Chapter 648: Heaven Earth Shears

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“Shi Xiuxiu, sign a contract with me.”

Su Xing extended his hand, his serious earnestness making Shi Xiuxiu quite startled.

“You are wishing for too much. Your Servant is not the sort to demand you take responsibility for Your Servant’s body. Hmph, this body will return to Maiden Mountain sooner or later. Seeing as how you saved Your Servant once, treat it as Your Servant’s recompense.” Shi Xiuxiu raised the corner of her lips, boldly smiling.

“This isn’t the reason!” Su Xing was serious: “I hope you and I can end the cycle of these Star Duels together.”

Shi Xiuxiu showed a dull expression: “End the Star Duels, huh? Your Servant is not interested in this kind of thing.”

“You don’t want to end the Star Duels?” Su Xing was a bit surprised. He had always believed that the greatest wish for the Star Maidens caught in the Star Duels’ karmic cycle was to end the Star Duels.

“Your Servant only wishes to pursue martial arts up until death in battle! To engage the other Sisters in this mutual slaughter, Your Servant has no interest. So Your Servant will not sign a contract. If you wish to force a contract, Your Servant can only fight will all her might!!” Shi Xiuxiu’s expression was immediately as savage as a beast’s. Her words had not the slightest bit of jest.

Su Xing and the other girls looked at each other. Evidently, they had not expected that Daredevil Third Brother’s determination to be so resolute. When it came to Su Xing’s resolution to contract with Shi Xiuxiu, to say their intercourse was not a reason would be hypocritical. However, seeing Shi XIuxiu so serious, the Su Xing who normally was not forceful was left speechless for a while. In his heart, he told himself that he could only find an opportunity later to change this beast woman’s mind.

En, perhaps, after seeing the top-notch Lin Yingmei and Wu Siyou, they could perhaps convince her.

Thinking of this, Su Xing could not compel her, but he would not yield in the slightest: “Your weakness right now is because of this. Before you completely recover, you must remain at my side.”

“Hey, are you treating Your Servant as some bookworm too weak to stand against the wind?” Shi Xiuxiu said in annoyance. She wanted to push away Zhao Hanyan, but she could not muster the strength to move her body. She took a few steps only to stagger.

“Xiuxiu, please do not make this difficult for Milord with your current condition!” Hua Wanyue coldly said.

The other sisters also tried to persuade her. Afterwards, it was still Dong Junqing’s perfect words of “If you follow around at this man’s side, not only Lin Chong and Wu Song, you can even trade blows with the strongest Lu Junyi.” This finally tamed the unyielding beast for now.

Su Xing summoned the Bright Moon Longevity Palace to allow everyone rest.

Su Xing entered the main hall of the Longevity Palace. Atop the Cold Moon Quiet Star Bed, a young woman currently lay quietly. Her complexion was pale, her breathing weak. Above the girl was a bright, vermilion flame. This flame’s shape was like a bird, extremely gorgeous. That fire element energy slowly entered the girl’s body, battling the extreme cold inside her body.

Extremely beautiful feathers slowly spread under Xi Yue’s body, intermittently visible.

Zhao Hanyan stepped forward, saw the girl, and even she felt this was a beautiful scene. Soon, this Clinging Heaven Vermilion Jian’s soul would be completely absorbed into the girl’s body. At that time, her strength would definitely receive a sharp boost, and luckily, he was fine with it. Zhao Hanyan thought to herself, glancing at Su Xing, that should the same thing happen to her, would he be worried? The Ling Yan Princess could not help but laugh, that the Princess of the renowned Great Liang Dynasty would make someone worried was but a joke.

“Xi Yue. Is she still not recovered?” Zhao Hanyan said softly.

“It’s already been several days.” Su Xing wrinkled his brow.

An Suwen had also finally left the Star Nest. The Efficacious Star had personally checked her pulse and prepared medicine, even working with Tang Lianxin to absorb the Clinging Heaven Vermilion Jian into the girl’s body, but this was apparently unable to abate the remaining trace of Han Bing’s cold magic energy in her body.

“The Efficacious Star and Solitary Star together are unable to dispel this? Just what is this Han Bing’s True Body, to be so overwhelming?” Zhao Hanyan was perplexed.

“An Suwen said that it may be that Han Bing has instilled a piece of her own soul into Xi Yue’s body. This piece is linked to the life of the person herself, so this is the reason it hasn’t been dispelled.

Zhao Hanyan’s eyes narrowed. “This means…”

“En. We must kill her…” Su Xing’s tone was even colder than ice.

“Now?” Zhao Hanyan’s brows rose.

Su Xing grunted. Further delays bode even worse for Xi Yue. 

But to go kill Han Bing right now signified launching a war inside the domain of the White Tiger Demonkin that Li Taisui led. Furthermore, he did not have the support of Lin Yingmei and Wu Siyou at the moment. Zhao Hanyan’s heart was shaken. Although she hated Li Taisui to the bone and wanted to take revenge, it was considerably difficult and dangerous in all regards at this time.

Any smart Star Master would not provoke the White Tiger Demonkin in the White Tiger Territory.

“I have my own plan, you don’t need to worry.” Su Xing seemed to have seen through her thinking and brought Zhao Hanyan into his embrace.

The Ling Yan Princess blushed, and her heart immediately calmed: “Little Sister is extremely infatuated with you, Su Xing. How can This Princess allow you to act heartless.”

“I wouldn’t…” Su Xing muttered.

Shi Xiuxiu sat atop a jade platform in the Bright Moon Longevity Palace, the Goose Feather Heavenly Wolf squatting beside her. On one hand it was full of bewilderment towards the lively scene in front of it, but it fiercely guarded its weakened master.

Shi Xiuxiu drank large swigs of Bai Yutang’s “As If Dead Drunk” from her gourd. THe rich flavor of every drop of wine sunk into her stomach, making every pore of her body intoxicated.

While she watched the loli brew wine, Wanyue drew her bow.

The girl’s cheeks were slightly flushed.

Among the countless nights spent licking her wounds, Shi Xiuxiu actually had thought of the appearance of Maiden Moutain’s Sisters all uniting. However, much of that imagination back then was a fleeting reflection. As for just how this scene came to be, Shi Xiuxiu had no way to explain it. Watching the scene before her eyes, that instant, she had a sort of illusion of returning to that dream.

This is not real.

“Shi Xiu, how can drinking alone not be boring.” A voice pulled her back to reality.

Shi XIuxiu set down the gourd. She looked at the woman in front of her who carried charm in her allure and who carried dignity in her charm. “Dong Junqing, as a Five Tigers General, how did you become involved with him in the Star Duels?”

“This General has taken him to her fancy. How is this for a reason?” Dong Junqing laughed. She gestured, producing a porcelain cup.

Shi Xiuxiu twitched her lips and poured her some wine.

“Just who is Su Xing? Can it be he is unrelated to Li Taisui?” Shi Xiuxiu could not help but ask.

“You will understand soon enough if you sign a contract with him.”

“Your Servant will never sign a contract.” Shi Xiuxiu did not hesitate to answer.

“Such a stubborn woman will make a man very eager to conquer you. Little Sister, this is truly a good idea.” Dong Junqing teased.

Shi Xiuxiu paid no attention to her joke. Seeing that Dong Junqing did not want to answer about Su Xing, she did not purse the matter. “He has so many Star Generals. Your Servant feels signing a contract with him is boring. No good, no good…Your Servant is much better suited to independence.” Shi XIuxiu shook her head. She seemed a bit drunk.

Only bandages covered the breasts of her otherwise exposed upper body. A pair of beautiful legs poked out from her short skirt, straight and slender.

Dong Junqing licked her chapped lips. This drunken Daredevil Third Brother actually had some special allure. “You do not wish to sign a contract. This General is very approving of your methods.”


“But This General is not worried at all that Su Xing’s strength will once again increase by possessing you.” Dong Junqing smiled: “This General only wants to know, at the very end after scaling Maiden Mountain, just how Su Xing will deal with you. Will he kill you to ascend or will he force a contract and induct you into the harem…En, regardless of which, both violate his norms. That time will be very wonderful…”

Shi Xiuxiu was stunned, her drinking motion stopping for a moment.

Dong Junqing’s eyes flashed a bit of craftiness. She leaned forward, her voice smooth and soft. “Little Sister, how did it feel to have sex with a man?”

“If you want to know, go do it yourself.” Shi Xiuxiu’s face heated up, somewhat blanking out.

“This General has already done it with him…Together with Princess…”


Shi Xiuxiu was stunned.

Suddenly, Dong Junqing kissed Shi Xiuxiu’s lips without warning. The Steadfast Star was already impatiently grabbing those plump breasts with her hands, kneading them.

Shi Xiuxiu’s proud personality had already made Dong Junqing restless. Seeing that she had lost her virginity to Su Xing, her heart bloomed with a flower. Seizing the opportunity while Shi XIuxiu was somewhat drunk and her body was still weak, she impatiently stole a savage kiss.

Her tongue wound around, and Dong Junqing could not help but moan.

Each and every one of the other Sisters in the Bright Moon Longevity Palace were dumbstruck.

Hua Wanyue did not hesitate to draw her bow.

An arrow flew by, slipping cleanly past their foreheads, directly forcing Dong Junqing away. Shi Xiuxiu returned to her senses and pushed Dong Junqing away in shock. “Dong Junqing, what are you doing!”

“Little Sister Wanyue is truly a partypooper. Elder Sister is waiting for you and Yingmei to give your bodies to Su Xing together.” Dong Junqing was not satisfied yet: “As expected of having trained in the White Tiger Territory. Your aggression is truly fierce enough to be arousing…”

“Hmph.” Shi Xiuxiu’s brows drew together, and she said sternly: “Just wait until Your Servant’s body recovers…”

“Of course, once Little Sister’s body recovers, Junqing will naturally keep you company with her body…” Dong Junqing then said. “A war of three hundred bouts that is bound to make Little SIster wish she were dead.”


“However, if Little Sister loses, how about you attend to Su Xing together with This General?” Dong Junqing revealed her intentions.


“Daredevil Third Brother, could it be you have no self-confidence? You have trained in the White Tiger Territory.” Dong Junqing used psychology with learned expertise.

Shi Xiuxiu was smart, but her blood boiled. “Your Servant agrees.” If she lost to such a lewd Five Tigers Great General, Shi XIuxiu felt that she would be better off immediately Starfalling.

“Very good.”

“Very good what?”

Su Xing interjected.

“This General just happens to be inciting Xiuxiu to attend to you together alongside This General.” Dong Junqing chuckled.

“Stop that, Junqing.” Zhao Hanyan wrinkled her brows.

Su Xing smiled, simply treating her as if she was being harassing.

“How is that girl?” Dong Junqing then asked.

Zhao Hanyan shook her head.

“Even the Clinging Heaven Vermilion Jian’s soul is powerless?” Shi Xiuxiu said in surprise.

“Su Xing, what are you preparing to do next?”

A four word reply.

“An assault on Fengdu!”

White Tiger Territory, the border.

A golden qilin appeared in the sky. Several Demon Beasts sensed the golden qilin’s presence and immediately scuttled away in fear. Two women sat on the back of the qilin. One appeared as brilliant as a god, her figure clad in simple and elegant clothes. The other was of dignified bearing, lovely as water.

“Chai Ling, this place is the White TIger Territory?” The mighty woman was none other than Strength Star Jade Qilin Lu Xiao.

“En, yes.” Chai Ling was clad in the Moon Seizing Star Taking magic weapon, dreamy as the stars, imposing and noble.

“This is honestly unlike the Azure Dragon.” Lu Xiao shook her shoulders, feeling her body was somewhat heavy. For a time, she was somewhat unaccustomed.

“Lu Xiao, you are truly bold, to surprisingly want come to the White Tiger Territory and see the White Tiger Star Masters. Are you not afraid that Li Taisui will slay you?” Chai Ling gently smiled.

After the Crystal Palace, Lu Xiao continuously used the Thousand Year Tears to increase her Star Energy. Afterwards, she was not too satisfied and sought out the Noble Star Chai Ling of the Great Circle Castle.

The Crystal Dragon Palace made Lu Xiao very curious about the White Tiger Territory’s Star Masters, so she was very eager to come investigate the legendary White Tiger Territory. Just what were these White TIger Territory Star Masters. As the head of the 108 Star Maidens’ martial force, if she did not come to the White Tiger Territory on behalf of the other Sisters, how could she call herself an Elder Sister.

“For you to come to the White Tiger Territory, Chai Ling, are you not afraid of those Demonkin coveting your Red Ink Iron Certificate?” Lu Xiao said.

“With the Jade Qilin here, This Palace is very safe.”

“Xiao’er is serious.” Lu Xiao turned her head back to look at Chai Ling. Last time at the Crystal Dragon Palace, the White Tiger Territory’s old man was somewhat defiant of the natural order. At the current stage, Lu Xiao herself was without a sure chance of victory against him, let along that the old man surprisingly had a Sister who was also of superb power.

“Xiao’er is honestly…This Palace dared come to the White Tiger Territory, and only naturally with preparations.” Chai Ling slightly smiled.

“Xiao’er is also warning you, that when the time comes and there is something Xiao’er cannot defeat, Xiao’er will not run.” Lu Xiao craftily winked. “And the White Tiger Territory has the ‘Halberd Breaking Heavy Sand’1 that Xiao’er needs so much of to upgrade to a Five Star Qilin lance. That is the reason Xiao’er came, and Xiao’er does not have much time to watch over you.”

“This Palace has people who care. There is no need for your extra gestures. Is that not so, Xing’er…” Chai Ling tenderly stroked the cat in her bosom, revealing a tender expression.

Xiao’er rolled her eyes.

“Go, Lin’er!2 Properly show the White Tiger Territory your might.”

“Look out!!”

A sharp cry suddenly came from one of the White Tiger Territory’s sheer cliffs.

A green light flew through the air. A grotesque-looking man stood in the air; his hand shook, and a sinister ghostly flame suddenly clawed out. In the ravine below, two girls were evading.

“Chuhe, careful.”

A girl dressed in blue palace robes rode atop a divine steed. She held a spear dancing about like flowing water with dragon scales and waves rolling out from the spear. The other woman held a brush, quickly drawing in the air. Countless talisman scripts flashed and dimmed, exploding.

“Reckless Star Masters, you surprisingly dare seek trouble from me, Lord of Ten Words. This truly infuriates me. Today, you will die here.” The man swore. His skin was a dark green, covered in scale armor.

This person was named Lord of Ten Words. His True Body was that of a green monitor lizard. He had ruled this Heart Devouring Cliff for a hundred years, and his cultivation had already reached Supervoid Middle Stage. In a range of a hundred li, he could be said to be the unmatched ruler.

Today, he had originally thought of training his Ghost Underworld Fire. How could he have expected that several thieves would suddenly intrude.

To say they were thieves was not completely accurate. They were actually very vibrant, that aura unlike a cultivator’s, and they did not appear to be Demonkin. Immediately, Old Demon Xi3 realized they were Star Masters. Owing to Maiden Mountain’s prestige, Old Demon Xi originally did not want to bother with them, allowing these girls to leave. How could he have expected these girls to not recognize their good fortune and instead dare challenge him.

This made the Lord of Ten Words who was used to getting his way become enraged.

A “Ghost Underworld Fire” was activated, and he summoned a flock of demons from the cliffs. Immediately, they surrounded the girls. Hm, hm, although these Star Generals are powerful, with so many demons, they have no way out.

“How about you obediently become this greatest lord’s brides? This Lord will help with your Star Duels, ha, ha.” The Lord of Ten Words said.

“Old Demon, we have already spoken more than ten words,4 yet you still have not killed us.” Sikong Chuhe sneered, her Flying Swords hovering around her, magic weapons and powers protecting her as well.

The Lord of Ten Words was extremely angry. This girl’s words mocked him. The reason why he was named the Lord of Ten Words was because he never wasted more than ten words on small talk when he killed.

“This Lord sees that you are pitiable, and you truly anger me. Today, I shall teach you a lesson on behalf of that Maiden Mountain.” The Lord of Ten Words said angrily.

“Are you still worried about Maiden Mountain? This sort of man will never receive the love of a woman.” Sikong Chuhe provoked.

Compared to her, the Su Yixiao who was reliant on Sikong Chuhe was instead very grim, her forehead deeply wrinkled.

The Lord of Ten Words roared. He saw that these two girls were not of very high cultivation, yet they dared provoke him like this. If he let them go, that would insult his standing as the lord of Heart Devouring Cliff. If he was unable to defeat them, that would truly be a joke. Suddenly, he aroused his killing intent. Without saying another word, he shook his head, grew his claws, and slashed at Sikong Chuhe’s head.

As for the Su Yixiao to the rear, the Lord of Ten Words saw that this girl was spry and graceful, beautiful and quiet, a gentle cuteness, so he actually did not wish to take her down first.

“This Demonkin Monster is powerful as expected.”

Sikong Chuhe’s heart sneered. Ever since they came to the White Tiger Territory, she and Su Yixiao had finally forged the Heaven Earth Shears. Today, they specifically wantedd to test out this Prehistoric Spirit Treasure’s might, and another thought was to find out the strength of the White Tiger Territory’s Demonkin. When she saw this Old Monster’s claw approach, she hastily activated her swords. The sword-light glowed, and a white serpent phantom flew out.

A White Dragon Sword emerged.

The sword-light twisted, the white dragon overturned the sky, attacking the Ghost Underworld Fire. Old Demon Lord of Ten Words was still quite worried. The two of them dueled, using every magic. That Demonkin True Body’s abilities emerged in succession. Sikong Chuhe had cultivated for a dozen years, and she had been raised meticulously by the clan. Although her cultivation was not as profound as Old Demon Ten Word’s, her magic weapons were impressive, and with the support of her Flying Swords, she could barely withstand this.

“Little girl, you surprisingly dared to challenge This Lord. Hm, hm.” Old Demon Ten Words saw that Sikong Chuhe’s cultivation had not yet reached Supervoid Stage. From the start, he did not place her in his eyes. When he saw that White Dragon Sword, he took a liking to it. “A Star General’s weapons are mysterious. Heh, heh, how can This Lord maintain his name if he does not take it.”

As he thought this, Old Demon Ten Words’ power suddenly changed.

His Supervoid Middle Stage spiritual pressure abruptly pounced.

Any low level cultivator would inevitably have died.

The Lord of Ten Words felt his opponent should have realized his might, but at this moment, Sikong Chuhe seemed to have been planning for this. She showed a pleased sneer. “Yixiu, this is the moment!”

The two girls shouted.

Before the Lord of Ten Words could see what was happening, the two girls extended their arms.

Immediately, his eyes were dazzled.

A profound light was blinding. Though he wanted to clear his vision, Old Demon Ten Words’ view was blurred. He was shocked, and he immediately pulled back. However, he was already too late. That golden light was ferocious, splitting into two golden rays that twisted left and right.

A crack seemed to be twisted open into the world.

They were!

Heaven Earth Shears!!

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  1. 折戟沉砂
  2. The qilin
  3. 蜥老魔
  4. A pun on his name. 十 = 10, while 字 means “word.” Usually,  十字, means “cross” while 十個字, which she says here, means ten letters/words. In the context of the story, the author is using the latter to mean the former, which leads to ambiguity.

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