Chapter 639: The Star Duel Between Zhao Hanyan and Ye Futu

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The wretched Ye Futu could not lighten up a single bit. On the contrary, his expression became even more conflicted.

Ye Futu and Zhao Hanyan were familiar with one another. Their relationship could not be said to be close, but neither were they strangers. Regardless, Ye Futu had been called a genius ever since he was young, and Zhao Hanyan was also a stunning and outstanding genius cultivator. Over a very long period of time, Zhao Hanyan and Ye Futu would always be the topic of comparison in Liangshan Continent’s high society. There was even a rumor that Emperor Liang already had intentions to betroth Zhao Hanyan to Ye Futu.

Their families were well-matched. From an outsider’s perspective, this was naturally logical. However, after Ye Futu became a cripple, this dazzling rumor finally stopped. Afterwards, Ye Futu disappeared, and everyone even forgot about this matter.

But Ye Futu did not forget.

Zhao Hanyan’s beauty in the Great Liang Dynasty and her own talent were both breathtaking, catching the eyes of countless Great Liang Dynasty princes and nobles. Ye Futu was no exception. It was very difficult to say what pushed him through life threatening crises after he entered the White Tiger Territory in search of an opportunity, his determination to not be a haunting ghost, or his attachment for a certain person.

To support continuing that rumor of a match made in Heaven when he returned.

After he learned that Zhao Hanyan joined the Star Duels, Ye Futu had felt a pang of regret. He meticulously shunned this matter and did not seek out Zhao Hanyan to reminisce first thing. Ye Futu thought of a thousand different ways to meet Zhao Hanyan again, but he never imagined they would meet up so suddenly, to unexpectedly encounter each other at Clinging Bird Hill. In that instant, Ye Futu thought he was seeing things.

“Little Sister Hanyan, why have you come to this place?”

“This Princess heard that you had joined the White Tiger Territory, Futu, so Hanyan has come to see just how exceptional the White Tiger Territory must be, for that just and righteous man in Hanyan’s memory to switch sides.” Zhao Hanyan slightly smiled and said. “However, congratulations are in order. Ye Futu, you have entered Supervoid Stage.”

These words suddenly sounded ear-piercing to Ye Futu. All of a sudden, his heart flared with fury.

Although he had finally broke through to Supervoid, compared to Zhao Hanyan’s recent arrival at the peak of Supervoid Middle Stage, he was still a bit lacking, “Hmph, This Futu has also heard that you and the Purple Thunder Monster have a dubious relationship, Little Sister Hanyan. Ah, Little Sister, you must see him clearly. To put yourself and your family with a monster whose origins are unknown, be careful that the gains do not make up for the losses.

“Really, thank you for concern, Futu.”

“Hmph. Princess has already given her body to Su Xing. In body and heart, she is already his. You are a bit too late to drive a wedge between them.” Dong Junqing guffawed.

Ye Futu’s eyes widened. He dared not believe this. His fists clenched tightly, his knuckles turning white. He forced himself to endure the indignation in his heart.

“You, you unexpectedly gave yourself to the Purple Thunder Monster. Hanyan, how could you be so foolish?”

“Must This Princess ask you for permission on anything? Zhao Hanyan coldly said.

“You will reap what you sow.” Ye Futu said.

“Ye Futu. You are the one who shall reap what he has sown.” Zhao Hanyan retracted her smile and sneered: “You have betrayed the Azure Dragon Territory, schemed with the Demonkin. Do you honestly believe there is a good ending for you? The Azure Dragon Territory already considers you a disgrace.”

“And what would you understand, Ling Yan Princess raised in your ivory tower.” Ye Futu could not hold back his anger and shouted: “Your Servant has suffered countless hardships. Must Your Servant bear your criticisms for anything? In Your Servant’s eyes, the Azure Dragon’s insignificant people are not worth a mention, unable to be compared with the generosity of the Demonkin.”

“It seems that This Princess must properly teach you a lesson on behalf of Little Sister Lingxi, make you wake up.” Zhao Hanyan shook her head.

“Futu. There is no need to say anything more to her. Here, we do not need to fear her.” A flash of light. Hao Bingxin appeared, indignant.

“Oh, to teach a man a lesson. Then leave it to This General.” Dong Junqing licked her chapped lips, an appearance of eight hundred years of discontent. Her hands fiddled with her Dragon Phoenix Yin Yang Spears as she spoke: “This General’s spear is already starving.”1

“So shameless.” Hao Bingxin snorted.

Ye Futu was somewhat hesitant. The first reason was that he knew Zhao Hanyan’s Star General was a Five Tigers General. Hao Bingxin absolutely was not her opponent. Although he had trained his skills in real combat to react to a situation like this, Zhao Hanyan’s strength still made him relatively fearful. Secondly was Zhao Hanyan herself. His heart was faintly still unwilling to hurt Zhao Hanyan.

However, from Zhao Hanyan’s perspective, this hurt perhaps was arrogance, maybe even wishful thinking.

“Ye Futu, it has been so long. Why not let This Princess see to what extent you are at? Hanyan is very curious.” Zhao Hanyan narrowed her eyes, as if she was smiling. “It would be better to let Junqing Star Duel with you, see how long you can last, Ye Futu.”

“Ling Yan Princess, you are honestly egotistical. Fine, then. Futu also wants to know in these years of absence just what skills that famous Ling Yan Princess have developed. However, if you lose, do not blame Ye Futu for deflowering you, to not miss old affections.” Ye Futu coolly said.

“What old affections. If my Husband heard this, he would be suspicious.” Zhao Hanyan slightly smiled. “However, Ye Futu, if you lose, then This Princess asks that you understand your own situation…”

“Die, you.” Hao Bingxin was already extremely angry. This was the first time she had seen the ordinarily composed and refined Master Futu so out of sorts, ill-at-ease, envious. She shouted and dexterously swung that enormous sword that did not suit her age.

Dong Junqing was already impatiently flying through the sky, her spears in her hands. She ravenously beat her way over, “You two can chat with This General about passions…”

Hao Bingxin’s Star Beast Codfish Jail completely possessed her body, making the little loli appear as delicate as snow. In a split second, she engaged her Battle Potential Innate Skill, revealing her pride as an Earthly Star Four Great Heavenly Kings. At the instant Dong Junqing suddenly stabbed forth, she flashed to Dong Junqing’s flank. The giant sword in her hand flowed like a ribbon. Just by slightly raising it, a bone-chilling cold rolled over.

As if the giant sword blew an ice-cold breeze, it blew into Dong Junqing’s body.

“Interesting.” Dong Junqing chuckled. She knew this was the Magnificent Star’s Yellow Technique, Absolute Sigh Ice Dust. Although the Magnificent Star was merely an Earthly Star, she possessed an exceptional Innate Skill like the Heavenly Majestic Star. She was the fastest at growing mid-battle. If this was the Dong Junqing from before, perhaps she would be inattentive, but having lost her virginity, Dong Junqing already fought all-out in all battles now.

Before this silver light could taste blood, General of Double Spears Dong Junqing’s Dragon Phoenix Yin Yang Spears swept over.

She judged that her opponent’s speed was exceptional and that her martial arts sense was frightening. Hao Bingxin naturally did not feel she could rely on a single Absolute Sigh Ice Dust Yellow Technique to easily defeat her opponent. Her attack just now was not at full power, still leaving margin for a retreat.

Following a whirl of her massive weapon, the paths the silvery sword drew were no longer in a straight line. They became countless different trajectories.

“Then Junqing shall also give Little Sister a Yellow Technique to tantalize Little Sister’s excitement.” Dong Junqing’s hands gripped her spears. She quickly attacked, her wrists twisting the Dragon Phoenix Yin Yang Spears. The red and yellow double spears danced like a dragon and a phoenix. In Dong Junqing’s hands, they quickly changed. Then, a large Yin Yang spear-light slashed twice in the air at extreme speed, flowing like a cyclone towards Hao Bingxin.

Yellow Technique.

Yin Yang Cross Slash!!

In just an instant, her unstoppable attack was shredded by blinding rays this concentrated spear-light brought. Hao Bingxin’s expression became stern, far from as comfortable as Dong Junqing was earlier. The Steadfast Star’s attack was more sudden than she had imagined. The perceptive little loli very quickly realized that while she appeared to be toying around, in actuality, this Five Tigers General Elder SIster was already ready to kill her in a single spurt of energy.



Hao Bingxin used her massive sword as a shield, retreating backwards at the same time, barely preserving her life.

The spear-light poured down like a great storm, forming a defined zone. Only at this moment did Hao Bingxin finally react. With a look of disbelief, she turned her head to see that Dong Junqing had appeared behind her.

She used the Yellow Technique while it still lingered to intercept her escape route at high speed.

What kind of damned reactions were these.

Was this a Five Tigers Great General?

Hao Bingxin’s expression changed, but the girl did not give up. She had a rare support-type Star Beast. The loli was slashed by the spear, but she did not back down. Rather, she once again excited her potential. Instantly, a series of pure, silvery-white afterimages pounced at Dong Junqing.

“Don’t underestimate me, bitch.”

Hao Bingxin hacked at Dong Junqing, at every angle, every gap. She was swift t the extreme, surprising even Dong Junqing.

Dong Junqing’s pupils shrunk, and her figure flashed away as light as smoke. At the same time, that line of sword afterimages smashed downwards. Each ray of silver was like a blooming flower!

Blinding sword-light soared several dozen meters in all directions, then vanished into thin air the next second.

Intercepting rays of light flew out from the twin spears in her hands, clashing continuously with metallic ringing. When the battle was left only with the sound of the wind, both of the fighters had withdrawn at the same time, standing about fifty meters apart facing each other.

“As expected, the White Tiger Territory is a precious place to learn through experience. It seems that Little Sister has been taught well.” Dong Junqing smiled in admiration. Her smile was very flirtatious, very charming. Several droplets of blood dripped down from her spears onto the ground. They appeared extremely eye-catching on the withered grass.

When she came to the White Tiger Territory, Dong Junqing already sensed that this terrain was a challenge for martial generals. Now, it seemed that the Four Great Heavenly King before her eyes indeed had real skill.

That defeat last time at Yang Zijin’s hands seemed nothing special.

No way.

How can I lose to her!

Dong Junqing licked the blood on her spear.

Hao Bingxin grit her teeth. They had only exchanged a couple of blows, but she surprisingly had a feeling of strain. She did not answer to this provocation, as if she was more calm than Dong Junqing had thought, but she vigilantly monitored her each and every move. At the same time, she took the opportunity to check her wound. One was a cut on her arm, and the other was a cut across her cheek. Both were only very shallow flesh wounds, completely unable to influence her ability to continue fighting. 

Even if she knew that these were not major wounds, Hao Bingxin still wrinkled her brow – in just a fleeting exchange of blows, this Elder Sister was able to find a gap using her spearmanship that combined attack and defense together, ingeniously counterattacking. If she then continued to use the same style, perhaps her wounds would not be so easy to shrug off.

A Five Tigers Great General was indeed fully deserving of their reputation.

This is truly irritating.

Even if she continually used powerful techniques, combining them perfectly together, Dong Junqing still could evade them without sustaining injury. Furthermore, whilst evading, she could injure Hao Bingxin.

This kind loathsome reaction speed truly was more troublesome than those Demon Beasts!

“As if I would be afraid of you!”

Hao Bingxin once again raised her sword.

Meanwhile, Ye Futu watched the two Star Generals battle. His heart was also fully focused on memorizing the Five Tigers General’s attack patterns. As expected of the highest ranked martial generals of Maiden Mountain’s 108 Star Maidens. For opening attack and defense techniques to surprisingly already be proficient to such a degree in Ye Futu’s eyes, those swift attacks seemed as unruffled and calm as Su Xing was when they previously sparred?

A heavy sigh rose in the spectating Ye Futu’s heart. It seemed that defeating Dong Junqing would be somewhat difficult. Ye Futu looked again at Zhao Hanyan and found her to be seemingly aloof. She merely smiled as she watched the battle, as if victory was at hand.

Of course the Ling Yan Princess would be absolutely self-confident. At the core of the Star Duels, a Star Duel was just like this, a confrontation between Zhao Hanyan and Ye Futu’s martial generals. However, Zhao Hanyan spared the Star Master’s portion. Zhao Hanyan took no action, but Ye Futu did not dare be too trusting. After all, the opponent’s cultivation was higher than his, any action taken rashly on his part would instead make the situation even more dangerous. His heart had a burst of indignation. He inwardly clenched his fists, biding his time. 

“However, that just now was only a warm-up.” Dong Junqing curled the corners of her lips. Then, she suddenly leapt at the loli with her spears in reverse grip, “Starting now, This General shall face you seriously!”

“You talk too much.” Hao Bingxin clearly shouted, defiantly raising her silver swordtip towards the spear-light falling from the heavens.

The instant the weapons collided, countless dazzling sparks were scattered. Two fleeting figures once again sunk into battle.

However, this time was somewhat different. Hao Bingxin did not dare linger where she stood for too long. Rather, she made herself run along with the dancing motions of her giant sword. It was very difficult to imagine that a little loli’s petite body was capable of swinging that giant weapon around as if it was an extension of her arm. The sword was like a part of her own body. This kind of  ease impressed even Dong Junqing.

Dong Junqing’s expression changed, and the praise in her eyes turned into killing intent.

A crisis loomed!!

The atmosphere turned silent. Hao Bingxin’s gradually became cautious. Without any warning, Dong Junqing’s aggression suddenly magnified. The airflow and sword-light in front of her suddenly disperesed. Countless rays of spear-light instantly obscured her line of sight.

In the fluttering light rays, Dong Junqing’s graceful figure suddenly rushed out at Hao Bingxin.

The double spears she held flashed with ice-cold, intersecting rays of yin and yang.

Blood-light suddenly appeared!!

Hao Bingxin already was putting all her power into defense, but though her reactions were fast, she was completely unable to evade this attack. Her jacket ripped, and a long gash already appeared under her ribs.

Blood flowed out from the wound. A slight numbness instantly rolled through the girl’s whole body, nearly killing the Star Beast Codfish Jail possessing her body.

But Hao Bingxin’s reactions were so fast!

If it was anyone else, they probably would not have been able to even consider it, but Hao Bingxin possessed a Star Beast and was already able to make decisions others could not imagine. Without thinking, the little loli firmly stamped the ground. Her apparently frail body had powerful leg strength. The strong force instantly dug into the ground, and the surrounding zhang of earth seemed to violently quake.

Borrowing the enormous recoil, Hao Bingxin’s figure already flew back several dozen meters.

Dong Junqing’s brows were knit together, as if she was unable to believe this one blow was surprisingly unable to kill the Star Beast.

She did not expect that with her skill, she would surprisingly fail. She had believed things were in the bag.

However, Dong Junqing did not hesitate. Anything could happen in battle, nothing could go the way she pleased. This kind of matter did not need any consideration. After a moment, Dong Junqing immediately continued to press the attack. 

An intense whirlwind promptly appeared on the ground. The vegetation on the grass was stirred by this whirlwind, showing a perplexing scene.

In this scene, a terrifying dragon and phoenix cry instantly resounded. Fittingly, Dong Junqing wielded the Dragon Phoenix Yin Yang Spears with beautiful posture.

Hao Bingxin lowered her body, making her entire figure stick completely next to the ground. The girl was as fast as lightning, instantly crossing the distance of several dozen meters, breaking free from Dong Junqing.

Somersaulting along the ground, the little loli’s martial arts had already gone through a round of battle with Su Xing’s party at any rate. She could be considered experienced. In terms of aggression, she was not afraid of Dong Junqing. She swung her sword directly down towards Dong Junqing’s body. 

A loud whoosh of wind flooded the area. Even the surrounding trees were uprooted by the gust lifted by the giant sword. A white dragon flew out of the sword.

White Dragon Leaving Swordtip!!!

Hao Bingxin’s Dark Technique and Dong Junqing’s Dragon Phoenix Double Spears danced. That indistinct figure suddenly shuddered, surprisingly vanishing before Hao Bingxin’s attack reached, as if it never existed in the first place. This made the little loli’s attack become completely useless.


Hao Bingxin’s eyes flashed with a pale light.


White Dragon Leaving Swordtip ripped the surroundings completely to shreds.

“Rip, rip.” Shredding sounds echoed continuously. Countless slim shadows shot out from Hao Bingxin’s surroundings. Flickering, strange lights suddenly shot towards the girl.

The world seemed to become blood-red in her eyes. She could clearly sense danger.

Hao Bingxin lifted her sword and spun. The tip of her blade drew a silver-white light that stuck to the ground, lifting up. The swordtip’s silver light wrapped Hao Bingxin’s body tightly within. All of the thin spear-lights were blown asunder by this.

Hao Bingxin’s surroundings were a complete mess.


Hao Bingxin suddenly shook. Dong Junqing surprisingly appeared behind her at some point in time. Pain came from her back when the double spears swung down.

Ye Futu was finally unable to wait. He roared, flying head on to catch Hao Bingxin. Just when Dong Junqing’s spears hacked at her, he barely saved Hao Bingxin from those spears.

Dong Junqing stopped her pursuit. Due to Ye Futu’s curious and unbelievable gesture just now, she calmly asked: “It appears you have some ability, quite like a certain someone. The Magnificent Star’s Innate Skill is Battle Potential. You should not be too lacking.”

Ye Futu’s face was grim. The palm of his hand was completely soaked in Hao Bingxin’s blood.

“Be careful, this Elder Sister is very formidable.” Hao Bingxin’s eyes gradually recovered their clarity, and she vomited blood.

“Can you continue?” Ye Futu asked.

Hao Bingxin nodded, but further combat would be more fatiguing. Because Dong Junqing had already killed her Star Beast Codfish Jail a moment ago, Hao Bingxin was very depressed. If she had known earlier, she would have used her Earth Rank.

“Do you concede defeat?” Dong Junqing twirled her spears. The two magnificent weapons were as light as paper in her hands, exceptionally graceful.

“Concede defeat? What is the point of continuing the Star Duels if we admit defeat here.” Ye Futu coldly said.

“It has been a very long time since I have seen such an interesting Star Master.” Dong Junqing’s voice carried a very faint sense of admiration. This was not like arrogance, more like an acknowledgement of strength.

“Then, come.” After Ye Futu settled Hao Bingxin, he resolutely faced her.

At practically that instant, Ye Futu excited his Battle Potential.

The Extreme Fire Flying Swords immediately spiraled around to attack. While the Flying Swords entangled Dong Junqing, in the next second, Ye Futu fully displayed his speed. Instantly, the air let out an explosion. Ye Futu had already vanished without a trace.

Dong Junqing’s brows rose: This kind of speed is not bad!!

She did not hesitate to turn around. Her double spears swept aside the Flying Swords, and she used the spears to clear an area around her body. She knew that regardless of how quick he was, his final objective was only to injure her, and to injure her, he must inevitably come to her.

The Five Tiger General Star Maiden’s judgment was indeed accurate. From just Ye Futu’s last second rescue of Hao Bingxin, Dong Junqing knew that this detached man’s strength was not bad.

Chain-like Flying Sword shadows appeared instantly from the surroundings, covering all of the space behind her. The mighty and powerful shadows seemed about to tear space apart, violently tearing up the ground.

As expected, Ye Futu appeared.

But the man would not actually go contest a Five Tigers Great General in battle strength. He merely used his speed for a chance to try confusing her, and while Dong Junqing was defending, immediately use Vermilion Bird Blackening Flame.

Instantly, the plains were covered with a red cloud, pervasive flames.

In the middle of the omnipresent Vermilion Bird Flames, Dong Junqing’s paths were thoroughly obstructed.

At this moment, a silvery-white shadow attacked.

Hao Bingxin burst out with her trump card. The flickering snow-white shadow of a giant sword looked like the sickle of a reaper, full of killing intent. Without any apprehension for the blade attacking her from behind, Dong Junqing put strength into her legs and somersaulted.

Her movements were efficient, swift as lightning.

Dong Junqing lifted her head. She used her double swords to block the enormous sword.

Metallic clanging resounded.

But this was not the end.

Ye Futu immediately activated a Flying Sword sword array. If anything of a Star Master’s was to be labeled as the greatest threat to a Star General, Flying Sword sword array would undoubtedly be the first choice. Several dozen Flying Swords formed a perimeter in front of Dong Junqing and attacked. Although she parried with her spears, the Flying Swords’ sword array began to become a threat. Dong Junqing was left with no choice but to step backwards. Just when she withdrew, her foot spun, and Dong Junqing once again vanished.

She used speed to face the sword array.

But Hao Bingxin was not so easy to handle.

The little loli caught onto Dong Junqing’s tempo, her giant sword firmly entangling the Steadfast Star. The silver swordtip fluttered, and Dong Junqing parried. Her double spears attacked when suddenly at this moment, Ye Futu’s figure crouched low and fiercely leapt forth.

The air whistled harshly. Ye Futu instantly reached frightening speeds, suddenly scattering sand and pebbles.

In the dust, Ye Futu’s silhouette abruptly burst out, immediately attacking Dong Junqing.

Although she was very astonished Ye Futu would personally take action, Dong Junqing was not flustered. One of his palms was wrapped in Vermilion Bird Flame and already mercilessly thrust out, pushing towards the figure in front of him.

Then, there was another frightening exchange.

If it could be said that the confrontation between them just now was one of pure speed, then in this merciless battle, power had become more important, so much so that it was the crux of life and death.

This was completely reliant on full power, a matter of death and of youth, because it was extremely rare for a Star Master to dare directly face a Five Tigers General in the Star Duels. But at this moment, Ye Futu already did not ponder too much. He thought only of settling things quickly while Zhao Hanyan was acting arrogant.

“It seems you have been taught well.” Dong Junqing retreated. Ye Futu used the Vermilion Bird Flame to already seize the advantage.

The man continued his assault, but while Dong Junqing continued to retreat, she sneered at the same time.

“Then This General shall toy with your boldness.”

She crossed her double spears and faced the combined attacks of Hao Bingxin, the Flying Swords, and Ye Futu. Dong Junqing suddenly exerted her strength. Ye Futu immediately noticed that Dong Junqing’s Dragon Phoenix Yin Yang Spears seemed to come alive. The Dragon and Phoenix began to circle around her body, as if they were granted a second life.

Ye Futu was too late to think about this strange scene.

His attack absolutely could not stop here!

Excessively powerful force was completely unstoppable on its own. Just touching it was enough to permeate the target. Each time the double spears nipped, they would shower the plains with light that rose into the sky. Immediately afterwards, the light flow pouring out from the spears tyrannically crushed the opposing attacker’s whole body, making Ye Futu’s body and soul let out a mournful wail.

She had surprisingly warded off the combined efforts of the two of them.

Even so, their intense wills to fight still suppressed their pain. They continued to clash with speed that could not be tracked with the naked eye.

Then, each slash made Ye Futu feel trepidation.

The attack of the woman in front of him was very surprising in its tyrannical nature. Her pair of spears was wielded with increasing leisure, increasing magnificence. The double spears were increasingly lively. Several hundred exchanges of offense and defense instantly passed by. When the man’s eyes finally adapted to the dizzying Dragon Phoenix Double Spears, he realized the reason they surpassed common sense.

His complexion immediately changed.

Dark Rank Technique.

Luan Phoenix Cry, Dragon Slaying Cave!!!

A Five Tigers Great General’s Dark Technique!!!

In the face of this challenge, Ye Futu was unafraid, breaking out into laughter instead. Their attacks had been easily warded off by Dong Junqing. When the double spears attacked, their power was focused into the speartips. When they blocked, the backflow of the collision onto the spear’s was like the shadow of a phoenix rapidly flitting about on the spear. Regardless of where its master attacked from, no matter from what direction the enemy attacked , it could timely appear at the most precise spot and perfectly accomplish its mission.

The phoenix defended, the dragon attacked.

This was both the sharpest sword and the strongest shield. 

Ye Futu never had this kind of feeling, and his Battle Potential had unwittingly and surprisingly erupted in his blood. Ye Futu suddenly spun arond, raising a Vermilion Bird Flame.

In his hand appeared the Seven Feathers Fan.

He did not hesitate to wave it.

A ripple spread out from the fan, carrying a rippling fire-light and wind-shadow.

Surging flames like a phoenix rushed out from the Seven Feathers Fan, forming an unending force to strike the opponent. It was any defender’s nightmare. It was obvious they could pierce through rock, to say nothing of the accumulation of this power.

Dong Junqing clearly was very surprised. She suddenly twisted her spear, finally ending the Dragon Phoenix Double Spear Dark Technique.

As far as a Star General was concerned, magic weapons were the thorniest problem, better than a Flying Sword sword array by a tad, but the eccentricity of magic weapon abilities  nevertheless was impossible to guard against completely. Dong Junqing did not expect that Ye Futu would use the Seven Feathers Fan so quickly, let alone spread its fire so pervasively, but in fact, each burst of flame that knocked against the target brought about powerful pressure. 

Dong Junqing could not ignore it.

In the counterattack of a gale and storm, there was suddenly a black figure. Then, this shadow brushed against Ye Futu’s cheek and flew by, leaving a trail of blood along his temple.


Ye Futu’s pupils suddenly contracted.

Seeing Ye Futu use a magic weapon, Zhao Hanyan finally made her move. The seventy-two Outer Void Flying Immortals Swords emerged, breaking Ye Futu’s sword array. Then, the Flying Swords spun around, returning for another attack.

Ye Futu was careless.

Dong Junqing the appeared in front of him already.

She easily sent Ye Futu flying.

“Futu…Futu…” Hao Bingxin kicked and immediately flew off. She hoarsely called her Star Master’s name.

If this continued, they would most definitely die…Hao Bingxin ground her teeth, clenching her sword. Her eyes spouted the fires of fury. Just as the girl was about to advance for an assault, a hand patted her shoulder, stopping her suicidal charge.

Ye Futu stood up, already completely covered in blood. His expression wore powerlessness, but a light that did not concede defeat refused to be extinguished. “Outstanding. As expected of the man who contracted the Magnificent Star. You indeed have guts.” Dong Junqing said, impressed. Perhaps she glimpsed a certain person’s figure in Ye Futu. This amazement was genuine.

“Futu, are you still unclear about your end?” Zhao Hanyan graciously urged: “It is not too late to turn back. Nothing good will come of you following the White Tiger Demonkin.”

Ye Futu sneered. He was always aware of what joining the White Tiger Territory Demonkin signified, “Zhao Hanyan, how about you mind yourself. Do you think the Purple Thunder Monster will provide you with any favors? He is merely exploiting you.”

Zhao Hanyan did not want to discuss this with Ye Futu any further. She found this topic to be completely meaningless. The two of them shared no common experiences. Neither could convince the other. In the end, they could only fall back to their own choices.

“I see. Then there is no choice.” Zhao Hanyan said: “However, Ye Futu, if you are willing to join us, Hanyan will very happily agree with you.”

“It is far too early for you to be arrogant. You cannot comprehend Li Taisui’s might.” Ye Futu was cold. “In the Three Heavenly Books, the Purple Thunder Monster will inevitably become everyone’s target. At that time, you will have to consider about yourself.”

“How stubborn.” Dong Junqing gripped her double spears and watched the heavily injured Ye Futu.

Following Zhao Hanyan’s actions, the result of the Star Duel between Ye Futu and Zhao Hanyan was very clear.

Seeing Ye Futu was still enduring, Dong Junqing’s speck of friendliness also vanished. When she raised her double spears and slashed, Hao Bingxin blocked in front of her. That massive sword dexterously danced in her hands.

Silver-white light flowed over her body. Hao Bingxin grit her teeth, her snow-white pupils full of pride and sternness. 

Bang, bang.

A crisp cracking sound echoed, a completely unimaginable intense reaction. Dong Junqing’s spear seemed calm, but it was in fact matchlessly tyrannical. The defense of Hao Bingxin’s Silver Snow Dragon Abyss broke as easily as an eggshell. The trajectory of the Dragon and Phoenix were like flashes of lightning in the dark, fleeting. The gale surrounding the two suddenly swelled, blowing hard. What a terrifying attack!!

Her pupils shrank, and Hao Bingxin’s expression turned grave.

But it was at this moment as the Magnificent Star mulled over the strongest spear attack that she was excited.

Her body hung in midair, her leg deftly spun, and she drew a beautiful, graceful, breathtaking circle. Like a spinning top, she blew a gale in every direction, unexpectedly surprising Dong Junqing.

“Take this last move.” Ye Futu shouted.

The Star Crest on his forehead shimmered.


He resonated with Hao Bingxin.

The two of them resonated, immediately multiplying the ferocity of Hao Bingxin’s technique. Without any fancy or superfluous movements! The most pure attack of killing intent! Slash!!!


A gleaming white light that was like the world’s most beautiful crescent drew a magnificent arc in the air, attacking Dong Junqing.

Earth Rank Technique.

White Night Desolation!!!

An endless white light attacked. Dong Junqing immediately used her Dragon Phoenix double spears to block, but the Earth Technique under resonance was unimaginably powerful. The cold killing intent made Dong Junqing unable to react in time. She could only rely on her martial general instincts to dodge. In that instant, Dong Junqing’s eyes reflected only the scene of a white death.

In the girl’s mind, the face of a man nevertheless appeared.

“How can This General lose to you.”


A tremor, a din.

The killing intent passed.

Everything resumed its calm.

“Victory?” Hao Bingxin panted. Her hands shook, and the Silver Snow Dragon Abyss seemed to whine in her hands.

A figure that stood as erect as a statue made Hao Bingxin very dejected and full of despair.

(Phrase omitted due to censorship)

“Ye Futu, This Princess shall give you one last chance!” Zhao Hanyan’s tone became stern.

“Hanyan, see you again.” Ye Futu did not hesitate to use his jade pendant. He stared fixedly at Zhao Hanyan’s face, as if he was taking one last glance, but also as if to make her remember. After he was gone, Zhao Hanyan could not help but heave a sigh.

“This General has disgraced Princess.” Dong Junqing knit her brow, somewhat in pain. The resonated Earth Rank was indeed as strong as a Heavenly Star’s Earth Rank.

“How can you blame yourself, Junqing. This is because Hanyan did not take any action.” Zhao Hanyan shook her head.

Any way it was put, Dong Junqing faced the teamwork of a Four Great Heavenly King and Ye Futu. Zhao Hanyan also knew of Ye Futu’s capabilities. The Dong Junqing who occupied the absolute advantage was already overwhelming enough. She feared that this would make Ye Futu very dejected.

“Princess, you seem quite fond of him.” Dong Junqing said oddly.

“Regardless, he was once This Princess’ imperial brother.” Zhao Hanyan said self-righteously: “And Ye Futu himself is as you have seen. His heart is not bad, but because of what he has experienced, he has changed greatly…”

Dong Junqing thoughtfully grunted.

From the battle just now, she indeed sensed that Ye Futu was a very ambitious man. To surprisingly dare fight a Five Tigers General in close range combat was exceptional, but…”But it is a pity he ventures in the wrong direction.” Dong Junqing disdainfully said: “To align with the Demonkin, he betrays himself. On this point, Junqing will never approve. To be frank, Princess, to invite him to join Su Xing was perhaps not too wise.”

Zhao Hanyan gave a self-deprecating smile. “Yes.”

“Now it seems that facing the Clinging Heaven Vermilion Jian will not be so easy.” Zhao Hanyan smiled and said. Their battle with the Magnificent Star was not dangerous, but it wasted much of their Star Energy. To confront the Clinging Heaven Vermilion Jian was unwise.

“Princess, are we not preparing a pleasant surprise for our man?” Dong Junqing smiled.

“Junqing, it appears even if This Princess wanted to, she is too late.” Zhao Hanyan was helpless.

Dong Junqing was confused.

“He has come.” Zhao Hanyan gently said.

Dong Junqing broke into laughter…

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