Chapter 650: Battle of the Strongest Star Master

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Su Xing was concerned about Xi Yue’s safety. It could not be helped that this was the White Tiger Territory’s domain, so they rushed through the night for Kaifeng. Along the way, he brainstormed how to draw out Han Bing and kill her. Su Xing was very clear that the more urgent things became, the more necessary it was for him to maintain his cool. If there was a direct confrontation, he simply was not Li Taisui’s opponent right now. On the contrary, he would hurt Zhao Hanyan and the others.

He was not without options. He could create a diversion to separate Li Taisui and Han Bing, then have Gongsun Huang use her Heaven Rank to instantly kill. He would not be picky as long as he completed the objective. Su Xing was very clear that if Han Bing continued to live, they would completely be unable to kill her before the Heavenly Books.

It would be best if the plan went without hitches.

When they were about a hundred li away from Kaifeng, the clouds in that direction suddenly surged. Purple qi rolled, a Purple Cloud East Approaches. Su Xing halted their advance. He traded glances with Zhao Hanyan. His expression moved, and Su Xing escaped in that direction.


A wretched shriek coldly reverberated in the sky. A purple dragon burst out of the purple clouds. It was none other than the Purple Scaled Magic Cloud Dragon, but its majesty seemed completely lost, as if it did not have its normal dragon qi. It seemed to be escaping from something in a panic. Behind the Purple Scaled Magic Cloud Dragon, a primal chaos approached, a net of lightning following close behind.

When the Purple Scaled Magic Cloud Dragon saw Su Xing, it seemed to have found its savior and shouted: “Fellow, save me!!!!”

Woming Wankong had been forced to show his True Body, and he fled towards Su Xing in a panic. At this moment, the despairing Woming Wankong saw the purple qi in Su Xing’s hand and treated Su Xing as his savior. Of course, he was not expecting Su Xing’s ability to save the situation. Woming Wankong planned to use this man as a shield to help him escape.

The primal chaos rolled closer.

It seemed to trap the Purple Scaled Magic Cloud Dragon in a bog. No matter how Woming Wankong struggled, he could not break free. Just as he was about to reach Su Xing, he suddenly heard a warm yet bone-chilling laugh: “Fellow, there is no need to run. Making contributions for the Great King does not disgrace your name as a Demonic King.”

The magnificent net of thunder and lightning pounced from behind and bound the Purple Scaled Magic Cloud Dragon.

“Taisui, you traitor, may you die a terrible death!!!!” Woming Wankong struggled. The primal chaos covered him, and Woming Wankong was left with nowhere to run. With death at hand, Woming Wankong suddenly roared, spitting purple light towards Su Xing.

“Fellow, I implore you, avenge me!!!!!”

The primal chaos receded. Woming Wankong had been devoured, and the skies returned to their normal brilliance, revealing a praying mat. It finally floated gently to an old man’s hand.

“Li Taisui!!”

Su Xing’es eyes narrowed, and his killing intent retracted.

Li Taisui also saw Su Xing. He benevolently smiled: “Your Highness Purple Thunder, we meet again.”

Su Xing put on a fake smile. “It appears you are very busy, Li Taisui.”

Li Taisui laughed. He looked at Zhao Hanyan then back to Su Xing, “It appears that Your Highness will not agree to This Old Man’s request to unite and end these Star Duels?”

“As long as you hand Han Bing over, I’ll agree.” Su Xing earnestly said.

Li Taisui was very aware of what Han Bing had done, “This Old Man cares not for her.”

“Senior Taisui, that is truly insincere.” Su Xing sneered.

“Purple Thunder Monster, you seem to be a bit unaware of your position.” Li Taisui slightly smiled, not angered in the slightest. “This Old Man has other matters and does not wish to move too much. Kaifeng is closed to visitors. This Old Man advises you go back. After the Heavenly Books, we shall settle our differences. In all likelihood, you will also have become This Old Man’s opponent by then.

Li Taisui spoke in a downplayed tone, the contempt in his words seemingly justified.

Su Xing was not angry either, “This is precisely the time.”

“Woming Wankong has done something stupid.” Li Taisui saw that Demonic Pellet in Su Xing’s hand. Not saying anything more, he turned and flew towards Kaifeng, no longer bothering about Su Xing.

Su Xing looked at the pearl in his hand. This was the Demonic Pellet of the Purple Scaled Magic Cloud Dragon, and his heart felt great surprise. A Demonic Pellet was a Demon Beast’s Life-cast item. Su Xing could sense that Purple Scaled Magic Cloud Dragon’s cultivation was exceptional. It should have been an outstanding character in the White Tiger Territory. But from the movements just now, Li Taisui had surprisingly killed him. Just what was the White Tiger Territory doing? Su Xing could not fathom this.

Zhao Hanyan was also very confused. Internecine strife among the Demonkin was honestly strange.

“It seems the Liao Emperor is messing with some array.” Su Xing wrinkled his brow.

“Master, shall we go now?” Yan Yizhen asked.

“Of course we go. How can we let them do as they please.” Su Xing sneered. He unceremoniously ingested this Purple Scaled Magic Cloud Dragon’s Demonic Pellet. The Purple Scaled Magic Cloud Dragon was a purple qi dragon. It would be enormously beneficial for cultivating the Purple Rose Transforming Qi. Thinking about it, this had to be the reason that Woming Wankong would force himself to offer up his own Demonic Pellet. This seemed to indeed be a desperate measure.

“I’ll avenge you then.” Su Xing muttered and waved his hand.

A thick black mist parted to reveal a sinister monster. Even Zhao Hanyan wrinkled her brows when she saw it.

This time, Su Xing would not hold back whatsoever.

“Ghost Cavalry King, soon you will go kill Han Bing.” Su Xing said.

The Ghost Cavalry King cackled: “Are you finally willing to release This King? Hm, hm, insignificant Demonkin, watch how This King’s attack leaves not a single piece of armor left.”

“Hanyan, careful.”

Su Xing ordered. “Junqing, you too.”

Zhao Hanyan and Dong Junqing nodded and smiled.

Li Taisui descended into the Connecting Heaven Pagoda. His praying mat turned and shook out the Purple Scaled Magic Cloud Dragon. In the array, there were also a Great Bright Peacock, an Ocean Yaksha Dragon, and a pale tiger. No one could have guessed these four Demon Beasts were the hegemons of the White Tiger Territory from a few hours ago. In an instant, they had now become sacrifices.

The Four Great Demonkin were indeed powerful, making Ye Futu and the others waste much of their energy. Even with the help of the Liao Emperor and their Star Generals, they barely managed to kill four ambushed Demonic Kings. However, that Purple Scaled Magic Cloud Dragon had already been prepared to run. Fortunately, Li Taisui immediately retrieved it.

“Why…are you doing this…” The Great Bright Peacock was at death’s door, shuddering as she asked.

“Do you not wish to enter Transforming Star of Annihilation?” Yelü Wuxin calmly closed her book, leisurely saying: “Then This King shall help you fulfill this wish. Soon, you can see Star World.”


“Has that man come?” Yelü Wuxin turned her head to gaze at the horizon.


“You stand guard. This King requires time to open the array. No one is to disturb me.” Yelü Wuxin issued her orders and immediately beckoned with her hands. She changed, and the light of the array shot into the sky. The four Supervoid Peak Demon Beasts were immediately absorbed into the array. Powerful magic energy endlessly poured into the formation.

Seeing her use the four top-notch cultivators’ magic energy as sacrifices to the array, Cang Feng and the others were somewhat terrified.

Li Taisui turned his head and descended the Connecting Heaven Tower, beginning to issue his commands.

“This man came at the perfect time. Today, I shall Star Duel with him to the death here.” Han Bing’s tone showed some rare ripples.

“Zijin.” Li Taisui cast a glance at her.

Yang Zijin gently nodded. One hand gripped the hilt of her blade. Her face was as a dry well, without activity.

“Protect the Great King. Do not allow anyone to enter Kaifeng. Kill all violators!” Li Taisui gave the execution order.

“As you command!!”

As they spoke, a Ten Thousand Li God Killing Arrow shot towards the Liao Emperor.

Xiang Nongmei’s hands were quick. Ten hidden weapons activated, blocking the Ten Thousand God Killing Arrow, but arrow after arrow flew over from the horizon.

“Little Li Guang Hua Rong!!” Eight Armed Nezha Xiang Nongmei’s hidden weapons were extremely quick, shooting out like black lotuses. The weapons endlessly intercepted the incoming arrows.

“This truly intolerable bullying, to surprisingly break ground above Taisui.” Cang Feng’s expression was very unsightly.

Li Taisui calmly smiled: “Do not be distracted by this Purple Thunder Monster. This Monster is very craftly, not easy to handle. Xin Lao, you stay here and protect the Great King. The rest guard other locations, so as to avoid his diversions.”

“Han Bing!!” Li Taisui looked at the ice woman.

“What are your orders, Taisui?”

Li Taisui smiled very warmly: “Follow This Old Man to meet this Purple Thunder Monster together.”

Han Bing nodded somewhat excitedly.

Li Taisui’s gesture was somewhat malevolent. He knew that the one Su Xing wanted to kill the most was Han Bing. Li Taisui would not let this Purple Thunder Monster do as he pleased. He placed Han Bing at his side to bolster his fighting strength on the one hand, but also to divert Su Xing’s attention on the other.

A bolt of purple thunder slammed down. Without even looking, Li Taisui slapped this Purple Thunder apart with his paper fan.

Purple clouds rolled like dragons and beasts, expanding. Su Xing, Gongsun Huang, Zhao Hanyan, Dong Junqing, and Yan Yizhen appeared above the purple clouds.

Spotting Han Bing, Su Xing’s eyes narrowed. He thought to himself that this old man was indeed cruel. Everything had been planned very precisely.

In all of the Star Duels, Su Xing’s battle formation could not be said to be not stunning, but against Li Taisui and Yang ZIjin, this nevertheless had no chance of winning. “Little Huang, charge your Heaven Rank.” Su Xing secretly ordered.

Dragon in the Clouds nodded.

Using a Heaven Rank was not as simple using an Earth, Dark, or Yellow Rank. It required some time to prepare, requiring a Star Master’s protection. Su Xing knew that this old man Li Taisui’s abilities were exceptionally abnormal. Su Xing pre-emptively decided to settle things using Gongsun Zhuqing’s Heaven Rank.

Su Xing and Yang ZIjin’s eyes carelessly locked. The expression of the latter was somewhat twinkling, a seemingly aged appearance.

“Purple Thunder Monster, you truly are bold. This place is the White Tiger Territory. You surprisingly dare to be so arrogant. Do you think that you are unrivalled under Heaven with Lin Chong and Wu Song?” Ling Feixue straddled Poor Thunderclap. She shouted, aiming her flickering Silent Destruction Star Meteor Cannons at Su Xing.

“Don’t waste your breath.” Su Xing’s hand pointed. Twelve golden rainbows shot out. At the same time, his left hand pushed, and a continuous purple cloud moved.

Simultaneously, Su Xing used the Chaotic Tail Escape, rushing for Han Bing faster than Yan Yizhen and the others.

But a beast’s sense of smell was even faster.

Yang Zijin’s expression turned stern, her half-bestial birthmark revealed. Although she was somewhat favorable towards Su Xing, as Li Taisui’s Star General, Yang Zijin would not show mercy. “You have made Zijin very disappointed.” The woman softly said.

She drew her saber.

Tooth Extraction!!

But just when Yang Zijin was certain she killed Su Xing, she suddenly spotted Su Xing’s smile.

What is happening??

An incoming rainbow arrow answered Blue Faced Beast. A seven-colored rainbow trailed that arrow, expanding in all directions. It left Yang Zijin’s saber and Ling Feixue’s cannons helpless.

Blue Faced Beast’s pupils shrunk.

She saw far off in the distance the figure of a graceful woman.

Sun Piercing Heavenly Rainbow!!

This is bad!!!!!

Yang Zijin was startled for the first time.

The two great martial generals Yan Yizhen and Dong Junqing exploited the Sun Piercing Heavenly Rainbow to take Li Taisui’s head.

“Swallowflash Samsara!”

“Yin Yang Cross Slash!!”

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