Chapter 635: Tip Of The Blue Emperor

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“Are you willing?”

Gazing at Yang Zijin’s delicate white hand, Su Xing thought to himself, “The hell anyone would be willing.” To scale Maiden Mountain together and end the Star Duels was indeed a very strong lure in his perspective. This was also the final conclusion Su Xing wanted. There seemed to be nothing to refuse, but from the start he had no faith in the sincerity of the White Tigers. Who was he kidding. Even without his wives’ firm distrust of them, cooperation with them was not possible at all.

However, the fierce general Dark Star Blue Faced Beast Yang Zijin was somewhat problematic. Su Xing could discern that this woman’s temperament was very carefree. A graceful woman that could be so whimsical would never be sloppy in her execution. As the most powerful enemy of the White Tiger Territory, if he refused her, Su Xing had no doubts at all that Yang Zijin would kill him instantly on the spot. Conversely, this fact also showed that at least Yang Zijin was indeed willing to work with him, Otherwise, there would be no need to waste her breath on him.

Thinking quickly through the current situation, Su Xing found that he had encountered the greatest crisis of his life. He was currently face to face with the most first-rate martial general in the Ninth Star Duels, and his side lacked Lin Yingmei, Wu Siyou and the others. Even the one and only Daredevil Third Brother was completely unable to stand, let alone battle.

A direct confrontation naturally was dismissed without thinking. Yang ZIjin would not hold back the way his wives did. His remaining choice was only to use the Jade Pendant to escape. Before the Three Heavenly Books, the Outlaw Liangshan Jade Pendant could be a limited number of times, but there was currently a problem – Su Xing glanced at the Shi Xiuxiu in his arms. There was no way he could give up on this woman.

Considering this, Su Xing finally arrived at his conclusion.

He had fucked up playing the hero saving the beauty this time.

“Have you considered this carefully?” Yang Zijin was neither rushed nor slow.

“Since we both want to end the Star Duels, then I am very delighted to cooperate.” Su Xing decided to first use stalling tactics to temporarily make Yang Zijin lower her guard. No matter what, in Liangshan’s Ninth Star Duels, forget Star Masters, even the strongest Ancestral Master or Demon would not possibly trade blows with a top-notch martial general.

Yang ZIjin was no fool. She suddenly noticed that even if he actually wanted to cooperate, there was no guarantee at all. That the White Tiger Seven Spirit Stars could cooperate at all was because Li Taisui possessed overwhelming strength, there was completely no need to worry about ulterior motives from the others; but the Purple Thunder Monster was different. To be honest, the cultivation of the man in front of her was lower than Li Taisui’s, but those magnificent Star Generals that defied the natural order made Li Taisui break out into a cold sweat. 

Both sides had previously battled at the Crystal Dragon Palace. Cooperation was practically wishful thinking.

Yang Zijin slowly sighed. “Can it be we truly cannot set aside our differences to work together to end the Star Duels?”

“This discussion of ending the Star Duels sounds pompous. Zijin, do you actually believe those Demonkin?” Shi Xiuxiu snorted disdainfully. However, she was being hugged against Su Xing’s chest. This pose appeared quite comical.

“My dear Zijin, I have a solution.” Su Xing definitely did not want Blue Faced Beast to bare her fangs at this moment.

Yang Zijin listened with rapt attention.

“I do not necessarily have to work together with Li Taisui. So long as after we scale Maiden Mountain and reach the Seven Stars Assembly, you naturally will see its conclusion. Zijin, can it be you feel that Panther Head Lin Yingmei, the Pilgrim, and the others have poor judgment?” Su Xing earnestly said. His implication was, Oh, my dear, Zijin. Let us pretend nothing happened here between us this time.”

Shi Xiuxiu thought to herself that this guy really could bluff. The Panther Head and Pilgrim were thousand year martial generals, how could they follow one man. Could it be that this man actually was a new White Tiger Seven Spirit Star who was putting on a show with Yang ZIjin to hook her in? Daredevil Third Brother had many theories.

Yang Zijin stared at Su Xing.

What Su Xing said did not have any gaps at all. Since they were ending the Star Duels, to become the Seven Stars at the end was enough. If right now Yang Zijin was to make a move, this demonstrated that she was not in good faith. Her previous words would be merely excuses for believing in her own lies.

“My dear Zijin, you would not go back on your own word, would you? I really am fond of you, so I definitely believe in you.” Su Xing smiled innocuously.

Yang Zijin slightly pondered. She took a step forward, gently jumping down from the high up cliff. Like a gentle feather, she lightly landed on the ground. “If you wish to have Zijin believe in you, that is possible. You need only agree to Zijin’s condition.” Yang Zijin softly said.

Was this beast really so reasonable?

Su XIng did not dare believe it.

“Hand Xiuxiu over to Zijin.” Yang Zijin gazed at the carried Shi Xiuxiu.

“No can do.” Su Xing bluntly refused.

“Since we will end the Star Duels together at the Seven Stars Assembly, are you not convinced with Xiuxiu on our side?” Yang Zijin asked Su Xing in exchange.

The condition Yang Zijin raised was very reasonable, and Su Xing could not refute it. However, to hand over Shi Xiuxiu needed no consideration. “Forgive me, my wife has ordered that Your Servant must bring Xiuxiu back.” Su Xing shrugged.

“Zijin, if you agree to let Su Xing go, Your Servant shall return with you.” Shi Xiuxiu lougly called.

“If you do not wish to die, then you had best comply.” Shi XIuxiu warned him.

“No can do.” Su Xing did not hesitate to answer.

Shi Xiuxiu was stunned, feeling that she had misheard or that this man misunderstood, “Zijin is worthy of your faith. If she promises to release you, then she definitely will not renege. Believe Your Servant, can it be you wish to make your wives wait for your corpse?”

“Once a man makes his decision, no woman can sway him.” Su Xing snorted.

Shi Xiuxiu grit her teeth and sneered, actually not speaking further.

“Your actions cause great difficulty for Zijin.” Yang ZIjin gently shook her head. Her left hand seized her blade. She slowly raised her hand, all of her movements soaring into the sky as naturally as a bird soaring through the sky, as naturally as a fish breathing in water. 

The negotiations had broken down.

Her saber drew.

A brilliant cold light lashed out like a viper, quickly launching a fatal strike.

Su Xing’s eyes narrowed, and he leapt backwards.

What swift speed.

A thin trickle of blood was faintly visible on his forehead.

Yang Zijin held the Extreme Vast Blue Emperor Saber in her hand. Her body was very light, as if it was being held gently aloft by the air. Then, she quickly launched an attack. Su Xing’s Divine Intent moved. The twelve Metal Element Flying Swords Heaven Tearing suddenly appeared, coiling together into a gigantic golden sword to intercept her.


The tip of Heaven Tearing barely caught the Five Star Extreme Vast Blue Emperor Saber.

“My dear, next time, I’ll have Yingmei play with you.” Su Xing had no wish to continue fighting her. He was not so arrogant to compare his strength to Blue Faced Beast. His escape technique activated. Thunder clapped, and he brushed past Yang Zijin.

Those floating bangs were blown aside, revealing her eye-catching blue birthmark.

Yang Zijin’s figure vanished.

A saber cut at him from behind.

Saber-qi dug into his body, breaking his flesh. Su Xing activated the Meditative Mind Lotus Flower. Petal upon petal of lotus flower blossomed upon his body, releasing golden light, majestic as it dispersed the incoming saber-qi. Su Xing whirled around, holding Shi Xiuxiu’s slender waist in one arm while his right hand opened in a palm strike towards Yang Zijin.

A giant Purple Thunder Palm slammed down from the sky.

With a crack.

The Purple Mansion Immortal Thunder brought her no resistance at all. Yang ZIjin’s slash cleaved the Purple Thunder apart. In the next instant, the swordtip cut straight towards Su Xing. Su Xing was already prepared, and he swept two fingers in front of him.

Instant Frost Flame emerged.

The Frost Flame submerged Yang Zijin’s silhouette. The Instant Frost Flame was a flame of zero degrees. Ordinary Star Generals could not easily break free.

“Look out.” Shi Xiuxiu shouted.

Not good.

Su Xing suddenly felt a chilly wind rolled over his back. Yang Zijin had surprisingly appeared behind him somehow. Her blade swung down. Even though Su Xing used Light Smoke Dance Steps to circle past the Extreme Vast Blue Emperor Saber’s lethal zone, Yang Zijin’s attack was honestly too fast, too much as a surprise. Light Smoke Dance Steps was not able to avoid it completely. Another slashe cut into the lotus flower, shattering most of the Meditative Mind Lotus Flower.

“So this is a top-notch martial general. As expected, you don’t disappoint Your Servant at all.” Su Xing formed a hand seal. Several hundred purple Thunder Lotus Flowers manifested. Following Su Xing’s hand motion, each petal of Purple Mansion Immortal Lotus erupted with purple qi, interweaving into a net that trapped Yang ZIjin.


Su Xing thought.

Heaven Tearing drew a golden rainbow as it stabbed towards Yang Zijin.

Then, Su XIng again used the Chaotic Tail Escape, thinking of using these few seconds to break away from Yang Zijin’s entanglement.

But before he could move very far, a sneak attack of ice-cold saber qi once again blocked his route. A woman as indifferent as a cold breeze again somehow stood before him. Even the Chaotic Tail Escape was unable to break away from her. Su Xing took a deep breath. The Chaotic Tail Escape’s side effects made Su Xing’s whole body ache unbearably. His consciousness began to falter.

“This speed is too fast.” Su Xing grit his teeth.

“You do not want to set down Shi Xiuxiu?” Yang Zijin benevolently asked.

Originally, they were already at a disadvantage, and he was even holding onto a woman, restricting his movements. Any ordinary Star Master should have made a decision about Yang Zijin by now. 

At this moment, Su Xing’s attention turned to a faint blue vortex beside Yang Zijin. This blue whirlwind appeared vaguely like a fanged beast. He did not know if this was an effect of her killing intent or her aura.

Shi Xiuxiu was currently a bit stunned. She did not expect this man to be this capable, to surprisingly be able to contend in several bouts with Yang Zijin. THose body techniques and reactions just now astonished her. Shi Xiuxiu was fully aware of Blue Faced Beast’s might. She thought that after Su Xing admitted a mistake, he would promptly throw her away and flee for himself first.

But now, it appeared that he was holding her even tighter.

Being hugged so tightly made Shi Xiuxiu very uncomfortable. At the same time, there was surprise in her heart. Shi Xiuxiu suddenly had the urge to pit herself against Su Xing.

Shi Xiuxiu bluntly said: “Kill Your Servant right now and run. Hmph, this is your best choice.”

“I will surely fulfill the promise I made to my wife.” Su Xing panted.

Although he said this, the situation appeared very dire.

“Your Servant is very impressed with your passion for battle, but…You will regret it…” Shi XIuxiu said nothing more.

“Could it be you truly are willing to risk your life for someone you are completely unrelated to?” Yang Zijin thought pensively.

“To be frank, our beliefs in the army must be like this.” Su Xing chuckled: “However, Your Servant treasures his own life very much and will not die so easily.”

Yang Zijin nodded, seemingly recognizing Su Xing’s choice.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter Schwarze_Kreuz! Most novels have face-slapping loops in the plot, but this one has Su-Xing-gets-beat up-rescuing-maidens loops haha.

    1. In those face slapp loopes there are mostly arrogant young masters and those have been sparce in this novel. Very good.
      But, who doesn’t like that sweet sweet music of faces getting slapped?

  2. At least Su Xing understands he’s a dumbass.
    Plus, I love how consistent the series has been about how, while he’s OP and clever, he’s not broken.

    1. Yeah he seems almost broken at times but then things like this happens.
      I prefer it this way really. Having my MC struggle and become stronger is better then having the MC being OP since the start and only sloooowly showing his real might

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