Chapter 638: Until We Meet Again

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Hua Wanyue’s “Heartbreak Without A Scar” just barely stopped Han Bing. Han Bing, who was greatly drained of magic energy, vomited blood. Having been shot away by the power of the Hero Star’s arrow, Han Bing looked to Ling Feixue, as if she was confused how her Star General could not stall Hua Wanyue, but when she looked, she noticed that Ling Feixue’s body had already become a pincushion. She was completely powerless to continue battle.

The Earthly Star Four Heavenly King relied on staunch willpower to finally drag herself to the frontline for Han Bing.


Xi Yue descended from the sky. Her body was as cold as ice, as if she was lifeless. With her contractor injured, the similarly affected Zhang Feiyu raised her Flaming Fish King Saber in near madness. These days, she did not care for her appearance, which was slovenly. The foul-mouthed Boatman currently was truly infuriated. Enduring her battered and tired body, she used her swordsmanship.

Han Bing was inwardly flabbergasted. She did not plan to hold back, but now she suddenly felt a powerful aura flying quickly towards this place. The entire forest was suppressed by that aura, a deathly silence.

“Purple Thunder Monster!”

Han Bing’s heart jumped. She was greatly astonished that Blue Faced Beast was somehow unable to slay the Purple Thunder Monster. Could it be that she had been defeated by the Purple Thunder Monster? Han Bing was very clear on Yang Zijin’s strength, but she was similarly aware of how abnormal the Purple Thunder Monster was. Regarding Li Taisui’s recruitment of the Purple Thunder Monster, Han Bing was not willing to have faith in him from the very start. Now that the Purple Thunder Monster was returning, Han Bing also knew that continuing further like this perhaps would result in her retreating not in one piece.

Glancing at the already motionless Xi Yue, Han Bing believed that her Terrified To The Bone had already destroyed the opponent’s life completely. She would not live for much longer.

It seems there will be no possibility for collaboration now.

The corner of Han Bing’s lips curled slightly. Without any hesitation she shouted: “Xin Lao, we are leaving now! Feixue, return to the Star Nest.”

“Next time, Feixue will definitely use her cannon to best your bow and arrow fair and square.” Ling Feixue was very indignant, instantly returning to the Star Nest. Han Bing waved her hand, retracting all of her powers. Withdrawing, vanishing into the horizon in the blink of an eye.

“Where are you going!!”

Hua Wanyue shouted furiously, firing an arrow.

Powerful killing intent exploded out of her bow.

A channel was ripped open through the White Tiger Territory’s skies, forests, and oceans under the influence of this Ten Thousand Li God Killing Arrow. The arrow disappeared into the horizon, and faint shriek echoed back. Hua Wanyue inwardly grit her teeth. She set the Heaven Earth Sun Moon Bow down, already showing a weary appearance.

Xin Lao and Gongsun Huang battled fiercely. Xin Lao borrowed the White Tiger Territory’s increased gravity using the power of the Five Sacred Mountains, suppressing Phoenix Execution Sky Break, but in the end, Gongsun Huang’s Phoenix Execution Sky Break was still victorious. She completely shattered the entire zone of pressure. Finally, Xin Lao also had no choice but to flee far away through the earth.

Instantly, Han Bing and Xin Lao’s presences had already completely disappeared, leaving not a single bit of regret.

As it happened, not long after, that aura that made Han Bing afraid appeared suddenly in the sky above. As she had thought, he was none other than Su Xing, who had rushed over as fast as he could. Xi Yue and Han Bing’s battle honestly had lasted quite a while. Su Xing had rushed over with all his power, but Han Bing relied on the White Tiger Territory’s topography to launch a lightning-fast battle. In the end, she had forced the two top-notch Star Generals Gongsun Huang and Hua Wanyue into completely using their Earth Ranks. Even so, they were unable to hold off Han Bing.

“Xi Yue!”

Su Xing shouted in worry. He appeared in front of Xi Yue, hugging her.

In that brief touch, a biting cold sensation reached his internal organs, making Su Xing shiver. To be able to make a Supervoid Cultivator feel cold, it was obvious how vicious this technique of Han Bing’s was.

Su Xing grit his teeth, immediately opening the Meditative Mind Lotus Flower, pouring its potent magic energy into Xi Yue’s body, protecting her meridians that had been invaded by the chill.

“Zhang Feiyu!” Hua Wanyue was stunned. She saw Zhang Feiyu was tottering on the edge of collapse and promptly propped her up.

The Boatman was completely exhausted. The mortal blow her contractor sustained had also nearly severed her life, but the girl did not despair or show dejection. She looked at Su Xing and instead had a sort of feeling of relief, as if as long as he was here, Xi Yue definitely would be okay.

That unprecedented feeling of comfort made Zhang Feiyu weakly smile: “Su Xing, I leave Xi Yue to you. If she is alright, then This Feiyu shall offer her own body as recompense…”

“You had better return to the Star Nest to recuperate. I’ll take care of things here.” Su Xing sternly said.

Zhang Feiyu had wanted to laugh a bit. She vomited a few mouthfuls of blood before she finally was left with no choice but to smile wretchedly and enter the Star Nest.

“Your Highness.” Gongsun Huang blinked. Seeing Xi Yue’s appearance, she showed a concerned expression.

“Forgive Me, Milord, please punish me. This is because I was unable to protect Lady Xi Yue.” Hua Wanyue begged forgiveness.

Su Xing shook his head. He did not want to entertain this subject any further. He continuously poured magic energy into Xi Yue, sensing just how formidable that cold was. That biting chill was cold even to Su Xing. Finally, he was barely able to preserve Xi Yue’s meridians using the Meditative Mind Lotus Flower, but the remaining trace of ice-cold did not abate. No matter how much power Su Xing used, he was unable to dispel it.

Even Su Xing could still feel the cold bite back.

At this moment, An Suwen said: “Big Brother, this way cannot dispel it. Instead, you will harm yourself.”

“Little Sister, do you have some countermeasure?” Su Xing asked.

“Perhaps you can use the Yang energy of a Fire Element Medicine or magic energy to counteract it.” An Suwen answered.

“Fire Element?” Su Xing paused. He remembered the Fire Spirit Magic Sarira. Immediately opening his mouth, a completely red sarira was spat out. He then placed it in Xi Yue’s mouth. As expected, Xi Yue’s chilled body warmed up greatly. 

“Sir.” Xi Yue was muddleheaded. Curling up against Su Xing’s chest, it was clear she was still unbearably cold.

“Not enough. Are there any other Fire Element materials?” Su Xing was somewhat worried.

“Fire Element materials?”

“Master, are you not searching for the Clinging Heaven Vermilion Jian?” Yan Yizhen gently reminded her master.

“En, the Clinging Heaven Vermilion Jian’s spirit should work.” An Suwen muttered a bit.

“Good. Let’s go kill that Clinging Heaven Vermilion Jian right now.”

Su Xing carried XI Yue, very distressed to see the shivering Xi Yue.

“Kill the Clinging Heaven Vermilion Jian?” Tang Lianxin was a bit concerned.

A Divine Bird like the Clinging Heaven Vermilion Jian was already not so easy to face. If Lin Yingmei or Wu Siyou were here, to kill it would perhaps not be a problem, but because they had considered only to obtain the feathers of the Clinging Heaven Vermilion Jian, the Panther Head and Pilgrim did not follow them to the White Tiger Territory this time. With just the few of them, killing it would perhaps be somewhat difficult.

However, at this time, there was already no one who could stop Su Xing’s determination.

“Little Huang, Wanyue, properly recuperate. Perhaps there will be some difficulty in a moment.” Su Xing said with concern.

Little Huang sat on Su Xing’s shoulder.

The Leisure Star’s most beloved recuperation was perhaps to quietly sit on his shoulder and watch the wind blow the clouds away.

Hua Wanyue nodded and sat crosslegged at the bow of the Star Riding Boat, quietly looking into the distance.

Just when Su Xing changed his plans to kill the Clinging Heaven Vermilion Jian, he nevertheless did not realize there was already a girl one step ahead of him.

An extremely remote mountain range in the White Tiger Territory, only a range of a hundred li. Compared to those motionless mountains across several tens of thousands of li, those grasses across several tens of thousands of li, this was no more than a small hill.

This hill was named by the White Tiger Demonkin as Clinging Bird Hill. This hill was not large, and the trees of the grove here were not lush like the ancient forests. The trees of Clinging Bird Hill were as red as fire. Even the brush was a fiery red. The fauna that lived at this Clinging Bird Hill had hair like flames. Most were fire element beasts.

And upon entering the range of Clinging Bird Hill, the temperature would skyrocket to a hundred.

The air contorted as if it was being broiled, and the temperature was stifling.

But this did not amount to anything. The oddest thing was that at the top of Clinging Bird Hill was a large tree. It was a thousand zhang tall, its trunk very thick. Several hundred people would be needed to wrap around it. This large tree grew tall and straight, and its canopy was lush. Each leaf was shaped like a flame, as if it was on fire. From faraway, it seemed that Clinging Bird Hill was in the middle of a conflagration.

This tree’s name was “Clinging Wood”1 which was a Prehistoric Fire Element Tree. This treetop was aflame. There was a bird’s nest the size of one li. It was unclear what it was constructed from.

With a sweet scent, the grass was a fiery red color, but it nevertheless released rainbow vapors and lights. A magic and propitious cloud lingered around the nest, which was also covered by the tree’s leaves. Even if someone stood underneath the tree, they would not be able to see the bird nest above.

From far away, Zhao Hanyan inspected that bird nest.

As the legend said, while Clinging Bird Hill appeared tranquil, it was the most dangerous of the White Tiger Territory’s Five Great Forbidden Grounds. The Divine Bird perched atop that enormous tree was the “Clinging Heaven Vermilion Jian.” This Divine Bird’s power was unmatched. Even a human metamorphosed Demonkin could not carelessly provoke it.

Even before they had stepped into the Clinging Bird Hill’s range, Zhao Hanyan could feel a sort of pressure.

“Princess Highness, have you actually properly considered giving Su Xing a pleasant surprise?” The woman beside Zhao Hanyan was mighty, yet her words and conduct carried an enticing feeling.

“Junqing, what do you feel about This Princess’ intentions?” Zhao Hanyan smiled and asked back.

Dong Junqing shrugged and looked to that bird nest, eager to give a try. It was clear that the Five Tiger General Steadfast Star General of Double Spears was already full of a willingness to challenge it. “That man is truly fortunate to have found such a good wife in Princess. What a pity that he nevertheless loves to womanize…But…This General likes that.” Dong Junqing laughed.

Zhao Hanyan was helpless.

Although the Clinging Heaven Vermilion Jian was frightening, Zhao Hanyan wanted to test the extent of her tacit understanding with Dong Junqing for the Star Duels. She did not know how, but having known Su XIng for so long, her old will to fight had greatly dampened. It actually seemed as Junqing had said. She seemed to have a married couple’s satisfaction.

This is not good at all.

Zhao Hanyan slightly sighed in her heart.

Just as the Ling Yan Princess was about to step into Clinging Bird Hill, she suddenly sensed a presence fly over from faraway. That presence was not of the Demonkin. It was an ordinary cultivator who had apparently also come to challenge the Clinging Heaven Vermilion Jian.

“Could it be that man has already come?” Dong Junqing twitched her lip, feeling this was regrettable.

Zhao Hanyan wrinkled her brow.

The newcomer already appeared in front of her.

Clad in a red robe, with red hair, and a fair and graceful countenance, he honestly was someone familiar to Zhao Hanyan, only he was not Su Xing.

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  1. Recall that while 離 technically is a word that can mean “clinging,” in context, it is actually “fire.”


  1. [Little Huang sat on Su Xing’s shoulder.

    The Leisure Star’s most beloved recuperation was perhaps to quietly sit on his shoulder and watch the wind blow the clouds away.]
    …’Dragon in the Clouds’ indeed.

    I love Little Huang.
    Kuuderes FTW!

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