Chapter 647: Losing Her Virginity ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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Detecting the odor of the tenth scent, Su Xing automatically activated the Heart Like Mirror Absolute Sincerity Soul Technique. But the Nine Fragrances Python was a prehistoric, ancient Demon beast. It lived eating Demonic Lotuses year-round, Each droplet of blood brimmed with a concentrated aphrodisiac. This was far from comparison with that dragon back in Flower Dragon Cave; the tenth scent wafted, digging into his pores. Before Su Xing could even use it, he suddenly felt desire permeate every cell in his body. He immediately cursed.

Everything that happened next was already beyond what Su Xing himself could control.

At the same time, Daredevil Third Brother Shi Xiuxiu had also fallen to lust. She was drawn into Su Xing’s embrace, and her last shred of clarity mysteriously disappeared against that man’s surging manly qi. The two of them were stuck to each other like glue, deep kissing, sucking at each other’s saliva.

Shi Xiuxiu’s top fell to the ground, and what bound her breasts was not the normal underwear but a white silk wrap, with some leftover blood stll on its surface. The two of them were still vaguely conscious, but their bodies had already stopped listening to them. Su Xing’s hand grabbed Shi Xiuxiu’s plump breast and kneaded it. His other hand quickly slipped past her bottomwear and wandered along her straight, jade legs.

Beautiful moans unimaginably poured out from Daredevil Third Brother’s throat. The wild and unrestrained SHi Xiuxiu right now was like an existence that enticed all things. Her white binding was removed, and her white breasts were fondled wantonly by Su Xing. He squeezed them into every kind of shape making Shi Xiuxiu’s eyes water. Her hands wandered around Su Xing’s groin.

Under their lust, the two of them did not fondle each other for long. Very quickly, they were completely naked, indulging completely in one another.

Shi Xiuxiu growled, pouncing onto Su Xing like a beast. Then, she spread her legs and sat down, inserting little Su Xing into paradise.1 Having trained in the White Tiger Territory for so long, Shi Xiuxiu believed she had tasted countless torments. Regarding wounds, she was already accustomed to them, but when this man’s thing entered her body, an unprecedented feeling washed over her whole body. Her heart seemed to fill with something, leaving her satisfied enough to die content.

Shi Xiuxiu opened her red lips, breathing out her hot breath. Her hands gripped Su XIng’s shoulders, and her narrow, unfocused eyes stared at Su Xing, making him feel loving towards her. Her lower body automatically rose and fell. Each time he entered and left her stamen, an electric current seemed to flow through her whole body, making Shi Xiuxiu unable to help but let out the most beautiful moan in the world.

Perhaps this was what was meant by dying happy.


Su Xing slowly regained his consciousness. He did not know how much time had passed. He seemed to have had a fantastic wet dream.

Wisdom Star Shi Xiuxiu?

No way.

Su Xing’s eyes shot open as if he had been doused by ice water. However, who he saw was not Shi Xiuxiu, but Steadfast Star General of Double Spears Dong Junqing instead. She straddled his body and bounced up and down. The pleasure of his lower body nearly made Su Xing’s mind go blank.

“Ah…You finally woke up…Ah…Ah…Almost, This General is almost…” Dong Junqing’s hands gripped Su Xing. She launched a storm-like offensive, not needing even a moment to make Su Xing unleash a flood.3 Dong Junqing nipped Su Xing’s earlobe, her voice as alluring as a temptress’, satisfied: “Princess said that you had no sex drive because of what happened to Xi Yue, but it seems you are just a beast…”

“Junqing…” Su Xing sighed. “It’s fine as long as it’s you…” He had imagined something happened between him and Shi Xiuxiu. Su Xing felt a chill in his limbs. This absolutely was not disdain, rather, because of Daredevil Third Brother’s overbearing personality, losing her virginity would probably cause her to go berserk on Su Xing.

Dong Junqing’s smile became even more evil. “This General misspoke just now…”


“You are not a beast…” Before Su Xing could nod in gratitude, Dong Junqing then cut him down again: “You are completely worse than a beast…To unexpectedly take the chastity of even the Wisdom Star…This General is truly impressed.”

“What!!” Su Xing’s mouth hung agape.

Dong Junqing motioned with her lips, hinting.

Following her direction, Su Xing spotted in a pool not far away a young woman dressed in a purple skirt. She was none other than Zhao Hanyan, and Zhao Hanyan was helping another woman clean her body using the poolwater. Seeing Su Xing’s gaze, Zhao Hanyan seemingly smiled. 

So it was like this.

While Su Xing and Shi Xiuxiu were having sex, Zhao Hanyan and Dong Junqing caught up. The scene they saw was, in Dong Junqing’s words, the pinnacle of shamelessness.

Bai Yutang had fainted nearby. Shi Xiuxiu straddled Su Xing, the two of them absolutely threadbare, tightly wound around each other. The Demonic Lotuses inside the cave blossomed, their scent pervasive. The crimson flowers and crimson waters mixed together, just like a girl’s first time, lovely and alluring to the bone.

Zhao Hanyan was indeed stupefied, however, she could see that Su Xing and Shi Xiuxiu had lost all reason, captivated by a peculiar scent. Because she did not know how strong this scent was, ZHao Hanyan did not dare advance. She could only wait until Su Xing and Shi Xiuxiu finished with their intercourse before she dared approach. Afterwards…Dong Junqing saw that little Su Xing was still restless, so she used her mouth to coax the snake from its cave, and then she impatiently started her turn. However, Zhao Hanyan was the Great Liang’s princess after all. She was not as unbridled as Dong Junqing. First of all, she looked after the very debilitated Shi Xiuxiu.

“Be proud. You were surprisingly able to obtain the Daredevil Third Brother’s body. How about it, take her into your harem…This General is very eager to taste her flavor…” Dong Junqing licked Su Xing’s chest, a charming seduction.

“Morals, Junqing…” Su Xing advised.

Dong Junqing guffawed, “This General’s morals have long already been sold to you.”

“Let’s get up for now. When Wanyue and the others get here and see this…” Su Xing awkwardly said.

“They are already here, but they stood guard outside. Little Li Guang Hua Rong, is it possible this erotic scene aroused you?” Dong Junqing shouted towards the outside.

From outside the cave came the reply, in the form of a cold and disdainful snort.

Su Xing chuckled and hid his embarrassment.

The two of them tidied their clothes, and Dong Junqing said as an aside: “This General noticed that your hickies are even more intense than before. Is it because you ingested something here, something with a very powerful aphrodisiac effect?”

“Is that so?” Su Xing tested his internal energies. As expected, he sensed that an indescribable emptiness had gathered at his dantian. “Don’t think about it. Let’s go see how Shi Xiuxiu is doing first. Is she awake?” Su Xing worriedly said.

Dong Junqing narrowed her eyes as she stared at Su Xing, an expression that was very eager to see what would happen next.

In fact, Shi Xiuxiu had already awakened. However, the limpness in her whole body made Zhao Hanyan help wash her. When she saw Su Xing approach, she was not furious as he had imagined, and neither was she bashful. She acted as if nothing had happened. Shi XIuxiu merely stared at Su Xing, her pure and feral eyes as wild as before.

Zhao Hanyan was not idle as she helped wash Shi XIuxiu’s body. She had nagged about Su Xing’s good points, the purpose of which was to lessen the fury Shi XIuxiu would feel towards Su Xing after losing her virginity. 

The two stared at each other for awhile, as if they had many things to say. Finally, Su Xing extended his hand, saying only – “Xiuxiu, become my wife.”

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  1. Thanks for the chapter Schwarze_Kreuz! Somehow I don’t think she’ll take up his offer even after that.

  2. According to the story’s logic, no matter how childlike in character and appearance Bai Yutang is, she’s not an actual child… So the aphrodisiac should have had an effect on her as well? It’s not something I want to see, but the discrepancy is bugging me.

    1. The reason in-universe: Bai Yutang fainted, and she was probably never exposed to begin with.
      The actual reason: Yes, Mr. FBI, that man over there…

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