Chapter 654: Knowing

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“Was that a Heaven Rank just now?”

Su Yixiao asked Sacred Handed Scholar Xiao Qingyan. The graceful woman nodded.

“Why would a Heaven Rank appear in the White Tiger Territory?” Su Yixiao was confused, her face showing a worried expression. Sikong Chuhe turned back and smiled: “Little Sister need not worry. I assume this Heaven Rank is most likely related to the Purple Thunder Monster.”

Su Yixiao gasped in surprise, puzzled as to the reason.

Sikong Chuhe’s reasoning was actually very simple. As the prodigy of these Star Duels, the Purple Thunder Monster had already thoroughly changed the situation of these Star Duels. Since he could contract with so many Star Generals, then Sikong Chuhe was actually not very perplexed that a Star General would comprehend Heaven Rank before the Heavenly Books. That ancient Torch Dragon’s power just now made them feel shaken, miniscule.

For even the White Tiger Territory to tremble at this, this type of powerful magic could only come from the hand of Maiden Mountain’s strongest magic energy Star General, the Leisure Star.

“The Purple Thunder Monster perhaps saw the might of Li Taisui at the Dragon Palace Banquet, so he led Lin Chong and the rest to invade the White Tiger Territory to get rid of this disaster early. Hm, hm, this Purple Thunder Monster is very smart.” Sikong Chuhe slightly smiled.

Su Yixiao agreed.

“Then shall we go?” Xiao Qingyan spoke. Her Star Beast Blank Space swam around her.

“Go, why not got. That White Tiger old man is also an anomaly. If they are fighting one-on-one, then I believe the Purple Thunder Monster is not his opponent. And this place is also the domain of the White Tiger Territory’s Demonkin. If the Purple Thunder Monster dares take action, then he must be prepared to fight to the death. Either one of them will inevitably be seriously injured…” Sikong Chuhe paused. When she saw hesitation in Su Yixiao’s eyes, that she was swallowing back her words, “Little Sister, what is the matter?”

“To be quite honest, Yixiao and SU Xing have no enmity. Qingyan even painted a portrait for Lin Chong and Hua Rong, but that is not finished yet…” Su Yixiao said hesitantly.

Sikong Chuhe’s face showed bewilderment, muttering to herself if this Purple Thunder Monster was a love saint. How was even Su Yixiao involved with a somewhat ambiguous relationship with him. To cause trouble? How could he have no hostility at any time during the Star Duels. As she thought this, Sikong Chuhe smiled and said: “Little Sister does not understand, the White Tiger Territory Demonkin are not humans, after all. I said before that even if the Purple Thunder Monster had Lin Chong and Wu Song in the Demonkin’s domain, he will not be able to take any advantages in a Star Duel against the White Tiger Seven Spirit Stars. We shall monitor the situation from the side. When the time comes, perhaps we will help him…Oh, right, the Purple Thunder Monster’s name is Su Xing?”

“Su Xing, Su Xing…En. This truly is a name connected to the Star Duels.” Sikong Chuhe was ambiguous, showing no weak spots.1

Su Yixiao thought this as well.

As the two approached the Demonic Capital of Kaifeng, the rolling battle of thunder from faraway became more visible.

“Chuhe (Yixiao), look out!”

Suddenly, Shan Meng’er and Xiao Qingyan called out at the same time.

Several dozen throwing knives appeared like ghosts, flying over from the surroundings. The approach of these hidden weapons was sudden. Even the two most astute and shrewd young women did not anticipate this. Even their Star Generals who possessed excellent danger perception failed to perceive this. The Heavenly River Divine Colt’s hooves splashed with water-light as it first overturned the sneak attacking throwing knives. Shan Meng’er raised the Flying Shower Falling Star Spear and attacked as swift as lightning. Two throwing knives were cut down by the spear.

Xiao Qingyang’s hand gripped the Four Star Life Managing Black Bamboo Wolf Brush. Because of her Star Beast Blank Space, her drawing speed was extremely quick, faster than the hidden weapons. Her penmanship astonishingly finished a Yellow Rank Painting first.

White Mind Single Point!2

The brush fell, and a white light flashed in the surroundings that completely stopped all of the throwing knives.

But the danger had not yet passed. At the same time these throwing knives were launched, a figure already approached at high speed. A spear of flame attacked, bringing an smoldering fire beacon.

“Watch Yellow Technique – Chariot Fuel!”3

“The trick of a bug.” Shan Meng’er wielded her spear. The Heavenly River Divine Colt pounced at the incoming spear, splashing waves. Spear-light flashed.

Yellow Technique.

Horse Stamping Flying Wave Approach!!4

The flaming spear and the Flying Shower Spear connected. Suddenly, water and fire clashed, but it was clear that Shan Meng’er’s martial arts were stronger. Then, the Heavenly River Divine Steed’s ability immediately broke the opponent’s spear attach. Immediately afterwards, the gentle and leisurely Shan Meng’er changed from her previous warmth. She skillfully stabbed her spear towards the enemy’s chest.

The water flowing on the spear astonishingly spiraled, like a dragon, making the spear’s power suddenly swift and fierce mid-attack.

Dark Technique.

“Time Flows Like Water!”

“What a General of Sacred Water.”

The other party praised.

The spear’s power twisted directly like a storm. Shan Meng’er’s determined attack still missed. An arhat vajra shield appeared in front of her, immediately dispersing her attack.

Dark Rank Shield Technique.

Hundred Beast Obstruction!5

A series of crisp bangs resounded, just like pearls clattering against a jade try. Water Flows Like Time merely knocked away the opponent’s attack. Shan Meng’er showed the style of a brilliant martial generals. Just as she was about to pursue, a severe wind suddenly blew in her face.

This storm was like a thousand blades, very powerful. Shan Meng’er immediately was blown away, and when her Heavenly River Divine Colt saw that its mistress was in danger, it bravely shielded her and was torn to shreds by the storm.

“Sparrow Flame Talisman!”6

Countless fires sparrows flew out from Shan Meng’er’s back, exploding into bursts of flame in midair. Only then did she destroy the approaching storm.

The battle took place in the blink of an eye, and in this instant she had already experienced life and death.

“Be careful.” Su Yixiao said.

For the moment, the battle was lulling. At this time, both sides had a chance to size up the enemy.

Cang Feng was high above, showing the tyrannical might of a Supervoid Cultivator but his elegance as well. A normal woman would be afraid if not charmed.

“Unique Star General of Sacred Water Shan Tinggui.”

“Literature Star Sacred Handed Scholar Xiao Rang.”

Cang Feng smiled. “To surprisingly encounter one martial and one literary Star General, Cang Feng is fortunate.” Cang Feng cupped his fist and slightly smiled.

“No wonder, Unique Star General of Sacred Water.” Xiang Nongmei was a bit disheveled, gloomily twitching her lips. She had just unleashed her hidden weapons in succession, yet her omnidirectional ambush failed to gain an advantage. Her surprise attack had instead resulted in her being pushed back. This made the Eight Armed Nezha unable to help but look again at that serene woman.

“Elder Sister truly is beautiful.” Xiang Nongmei smiled and said.

The Shan Meng’er dressed in blue and white water-patterned clothes seemed like a bright and gentle young lady at first glance, especially her eyes that were so lovely and touching. If it was not for the lesson in her might just now, Xiang Nongmei perhaps would have been captivated.

“Has the Purple Thunder Monster come?” Sikong Chuhe indifferently said.

“What, are you here to die with him in the name of love?” Cang Feng mockingly said: “Just what powers does that Purple Thunder Monster have, to surprisingly make so many beautiful people follow him to death? Your Servant truly is jealous.” Shaking his head, Cang Feng’s smile suddenly became much more savage. “Then Your Servant shall oblige you!!!”

Cang Feng disdained any talk of false friendship. Seeing them appear, his heart was already certain that the Purple Thunder Monster had come prepared, as expected. So as to avoid side issues, Cang Feng did not hesitate to activate his Cool Breeze Pouch, using his powers at the same time.

Thousand Cuts Astral Wind!!!7

The astral wind was like a blade, slicing the trees and forest to pieces. Su Yixiao and the others did not dare face a Supervoid Cultivator head-on. Xiao Qingyan and Shan Meng’er were coordinated, bearing the brunt of the attack. Compared to a Star Master, a Star General’s advantages were clear.


Cang Feng cursed. The Star Generals’ attack signified that the Star Masters had lost their final layer of defense. Two non-Supervoid Stage Star Masters. With the vast disparity between their cultivations, Cang Feng truly was a bit disapproving.

Xiang Nongmei immediately nodded her head. Her Star Slashing Flying Daggers flew out at once.

Su Yixiao showed an alarmed expression. She immediately retreated backwards, yet she slyly noticed Sikong Chuhe’s knowing expression.

This sort of expression was very familiar.

This was exactly the same as when they killed that Old Demon, Lord of Ten Words.

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  1. Su Xing’s name is a pun of 宿星, which is “Star of Destiny,” a unique star tied to each person’s fate.
  2. 素心一點
  3. 車薪
  4. 馬踏飛浪來
  5. 百獸阻
  6. 雀炎符
  7. 凌遲罡風, 凌遲 is lingchi, the so-called “death by thousand cuts”


  1. Welp, considering b9th the very first cha0ter and the fact that that he has so many innate skills that stack…. it’s no wonder ppl think Su Xing is like a Star General, or even from Star World itself, assuming the place even nqtively has males…. which would be freakishly abnormal if it didn’t honestly considering that they’re aware of what males even are.

    And the there’s the whole ‘magic doesn’t really exist on Earth’ thing.

    But, it is true that women tend to throw themselves at Su Xing.
    Like, the Star Maidens, Caiwei, and Hanyan aside…. Su Xing isn’t really the overly aggressive skirt chaser so many folks make him out to be…. Not that he doesn’t love his women, but if only folks knew just how much thirstier they really are compared to him….

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