Chapter 645: The Contest Between The Strongest Arrow And The Strongest Blade

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Hua Wanyue rapidly drew her bow. That arrow was like a meteor, maneuvering for Shi Xiuxiu’s flank.

Shi Xiuxiu launched her attack even more quickly. She leapt up in an instant. Her speed had been trained in the White Tiger Territory to the point of perfection, her realm to excellence. This maneuver was as fast as a beam of light.

Hua Wanyue’s archery was very strong. There was no need to doubt this. If she was a million li away, even the strongest martial general would feel absolutely terrified, but at such a close distance, Hua Wanyue’s archery could not properly flourish. Let alone that the opponent this time was Daredevil Third Brother Shi XIu, the Wisdom Star who trained in the White Tiger Territory for so long. Her martial arts realm was very incredible, and even if her body was injured, she was still unleashing such powerful force.

She was very clear about the Hero Star’s weakness.

She continuously evaded several arrows.

The Seven Colors Goose Feather Saber spun, and then it slashed downwards.

Hua Wanyue used her Heaven Earth Sun Moon Bow to block it.

Against her reactions, Shi Xiuxiu was endlessly impressed. The Hero Star appeared to be formidable indeed, but since she was the absolute in spear and bow, Shi Xiuxiu’s attempt would not finish so simply. She continuously attacked, swinging her saber again and again.

The white blade flit by.

Hua Wanyue’s body directly backflipped. Her arm felt numb, and the girl’s face could not help but show shock.

She was somewhat astonished at the power upon Shi Xiuxiu’s saber.


With a growl, Shi XIuxiu already swung her leg towards Hua Wanyue’s head as she was stunned. The woman then spun, the Heaven Earth Sun Moon Bow in her hand also turning into a shield. Once again, she warded off Shi Xiuxiu’s kick. While Shi XIuxiu’s assault flowed quick as mercury, HUa Wanyue’s display was already far beyond Shi Xiuxiu’s anticipation.

Although her attacks were not as deadly or swift as before, Shi Xiuxiu would not throw the fight. Each strike was a way to find footing for victory.

Hua Wanyue made unimaginable movements again and again. Each step, each movement of her wrist was like a textbook, admirably accurate.

As her name implied, she was graceful and lithe.

Using movements that were frustratingly rational, Shi Xiuxiu’s clearly superior speed nevertheless appeared slow.


A white arrow fired. In the middle of her dodge, Hua Wanyue had surprisingly fired an arrow in that instant.

Shi Xiuxiu leaned. The arrow grazed by her body.

A graceful smile flit across Hua Wanyue’s lips. Swift as lightning, another arrow was fired with even more speed.

This one passed by Shi Xiuxiu’s cheek, drawing a line of blood.

Shi Xiuxiu’s saber followed closely behind.

Saber-light was unsheathed from below, falling like frigid snow.

Hua Wanyue was slashed, but when the Hero Star’s body fell backwards, she once again drew her bow and continuously fired at the same time. However, the directions she aimed at nevertheless made Shi Xiuxiu greatly surprised. They were on either side of her, completely away from her.

Is this for real?

Shi Xiuxiu immediately sensed that there was a reason for Hua Wanyue’s complacent grin.

The arrows that flew out turned and surprisingly pincer attacked Shi Xiuxiu, as if they had grown eyes. The brilliance of this archery made Shi Xiuxiu very impressed, and this unexpected left and right archery succeeded in stopping Shi Xiuxiu’s assault. 

With no time to think, Shi Xiuxiu’s body paused. The Seven Colors Goose Feather Saber slashed repeatedly. She gave up on attacking, smashing the incoming arrows to pieces with all her power. A numbing pain issued from her hands. It appeared this power could not be underestimated.

“Watch Dance Through The Willows!!”

Hua Wanyue raised her hand, stopping in midair. The Hero Star fully displayed her wonderful and poetic archery, continuously flashing and breaking through space. She instantly fired, as if she was a butterfly among flowers, somersaulting in the air. The arrows continued to spin as they drew odd trajectories, flying towards Shi Xiuxiu. A brilliant willow blossomed in front of her eyes.

Shi Xiuxiu did not dare underestimate the Hero Star’s Yellow Technique. She did not expect the Hero Star’s archery was so formidable. To be able to wield such a perfect realm at such a close range battle, she was not one bit inferior. With rapt attention, a clear saber-light resonated.

Shi Xiuxiu brandished the Seven Colors Goose Feather Saber, ray after ray of saber-light producing waves, completely warding off Hua Wanyue’s willow arrow.

Yellow Rank Saber Technique.

Water Ripple Hundred Turns!!

A new Yellow Rank!!!

To surprisingly force her to devise a new Yellow Rank Technique using a bow at close range, Shi Xiuxiu was shocked. Generally speaking, each of the Heaven, Earth, Dark, and Yellow Techniques of a Star General were their own specialty. It was very rare, normally speaking, not more than for one or two, but there were times when at extremely critical moments, a Star General would occasionally have an epiphany and create a new technique.

However, the creation of a new technique often required dire circumstances. At the same time, it needed significant luck. Shi Xiuxiu had stayed in the White Tiger Territory for so long, yet she did not create any second Yellow Ranks at all.

Daredevil Third Brother finally could discern that the Hero Star before her eyes indeed had the qualifications to become an arrogantly powerful martial general. She was not the simple archer Shi Xiuxiu had initially thought her to be. Perhaps she was another type of specialized adept.

Hua Wanyue continuously soared. She was apparently aware that Shi Xiuxiu’s advantages were speed and powerful close range strength. She made out of the ordinary movements among the trees.

Each tree was like a springboard for her. Following her movements, the arrows were endlessly launched.

Shi Xiuxiu gave chase, relying on her sharp saber technique to cut down each and every one of the arrows Hua Wanyue fired.

Hua Wanyue suddenly turned around, her beautiful eyes especially fervent and resolute.

The talisman script hovering around the Heaven Earth Sun Moon Bow suddenly spun. Dazzling arrows shot out with the ear-splitting speed of thunder, drawing a brilliant trajectory. In an instant, at least a hundred arrows were fired.

This was another Dance Through The Willows!!

Hey, two Yellow Techniques.

Shi Xiuxiu felt this was too overexaggerated. As a top-notch Heavenly Star martial general, to use two Yellow Techniques in quick succession was honestly surprising.

Arrows blotted out the sky, descending like a beautiful storm, more severe than the last time. If you did not dodge, there was only one ending, being inevitably turned into honeycomb.


The arrows filling the sky ignited blinding fireworks in this small grove.

Extreme saber-light and magnificent arrow-light mixed together, immediately annihilating the place Shi Xiuxiu stood at!

Hua Wanyue curled the corner of her lips. This time, she wielded her “Dance Through The WIllows” at its peak. Shi Xiuxiu perhaps could not be so easygoing. Just as she thought that, a giggle entered Hua Wanyue’s ears.

“Amazing, as expected of the strongest arrow among the Sisters!!”

Hua Wanyue turned her head back in shock. Shi Xiuxiu grinned from behind her.


Shi Xiuxiu took a deep breath. Hua Wanyue had underestimated the Daredevil Third Brother’s speed. Swaying her body, Shi Xiuxiu suddenly launched her attack, the Seven Colors Goose Feather Saber in her hand swinging.

Hua Wanyue continuously used her bow to block, but this time, Shi Xiuxiu’s saber technique had strange changes in direction, breaking Hua Wanyue’s thoughts, cutting directly towards Hua Wanyue.

Shi Xiuxiu descended, light as a breeze.

“Against the strongest arrow, Your Servant’s strongest saber is unable to remain aloof…” She said.

Hua Wanyue clutched her belly, half-rising, suddenly launching a high-speed attack. 

Arrow-light suddenly appeared.

The arrow this time turned into countless a net of countless light rays, shooting towards Shi Xiuxiu. From every angle, Shi Xiuxiu was already trapped. However, Shi Xiuxiu still easily broke free of this sudden sneak attack, but Hua Wanyue’s intent was not for this. She already arrived right in front of Shi Xiuxiu, taking advantage of this gap.

Like a graceful butterfly, the tip of her foot kicked off Shi Xiuxiu’s knee. Hua Wanyue then stepped onto Shi Xiuxiu’s shoulder. Her slender thighs then spun like drills, and an enormous penetrative force immediately pushed Shi Xiuxiu practically to a knee. Even though she barely resisted, this was hard for Shi Xiuxiu to avoid.

“I will keep you company!!”

Hua Wanyue’s expression was satisfied as she faced Shi Xiuxiu, shooting an arrow down towards her.


The world rang.

Dong Junqing watched Su Xing forge his Fire Element Sword with his face of concentration, feeling that this man’s serious face truly was sexy. Her originally sore and powerless body was even more limp right now.

“Is something the matter, Junqing?” Zhao Hanyan watched her restlessness and asked with concern.

“Princess Highness, This General really wants to rip his clothes off…” Dong Junqing’s face blushed in embarrassment. She gazed at Su Xing with a face full of beast-like desire, “Princess, should we not properly reminisce with him? This is not the meeting that This General had envisioned.”

Zhao Hanyan could hear the shamelessness in Dong Junqing’s words. She lowered her head and feigned embarrassed anger: “Junqing, do not misbehave. This is not the time for that…” She gazed at Su Xing, also enraptured by Su Xing’s appearance as he continued his Flying Sword forging. Although he was sometimes on the frivolous side, he always made people feel at ease when he was serious.

“When Xi Yue is like that, do you believe Su Xing truly will be a beast?” Zhao Hanyan sighed. Originally, the Ling Yan Princess had been a bit jealous, but when she saw Su Xing work his heart out for Xi Yue, that bit of jealousy faded away, turning calm instead. To be honest, at least he was serious with the Sisters, and she would not have any regrets at the end of the Star Duels.

“This man truly is a flirt. Can it be that he will seduce all the women in these Star Duels?” Dong Junqing twitched her lip, “En, this idea is not bad. There would be no need to fight the Star Duels.”

Zhao Hanyan guffawed.

Just at this moment, the entire world suddenly rumbled. Zhao Hanyan and Dong Junqing were taken aback. Gongsun Huang opened her eyes and blinked.

“What is happening?”

Zhao Hanyan flew into the air, apparently spotting the faint signs of battle. “The White Tiger Territory honestly does not let anyone have proper rest.” The Ling Yan Princess said unhappily.

“Then have some proper rest, Hanyan.”

A gentle voice laughed.

Zhao Hanyan was delighted to hear this voice. She saw that Su Xing was at her side.

“Has Little Lord Husband Su Xing finished refining the Flying Swords?” Zhao Hanyan covered her mouth.

Su Xing rolled his eyes at her. His hand beckoned, and twelve beautiful Flying Swords appeared. These twelve Flying Swords were forged from the Clinging Heaven Vermilion Jian’s feathers. The feathers inherently combined the beauty of the CLinging Heaven Vermilion Jian and the quintessence of its flames together. The resulting Flying Swords could be said to be shaped gorgeously. The bright flames were burned vigorously, and its curves were like a beauty’s, capable of ruining a country.

Especially the name of Jian Feather, Zhao Hanyan was quite amazed.

“Look after Xi Yue here, I’ll go look.”

Su Xing moved.

The twelve elegant Jian Feathers unfurled. They surrounded Su Xing like phoenix feathers, and he suddenly flew in that direction.

“Ai, it seems This Princess has no choice but to recognize this Little Sister.”

Zhao Hanyan smiled.

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  1. 1. [“Princess Highness, This General really wants to rip his clothes off…” Dong Junqing’s face blushed in embarrassment. She gazed at Su Xing with a face full of beast-like desire,]
    ….Junqing, vulgar thot that she is, proves just how thirsty she truly is.
    Bitch needs an ocean!
    Still, A nice change of pace for her. Who knew getting laid would mellow her out so much…?
    2. With Jian Feathers, Su Xing now has the Metal, Wood, Earth, and Fire swords of that crazy 108 sword chant.

    1. Yeah didn’t she more or less always either directly or indirectly tell all the other hot women that she wanted to fuck them?
      I mellowed out nice though, more than I thought she would… Well, we like her now, we didn’t before.
      Fickle hearts we have…

  2. The irony that gong caiwei and xi yue meeting su xing 1st, had an amicable relationship with him, yet they fell behind with hanyan who literally an enemy wanting to kill su xing at 1st, yet they kinda forced to get close because of an accidentally bond contract and seal the deal leaving the two girls behind. Kind of not fair I think.

    1. Well, they all fall behind Yingmei…Still, the author eventually gives Gong Caiwei a bit of love.

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