Chapter 652: Destroying The Prehistoric Number One Magic Weapon

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Black Turtle Territory.

Jin Ping Mei Water Fort.

All of a sudden, the countertop shook. The Ruan Mei’er currently reading a picture book showed a quizzical expression.

“Lady Fort Master, come quickly.” A Water Fort disciple urgently came to deliver a message.

The Ruan Jin’er who had her cultivation of the Hell Illusion Death Butterfly Sword interrupted disdainfully rose, and Ruan Mei’er curiously followed along. Outside the Water Fort, countless disciples had raised their heads, gazing in a faroff direction.

Across the bottomless Black Turtle Sea, they could vaguely glimpse a divine dragon rushing into the clouds, and then it vanished from sight. From the aura it emitted, it was surprisingly able to shake the entire Black Turtle Territory’s seas.

“Impossible, Heaven Rank!!” Ruan Jin’er was flabbergasted.

Devil Star Palace.

“Headmaster says that is in the direction of the White Tiger Territory.” Outside the Devil Star Palace, Elder Dried Bone narrowed his eyes.

Su Shengxiang was astonished: “What is happening in the White Tiger Territory, to surprisingly manifest a Heaven Rank?!”

“Can it be that that Liao Emperor is causing another commotion?” The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon’s face was gloomy, his eyes showing a near imperceptible glint. Li Xiangfei and Fan Ming glanced at one another, each of their expressions somewhat unsightly.

For a Heaven Rank to surprisingly appear before the Three Heavenly Books, this honestly was unnatural.

“Lord Husband, shall we go take a look?” Su Shengxiang charmingly smiled.

“That old man from the White Tiger Territory is unfathomable. We had better monitor the situation calmly. This Holy Lord can sense that the Purple Thunder Monster and those Demonkin are locked in a life and death battle. We shall be the fisherman that catches the clam and the snipe.” Although the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon was very indignant that he was unable to personally kill Su Xing to vent his anger, he knew that a true loner had no chance of victory in the Star Duels. Regardless of what was happening in the White TIger Territory for a Heaven Rank to appear, the most worrisome person should be the Purple Thunder Monster.

And how could the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon have known that the user of the Heaven Rank Technique was none other than Su Xing himself.

“Lowly Servant thought that perhaps the Purple Thunder Monster is currently in a Star Duel with the Demonkin. Is Lord Husband really not going to look? Perhaps we can take a part.” Su Shengxiang surmised.

“Impossible. The Purple Thunder Monster is acutely aware that the White Tiger Territory’s Star Masters are collaborating with the Liao Emperor. Did he go to the White Tiger Territory to die? Even if he had something in the White Tiger Territory, he would not be stupid enough to go Star Duel the Demonkin.” The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon scoffed. 

His thinking was not wrong. From what happened in the Crystal Dragon Palace, the head of the White Tiger, Li Taisui, possessed the number one magic weapon in Liangshan Continent as well as the strongest martial general of this generation. No one would think to Star Duel such a frightening enemy on their home turf. Even if they were mortal enemies like fire and water, that would have to wait until after they bolstered their strength in the Heavenly Books.

“Su Shengxiang, the Heavenly Books will begin in several days. We should prepare for this first. Have your truly not considered advancing dual cultivation?” The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon sneered.

The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon had originally thought to exploit Su Shengxiang’s dual cultivation to increase his strength, but he did not know how she was able to convince Devil Ancestor Dark Nether to change his ideas, to alter his plan for their dual cultivation. They changed to each of them training a set of “Yin Yang Mystifying Qi”1 that complemented each other. Because the “Yin Yang Mystifying Qi” required sharing magic energy, the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon that originally possessed the absolute advantage in magic energy had no choice but to contribute a portion of his magic energy to Su Shengxiang.

By doing so, the both of them broke through to Supervoid Early Stage on the same level, making the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon’s heart very vexed.

“Lord Husband, Lowly Servant is making preparations and hopes Lord Husband understands.” Su Shengxiang respectfully said.

The Holy Lord of Draconic snorted but sneered.

All of the Star Generals could perceive this power.

At this moment, three territories were shaken together.

Just as Shi Xiuxiu was chatting with Tang Lianxin, all of a sudden, the entire Bright Moon Longevity Palace shook violently. Immediately, Tang Lianxin’s expression changed. The Longevity Palace was a deep-rooted treasure. Normal attacks were unable to so much as jolt the Longevity Palace, but now, the intense wobbling of the Longevity Palace was unprecedented.

Bai Yutang was immediately shaken awake. The little loli opened her bleary eyes, squinting.

“What is that?” Shi Yuan gazed a thousand li away.

The sky in that faraway direction had become muddled, practically cleaving this world, deep as the abyss. Then, a gigantic, mountain-like dragon emerged from out of thin air. That divine dragon was so grand, brimming from head to tail with an inviolable, absolute dignity. Liangshan Continent’s dragons were simply as ridiculous as mudfish in its presence.

Even from a thousand li away, Shi Yuan was awestruck by the body of this enormous dragon.

The White Tiger Territory was in hysteria. Countless beasts fled, howled, and scattered in terror in all directions. Just its aura was enough to make the White Tiger’s proud Demonkin bolt away.

“That is the Leisure Star’s Heaven Rank??” Shi Xiuxiu sensed a Star General’s presence.

“Elder Brother is using Gongsun Zhuqing’s Heaven Rank so soon?” Tang Lianxin’s brow locked tight.

“Ha, ha, that old fart’s dead for sure. What do you say, will Wuhui blame us?” Shi Yuan giggled, greatly relaxing. Now that the Heaven Rank appeared, no one should be able to face them, right? It was only after the Three Heavenly Books that a Star General could raise their Realm high enough to withstand a Heaven Rank, but right now, there were no Heavenly Books. It was at this time that a Heaven Rank had no equal.

However, Yuan’er was unaware that Gongsun Zhuqing’s Heaven Rank runestone was consuming vast amounts of Star Energy. This was also supposed to have brought about a situation where the Twin Assassins of Xuanle Feifei were dispatched without even a chance to retaliate.

“It is still too early to be happy.” Shi Xiuxiu paused and then continued to drink wine.


The Divine Dragon that lived only in myth was summoned by Gongsun Huang. Not only was Su Xing flabbergasted, even Li Taisui and the others were dumbstruck.

“Heaven Rank…” Li Taisui’s eyes were grim.

A dragon’s roar blew away the White Dragon Territory’s forest and seas. The earth trembled, and the ancient Torch Dragon displayed its powerful might, opening its jaws. “It seems you have received many a favor, Purple Thunder Monster. Not bad, only with this do you have the qualifications to battle This Old Man.” Li Taisui was not afraid. His expression facing the Torch Dragon’s Extinguishing made Su Xing’s hair stand on end.

Just what was the background of this old man.

Purple clouds and thunder vanished before the Torch Dragon. Li Taisui pointed his finger.

The Good Fortune Prayer Mat flew out.

Liangshan Continent’s number one Spirit Treasure, the Good Fortune Prayer Mat, spun in the air. A zone of primordial chaos formed, trapping the Torch Dragon. The Torch Dragon loosed an ancient flame to burn through this primordial chaos, but this Good Fortune Prayer Mat was incomparably awesome. Under the support of Li Taisui’s endless magic energy, the area of the primordial void was boundless, trapping the infinite Torch Dragon inside.

The world-shocking Torch Dragon was surprisingly completely unable to wield its power.

Su Xing cursed to himself when he saw this. This old man was too abnormal.

Gongsun Huang’s forehead dripped with sweat. Using the Heaven Rank similarly required her Star Energy to maintain the Torch Dragon’s existence. Seeing that the Torch Dragon was helpless, Su Xing was unable to wait any further. His palm swept, and a colored glass lantern appeared.


Su Xing chanted.

The Five Dragons Lantern’s flames blossomed, and five nine-clawed golden dragons flew out in succession, attacking the primordial chaos.

Li Taisui’s expression turned grave, and he chanted continuously.

The Good Fortune Primordial Chaos continuously changed. The Five Dragons surged inside the primordial chaos, flipping. The might of five True Dragons was not inferior to the Torch Dragon.

Soon after they had started.

Su Xing and Li Taisui dueled with their strongest magic weapons.

Slowly, Li Taisui could no longer afford to be relaxed. He weaved his hand seals faster and faster, and the extensive primordial chaos became even tighter, but a few cracks were blown into it by the Torch Dragon. Just as it was about to collapse, Gongsun Huang could sustain it no more. Her Star Energy was completely unable to control the Heaven Rank, and to maintain it for so long was already her limit. The girl groaned, and she spat a mouthful of blood.

The dragon bellowed, finally vanishing into nothingness.

Su Xing’s eyes narrowed, urging on the Five Dragons Lantern at full power. The five dragons’ Buddhist light glowed, illuminating the primordial chaos. They slammed around it continuously, and the cracks increased in number.


One golden dragon was devoured by the primordial chaos.

Then another.

The third.

The fourth.

After the Good Fortune Prayer Mat consumed four golden dragons, Li Taisui was finally unable to bear the might of the Five Dragons Lantern. The last nine-clawed golden dragon slammed apart the primordial chaos, and the Good Fortune Prayer Mat returned to its original form, its surface charred by the Torch Dragon’s Extinguishing. It had been surprisingly burnt to ash.

Li Taisui’s expression changed.

The golden dragon immediately pounced with bared fangs and claws.

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