Chapter 653: Depleting Heaven Shattering Earth

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Seeing that the magic weapon he had been so proud of was surprisingly annihilated, anger boundlessly emanated from Taisui’s body. He opened the paper fan, and the last golden dragon of the Five Dragons Lantern was disintegrated by a bright thunderbolt before Li Taisui’s eyes.

Su Xing cursed. How was this old man so strong. Although the last nine-clawed golden dragon of the Five Dragons Lantern had been greatly weakened by the primordial chaos, it was not so much that it could be instantly vanquished by a flick of this old man’s fan.

The Heaven Rank had merely destroyed Li Taisui’s strongest magic weapon. Su Xing suddenly felt enormous pressure.

“Your Highness.” Gongsun Huang’s whole body collapsed onto Su Xing’s chest.

“Little Huang, rest for now. Leave the rest to me.” Su Xing softly said.

Gongsun Huang grunted. But she did not enter the Star Nest at all, instead, floated away from Su Xing.

“What other tricks will you use?” Li Taisui’s smile had vanished. An ice-cold glare was in his eyes.

Su Xing smiled, not daring to be careless. He wrapped himself in Old Pig’s Yellow Gown of Coronation. The full and gorgeous dragon-patterned king’s robe sparkled with golden light. A True Dragon swam beside Su Xing, adding to his kingly aura. Even Li Taisui could not help but take notice of this extraordinary attire.

“This robe actually makes This Old Man’s eyes brighten. You are not like a monster, more like those saints, rather.” Li Taisui faintly smiled. “But you still will not be able to obstruct This Old Man just by relying on this robe.” As he spoke, a bolt of thunder appeared. That thunderbolt was like a beast, manifesting various forms, filling the entire area.

The Meditative Mind Lotus Flower similarly bloomed behind Su Xing.

Buddhist light glowed, the golden lotus blossomed, a transcendental scene. 

This contrast of stillness and action was subtle.

This poetry was then broken by a shake of Li Taisui’s fan. Thunder rolled, striking the lotus flower. Electric arcs tore at it, ripping the blossoming lotus flower to shreds. The remaining lightning twisted directly towards Su Xing.

Su Xing knew that his own advantage was in combat Innate Skills, like a Star General. To battle against Li Taisui who had a cultivation that was higher by a level was unmistakably unwise.

The thunder covering the heavens made Su Xing’s escape technique completely useless. Gripping the Dragon Sparrow Dew Long Saber, Su Xing shot forward. The pale blade-light shattered the attacking thunder. The rest of the astral thunder was dispelled by the king robe. Li Taisui’s left hand tightened, gracefully gripping the fan.

A sweep.

Something sank.

The space in front of him immediately sank, trapping Su Xing within. Millions of star-thunders fell into the abyss.

Thunder and fire exploded, and the lotus flower faded away.

A figure charged out of the thunder, flying straight above Li Taisui.

“Dragon Blood Frontline!”

Su Xing’s slash fell.


The plain fan surprisingly blocked the Dragon Sparrow Dew Long Saber’s blade. The Dark Technique Dragon Blood Frontline exploded around Li Taisui, and the blade-light was like densely packed dragonscales. A careful look would show that the torrential saber-qi had been isolated outside. Such an impervious armor locked Su Xing’s attack outside. 

“A good blade!” Li Taisui raised the paper fan, pushing Su Xing away.

Su Xing’s left palm struck, using Instant Frost Flame.

Instant Frost Flame could freeze magic weapons and abilities in an instant. The extreme cold was no less than that of the Ten Thousand Year Black Ice. Li Taisui’s pupils contracted, and the fan continued gusting without stop, once again rolling out a bolt of thunder magic.

This thunder magic was nevertheless unable to break Instant Frost Flame. After this thunder magic was frozen, the Frost Flame fell towards Li Taisui’s head. An ordinary Supervoid Cultivator of Liangshan Continent would perhaps suffer misfortune here, but this Li Taisui honestly was the most terrifying opponent Su Xing had ever seen.

The old man’s expression was unflustered, his actions neither fast nor slow. Though he seemed very slow, by the time Su Xing noticed, Li Taisui had already avoided Instant Frost Flame, wielding his fan.

The frost was blown away.

“What a pity you cannot attack Maiden Mountain together with This Old Man.” Li Taisui’s expression seemed as if he was looking at a shattered valuable.

“Elder should just take a rest, too much fighting is bad for you.” Su Xing smiled and said.

Li Taisui smiled. “Youngster, This Old Man has yet to use full strength.”

“Your Servant, too.” Su Xing said matter-of-factly.

If anybody else heard this, they would probably have been enraged to death. The battle between two-top notch magic weapons was enough to make any Star Master turn pale, but these two were surprisingly talking about not having used full power yet. It was unbelievable, but it was the truth, “Why have Wu Song and Lin Chong not appeared yet?” Li Taisui asked.

“They have their own plans.”

The thousand year top martial generals made Li Taisui feel fear. Seeing them absent made Li Taisui decide to settle the battle quickly. If he could get rid of the Purple Thunder Monster this way, then Wu Song and Lin Chong were undoubtedly dead. This clearly was a perfect opportunity. If it was during normal times in single combat, to be frank, this indeed made Li Taisui very uneasy.

Thinking rapidly, Li Taisui’s tongue burst with spring thunder, and he bellowed.

Inside a range of a hundred li, thunder rolled.

Thunder Moves Nine Heavens!!

Meanwhile, the first thought Yang Zijin had after she was finished being in awe of the Heaven Rank was to go kill Su Xing. Although she had let Su Xing go some time ago due to various circumstances, that time was purely a personal reason – purely because she felt this man was truly unlike other Star Masters, that he was capable of ending the Star Duels. But this time was not like the other. As the proudest martial general, Yang Zijin had the honor of a martial general.

Since she was Li Taisui’s Star General, when the two began their Star Duel, Yang Zijin would also make a best effort.

If Su Xing recklessly died under her blade at this moment, it only illustrated that this man was not as mature as she had imagined. He would have only come to the White Tiger Territory to die.

Hua Wanyue and Dong Junqing naturally knew they could not allow Su Xing and this abnormally powerful Blue Faced Beast to enter a direct confrontation. The two girls gave it their all to obstruct Yang Zijin’s progress. One was the ranked ninth Star General who was the absolute of bow and spear, and the other was one of the Heavenly Stars’ Five Tiger Generals.

Even Yang Zijin could not face them so easily.

One fight was a hundred bouts.

“Dragon Flying Phoenix Dancing!” Dong Junqing was forced to use her Earth Rank.

The double spears attacked Yang Zijin’s white robes directly, the dragon and phoenix intertwining. Spatters of blood blossomed one after another, but Dong Junqing was not surprised, nevertheless. On the contrary, she became even more grim. She sensed that her Earth Rank was not bringing Yang Zijin major injury at all. This beast’s realm was far superior to her own. Even when she struck directly, Yang Zijin seemed to have enough ability to dissipate the attack.

Dammit, this lesson was somewhat dangerous.

Yang Zijin’s eyes were ice-cold. Her right hand gripped her sword’s hilt, and killing intent concentrated on the blade. Lastly, she returned to her usual self, as still as water. This tranquil presence contrarily made Dong Junqing feel extreme danger.


Hua Wanyue spun around in midair, gracefully hovering. The lightning-fast short spear in her hands already turned into the Heaven Earth Sun moon Bow. The woman elegantly drew the bow, elegantly took aim, and elegantly fired her arrow.

At this critical moment, Hua Wanyue’s attack was smooth and flowing.

She was practically painting.

Powerful killing intent bounded out from her bow, full of an insufferably arrogance as it drilled into Yang Zijin’s chest.

Ten Thousand Li God Killing Arrow!!!


The arrow produced a loud sound as it pierced into Yang Zijin’s heart, the killing intent practically chewing the beast apart. Even from a million li away, the Ten Thousand Li God Killing Arrow could shoot through a cultivator’s heart, let alone a point blank shot.

For the sake of killing this terrifying beast, Hero Star Little Li Guang Hua Wanyue and the Steadfast Star General of Double Spears Dong Junqing had practically given it their all. They were already unbearably exhausted.

Add on Little Yi’s Earth Rank from before, Yang Zijin alone had taken three Heavenly Stars’ attacks.

Even this Beast would be dead, right?

When the killing intent dispersed, a cruel fact was uncovered.

In fact, Dark Star Yan Zijin’s body was covered in wounds. Her white robes had been torn to countless shreds, but there was one other fact. Yang Zijin still emitted a powerful presence, those eyes of hers seemingly locked onto prey.

Her right hand clasped her saber’s hilt, and then without even the slightest change.

Not good.

Earth Rank.

Dong Junqing’s surprise changed.

Hua Wanyue was similarly astonished.

A moving smile flit across the corner of Yang Zijin’s lips. The beast’s fangs were finally bared.

The sword was drawn.

The tranquil saber qi suddenly revolted like a torrential storm. The tusk-like saber-qi enveloped the area of a thousand meters around Yang Zijin’s body. Every stalk of grass, every tree, every speck of dust and earth could not easily escape.

Hua Wanyue and Dong Junqing naturally could not break away.

They would die here.

The heavens and the earth in this area seemed to have been shattered by Yang Zijin.

This was the Earth Rank Saber Technique of the Five Star Vast Blue Emperor Saber – Depleting Heaven Shattering Earth!!

Cang Feng and Eight Armed Nezha Xiang Nongmei stood guard outside Kaifeng. He watched Li Taisui and Su Xing’s battle from faraway. He seemed to have no intent to involve himself. “The Purple Thunder Monster surprisingly came here to die. This is truly unprecedented. Could it be he actually is doing this for that woman Star Master? He cannot be so naive, can he?” Cang Feng muttered to himself, still perplexed after much thought.

He originally thought that Su Xing and Li Taisui were the same, merely exploiting the surrounding Star Masters for an early alliance in the Seven Stars Assembly.

However, now it appeared this was not the case. After that Xi Yue was stricken with Han Bing’s Terrified To The Bone, Cang Feng knew that the best way to dispel it was to destroy that piece of Han Bing’s soul, or to kill her. But Cang Feng felt that killing Han Bing in the White Tiger Territory was a joke.

He never imagined that this joke would surprisingly actually take the stage..

Of course, he did not rule out that this Purple Thunder Monster was overly arrogant. Perhaps he was thinking of borrowing Chao Gai’s power to face the Liao Emperor’s array.

As Cang Feng’s imagination ran wild, due to his reverence and curiosity about Li Taisui’s strength, he merely watched the world burn as he pondered like anybody else.

“Young Master, is this fine?” Xiang Nongmei actually felt this was not good.

“We may actually be hindrances if we go.” Cang Feng’s thinking was very thorough. Li Taisui and the Purple Thunder Monster, either one was a formidable character. A smart person would only wait for these two to exhaust and injure each other. “The Good Fortune Prayer Mat has also been destroyed. Hmph, perhaps the Heavens are helping me.” Cang Feng laughed.

Xiang Nongmei wrinkled her brow, apparently understanding Cang Feng’s thinking.

“Lin Chong, Wu Song, Wu Yong, as well as that Hu Sanniang have not appeared yet. I fear they are waiting in the surroundings. There is some plot. We need only stand on guard. By the time they appear, we will not delay in action.” Cang Feng said. He naturally did not believe that the Purple Thunder Monster would come to the White Tiger Territory without his strongest martial generals in tow.

Xiang Nongmei nodded, playing with the hidden weapons in her hands. All of a sudden, the girl’s ears perceived something.

“Someone is approaching.”

Ling CHong?

Cang Feng was taken aback, for there was suddenly pressure. Fortunately, Cang Feng had immediately discovered the intruders. They were two young women who were not even Supervoid Stage. There were also two more young girls in accompaniment.

Star Master and Star General.

“These Star Duels are truly very interesting. For such a weak Star Master to dare venture into the White Tiger Territory, could it be that the White Tiger Territory has no deterrent power?” Cang Feng narrowed his eyes.

“Nongmei, we have things to do.”

“As you command, Young Master.” Xiang Nongmei finally had her interest piqued.

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