Chapter 646: Shi Xiuxiu’s Bewitching Scent

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Because she had never fired her bow so frequently, the Heaven Earth Sun Moon Bow in Hero Star Hua Wanyue’s hands had practically become a red-hot brand, a pure red line. Shi Xiuxiu even could see that the trajectories of the incoming arrows were changing mid-flight.

The instant they fired, they spun continuously.

Danger came at her from head-on.

Shi Xiuxiu’s legs gently moved, her flying shadow crossing against a fierce phantom. The arrows suddenly split into countless more arrows. Each arrow fragment was as red as steel, emitting an unimaginable killing intent.

The spread of the arrows covered this area, completely sealing Shi Xiuxiu’s escape routes.

Another Dance Through The Willows!!

A third Yellow Technique.

Shi Xiuxiu was shocked. A top-notch Star General using three Yellow Techniques was somewhat inconceivable, however, she immediately deduced that Hua Wanyue had ingested Rat Star Bai Yutang’s wine. Otherwise, three consecutive Yellow Techniques absolutely could not be sustained, even by a top-notch Heavenly Star.

The arrow fragments seemed intelligent, practically tracking Shi Xiuxiu’s scent. Each Yellow Technique of Hero Star Little Li Guang was even more abnormal than the previous.

Shi Xiuxiu immediately retreated, continuously stepping back. What was unbelievable was that Hero Star Hua Wanyue this time was completely brilliant. The arrows chased endlessly. Finally, because of the high speed, they completely vanished into the air. If a beast’s intuition could sense that terrifying killing intent, Shi Xiuxiu found it unimaginable that even she would be turned into honeycomb before she even knew it.

This completely inhibited Shi Xiuxiu’s speed.

“You truly make Your Servant’s blood rush.”

Shi Xiuxiu smiled and accepted this challenge. This was too interesting. She could feel that the seemingly empty air was already filled with countless arrows spinning with hidden fangs. Gentle contact had the possibility to bring about a chain reaction. What she was uncertain about was if the Hero Star was holding back. Seeing Hero Star Hua Wanyue’s fully self-confident, graceful expression, Daredevil Third Brother was stunned.

Hero Star Hua Wanyue paid this no mind and raised her bow, her voice drifting over.

“Shi Xiuxiu, I am not someone you can underestimate.”

As the girl spoke, she drew back the bowstring.

A crisp twang.

The arrow drew an arc, piercing the deathly space between them. The first arrow was merely the Hero Star’s friendly greeting. The second arrow was also only a reminder for amicability. Then came the third and fourth. Hero Star Hua Wanyue’s barrage speed was becoming faster and faster. These arrows circled around to surround Shi Xiuxiu.

Against such a situation, the ending was obvious.

Regardless of whether she retreated or advanced, Hero Star Hua Wanyue had already completely sealed Shi Xiuxiu’s escape routes. In her perspective, this undoubtedly had already cut off Shi Xiuxiu’s arms and legs. Without the advantage of close-range combat, that was a situation that her strongest archery would inevitably dominate.

Shi Xiuxiu had no choice but to admit this honestly was a very superb masterpiece, but if this was all…

It was not enough!

Daredevil Third Brother raised her Seven Colors Goose Feather. The birds carved upon the blade’s edge seemed to pulsate and glimmer. The entire forest’s world fell silent. This world was in a deathly silence.

Hua Wanyue’s used unprecedented archery to seal Shi Xiuxiu’s movements, following a high speed trajectory to launch herself at the woman. Under Shi Xiuxiu’s formidable Realm, this kind of archery was beyond even Shi Xiuxiu’s expectations, to be able to force her to use that Dark Technique just by using a bow.

Hero Star Hua Wanyue’s brows twisted.

A stifling atmosphere spread. The Hero Star felt a kind of unprecedented feeling of confusion in her heart.

What was the damned feeling?

Hero Star Hua Wanyue’s expression chilled, as if she was considering activating the Ten Thousand Li God Killing Arrow to decide the victo through life or death, but gazing at Tangtang, she was still reluctant.

All of a sudden!!

Acceptance, interest, restraint, concentration. Shi Xiuxiu’s eyes seemed even more clear.

Her foot moved. Shi Xiuxiu had merely taken a step, but this made Hero Star Hua Wanyue take a step back in astonishment.


Although this step appeared relaxed, Shi Xiuxiu was already like a beast baring its fangs. Her hidden killing intent instantly spread. Before Shi Xiuxiu’s eyes was a despairing number of arrows.

These arrows flew towards their target.

An ear-splitting shout pounded their eardrums.

Shi Xiuxiu slashed, surprisingly striking down all of the arrows.

What powerful force.

And immediately afterwards, Shi Xiuxiu learpt, suddenly disappearing from sight. Even Hero Star’s hawklike eyes could not track Shi Xiuxiu’s trajectory.

What swift speed.

Consecutive shocks made Hua Wanyue grit her teeth. The moment Shi Xiuxiu disappeared, a wolf’s howl drifted over. Anyone else would have inevitably been torn apart by this sudden and berserk voice, heavily injured if not dead.

Hero Star Hua Wanyue met this howl head on. She was stubborn and was unwilling to step back again, facing the roar as if it was nothing.


An intense explosion.

Shi Xiuxiu’s figure appeared. The instant she attacked, her saber hacked. This time, Hua Wanyue easily spun, the Heaven Earth Sun Moon Bow in her hand already changing into the Star Splitting Red Jade Short Spear as she leaned. Knowing that the Heaven Earth Sun Moon Bow was unable to block at this moment, Hero Star Hua Wanyue used her other Star Weapon. Her reactions were very praiseworthy to Shi Xiuxiu.

Although she blocked this slash, it made Hero Star Hua Wanyue suffer greatly. The torrential sword-qi tore across her body, making Hua Wanyue tumble backwards. Hua Wanyue was nevertheless very tenacious, her figure gracefully correcting in midair.

Firing her bow in succession, it was merely completely useless against Shi Xiuxiu at this time.

“Your Servant is already satisfied.” Shi Xiuxiu smiled, cutting down the arrows.

Hua Wanyue did not utter a word. She raised the Star Splitting Red Jade Short Spear and decided for a frontal and direct confrontation. Ignoring her skill with the bow and arrow, the absolute in spear and bow Hero Star’s inherent spearmanship was very powerful. From that instant of close range combat, it was obvious she nearly made Shi Xiuxiu stumble.

Shaking her head, it appeared that she was unwilling to give up so easily. Shi Xiuxiu would not show her any slight.

Her figure immediately bounded over. Hero Star Hua Wanyue’s delicate body surprisingly was as agile as a buttefuly, her footwork as swift as lightning. She was like a meteor shower, linking together loop after loop of graceful footwork.

Her swaying figure had not only evaded Shi Xiuxiu’s attack, she also flanked her. Wielding the short spear, she drew a red line. This thrust was exceptionally crafty and elegant.

Shi Xiuxiu completely did not expect that Hero Star Hua Wanyue’s attack would be surprisingly so abnormal. Suddenly, she was struck by the spear. Her legs immediately stepped backwards to create distance. Easily spinning around, Hero Star Hua Wanyue pressed her attack. Her legs suddenly exerted force, and Shi XIuxiu’s figure once again was abruptly forced into close range. Her body was practically stuck against the ground. Drawing a beautiful curve, as her right hand suddenly struck the ground, she borrowed the force to instantly close the distance.

Sweeping her leg, she immediately spun in midair, once again kicking to keep up. Shi Xiuxiu restored her normal temp and ferocity, her eyes showing an ice-cold glare, just like a beast’s.

With such a sharp attack, Shi Xiuxiu surprisingly did not hold back in any way.

Close combat could be said to be Daredevil Third Brother’s expertise. She would not lose to anyone in this regard. Even if she was still injured, the martial arts she trained as she put her life on the line would still subdue anyone.

Hua Wanyue’s slender legs made a winding chain of loops, already breaking free of Shi Xiuxiu’s entanglement, her spear as leisurely as a butterfly flying through a flower garden.

This was the first time Shi Xiuxiu saw such an elegant assault, which was quite incompatible with Shi Xiuxiu’s bestial and berserk nature. Out of all of Maiden Mountain’s 108 Sisters, perhaps only Hero Star Hua Wanyue was capable of such grace.

Thinking rapidly, Shi Xiuxiu nevertheless would not be merciful.

After being incited by the Dark Technique, the beast was even more ferocious. Daredevil Third Brother Shi Xiuxiu was both shocked and delighted. A vicious light flashed through her eyes. That beastly roar unexpectedly had a vague hiss. Completely ignoring the attack directed at herself, the woman’s silhouette suddenly grew. Her entire body instantly pounced. Up and down, her whole body was as wide open as a gate, but her attacking punch was surprisingly wrapped in wind pressure. That strike had an abundance of power.

Not good.

Hua Wanyue’s complexion paled.

An enormous noise.

Hua Wanyue was knocked back by Shi Xiuxiu’s punch. The power washing over her body made Hua Wanyue instantly vomit blood. “Ah, apologies, apologies. Your Servant has overdone it.” Shi Xiuxiu sobered up, hastily indicating she was apologetic.

“Hmph, what is there to apologize about.” Hua Wanyue disdainfully said.

“If we continue to battle, Your lord perhaps will be begrieved. No more. Your Servant is truly very satisfied, to have been able to trade blows with the strongest Little Li Guang.

Raising her head to look behind her, Hua Wanyue saw that SHi Xiuxiu had flashed by carrying Bai Yutang.

“Put down Tangtang right now!” Hua Wanyue shouted.

“Just let her do something for you all. She is our Sister.” Shi Xiuxiu smiled and said.

“You pervert who loves battle, not every Sister enjoys battle as you do.” Hua Wanyue showed rare anger.

Shi Xiuxiu laughed out loud and looked faraway: “Your lord has come. Your Servant shall leave for now. Say hello to him for Your Servant. Tangtang will naturally stay safe.” Saying this, Shi Xiuxiu vanished into the forest.

Hua Wanyue could still see her faint silhouette. She grit her teeth and drew the Ten Thousand Li God Killing Arrow.

But in the end, the Hero Star relented.


She lost.

Su Xing rushed over quickly. However, the battle had already ended. Hua Wanyue sat crosslegged, the Heaven Earth Sun Moon Bow in her left hand, the Star Splitting Red Jade Spear in her right.

“Wanyue.” Su Xing descended. He saw the girl was a bit beaten.

“What happened here?” Su Xing asked.

“Shi Xiuxiu kidnapped Tangtang.” Hua Wanyue closed her eyes, as if she did not dare look at him.

“What? Shi Xiuxiu kidnapped Tangtang?” Su Xing was a bit in disbelief.

“She does not have any ill intent. That is what I believe.” Hua Wanyue opened her eyes, calmly speaking.

Seeing Hua Wanyue so calm, Su Xing could think of what had happened.

“En. I’ll go bring Tangtang back.” Su Xing nodded. He looked at Hua Wanyue, crouched down, and then he stared at the latter.

“Milord, your face is too close.” Hua Wanyue could even smell the scent of the man, and her face blushed.

“Wanyue, don’t stress about victory or defeat.” Su Xing could see that her mood was somewhat downcast. It was obvious that after coming to the White Tiger Territory, not one thing had been successful.

“I know. You better go retrieve your daughter.” Hua Wanyue shook her head, gracefully playing with a strand of her hair.

Su Xing nodded and gave chase.

“Yingmei, I am still unable to keep up with you.” Hua Wanyue sighed.

The wind rushing past her ear made Bai Yutang very quickly open her eyes. She seemed to have had a nice nap. The scene Bai Yutang saw after waking up was a fire-red sea of flowers. A sinister scent pervaded the air, as if it was full of allure.

The scene before her was somewhat beautiful, making the little loli stunned.


Mama Wanyue.

Bai Yutang suddenly remembered that Mama Wanyue had been fighting with someone. SHe cried out again and again, but she did not see anyone. The situation facing the little loli was somewhat scary, and her shoulders trembled. “Tangtang, are you awake?” SHi Xiuxiu smiled and walked in.

“Elder Sister Xiuxiu.”

“Why did you call for Mama Wanyue?” Shi Xiuxiu teased and asked. “And you call me Elder Sister? Because I am unable to look after you?”

Bai Yutang innocently answered: “Because she is someone Papa loves, and Mama Wanyue cares for me very much, like another Mama.” The little loli’s thought process was very simple. If they would care for her, and they stood at her Papa’s side, then they were full of a motherly scent.

“Can Tangtang call Xiuxiu ‘Mama?'” Bai Yutang carefully and also somewhat happily said.

Shi Xiuxiu gasped, “It would be better to call me Elder Sister. Your Servant is certainly not that man’s wife.” Pausing, she muttered: “Interesting, Hua Wanyue unexpectedly has a Lord Husband.”

“Tangtang, do you know this place?” Shi Xiuxiu asked.

Bai Yutang naturally shook her head.

“This place is a secret location in the White Tiger Territory. Even the Demonkin do not know of it. These flowers are named ‘Demonic Lotus.’ Do not touch them.”

“Tangtang feels these Demonic Lotuses are very strange.” Bai Yutang wrinkled her adorable brow.

“These Demonic Lotuses can stir your blood, arousing your martial arts capabilities.” Shi Xiuxiu said: “But you are too little. Right now, you cannot feel danger. Tangtang, do you feel these Demonic Lotuses can be brewed into wine?”

Bai Yutang shook her head. “Perhaps Elder Sister Suwen can concoct medicine.”

“And who is Elder Sister Suwen.”

“Elder SIster Suwen is an expert in medicine.” Bai Yutang happily gesticulated.

Efficacious Star Divine Physician??

Shi Xiuxiu wrinkled her brow, not daring to believe this. She shook her head, not minding this.

“Elder Sister, what did we come here to do?” Bai Yutang asked. The densely packed Demonic Lotus’ scent had a particular magnificence. Regardless of whatever it was, encountering something in sufficient quantities would make someone feel shocked.

Following a gale, the Demonic Lotus fluttered, and the air danced with an evil scent, giving one the a sort of illusion they were in a hellish paradise, something very, very eerie. Bai Yutang’s expression could not help but become distant.

“There is a Demon Beast here. Her bile is a perfect ingredient for brewing wine.” Shi Xiuxiu drank a gourd of wine.

Bai Yutang gasped, however, she could not face any Demon Beasts. “But this Demon Beast is very formidable. Your Servant may not necessarily be able to defeat it either.” Shi Xiuxiu grunted.

Bai Yutang widened her eyes. Those eyes seemed to say: If you can’t defeat it, then why fight it?

“To be able to see such a cute Little Sister, Your Servant is suddenly very full of energy.” SHi Xiuxiu rubbed her palms. She lowered her head and looked at her burning hot palm, and she said so quietly so that Bai Yutang could not hear: “My days are numbered. I do not want to leave any regets.”

“Tangtang, go over there and see if there are any grasses that can be brewed for now. Your Servant has already cleaned this place for you. Your Servant shall go face that snake.” Shi Xiuxiu smiled.

“Elder SIster, be careful.” Bai Yutang held out a bottle of Worry-free Without A Care and a bottle of Seemingly Drunk And Stupefied.

Shi Xiuxiu slightly smiled and took them. Only when Bai Yutang reached a safe range did she move out.

In the sea of flowers of this Demonic Lotus Cave, there was a blood colored pool. There was an evil fragrance wafting about above it, and inside this pool dwelled a Prehistoric Demon Python. This python was named “Nine Fragrances Python.” In truth, its cultivation was not high, but because it had soaked among the demonic lotuses for so long, it unwittingly and unexpectedly emitted a powerful presence. This made Shi Xiuxiu feel it was problematic.

Shi Xiuxiu and the Nine Fragrances Python had fought several times, but she did not win a single time.

And this time, Daredevil Third Brother was determined to win.

The pool wildly frothed, and a dark-red serpent burst out from the pool. Its body was at least three hundred feet long. Its body was thick enough to need two people to wrap around it. The blood-colored snakeskin was as glossy as a mirror, blooming the demonic lotus, and it could move over any terrain as if it was flying. The dark-red flower patterns spiraling up along its body from its tail concentrated into a strange flower design atop its head. The blossoming buds among the flower markings were strange seven colored flowers. These seven colored lotuses were also called Nine Fragrances Lotuses.

It possessed tart, sweet, repulsive, bitter, pungent, spicy, sour, vomit,1 and flaky2 scents, which is where it got its name.

Regardless of whether it was refined as a pill or into medicine, this was a perfect material rarely seen in the world.

The Nine Fragrances Python spotted SHi Xiuxiu and flicked its snake tongue, as if it was disdaining and ridiculing her as it raised its head.

Shi Xiuxiu took a deep breath.

In the blink of an eye, Shi Xiuxiu had already closed the distance. She raised the Seven Colors Goose Feather Saber in her hand, mercilessly chopping at the Nine Fragrances Python’s head. It appeared that Shi Xiuxiu was very familiar with the Nine Fragrances Python. Her attack was direct and deadly, aimed at striking the Nine Fragrances Lotuses of the Nine Fragrances Python.

So long as the Nine Fragrances Lotus received damage, the Nine Fragrances Python’s power would be debilitated.

If she struck anywhere else, of course it would be enough to bring the Nine Fragrances Python certain injury, but the effectiveness would not be as obvious as attacking its weak spots. The Nine Fragrances Python suddenly spun its head around, showing a face of glittering, eerie crimson light. It then opened its mouth and spat a shimmering and blinding dark red blade-light.

This red blade-light collided with Shi Xiuxiu’s saber.

The Nine Fragrances Python angrily hissed. The Nine Fragrances Lotus on its forehead released a scent.

The scent dispersed, swallowing Shi XIuxiu in that instant like a net. In actuality, the Nine Fragrance Python’s Nine Fragrances Lotus were its trump cards. Each scent was capable of different effects. The dry smell could make a person’s whole body hurt, thus reducing their desire to fight. Shi Xiuxiu clearly knew and was indifferent as her figure suddenly appeared. She sneered, ingesting the Worry-free Without A Care. This scent had been perfectly inhibited.

The Nine Fragrances Python had not expected this. Shi Xiuxiu’s Seven Colors Goose Feather Saber brought and air-shattering whistle and a sudden astral wind. She ruthlessly hacked into the Nine Fragrances Python’s body, continuously sinking deeper. Red light practically severed this body in two.


The Nine Fragrances Python seemed to have been struck by thunder. Its body suddenly jolted, and it released a scream. Its snake tail flung heavily towards Shi Xiuxiu. Even without any abilities, just the approaching force could not be underestimated. Just the wind the snake tail evoked blew Shi Xiuxiu away.

Seizing this instant she was disoriented, the Nine Fragrances Python suddenly rushed over, tightly constricting Shi Xiuxiu like rope.

Shi Xiuxiu’s face paled. She was unable to break free, and the Nine Fragrances Python opened its mouth to show a sinister, ugly maw. It wanted to chew apart this woman that disturbed it. Shi Xiuxiu struggled free from the Nine Fragrances Python’s constriction. The Daredevil Third Brother fiercely pounced forth, a frightening saber-light blossoming at her hand, a Yellow Technique.

The Nine Fragrances Python erred in its reckoning of Shi Xiuxiu’s battle strength. It once again unleashed a ray of dark red saber-light. Shi Xiuxiu’s saber tore it apart, and her blade cut open the Nine Fragrances Python’s flesh. This slash did not end yet, for it immediately transitioned into a Dark Technique.

It left the Nine Fragrances Python screaming endlessly.

When the next slash approached, the Nine Fragments Python knew it was in danger. Seeing that its situation was not favorable, it immediately leapt, escaping and pulling a certain distance away from Shi Xiuxiu.

Shi Xiuxiu lost her chance to slay this Nine Fragrances Python. Her heart could not help but feel that this was somewhat of a pity, but this python was injured. Its strength was debilitated. To kill it was actually no longer an impossible task.

Shi Xiuxiu did not hesitate. She kicked off the ground and soared up, rushing towards the Nine Fragrances Python!

The Nine Fragrances Python glared fixedly at Shi Xiuxiu. Its red and black pupils were like bright lights in the dark night. The red moss and lotus flowers covering its body swayed from time to time, bringing a rustling wind.

Because of the scent of the Demonic Lotuses, the Nine Fragrances Python possessed the martial capabilities to fight off a martial general. Its tail waved with astonishing power.

Its body had an enormous wound, as if it had been ripped open by some sort of immense force. Blood flowed freely from the wound, dripping onto the ground, forming puddles.

The Nine Fragrances Python opened its mouth, releasing a scent from the Nine Fragrances Lotuses.

It was furious. Its heart was completely full of hatred. It flicked its tongue quickly, itching to slowly chew apart this woman that was even more demonic than itself, savoring the meal.

Shi Xiuxiu had already deeply comprehended combat against an archer in her battle with Hua Wanyue, and the Nine Fragrances Python’s attack was no different. That tail was like an arrow, so Shi Xiuxiu easily evaded them.

Just as Shi Xiuxiu once again rushed in front of it, it suddenly twisted its body. Its giant snake tail smashed downwards.

Shi Xiuxiu heard a whoosh. A gale blew by, and immediately afterwards, the light above her head dimmed. A ferocious power like Mount Tai bore down upon her. Shi Xiuxiu immediately lowered her body, and then she flashed to her left. With a loud boom, the Nine Fragrances Python’s tail passed by her body, slamming heavily against the pond.

Suddenly, red water splashed everywhere, turning the air turbid and eerie.

The strike missed. The Nine Fragrances Python did not give Shi Xiuxiu any chance to catch her breath. It immediately began its second wave of attacks, opening its mouth wide to suck in the water. It then spat out a thick blast of water, screeching like a sharp blade. With bared fangs, it pounced towards Shi Xiuxiu with shocking power.

But Shi Xiuxiu was already familiar with this. She spun around and evaded. This time, Daredevil Third Brother’s expression was already not as frightening as before. The Nine Fragrances Python suddenly sensed danger. Then, Shi Xiuxiu flashed behind it. Its tail ached endlessly, and its eyes turned back to see that Shi Xiuxiu’s blade had already pierced through its tail.

At the same time, it was greatly enraged. Shi Xiuxiu took the opportunity to approach, her bladetip hacking open the Nine Fragrances Python’s Demonic Lotuses. Immediately, the Nine Fragrances Python’s body was torn open with a wound dripping with blood.

The Nine Fragrances Python roared and coiled its body. Its powerful strength forced Shi Xiuxiu back. The Nine Fragrances Python gave chase with all its strength, spitting out a jet of red water. Then, its next scent that could confuse people spilled forth from the Nine Fragrances Lotuses.

Shi Xiuxiu chuckled.

The next second, a Dark Technique Wolf Howl Ten Thousand Li then passionately kissed the Nine Fragrances Python.

Her newly created Yellow Rank Saber Technique Ripple blossomed around her, resisting all attacks. The Nine Fragrances Python simply did not dare believe that the woman in front of it was the same as before.

“The Nine Fragrances Python’s snakeskin will make very valuable material for clothes.” Shi Xiuxiu licked her lips, raising her Seven Colors Goose Feather Saber. “Next is…”

Before she finished, Shi Xiuxiu moved as fast as lightning, scuttling to the Nine Fragrances Python’s head in an instant. She stepped directly on its face. It was a pity that before the Nine Fragrances Python could react, following a snapping sound, its entire body was suddenly flung.

In the end, it was a ferocious Demon Beast. Already no longer caring for the intense pain wracking its body from the Demonic Lotuses, the Nine Fragrances Python suddenly opened its mouth and sprayed a dark purple fog. A blue wind rolled over a range of two zhang. The entire cave quaked, as if in a dreamworld.

Far to the side, Bai Yutang watched this fantastical scene. Suddenly, her eyes squinted even further.

The Nine Fragrances Python again emitted its fragrance. Shi Xiuxiu did not dare sample it, quickly withdrawing. Then, she leapt high up, a cloud of killing intent lingering around her body, as if protecting her. Her body flipped in the air, already aiming her knees as she descended. She smashed heavily into the stupefied Nine Fragrances Python’s head. 


Shi Xiuxiu’s knees struck home, and a punch made the Nine Fragrances Python’s breath become a cry.

Completely not giving the Nine Fragrances Python any time to cry, Shi Xiuxiu now once again sunk into her battle frenzy. Perhaps it was because of the Demonic Lotuses’ scent or perhaps she was resolved to sacrifice herself for the kill, the current Daredevil Third Brother was truly in an all-out battle. She became incomparably fearsome, like a Demon God. Her calm face no longer had any ripples, and the wretched Nine Fragrances Python could not make her feel any pity. Her actions became even more deadly.

Shi Xiuxiu’s body suddenly spun in midair, slashing her saber downwards with a fearsome whistle.

The heavy slash cut into the still screaming head of the Nine Fragrances Python. Suddenly, enormous directly cut downwards, producing a giant hole. Blood spattered out, and the Nine Fragrances Python writhed in pain as it flew into further rage. Shi Xiuxiu calmly retreated to avoid being struck.

The Nine Fragrances Python began to gather power. A scarlet light gathered in the Nine Fragrances Python’s mouth and became a bright flame. This flame assumed a blade’s form. The sword of fire in the Nine Fragrances Python’s mouth was abnormally swift, slicing like a wild storm.

Shi Xiuxiu was like a whirlwind. In an instant, she had raised her speed to a stupefying level/ Her slender figure contained fighting strength that was absolutely incongruous with her appearance. The Seven Colors Goose Feather Saber in her hand flashed a blinding cold light. 

She crossed the distance between them in several breaths’ time. Because of her high speed movements, the Seven Colors Goose Feather Saber’s cold light was already forming a straight line, carrying a frightening sharp and discordant sound.

The Nine Fragrances Python was terrified. It never imagined that the woman it had faced so many times before would surprisingly show such a savage face. For a time, it felt that it was not her opponent.

The flaming weapon in its mouth suddenly was brandished. Unable to deal with anymore, it unleashed its full power in an attempt to obstruct Shi Xiuxiu. With such a strong attack, even if its defenses could not stop the enemy, the tail leaking blood wielded an even stronger defense, becoming a shield. At the same time, a scent wafted out. This time, the scent protected the Nine Fragrances Python’s whole body, turning it as hard as rock.

Shi Xiuxiu was not charging in a straight line as it imagined, let alone charge into the flame weapons it breathed. Only then did the Nine Fragrances Python realize that it was thoroughly at a disadvantage against this everyday opponent. In their competitions before, it should have already understood that the woman in front of it possessed a bestial strength that did not match her appearance at all.

After drinking Bai Yutang’s wine, Shi Xiuxiu had obtained an all-around increase to her martial arts skills. In a single breath, Shi Xiuxiu’s body shuddered three times, shaking left and right. The Seven Colors Goose Feather Sabe’s light rays drew astonishing trajectories in the air. The instant they drew close, Shi Xiuxiu’s body abruptly ducked, shifting her center of gravity and increasing her speed.

As if she was a cyclone, Shi Xiuxiu surprisingly used only her own high speed to circle around behind the Nine Fragrances Python’s body. The Seven Colors Goose Feather Saber in her hand cut against the Nine Fragrances Python’s profoundly glossy body. The high-speed assault’s clash against the snake’s defenses let out a chilling screech. In an instant, she had completely looped around that Nine Fragrances Python, her weapons carving a complete circle.

When she stopped again, Shi Xiuxiu already was more than two zhang away from the Nine Fragrances Python, that fanatical expression still upon her face. 

In Hua Wanyue’s words.

The Daredevil Third Brother was very abnormal in battle.

The sturdy skin of the Nine Fragrances Python behind her let out ear-piercing cracking sounds. It divided cleanly down the middle, “bang-bang.” It surprisingly split open. The Nine Fragrances Python could not last much longer. It was completely covered in red. Humuliation and fury had already completely burned away its rationality. The Nine Fragrances Python’s whole body abruptly glowed a burning red color. It charged Shi Xiuxiu, an enormous wind pressure spilling out of its mouth. 

Shi Xiuxiu did not dodge this time. She was very aware that the Nine Fragrances Python’s assault this time was a type of wide-area attack. It carried an even greater wind pressure. Shi Xiuxiu had no certainty she could completely evade this, however, she adopt the most surprising maneuver. Her right hand suddenly struck at the Nine Fragrances Python’s Demonic Lotus.

With a “ding” sound, Shi Xiuxiu already borrowed this enormous impulse to draw a perfect backflip in midair. When she landed, she was already three zhang away.

Her right hand shook. The Seven Colors Goose Feather Saber was nearly dislodged, and her hand shuddered endlessly. Very clearly, the intense collision from the NIne Fragrances Python’s attack just now was very taxing.


The Nine Fragrances Python bellowed, madly flinging its tail and spitting out saber-light.

Shi Xiuxiu’s body was straight as a pencil. Her right hand suddenly clenched, and the murderous aura over her whole body slowly gathered. Shi Xiuxiu’s body gradually manifested a dancing hurricane.

Continuous battles made Shi Xiuxiu exceptionally exhausted. She was somewhat unable to even use an Earth Rank, but combat would never bring Daredevil Third Brother a burden. On the contrary, the Wisdom Star lived for battle.

Shi Xiuxiu instantly initiated an attack. Her whole body carried a whirlwind, increasing her speed. Already, she plunged into the Nine Fragrances Python’s chest. In the interval while the Nine Fragrances Python flung its tail about, she suddenly brandished her hand and seized the tail. When she took hold of the tail, it let out a wretched scream. The Nine Fragrances Python was surprisingly flung against the cliffs by Shi Xiuxiu.

Shi Xiuxiu and the Nine Fragrances Python’s battle made Bai Yutang flabbergasted.

And that surging gale and demonic scent whipped wildly. Finally, Bai Yutang was unable to last and nearly fainted over. “Tangtang.” A voice suddenly called.

Bai Yutang turned her head back, pleasantly surprised to see Su Xing. “Papa.”

Su Xing hugged her tight, “I heard from Wanyue. From now on, you can’t run off on your own.”

“En. But Tangtang found so many materials.” Bai Yutang’s happy little face blushed. Seeing her joyous expression, Su Xing could not be angry.

Su Xing then spotted the battle inside the cave.

“Papa, go help Elder Sister Xiuxiu.” Bai Yutang was worried.

“She’s fine.” Su Xing said.

The Nine Fragrances Python’s attack became increasingly frenzied, indicating it was increasingly unable to fend off the Daredevil Third Brother. When Daredevil Third Brother took completely hold of the battle’s tempo, everything the Nine Fragrances Python had already became futile.

Shi Xiuxiu began to attack endlessly, gradually seizing the advantage.

The Nine Fragrances Python was enraged, in grief, using every ability it had. It suddenly spotted Su Xing. This Demon Beast had intelligence, but it did not recognize this man as having come to its aid. Seeing that there was still a Supervoid Cultivator still standing to the side like a tiger biding its time, the Nine Fragrances Python was in thorough despair.

It began to writhe violently, “I will make you pay the price!!” The Nine Fragrances Python shouted in its mind. The Nine Fragrances Lotuses suddenly emitted a scent. Shi Xiuxiu ignored this, easily evading, but she immediately miscalculated. This time, the Nine Fragrances Python charged over with full power, facing that sharp blade head-on. Shi Xiuxiu was taken aback, slashing into the Nine Fragrances Python’s head.

But the Nine Fragrances Python was already finished. On the contrary, the Nine Fragrances Lotuses surprisingly bloomed.

A strange, alluring scent wafted, a never before smelt tenth scent.

Not good.

Shi Xiuxiu was shocked.

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  1. 嘔, how odd
  2. 酥, again, odd for a scent


  1. Wine brewed with bile… Hm I see… That can not taste good.
    I know chinese people think snake bile is good for you, but I don’t think so.
    Fantastical snake bile from a novel however, now that might just be what I have been looking for.

    Oh and that last part, an “alluring scent” That sounds like the “sexual fluids” the water dragon used on our boy and Caiwei.
    Will this girl get fucked by our boy soon?! 😀

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