Chapter 655: Sleeping Frost Laying Snow Battle Sword

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While Cang Feng was facing Sikong Chuhe and Su Yixiao, Ye Futu had similarly encountered enemies that had come from outside the White Tiger Territory. They were also two beautiful girls, however, they were far more formidable than Sikong Chuhe and Su Yixiao.


The crisp melody of weapon clashing against weapon echoed. A sorry-looking Hao Bingxin skillfully wielded the giant sword in her hand, the Silver Snow Dragon Abyss letting out soft cries. Rays of sword-light flowed out from the swordtip.

A golden qilin lance caught the tip of the enormous sword, toying with the giant sword as if it was as light as a feather. 

Hao Bingxin was infuriated. She spun, her wide open long skirt fluttering up. The Silver Snow Dragon Abyss easily swung down. The silvery white dragon carved upon the blade leapt out, and a glaring silver light exploded towards the young girl.

Dark Technique.

White Dragon Leaving Swordtip!!

The latter sidestepped, the golden lance twisting in midair. A golden spear-light enveloped the incoming white dragon. No matter how it struggled, the white dragon was shortly dispatched cleanly away.

“Little Sister’s martial arts are not bad, as befitting an Earthly Star Four Heavenly King.” Lu Xiao smiled and said.

Hao Bingxin did not show any pride at the praise from the head of martial generals. On the contrary, she became even more grave. “How loathsome. How did we bump into you in this place. Truly loathsome.” The Magnificent Star took a deep breath, her left hand clenching her trembling right wrist.

In no more than a dozen bouts, Hao Bingxin sensed the might of the Strength Star. She was practically giving this her all, but this loathsome Elder Sister so so relaxed. This made the Earthly Star Four Heavenly King suffer a huge blow.

“Xiao’er, this is not the time to reminisce with a Sister.” Chai Ling reminded her from atop the Star Qilin Dragon Horse. Xing’er opened its mouth, and a beam of Throw Money Away Recklessly to once again dispel Ye Futu’s attack.

“Bingxin, be careful.” Ye Futu said in a low voice.

Hao Bingxin sneered: “Do not be too proud of yourself.” As she said this, the petite loli suddenly dragged her giant sword, rushing towards Lu Xiao like a horizontal line. Along the way, a layer of frost formed, and countless snowflakes fell from the little loli’s feet. This scene was very beautiful.

Earth Rank?

Lu Xiao smiled and gripped her lance with both hands. Star Energy flowed into her lance, and it began to twinkle with light.

A sharp howl broke out of Hao Bingxin’s soft throat. The instant she leapt, the snow flowing around the Magnificent Star’s body suddenly gathered together, unfolding in front of Lu Xiao like a giant peach blossom of ice and snow.  Sword-qi attacked in all directions, and with Hao Bingxin as the center, all of the sword-qi concentrated into a point upon the Silver Snow Dragon Abyss and blossomed.

The Hao Bingxin in battle was extremely beautiful. She closed her eyes, a dreamy posture as she wielded her weapon. The giant’s sword’s tip followed the incoming ice and frost and continuously circled towards Lu Xiao.

Even Jade Qilin was endlessly astonished.

The Magnificent Star’s Earth Rank Sword Technique.

Sleeping Frost Laying Snow Battle Sword!!1

In the middle of the Earth Technique Sleeping Frost Laying Snow Battle Sword, the chilling swordtip sealed the opponent’s means of counterattack. Lu Xiao could only quickly withdraw and use the lance to defend. And Hao Bingxin’s seemingly dreamy technique had practically trapped Lu Xiao in the sword technique, leaving her with no way to break away. The ice-cold sword qi sliced open several dozen cuts deep enough to show bone into Lu Xiao’s body.

However, as the head of the martial force generals, Lu Xiao would not sit and wait for death. Having used the Thousand Year Tears, Jade Qilin’s Star Energy was far more potent than Hao Bingxin’s even with her being contracted. The girl laughed, and the golden lance flared as if aflame. The silver light and golden light clashed, giving rise to a scene of indescribable beauty.

The frost finally abated.

Hao Bingxin opened her eyes, and what entered her view was that vile grin of the Elder Sister.


Hao Bingxin was startled.

Lu Xiao raised her spear and thrust. The little loli raised her giant sword to block, but her arms were as heavy as lead. Before she could do so, she had been skewered by Lu Xiao’s lance. From the killing intent on the lance, Hao Bingxin was flung a hundred meters away, and the giant sword in her hands thereupon fell to the ground. 

Lu Xiao stepped forward, her figure flashing by, the lance stabbing at Hao Bingxin once again.

The Magnificent Star was pale in the face. She could only despair and wait for death.

When Ye Futu saw this, he gave up on Chai Ling and sent his Extreme Fire Flying Swords towards Lu Xiao.

But as far as Jade Qilin was concerned, Flying Swords were completely unable to bring her any threat. “Lu Junyi, trades blows with me.” Ye Futu shouted, pouncing towards her. He attacked with a long sword.

Lu Xiao’s eyelashes rose, completely surprised this man would unexpectedly charge at her. She sweapt with her lance, catching Ye Futu’s sword. But this man compeltely ignored her might as the Jade Qilin, the number one martial general, surprisingly sticking close to her. A hundred Flying Swords surrounding Ye Futu continuously attacked Lu Xiao, coordinating a frightening attack with Ye Futu himself that surprisingly was somewhat threatening.

“Young Master, don’t.” Hao Bingxin shouted in terror.

Ye Futu ignored her. Battle Potential wildly flourished, making Ye Futu’s attack abnormally fierce.

But in Lu Xiao’s eyes, this nevertheless amounted to nothing more than brandishing claws and fangs. The young girl easily caught the endless stabs of the hundred Flying Swords, facing Ye Futu’s assault with more than enough leeway.

The corner of her lips curled, and Lu Xiao suddenly exerted force.

Ye Futu only felt his eyes become blinded. Then, Lu Xiao’s figure vanished from his sight. Ye Futu was shocked, and before he could react, he immediately caught sight of what the strongest martial general was.

The Golden Qilin Lance pressed against his throat, immediately disintegrating all of his attacks. If we made any movements, Ye Futu had no doubts that this lance would run him through.

“Elder Sister, do not kill Futu!” Hao Bingxin staggered over in fright as she ran over.

Lu Xiao looked at her, then she looked back to Ye Futu. “To seek Xiao’er out for sparring, you have guts. Are you a fool, or do you think yourself clever?”

“To be able to trade blows with the number one martial general, I can die without any regrets.” Ye Futu said fearlessly.

Lu Xiao smirked. She lowered the Golden Qilin Lance. This man was actually somewhat similar to Su Xing, however, he was still very much inexperienced with martial arts. When she lowered her lance, Ye Futu seized his chance to launch another attack.

As the Jade Qilin, head of the martial generals, Ye Futu knew of her might. If he could kill her and take her Golden Qilin Lance, he would inevitably hold an overwhelming advantage in the future Star Duels. Even if he did not kill her, the experience of exchanging blows was enough to make Ye Futu awaken frightening potential from the Battle Potential Innate Skill he inherited from Hao Bingxin.

Of course, there was another reason. Ye Futu saw through Lu Xiao’s dignity as a martial general and anticipated she would not finish him.

Lu Xiao was not unaware of his plan. Jade Qilin remained calm and unruffled, her face wearing a slight smile as she fought several hundred bouts with Ye Futu.

“Xiao’er does not have time to play with you, so Xiao’er will let you know the cruelty of a martial general’s Star Duel.” Lu Xiao’s grin suddenly turned cold. Ye Futu said to himself this was bad. His potential exploded and activated to the limit, but a ray of golden light formed a straight line that stuck into Ye Futu’s body. It uprooted and flung him away.

“Futu.” Hao Bingxin worriedly ran over. Fortunately, Ye Futu had bet correctly on Lu Xiao’s dignity as a martial general. Although the injury from this last thrust was very severe, it was not fatal at all, leaving him alive.

“Let Xiao’er see to what degree you will grow. Next time, Xiao’er will not hesitate to take your head.” Although Lu Xiao was more impressed with Ye Futu’s mind of a martial general, she was somewhat displeased that he believed he had exploited her.

“Many thanks for Your Distinguished Self letting me win. Futu is grateful.” Ye Futu heaved, having used his True Qi to protect his internal organs.

“Your Servant’s True Name is Hao Bingxin. Next time, Your Sevant will definitely pay you back twofold.” The little loli first gave her gratitude for Lu Xiao not killing Ye Futu. Then, she returned to her Four Heavenly King language.

Of course, these words would only make Lu Xiao’s smiled wider.

Ye Futu and Hao Bingxin were already unable to continue battle, “That must be Noble Star Chai Jin? Then Futu has a word of warning. That Li Taisui is exceptionally powerful, his magic energy unfathomable. Futu urges that you two leave this place as quickly as possible to avoid drawing fire onto yourselves.” Ye Futu looked at Chai Ling. Everyone knew that Chai Ling possessed the Red Ink Iron Certificate. Originally, he had wanted to kill her and take the Red Ink Iron Certificate. What a pity that this Noble Star was indeed the mistress of the Great Circle Castle. Ye Futu was helpless to even touch her.

However, Ye Futu still wished to warn this proud queen at this moment a final time to leave the WHite Tiger Territory. He certainly did not want to let that old man obtain the Red Ink Iron Certificate. These words were truly unparalleled in the world.

“That old man is truly so formidable?” Chai Ling stroked Xing’er, lowering her brow.

“How does Yang Zijin compare to Xiao’er?” Lu Xiao asked curiously.

“Elder Sister Yang Zijin will not lose to you, Big Sister.” Hao Bingxin seriously replied.

“With the support of Taisui’s boundless Star Energy, if only you had a contractor, otherwise Blue Faced Beast’s victory is certain.” Ye Futu said.

“Interesting.” Lu Xiao thoughtfully said.

“Just what is that old man’s True Body? Do you know?” Chai Ling asked. She had dispatched people to consult countless records and investigate the White TIger Territory’s Thunder-type Demon Beasts.

There were no records of such a powerful Demonkin ever appearing.

Ye Futu shook his head, also uncertain.

“We must meet this old man. So as to avoid disturbing the idle…This Palace feels…” Chai Ling covered her slight grin. Xing’er mewed.

Ye Futu looked conflictedly at Lu Xiao and Chai Ling. He used the Jade Pendant and left the area.

“Elder Sister Xiao’er, why did you let this man go. This Palace sees that his schemes run very deep. You will have nurtured a tiger that invites calamity.” CHai Ling turned back and asked.

“A tiger that invites calamity?” Lu Xiao laughed: “Is this not the perfect time to leave this to Tiger Fighting Hero Siyou.”


“Elder Sister must let him go because you feel that he and Su Xing are very alike?” Chai Ling asked.

“This Ye Futu is the second person to have ever dared to raise a hand against Xiao’er. Just on this alone, Xiao’er let him go. However, there is another point, Little SIster Chai Ling, that you have nevertheless misinterpreted.”


“He and Su Xing are not alike. This man used the Magnificent Star to hinder Xiao’er while he himself went to kill you first of all to take your Red Ink Iron Certificate. He is seeking the greatest benefit in the Star Duels. Afterwards, when he saw that he could not handle you, only when Hao Bingxin was injured did he make a move to sop Xiao’er and exploit Xiao’er’s Sisterly sentiments. To him…His own Star General is something to exploit…” Lu Xiao said softly.

“It sounds like that Little Sister is somewhat sad.” Chai Ling muttered.

“The Star Duels have always been like this. It is understandable. Chai Ling, you have been misled by your Xing’er.” Lu Xiao smiled. 

Chai Ling used the Golden Thread Feather Fan to conceal her lips, hiding her embarrassment.

“Let us go right now to see just what medicine this husband has eaten, to surprisingly Star Duel with Li Taisui.” Lu Xiao stared into the distance, already able to see Su Xing and Li Taisui’s figured.


This Xing’er honestly is a womanizer.

Chai Ling thought to herself, then asked: “Does Elder Sister also feel that Xing’er will be unable to best Li Taisui?”

“Even Xiao’er has no confidence to defeat him.”

Lu Xiao was calm.


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