Chapter 636: Dancing With A Beast

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“Zijin, fight Your Servant. Would facing a cultivator without a Star General not insult the dignity of the Dark Star.” Shi XIuxiu shouted, however, she was still held tightly against Su Xing’s chest, so she appeared completely unconvincing.

Dark Star Blue Faced Beast Yang Zijin was indifferent. Her bangs covered that birthmark surrounding her eye, nevertheless showing one that was full of an indescribable depth. The Star Beast Blue Emperor that was like the wind flowed around the Dark Star. The girl softly said: “As long as he hands you over, Zijin will not make things difficult for him.”

“Hurry and put Your Servant down.” Shi Xiuxiu coldly said, but when she stared straight into Su Xing’s unwavering eyes, Daredevil Third Brother was speechless. Su Xing expressionlessly stared at Yang ZIjin. There was no sign of him letting go in the slightest.

“Bring it. I will never hand her over to you.” Su Xing answered without hesitation. As he said this, he retreated backwards, attacking with several Purple Mansion Purple Thunder.

“Hmph.” Yang Zijin grunted, and her figure moved.

The Star Beast Blue Emperor slashed down like an unsheathed blade. The Purple Mansion Immortal Thunders were cut to shreds by the Blue Emperor. Su Xing’s escape technique activated, and a blood-light flashed.

Yang Zijin’s brows rose. The Blue Emperor suddenly darted into her body. Yang Zijin’s body similarly moved, becoming a cold light that chased Su Xing.

Such swift speed!

A chilly wind blew behind him. The cold saber-qi followed him like a shadow, astonishing Su Xing into a cold sweat. The Chaotic Tail Escape was surprisingly completely unable to shake off Blue Faced Beast. The Yang Zijin behind him was like a tiger let out of its cage, its eyes fixed on Su Xing as if he was prey. She caught up in a few steps. Waving her hand, the Extreme Vast Blue Emperor Saber brandished its fangs. Blue saber-light dug into Su Xing’s back like sharp fangs. 

Even with the Acala Wisdom King Chat and the Meditative Mind Lotus Flower’s protection, this still made Su Xing feel the terror of the Dark Star.


Su Xing chanted. Twelve Flying Swords appeared out from thin air. Under his Divine Intent control, he drew twelve golden rainbows. Cold qi nipped and stabbed at Yang Zijin.


The dance of metallic ringing and killing intent flowed through the air. Yang ZIjin’s swordsmanship flowed as smoothly as water and clouds, agile in her execution. The twelve Heaven Tearing appeared to mercilessly surround Yang ZIjin, but under the woman’s hand, they were easily suppressed. Su Xing already had no illusions that his Flying Swords could face Yang Zijin, but he hoped they could buy him enough time to flee the area.

But in the White Tiger Territory, Su Xing’s speed was greatly inhibited. Yang Zijin already knew this environment like the back of her hand. To shaker her off was very difficult.

Several Chaotic Tail Escapes Later, Daredevil Third Brother could watch no longer.

“How are you a bigger daredevil than Your Servant? Just what are you planning to do with Your Servant?” Shi Xiuxiu twisted her face and coldly spoke. Due to Su Xing’s current actions, he greatly exceeded Shi Xiuxiu’s logic. Since this man did not force a contract on her, nor did he killer her and take her Star Energy, instead protecting her, this honestly was outrageous.

The Shi Xiuxiu who had never thought that such a thing would happen could only stiffen her face and use a harsh tone, hoping she could make Su Xing expose himself.

“This Daredevil Third Brother is even more like a fierce white tiger than Wu Siyou is.” Su Xing muttered under his breath, indifferent to her foul mood, but he worried about the pursuit of Yang Zijin behind him. The Chaotic Tail Escape could not be used for too long. The wives in the Star Nest could not bear watching any longer, and a moment later, Su Xing finally stopped.

Space flashed.

The twelve Heaven Tearing returned and spiraled around Su Xing. He inspected them.

Son of a bitch. His unstoppable Heaven Tearing Flying Swords had been cut to pieces by Yang Zijin. That Five Star Extreme Vast Blue Emperor Saber was indeed too troublesome. The twelve Heaven Tearing were astonishingly withdrawn.

“Relax, I’m not gonna consume you.” Su Xing said.

“If you want to kill Your Servant, then kill Your Servant. Do not play any tricks. Your Servant will not sign a contract with you.” Shi Xiuxiu clarified her position.

“I won’t force you, but even if you can end nine generations of Star Duels together with the Majestic Star and Harm Star, you aren’t willing?” Su Xing asked this question to toy with the thought a bit. He deliberately leaked the famous names of Majestic Star Panther Head Lin Chong and Harm Star Pilgrim Wu Song to watch how Daredevil Third Brother would react.

Shi Xiuxiu snorted in disdain. From the very start, she was unconvinced Su Xing could have Star Generals as renowned as the Majestic Star and Harm Star. On the contrary, she stuck Su Xing with the label of silvery tongue and disdainfully looked at him.

Su Xing scratched his nose. He had inadvertently backfired.

“Can you walk?” Su Xing put Shi Xiuxiu down.

Shi XIuxiu wrinkled her brow. SHe could barely stand: “What are you thinking of doing to Your Servant?”

“If you want to return my favor of saving your life, I don’t need you to dedicate your heart to me. Just don’t sign a contract with the White Tiger Territory’s Demonkin.”

“Your Servant never intended to. Even if they forced a contract, Your Servant is not afraid to to fight him tooth and nail.” Shi Xiuxiu sneered.

“That’s fine. I don’t want to become enemies with you.” Su Xing sized her up.

Shi Xiuxiu’s face reddened. She sensed that her clothes were a bit wretched. 

“Be careful yourself. I’m going to lure Yang Zijin away.” When Su Xing finished speaking, the wind gusted, and he already vanished from sight.

Shi XIuxiu’s mouth hung agape. She ruthlessly pinched herself. This man was covered in injuries, yet he wanted to lure Yang ZIjin away for her sake? Could it be this was actually a trap by that White Tiger Territory old man, a deliberate ploy using this hero playing the beauty, aware of her resolute nature? Shi Xiuxiu knew that if a Star General was delighted to sign a contract, then the Star Duels were beyond the control of a Star General. 

Although she had an attachment to battle that exceeded the imagination, Shi Xiuxiu was no fool. She quickly brainstormed through the possibilities. “Stinking man, how could Your Servant ever fall for your trick.” Shi Xiuxiu muttered, not turning her head back as she moved carefully to hide in the other direction.

Thus, after Su Xing used his Chaotic Tail Escape several times, he was exhausted. His speed suddenly slowed. Just as Su Xing thought he had thrown off Yang Zijin, he turned his head back to look. The quiet forest had no silhouettes.

Su Xing was worried about Shi Xiuxiu and expanded his vast Divine Intent to cover a range of several hundred li.

“What are you searching for?”

A gentle voice rose beside him.

Su Xing smiled in embarrassment. He turned around to see the Yang Zijin in a white robe descend from the sky like an angel. Her foor gently touched the ground.

“Shi Xiuxiu is not here?” Yang ZIjin was expressionless. “Zijin shall believe in your sincerity…” Saying this, Yang Zijin seemed about to leave. All of a sudden, a bolt of Purple Mansion Immortal Thunder detonated, catching Yang Zijin off guard and beating her back.

“Are you misunderstanding something? Your Servant merely felt that woman was a bit of a nuisance, and Your Servant wishes to test just how developed your martial arts are, to see how you compare to my wives.” Su Xing raised his eyebrows. He raised his hand, and the similarly Five Star Dragon Sparrow Dew Long Saber appeared in his hand.

Yang ZIjin quietly stared at Su Xing, making no reply.

Then in the next instant, something happened.

An invisible saber-qi emerged from her white clothes. Yang Zijin’s body seemed to become a sword that cleaved heaven and earth. She unsheathed at lightning fast speed, her killing intent rocketing upwards.

The instant she drew, time and space seemed to freeze. The surrounding atmosphere seemed to turn into a vacuum in an instant. Su Xing had a feeling of suffocation. That glittering wave of saber qi seemed to be the only thing that existed in the world, firmly restraining his body.

And he seemed like a tooth with a cavity in this world. He was rolled into this killing intent, and he was seemingly being extracted.

Tooth Extraction!!!

In a confrontation with a Star General, Su Xing still did not feel Yang Zijin’s Yellow Technique Tooth Extraction was not so formidable. Now that he was placed in a direct confrontation against the attack of a top-notch martial general, he finally understood just how frightening the first-rate martial generals were in the Star Duels. They absolutely were not existences that Star Masters could contend against.

Yang Zijin’s entire person was like a meteor, carrying powerful boldness, her blade cutting across Su Xing’s body.

For anyone else, decapitation would have been the inevitable result.

But…Su Xing was not anyone else.

He was Majestic Star Lin Yingmei’s master, Harm Star Wu Siyou’s hubby, the man of several top-notch martial generals.


With a loud thunderclap, the entire world seemed to explode. The forest was blown apart, a storm danced wildly, and the Demon Beasts that were close by only felt their eyes dazzled by countless golden stars. They were surprisingly shocked stiff by this powerful attack.

The glimmering saber-qi instantly vanished. What was left were merely fragments filling the sky.

Her bangs were lifted by the saber-qi, revealing Yang Zijin’s absolutely beautiful eyes and her surprised expression.

Past the sabertip, she saw a pair of sharp eyes.

This man blocked with the Dragon Sparrow Dew Long Saber in front of his chest,  surprisingly catching her trusted Yellow Technique.

Su Xing suppressed the blood gurgling in his throat. He countered and raised the Dragon Sparrow Dew Long Saber.

A similar move.

Dragon Blood Frontline!!

The broadsword whooshed, seemingly roaring like a dragon. The saber-light moved at speeds that surpassed what the naked eye could track.

The saber-light instantly grew large before Yang Zijin’s astonished eyes.

The woman recovered her calm. She slightly raised her head, her long, flowing hair spreading out. With a whoosh, several hundred strands of hair were severed all at once. Dragon Blood Frontline’s saber-qi brushed past Yang ZIjin’s unblemished skin.

“Heh-heh.” Su Xing immediately followed up with a bolde and decisive strike.

Yang ZIjin was still as calm as still waters, as if this slash was merely an illusion, and the young woman was also like an illusion. Her whole body was relaxed, gripping the hilt of her Extreme Vast Blue Emperor calmly and unperturbed.

Neither fast nor slow, she slashed.

A slash of the highest quality instantly appeared.

Su Xing’s eyes immediately widened. His ferocious attack was firmly stopped midway. An extreme saber-qi had already inconceivably sliced his completely defenseless body.

Saber-qi erupted in his body, surprisingly shattering the Meditative Mind Lotus Seed.

“You obviously know that you are not my opponent. Why do you not run?” Yang Zijin was perplexed.

“I’ll run, but it’s not the time yet.” Su Xing very directly replied.

Yang Zijin was speechless.

“If you believe you truly can save Xiuxiu, then receive your answer first from Zijin’s saber.” Yang Zijin’s killing intent once again rose. Powerful killing intent rolled out like a dragon.

Su Xing now was very clear about his situation. If her Yellow Technique was this powerful, then her Dark Technique and Earth Technique would perhaps leave him resting in pieces. On one hand, he needed to guard against Yang Zijin’s Heaven, Earth, Dark and Yellow Techniques. On the other, Su Xing needed to guarantee Shi Xiuxiu’s safety.


A crisp shout.

This is bad.

Su Xing’s expression changed. Yang Zijin suddenly exerted her strength. Her swordsmanship drew a dazzling, strange angle. This slash cut onto Su Xing’s shoulder. His shoulderblade was smashed to pieces by the blade, causing Su Xing’s brows to scrunch together in pain. Then, a powerful pressure pushed down from his shoulder, forcing him to kneel.

At this moment, Su Xing was wide open.

What a formidable Realm.

Su Xing’s heart was shaken.

Yang Zijin looked down on him. The two of them were so close that Su Xing could even smell Blue Faced Beast’s scent.

“Do you regret this now?” Yang Zijin softly asked.

This was bad.

Su Xing clenched his fist, already considering a last ditch effort of releasing the Ghost Cavalry King, otherwise, death was inevitable, “Your Servant doesn’t know what to regret, or do you feel victory is in your grasp.” Just as Su Xing was about to revolt.

Suddenly, a figure dashed over extremely quickly.

Yang Zijin seemed to have already sensed it. The corner of her lips could not help but smile. She drew her saber and repelled the sneak attacker. 

“Xiuxiu, you really should not waste this man’s kindness.” Yang Zijin softly said.

Su Xing was shocked and speechless.

Could this Shi Xiuxiu be planning to die together with him.

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    Too bad she’s an enemy.

    1. Yeah same here. But that old lightning monster is another thing… So I wonder if she really trusts him or what?

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