Chapter 637: All Out

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Su Xing was actually about to blow his top. Although I’ve saved the beauty so many times, I’ve gone too far this time. To face Dark Star Blue Faced Beast on his own, this would be hard to pull off no matter how much stronger he was. And now that Shi Xiuxiu was heavily injured, Su Xing did not feel that she came to help him.

Su Xing raised his saber, first knocking aside Yang Zijin’s saber that was buried in his shoulder.

Then, despite the pain, he retreated several steps, maintaining a safe distance. When Su Xing saw Shi Xiuxiu’s ragged appearance, he truly was somewhat defeated.

But Yang Zijin was not so relaxed when she saw Shi Xiuxiu. On the contrary, she had an unprecedented grimness. As she was repelled by Su Xing’s attack, she did not pursue him. She merely held her saber and quietly looked at Shi Xiuxiu. “Could it be that you want to use your Innate Skill? Do you not know the consequences?”


Su Xing did not understand.

At this moment, Shi Xiuxiu let out a wild laugh. In that instant, her aura greatly changed.

An incorporeal aura that seemed substantive1 appeared on Shi Xiuxiu’s body. This swirling aura gradually burned like a flame, but it was not as pure as fire. Its appearance was a kind of clear light, as if it was overloading Shi Xiuxiu’s body. Wisdom Star Daredevil Third Brother Shi Xiuxiu’s eyes were gradually as red as blood. Gorgeous, raging flames wrapped around her whole body.

Su Xing stared in awe.

This was the first time he had seen a Star General’s body exhibit such a strange transformation.

“Is this All Out?” Inside the Star Nest, Yan Yizhen showed rare astonishment.

“What does that mean?” Su Xing did not understand.

“Master, Daredevil Third Brother’s Innate Skill All Out is rumored to overload one’s own life force to raise her martial arts realm to a new level while heavily injured.” Yan Yizhen answered. “But this type of Innate Skill cannot be used often. The longer the overload, the closer to a Starfall she draws.” In other words, this was a final technique that converted life energy into martial arts prowess. It was no wonder she had the title of Daredevil.

Su Xing suddenly felt that Shi Xiuxiu’s unwillingness to sign a Star Duel Covenant was perhaps because she knew that her Starfall was near, so she was not willing to involve a Star Master.

As he pondered this, Yang Zijin’s figure already warped.

Her blade slashed directly towards Su Xing, a speck of blue light gathered on the blade. Blue Faced Beast’s pupils were full of a terrible killing intent. Su Xing immediately perceived the sign that she had activated her Earth Rank. He immediately attacked with the Dragon Sparrow Dew Long Saber.

He used the Earth Rank Saber Technique, Clothes Full Of Flower Fragrance.

Several dozen flowers buds fell towards Yang Zijin, their odd fragrance wafting, covering his whole body. SU Xing used this Earth Rank relatively hastily. He basically had no hopes of relying on this attack to wound Yang Zijin. Su Xing even already was prepared to follow up by summoning Empress Tu and the Ghost Cavalry King, but just at this moment, an unexpected scene occurred.

Against the sneak attacking saber technique, Yang Zijin neither dodged nor hid. She merely angled her blade. Against Su Xing’s Earth Rank, she was steady yet unafraid. The flower buds fell, their scent wafted, and countless rays of saber-qi suddenly burst forth.

The flowers’ scent wildly sprayed, breaking open all of Yang ZIjin’s defenses in the blink of an eye. At the very last moment, Yang Zijin nevertheless stook a step back, but even so, her spotlessly white clothes were still stained with a shocking splotch of red.

Su Xing had no time to think too much. That Shi Xiuxiu ferociously rushed out.

With her whole body seemingly burning with transparent flames, she appeared absolutely beautiful. Behind Shi Xiuxiu, there were flapping phoenix wings. This was the special trait of the True Phoenix Realm.

Yang Zijin pulled back. She had already deliberated very thoroughly and comprehensively, yet she was still being pushed back by Shi Xiuxiu’s frightening realm. Then, a slash similarly cut down onto her own shoulder the same as Su Xing’s.

Yang Zijin grunted, retreating even further away.

Her Divine Intent moved. The Star Beast Blue Emperor soared and propped up Yang ZIjin. It opened its mouth and spat out a blade-like whirlwind.

“Zijin fears your wives are in trouble. For the time being, Zijin shall…” Yang ZIjin finished halfway before resuming her silence. She merely glanced at Su Xing and Shi Xiuxiu. Although she appeared heavily injured, she seemed unhurt. Calm and unruffled as before as she turned to leave.

Su Xing was somewhat in disbelief, up until his Divine Intent scanned about and actually did not find any trace of her.

“What trick are you two playing, Your Servant will not be duped.” Shi Xiuxiu still maintained her All Out stance. Those proud, phoenix-like eyes were more intimidating than a king’s.

But Su Xing did not acknowledge anything. He shook his head, “You had best not overload your life force any further.”

“Your Servant shall let you off this once.” Under All Out status, Shi Xiuxiu would arouse the deepest frenzy fighting intent her body could muster. In other words, she would practically lose all reason and be full of the will to fight.

That she had this much rationality made Su Xing very surprised.

Shi Xiuxiu turned around and immediately entered the forest.

Her figure flashed away, disappearing from Su Xing’s view.

When Su Xing thought of Yang Zijin’s words just now, he no longer had time to mind about Shi Xiuxiu’s state. He rushed in the direction of Xi Yue.

Meanwhile, on Xi Yue’s side, following Xin Lao’s actions, Xi Yue had immediately sunken into the defensive. The “Flying Sand Wandering Stone” ability of this proud and aloof woman who hid all the time immediately darkened the area. Xi Yue could only use the Dual Modes Ruler to protect herself. All of her abilities were suppressed by Xin Lao, and this Flying Sand Wandering Stone was very out of the ordinary. The granules of sand flying about were like sharp blades, their sweeping lights as swift as lightning.

On the other side, Han Bing was taking swift action. She used those thirty-three ancient Black Frost Flying Swords that were forged from the quintessence of prehistoric jade. They danced, a screen of blue light, their cold qi extending ten thousand zhang. The person herself was an expert in cold-type Demon abilities. The Flying Swords she used were like tigers with wings. The cold-lights came and went like lightning, and her magic energy was far more profound than Xi Yue’s. Luckily, Xi Yue put forth all her strength. With a Prehistoric Spirit Treasure like the Dual Modes Ruler, she could defy the order of the Five Elements. Even so, she was at a disadvantage, so she could only bitterly persist.

Xin Lao’s Star General, Peng Fei, already emerged. The woman was very ferocious, her hands gripping the double-edged saber Star Weapon “Bright Moon Without Border.”2 Four Stars twinkled upon it, and her head of long, golden hair billowed like waves. The golden light upon her fluttered. Her Heavenly Eye was open on her forehead, making her appear as imposing and extraordinary as a god.

The ranked forty-third woman saw several Sisters yet did not greet them. She was aware of the severity of their situation. With a stern expression, without hesitation, she shouted, and the Bright Moon Without Border flashed. Countless golden lights shot towards Zhang Feiyu and Xi Yue’s group.

Dark Technique.

Marooned On Four Seas!!

When Zhang Feiyu saw that she had used such a powerful technique so quickly, she promptly raised her Star Weapon to block. Peng Fei pointed, expressionlessly pouncing forth with that Bright Moon Without Border Saber reaching bone-deep. She flung herself forwards, tightly biting down and not letting go. If she was fighting alone, the forty-third ranked Peng Fei could not possibly be the twenty-eighth ranked Boatman’s opponent, but with Xin Lao using her powers to suppress them, the matching between master and servant was very tacit, making Zhang Feiyu completely unable to withstand this. 

Little loli Gongsun Huang moved urgently when sh saw this. Her eyes instantly flared with scarlet light, becoming solemn and serious. Gongsun Huang pointed her sword and activated the Dark Rank Technique Half-destroyed Landscape to lessen the pressure on Zhang Feiyu.

Immediately afterwards, the girl’s light body swayed, stepping as light as a cloud. Gorgeous wings several meters wide sprouted from her back. Gongsun Huang instantly transformed into a phoenix. Powerful flames instantly blew away Xin lao’s Flying Sand Wandering Stone. In that instant, the expression of the stone-faced Xin Lao could not help but move. She was suddenly alarmed.

To be able to shock Xin Lao so mcuh.

This naturally was the Earth Rank Magic of the number one magic energy Star General, GOngsun Huang.

Phoenix Execution Sky Break!!

The Earth Rank Magic of the number one magic energy Star General was extremely fierce. Xin Lao’s powerful magic energy obstruction was easily broken. Gongsun Huang’s attack proceeded without stopping. Even though General of Heavenly Vision Peng Fei immediately opened her Heavenly Eye, she had no way to keep up with the Earth Rank of Dragon in the Clouds. The woman grit her teeth, blocking in front of Xin Lao, slashing repeatedly with the Bright Moon Without Border.

Similarly, she did not hold back her Earth Technique.

To The Horizon’s End!!3

Peng Fei suddenly charged, her Bright Moon Saber letting out thousands of rays of golden light. Each ray was like an endless blade. The saber-lights interwove, leaving no blind spot as they attacked Gongsun Huang. The killing intent of each ray was extreme, leaving no gaps.

But Phoenix Execution Sky Break was honestly too powerful. Peng Fei’s Earth Rank could not withstand it.

The magnificent phoenix paused for only an instant before tearing apart To The Horizon’s End. Then, it slammed into Peng Fei’s abdomen. Powerful Star Energy immediately rushed into the woman’s internal organs, promptly turning her face ashen, but Peng Fei only shouted.

“Master, quickly flee!”

When she finished, Peng Fei was killed into the Star Nest. And Gongsun Huang’s Earth Rank did not stop there, proceeding to hurtle towards Xin Lao.

Xin Lao’s expression was grave and stern, but she unexpectedly did not flee. The woman stamped her foot.

The earth promptly rumbled.

A powerful force shook the air, surprisingly suppressing Gongsun Huang’s Phoenix Execution Sky Break. Although the power of Phoenix Execution Sky Break was greatly reduced after killing Peng Fei, to be able to stop her Earth Rank, Gongsun Huang’s eyes nevertheless showed a bit of astonishment.

But how could the number one magic energy Star General give up.

Gongsun Huang gently shouted.

Her Star Energy swelled and broke through its limit.

While Gongsun Huang and Xin Lao clashed, Han BIng did not stand idly by. Seeing Dragon in the Clouds use her trump card, Han Bing did not dare be overconfident. She telepathically ordered Ling Feixue to first release a concentrated barrage. Then, Han Bing’s Flying Swords finally pierced through the Dual Modes Ruler’s defenses. She used the thin ice world of her Ice Heart Appreciation to instantly arrive in front of Xi Yue.

Everything was within Han Bing’s control. How could Xi Yue deal with this kind of thousand year Demonkin. 

“Hmph! Eat Han Bing’s Terrified To The Bone!”4

Han Bing sneered, clenching to fingers together. She pointed chilling cold in her fingers, just like a knife, stabbing it straight towards Xi Yue’s chest.

Xi Yue’s expression sank. She instinctively circulated her magic energy for protection.

Han Bing thrust her fingers right towards Xi Yue’s chest.

An extremely cold chill immediately passed through her fingers through the meridians over Xi Yue’s whole body. The girl’s eyes widened, and her complexion turned pale. She could only feel a chill course through her whole body. Her brain boomed, and she immediately lost any resistance. Han Bing’s Terrified To The Bone had reached her heart, and it was able to seal a cultivator’s abilities. It was difficult to escape from once struck.

However, this was extremely draining on Han Bing’s magic energy.

Han Bing’s mind thought only of killing one of the Purple Thunder Monster’s arms. She used her Demonkin abilities at full power. Just as she was about to instantly thoroughly kill Xi Yue, a burst of pain suddenly erupted in her abdomen. She lowered her head to look. An arrow had pierced straight through Xi Yue and surprisingly shot into herself.

Han Bing raised her head in astonishment.

And just happened to catch sigh of Hua Wanyue firing another arrow.

“Courting death!”

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  1. Makes literally no sense, but okay
  2. 明月無涯
  3. 天涯入微
  4. Funnily enough, this shares the same name as one of an old Star General’s attacks


  1. 1. ‘Substantive’ here just means ‘heavy, real, and alot of it’. In this case, Xiuxiu’s overload state is just that hard to ignore.
    Makes sense if you consider it converts your life force into raw power.

    2. I almost forgot Little Huang had her Earth Rank.

  2. “When she finished, Xin Lao was killed into the Star Nest. And Gongsun Huang’s Earth Rank did not stop there, proceeding to hurtle towards Xin Lao.”
    Wasn’t that one earlier Peng Fei, not Xin Lao? Or was she supposed to be in two places at once?

  3. Thanks for the chapter Schwarze_Kreuz! They’re in such a rough spot Hua Wanyue had to fire through Xi Yue in an attempt to turn the tide huh.

    1. It’s what that particular arrow was designed for. It’s too bad that they’re separated from Su Xing.

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