Chapter 651: Heaven Rank “Extinguishing of the Torch Dragon”

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Kaifeng, the Longevity Palace a thousand li away.

Rat Star Bai Yutang was currently peacefully sleeping in Tang Lianxin’s bosom. The little loli’s face was a bit pale. She had exhausted herself to finally brew a cup of Earth Rank Wine, “Jade Lake Moon Dew.” For other Earth Rank, a couple uses of an Earth Rank would not be anything noteworthy, but this made the loli tired to death. She was like a little kitten snuggled against Tang Lianxin. Even the shy Gold Coin Spotted Leopard could not help but show pity.

Originally, Bai Yutang should have been in Su Xing’s Star Nest, but so as to not affect Su Xing’s battle, she stayed at the Longevity Palace with Tang Lianxin and Shi Yuan looking after her.

“I never imagined there would surprisingly be such a tiny Little Sister among us.” Shi Xiuxiu glanced at the dreaming Bai Yutang, showing a sad smile.

Tang Lianxin did not say anything, but she turned to stare at Daredevil Third Brother. “Do you hate Elder Brother?” The Solitary Star expressionlessly asked.

“Elder Brother??” Shi Xiuxiu was surprised: “Each of you call him different things. If Your Servant hated him, then Your Servant would spare no effort to kill him.”

Tang Lianxin nodded, apparently at ease with this answer.

Shi Xiuxiu then asked how they came to know Su Xing. With so many Star Generals, it was hard for a person to not be curious. Even a fanatical battle maniac so strongly attached to martial arts was no exception.

Apparently, only when they discussed her Elder Brother did the Solitary Star’s apathetic eyes show a glint. Shi Xiuxiu could see that she truly loved her Elder Brother.

“Your Servant is impressed with that man’s righteousness, but in the Star Duels, there will be a time that hurts him!” Shi Xiuxiu took a deep breath.

Tang Lianxin shot her an ice-cold glare.

“Take what is happening right now for example.” Shi Xiuxiu shook her head: “Your Servant feels he is too naive. This place is the White Tiger Territory, the domain of the Demonkin. Su Xing wants to kill Han Bing, but that Li Taisui is impossible to fight against with his power. If he had Lin Chong, Wu Song or some other wife, perhaps he would have some hope, but with his current strength, he will pay a price.”

To be able to make the formidable martial artist Daredevil Third Brother utter this kind of declaration, it was obvious that Li Taisui was a terrifying monster in her mind.

In actuality, Shi Xiuxiu had not traded blows directly with Li Taisui more than a few times. By her martial general’s instincts, she could sense that man’s terrifying power the times that they did meet. Although it was somewhat embarrassing to say aloud, Shi Xiuxiu has fled from Li Taisui more than once. As far as Daredevil Third Brother was concerned, this was a disgrace.

“That Xi Yue is only a Star Master, right? He can brave fire and water for her sake right now, but the Star Duels can only have one overlord at the end. As for ending the Star Duels, Your Servant does not believe it.” Shi Xiuxiu twitched her lips.

“Xiuxiu, you are wrong. Su Xing will end the Star Duels for sure.”

Shi Yuan trotted over. When she heard Shi Xiuxiu’s words, she strongly disapproved.

“Su Xing is the best Star Master I’ve ever seen. You just don’t know how we got to this point. You do not have the qualifications to talk about Su Xing like this.” Shi Yuan said unhappily. “Even without Big Sister Yingmei, Su Xing will definitely save Xi Yue.”

The corner of Shi Xiuxiu’s mouth slightly curved. She nodded in approval and sipped her wine. She leisurely said: “Then Your Servant wishes that you can get past this point as well…”


Outside Kaifeng City, purple clouds billowed, and thunder rolled.

Li Taisui held the fan in his hand as he danced in the air. His movements were easy and smooth, each and every movement in complete unity with the world, impeccable.

Hua Wanyue’s arrow fired, and they erased as easily as brush strokes because of the airflow from the paper fan.

Su Xing knew this old man was very defiant of the natural order. He had made psychological preparations, but he was still astonished. Using the cover of Hua Wanyue’s Sun Piercing Heavenly Rainbow, everyone avoided Yang Zijin and mounted a direct assault on Li Taisui. Even if they did not kill him, they would at least be able to make him feel a bit of difficulty, to show a gap, but this was unimaginable.

Li Taisui used his paper fan to catch Yan Yizhen’s Swallowflash Samsara. Against Dong Junqing’s Yin Yang Cross Slash, he gently waved, and a clap of thunder broke it. Then, Yan Yizhen used the Dark Rank Snapped Bowstring Magnolia Lily Ballad that could dispel an opponent’s powers, yet that, too, was easily broken by the old man.


Two powerful martial force Star Generals working together were surprisingly unable to so much as touch him. Instead, they were being suppressed.

Su Xing cast a glance to see Zhao Hanyan currently battling Han Bing and Ling Feixue. The Ling Yan Princess used her hundred Outer Void Flying Immortals Swords to equally match against Han Bing and Ling Feixue.

Kaifeng City, Heavenly Sacrifice Pagoda’s spiritual power skyrocketed, as if it was about to rend the heavens. Who knew what that array was. In brief, it felt very much like the boss from a game.

Su Xing wanted to blitz through the battle, yet Li Taisui was unexpectedly bogging down his progress.

“Zijin! Kill them!” Li Taisui waved his fan. The sound of thunder blasted.

Yang Zijin attacked Su Xing.

Yan Yizhen and Dong Junqing obstructed her.

“Little Sister’s ruthlessness is honestly making Junqing aroused, ahn. How about you tussle1 with This General?” Dong Junqing teased. The two spears in her hands did not hesitate to slash.

It was a Dark Rank.

Yang Zijin drew her blade. The collision of the weapons produced intense sparks, but just by relying on her powerful martial arts, Yang Zijin stopped Dong Junqing’s Dark Technique. The Steadfast Star’s expression was somewhat unsightly. Yang Zijin flashed away, turned a half-step, and sliced in an extremely beautiful arc, forcing Dong Junqing back.

Blue Faced Beast advanced, but Skilful Star Yan Yizhen had already moved to intercept.

The Yin Yang Carps swam around her palms. Her left hand was a chilling icy frost while her right hand was a scorching flame. Yin and Yang intersected, and the area around Yan Yizhen seemed to bend to her will.

Yan Yizhen shouted. The maid’s apathetic vermilion eyes reflected the swimming Yin Yang Carps.

These carps seemed to come to life, growing behind the Skilful Star. In an instant, the frost and flame spread out, covering Yan Yizhen. The maid’s figure immediately proceeded with exquisite boxing.

Dark Rank Boxing.

Nine Yin Nine Yang Life And Death!!

The power of her fists launched towards Yang Zijin. Blue Faced Beast’s pupils contracted. The beast used her strongest draw to intercept.

Dark Saber Technique.

Heavenly Dragon Dancing!!

Yan Yizhen’s Nine Yin Nine Yang Life And Death boxing was unmatched. Each punch shook space. Yin and Yang flashed, not giving the target any room to escape.

Yang Zijin’s martial arts were very valiant. The saber-qi of the Dark Rank Saber Technique Heavenly Dragon Dancing poured down like a storm. Relying on her superb Realm and the sacrifice of her Star Beast, Yang Zijin intercepted Yan Yizhen’s Earth Rank.

Even the cold and detached maid could not help show surprise at this.

Yang Zijin’s sword stabbed.

The Extreme Vast Blue Emperor Saber sunk into Little Yi’s body like a fang. The woman spun again, and her saber technique and footwork combined. The Little Yi who had just used her Earth Rank could not withstand this attack. Yang Zijin had wanted to dispatch the Skilful Star with another attack, but she was repelled by Hua Wanyue’s arrow.

However, the Skilful Star was heavily injured, so Yang Zijin paid her no further attention, rushing straight for Su Xing.

When Su Xing who had been engaged in battle against Li Taisui’s thunder saw this, his Divine Intent moved. The Twelve Heaven Tearing drew a golden rainbow as they twisted towrads Yang Zijin.

“This General shall take you on.” Dong Junqing shouted, her Dragon Phoenix Yin Yang Spears crying.

Yang Zijin was somewhat surprised that she would not go protect her own Star Master, but Blue Faced Beast kept her composure, instantly drawing her blade.


Snow-white saber-light fell towards Dong Junqing’s chest.

What swift speed.

Dong Junqing evaded the attack, slashing back with her spears. Yang ZIjin nimbly leapt away past the spears. The chilling beast slashed behind her without even looking.

Another bloody wound appeared on Dong Junqing’s back.

Dong Junqing never imagined this Blue Faced Beast would be so superior in martial arts. She herself was surprisingly unable to keep up with her attack speed. Immediately, Dong Junqing’s embarrassment turned into fury. “Junqing, calm down.” An Suwen’s concerned voice came over.

The Divine Physician pointed her hand and used Earth Rank – Heart Like Still Water.

The Heart Like Still Water that could resist illusion could also simultaneously boost a Star General’s Realm, making a Star General maintain absolute calm during battle. As expected, Dong Junqing’s impulsive mind immediately became more calm than a lake. Yang Zijin’s movements did not seem so quick.

“Do not run.” Dong Junqing gave chase.

Yang ZIjin’s target was Su Xing.

The beast that had bared her true fangs would not be stopped. Hua Wanyue’s arrow volleys became increasingly concentrated, but she was unable to intercept. At this time, Su Xing used the Purple Rose Transforming Qi and the Purple Mansion Immortal Thunder to stalemate against Li Taisui. Everyone was aware that a Star Master had become the greatest weakness.

But Li Taisui’s powers were honestly too defiant of the natural order, and he also had the Blue Faced Beast’s Innate Skill – Treasure Blade Is Ageless. It could be said that his strength was arrogant across all of Liangshan Continent. Even a Star General would be hard-pressed.

Heaven Tearing was unable to obstruct Yang Zijin’s approaching attack.

Just as she was about to draw near Su Xing, an arrow suddenly pierced out of Su Xing’s chest and shot towards Yang Zijin. Blue Faced Beast tilted her head, and the arrow grazed past her cheek. The Blue Faced Beast then shifted, the Extreme Vast Blue Emperor Saber hacked a cold saber-qi.


Hua Wanyue gave up on archery and swapped to the Red Jade Star Splitting Short Spear to defend in front of Su Xing.

“Do not think you can hurt Milord.” Hua Wanyue’s spearmanship was exceptional, and she used a howling and bloody dance. 

Although the Hero Star was known as the absolute in bow and spear, compared to Blue Faced Beast, her close combat was clearly very deficient. Saber-qi flowed over her whole body, and Hua Wanyue could only barely respond. Her short spear was completely unable to contend against the Five Star Blue Emperor Saber.

In terms of weapons, the dominant Yang Zijin did not waste time in showing Hua Wanyue up. But Hua Wanyue grit her teeth and stubbornly refused to retreat.

At this moment, Dong Junqing also caught up from behind.

The Steadfast Star’s pincer attack with Hua Wanyue formed a perfect combination, sealing any escape route.

Yang Zijin’s eyes flashed a careless admiration, but she acted without mercy. Her figure crouched, and her power surged. Dragon fangs spread in all directions, and her attack became a dance.

“Heavenly Dragon Dancing!!”


Yang Zijin was honestly too powerful. Hua Wanyue and Dong Junqing together were surprisingly repelled.

Su Xing was unable to sit by and watch. He spat Essence Blood and grabbed the Dragon Sparrow Vermilion Dew Long Saber. With an escape technique, he carried Hua Wanyue away while An Suwen healed Dong Junqing.

“Milord, be careful. This Yang Zhi is very strong.” The graceful woman was already showing injuries all over.

Su Xing was distressed to see this. He stared at Yang Zijin, not daring to be neglectful.

Yang Zijin was just about to continue when suddenly, she stopped and directed her gaze to Gongsun Huang.

At this moment, Leisure Star Dragon in the Clouds finally opened the Heaven Rank Runestone.

An indescribable sense of danger overwhelmed even Yang Zijin.

Heaven Rank!

Torch Dragon 2 Extinguishing!!

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  1. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  2. 燭龍, one of the most legendary dragons of Chinese myth


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