Chapter 649: Yelü Wuxin’s Final Obsession

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The Heaven Earth Shears were so named for their spiritual power that moved Heaven and Earth. The Lord of Ten Words applied his spiritual power pressure on the center of Sikong Chuhe’s chest. The moment he unleashed his spiritual power, he was just like a wide open door. Now, Old Demon Ten Words had nowhere to run.

Sikong Chuhe and Su Yixiao’s minds moved, the two of them in perfect synchronization. In the world, golden light intersected, twisting up the Lord of Ten Words from front and back.

“Ah, dammit, even as a ghost This Lord will…” Heaven and earth twisted, destroying the Lord of Ten Words. This old monster that had killed his opponents before ten words were uttered had in the end turned to ash before he himself had uttered ten words. This could be said to be pitiful.

Heart Devouring Cliff’s Demonkin immediately became terrified when they saw their leader die. The grand Lord of Ten Words was a Supervoid Middle Stage that was surprisingly unable to face two whelps. These Star Masters were terrifying as expected. When they considered this, Ten Words’ army scattered, fleeing clean away.

“Yixiao.” Literature Sacred Handed Scholar Xiao Qingyan was relieved.

Su Yixiao’s face wore an expression of contemplation. She beckoned.

That golden light in the world separated into rays that fell into Su Yixiao and Sikong Chuhe’s palms, forming halves of a dragon-shaped shear. It appeared ordinary, but Su Yixiao never imagined it would be surprisingly so powerful. At just the moment of attack, a Supervoid Middle Stage cultivator was destroyed, however, the magic energy expenditure made Su Yixiao a bit unable to continue.

Sikong Chuhe concentrated on the half of the shears in her hand, her gaze heavy. At the corners of her eye were vague teardrops. She lowered her head so that Su Yixiao did not see.

“Chuhe.” Shan Meng’er dismounted and tenderly patted Sikong Chuhe.

Sikong Chuhe grunted. She raised her head and showed a bright smile. “Little Sister Yixiao is truly bright. It is thanks to Little Sister that we easily took out this Old Demon Ten Words.”

“Not without this Heaven Earth Shear.” Su Yixiao said.

“En, for even a Supervoid Middle Stage to die instantly, those White Tiger Demonkin are nothing impressive. Little Sister Yixiao, before the Three Heavenly Books begin and before the White TIger Star Masters expand their strength, how about we go investigate them? If we can find a chance to kill them, we will not need to fear them in the future Star Duels.” Sikong Chuhe stared at Su Yixiao, her expression warm yet carrying a pressure that would not accept objections.

Su Yixiao was somewhat troubled. The White Tiger Territory was the Demonkin’s sphere of influence, after all. The strength of that old man especially was simply terrifying. She did not believe this sneak attack trick could kill him.

Of course, Sikong Chuhe had her own considerations, “That old manis indeed powerful, but there may be a chance with the others. These White Tiger Demonfolk definitely have not anticipated our arrival in this territory and have certainly relaxed their guard. With the combination of the Heaven Earth Shears, we need only to each attack for there to be a very big chance. If there truly is danger, we have the Liangshan Jade Pendants. Escape will not be an issue.”

Seeing that Su Yixiao was still hesitant, Sikong Chuhe smiled and said: “Since we are in the Star Duels, Little Sister should be a courageous person. A bit of courage is a must.”

Su Yixiao and Xiao Qingyan looked at each other in dismay. The Sacred Handed Scholar shook her head: “Everything is by your will, Yixiao.” Su Yixiao sighed, knowing that ever since Sikong Chuhe’s little sister had been killed by the Demonkin, her heart had overflowed with hatred. She could see that just from looking at their use of the Heaven Earth Shear in killing this Demonkin, but she could not refuse Sikong Chuhe’s suggestion.


Yes, why bother joining the Star Duels if she was afraid.

Su Yixiao sighed in her heart. Her face wore a smiling face: “Then let us go look. Yixiao is very curious about this White Tiger Territory.”

Sikong Chuhe showed a happy expression, “Chuhe indeed did not make a mistake taking you in as a Little SIster. Let us first divide this Old Demon Lord of Ten Words’ things. There should be some excellent magic weapons and pills that can help us.”


If only.

Su Yixiao thought.1


A tower of ice.

Inside the tower, there was bone-chilling cold and thick, frozen black ice. A young woman of icy beauty sat crosslegged in the tower. Blue light on her chest flickered like a flame. After a while, Han Bing slowly opened her eyes. Han Bing felt the beating blue heart in her chest.

“Han Bing, you have been somewhat ill at ease recently.” A lively and charming voice drifted in. The Ling Feixue currently outside the tower poked her head in, however, the inside of the twoer was too cold. She could not bear it.

Han Bing retracted her presence and expressionlessly walked out.

“Are you worried about something?” Ling Feixue could sense Han Bing’s unease. To be able to make the unsympathetic ice woman agitated, even worried, was a very unbelievable thing in Ling Feixue’s perspective.

Heaven Shaking Thunder was also increasingly curious.

“She is not dead!” Han Bing’s tone sank.

Ling Feixue was first taken aback, and then she immediately realized her meaning. “Eh? That Star Master that you struck with your ‘Terrified To The Bone’ has not died? No way?”

Han Bing nodded. Her Ice Soul was placed into Xi Yue at the same time as Terrified To The Bone. Splitting off her Ice Soul was already a drastic decrease to Han Bing’s cultivation, but for the sake of guaranteeing that she killed the enemy, Han Bing showed no mercy. But she never imagined that she could still sense that remaining piece of her Ice Soul. Not only that, there was even an Ancient Clinging Fire attempting to destroy her Ice Soul. If it was not for Han Bing unleashing her full power, perhaps it truly could be dispelled.

“That Purple Thunder Monster is powerful, for even your Terrified To The Bone to be surprisingly unable to kill.” Ling Feixue was both envious and furious, her brilliant eyes full of indignation.

“I have already isolated that Clinging Fire. In just a few more days, that Monster will be unable to save his wife no matter how strong he is.” Han Bing declared.

Ling Feixue nearly wanted to say that this man showed deep devotion to his wife, to urge Han Bing to stop. Just as she was about to speak, she swallowed back her words.

“Han Bing, Taisui has orders. The Liao Emperor has summoned us to the Connecting Heaven Pagoda!” Cang Feng’s voice came from faraway.

“En.” Han Bing expressionlessly nodded. She soared and bounded towards the Connecting Heaven Pagoda, instantly landing on the top.

The Liao Emperor was still looking through her scroll. Taisui bowed to her, and then he turned to face Cang Feng, Ye Futu, Xin Lao, and Han Bing. “The Great King will open the Heavenly Sacrifice’s array. Soon, the Four Great Demon Kings will arrive, and the Great King has something for you to fulfill!”

“What is that?”

Li Taisui glanced at the horizon, his smile profoundly mysterious: “Take down the Four Great Demonkin!”

“Eh?” Other than the stone woman Xin Lao, even the ice woman Han Bing was slightly startled.

“Take down the Four Great Demonkin? Why? If they help our Star Duels, could we not easily defeat the Purple Thunder Monster?” Cang Feng was enormously confused. The White Tiger Territory’s Four Great Demonic Kings were each Supervoid Peak cultivation. Provoking them without good cause was not very wise.

“How would those Demonic Kings ever raise a hand.” Ye Futu sneered. He had already seen through the White Tiger Demonkin’s nature. Each and every one of them loved to focus every fiber of their being into cultivating to Transforming Star of Annihilation Stage. They were unwilling to quarrel.

Much less retaliate.

Even now, they had not interest at all in the Star Duels.

“Could this be related to the Great King’s array?” Han Bing’s thoughts were meticulous, deducing the reason.

Li Taisui smiled but was silent.

Everyone was shocked, pale in the face. Just what array was this, to surprisingly require the magic energy of four peak cultivators.

But to kill four peak cultivators, they had no chance.

“At that time, the Great King will provide assistance.” Taisui’s words made them feel some relief.

“Fellow Wankong, is this Liao Emperor’s powers so great?” The Demonic King from the eastern Spirit Tai Mountain was a Daoist looking fellow with his hair tied in a bun and his hands covered in dust, with a sword upon his back. His appearance was quite shady, but his power was nevertheless exceptional.

“En, can it be that Liao Emperor truly wants to unify Liangshan Continent? Revitalizing the might of Kaifeng, heh, heh, how interesting.” The north’s Demonic King of the Borderless Sea was handsome in appearance.

“Hm, hm.” The last one was the western Demonic King, a beautiful woman dressed in colorful clothes and cap. At first glance, she was like a fairy. Her True Body was a peacock, which was somewhat connected to the immortals.

The Four Great Demonic Kings each secured an area, minding their own cultivation. Normally, they minded their own business and kept out of each other’s way. If it was not for hearing from Woming Wankong say that Liao Emperor could help them break through Supervoid Peak into Transforming Star of Annihilation, they would have had not interest in dealing with this Liao Emperor who once unified the White TIger Territory. 

This was dust in the wind; the Demonkin had never felt nostalgia for it.

Woming Wankong nodded: “That little girl appears somewhat weak, but her power is indeed profound. I saw she had many things upon her, especially that Book of the Yellow Court, which I fear is a secret treasure of Star World. If we unite to kill her, there is no need to listen to her order. Great Kings, this is also the reason Wankong has summoned you all here.”

The Great Kings glanced at each other. They had ruled their territories for several hundred years. Naturally, they would not care for anyone else.

But the Liao Emperor’s fame was brilliant. She was a legend to the White Tiger Territory’s Demonkin, the person who established the outline of Kaifeng. The Demonic Kings were somewhat afraid.

Woming Wankong then said: “There is no need to worry, now that the Liao Emperor’s left and right hands are absent, how can the four of us together fail to take down that gilr?”

“We had better wait and see.” The beautiful fairy hesitated. In the end, she still felt a bit of prudence, to first observe what abilities the Liao Emperor had then decide on a course of action. If she was truly powerful and could help her break through to Transforming Star of Annihilation, then there was no harm in listening to her orders. If this Liao Emperor was very weak, then the result did not need explaining.

The other Demonic Kings felt that the Peacock Immortal’s thinking was acceptable. They also were clever, afraid that Woming Wankong was deliberately using them to do the dirty work.

Woming Wankong was quite displeased and quiet. He smiled and said: “Then fine. Everyone, let us together go pay a visit to the Liao Emperor.”

At this time, the Great Demonic Kings were unaware that it was precisely because of this small hesitation that they missed their one chance to ascend. But by the time they realized it, they would have already become sacrifices for Yelü Wuxin’s array.

While Su Xing, Lu Junyi, Sikong Chuhe, and Su Yixiao were simultaneously moving on the White Tiger Territory’s Fengdu, a similar woman riding a celestial fire beacon came to the skies over the White TIger.

That woman was dressed in a silk brocade and a pleated skirt. A little bell hung upon her white wrist, letting out distinct noises whenever her hand moved. Her face was beautiful without makeup, bright as silver. Her eyes were almond-shaped, a fresh cutie.

What was most impressive were that girl’s boots.

They were unlike Liangshan Continent’s common riding boots. Those boots did not go above the kneecap, and their colors were different. One was completely black with golden edges accompanied by shining moon decorations. The other boot was completely white with blue borders, adorned with the motif of the sun.

This sun and moon were already the peak of beauty. Several fairies pulsed around the boots, adding a level of charm to the girl.

“Is this place the White Tiger Territory?” The young girl looked into the distance, vaguely spotting a tower reaching into the heavens. “Very much like Maiden Mountain. Mhm. Big Sis Qingci said the White Tiger Territory has Sisters, but I wonder if that is true. I will go take a look then.”

Author’s Note:

Previous chapter, I wrote Sikong Dangniu’s name by mistake. I’ve always felt that the name Dangniu was more like an Elder Sister. As for Maiden Mountain, when Lu Shaqing appears, that will be the last part of the escalation stage. I’ll finish within two months. Thanks for waiting, everyone.

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    1. Considering we last left off with Sikong Chuhe pressuring her into becoming sworn sisters, not so surprising.

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