Zijin’s placid aura was honestly full of unfathomable danger. To be able to infuriate her contrarily had an advantage.

Fury could make a person lose their judgment. If he could anger Yang Zijin, he instead could have a chance at winning.

Let Su Xing pass.

Yang Zijin slightly nodded. It was not clear if she approved of Su Xing’s teasing or if she responded merely out of courtesy. Regardless, the more calm she was, the less of a plan Su Xing had.

Dammit, I only came to the White Tiger Territory to investigate the Clinging Heaven Jian Feather, yet I’ve surprisingly bumped into one of the most powerful martial generals in the Star Duels.

This is not fun at all.

“Purple Thunder Monster. Zijin wishes to ask you a question…” Yang ZIjin’s voice very gently spoke.

Facing Blue Faced Beast, Su Xing had originally thought she would firmly take action without wasting her breath. Her sudden question made Su Xing feel hopeful. “What question.”

“What is you final wish for the Star Duels?” Yang ZIjin asked.

“Would you believe me if I said I wanted to end the Star Duels?” Su Xing shrugged.

“Are you serious?” Yang Zijin’s reaction was very calm, which dealt Su Xing a very serious blow. He was completely at a loss as to what this woman was thinking of.

“I am not the same as your Star Master. Whatever wish he has, I have no interest. I only want to help my wives end this senseless struggle.” Su Xing twitched his mouth.

Yang ZIjin seemed to smile. “Taisui is the same as you. Both of you wish to end the Star Duels.”

“Is that true, or an excuse to trick you into a contract?” Su Xing asked back.

Yang Zijin was silent. Clearly, before ascending the summit, no one had any way to guarantee this reply. “And what if you used this excuse? Perhaps it is because of this precise excuse that Lin Chong, Wu Song and the others would follow you.” Yang Zijin toyed with the bangs in front of her forehead, playing down their dialogue.

“Bitch, you’re an excuse, to surprisingly dare insult Su Xing.” Shi Yuan was extremely angry.

Su Xing dismissed that with laughter: “If you become my wife, I’ll convince you.”


“Zijin believes you…”

“You’re willing to become my wife?” Su Xing was stunned.

Yang ZIjin elegantly ignored Su Xing’s words. “Taisui wants you to join us. In the later Seven Stars Assembly, we shall scale Maiden Mountain together and end the Star Duels. Are you willing?”

Yang ZIjin extended her flawless, white as jade hand, beckoning with a warmth and benevolence not yet seen from Blue Faced Beast.

Su Xing could clearly see.

If he refused this hand, then the other would immediately draw her saber.

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