Chapter 656: Faint Smoke Flowing Water Painting Of Liveliness

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“Time Flows Like Water.”

“Fire Beacon Rolling Kill.”

General of Sacred Water Shan Meng’er and Eight Armed Nezha Xiang Nongmei crossed blades. The former was of resplendent, flowing light, a killing intent formed like a net, filling the entire space. The latter was a braced spear, its tip scorching and boiling. The flames rolled with thick smoke, filling the skies and earth, covering all sides and pouncing towards Shan Meng’er all at once. She had no place to hide.

The Flying Shower Falling Star Spear and the Nine Songs Clinging Fire Spear traded blows, evenly matched with one another. Shan Meng’er spun. Her Realm far surpassed Xiang Nongmei’s and after first contact with the Dark Techniques, the girl’s delicately stepped forward, he blue and white dress flashing light. A blue flower blossomed at her side. It was extremely beautiful, and it was none other than the Astral Treasure “Blue Clothes Lotus Pattern.”

Her exceedingly white thigh high boots stepped on the air, creating ripples. The girl passed the Fire Beacon Rolling Kill, swinging her spear towards Xiang Nongmei.

Xiang Nongmei’s Realm was slightly lower, but she had the Innate Skill “Pass” that allowed her to launch her Heaven, Earth, Dark, and Yellow Techniques without any carelessness. After the Fire Beacon Rolling Kill, she was already charging her Earth Rank. The girl showed a triumphant sneer. She bore the attack of Shan Meng’er’s spear thrust. Her arms moved, and her shadow multiplied.

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh.

Cold light glittered in the air.

A chill tore apart space.

Four Star Execution Flying Daggers Dark Technique – Drilling Death Breakthrough.1


The Flying Daggers were stopped by Shan Meng’er’s Astral Treasure Blue Clothes Lotus Pattern. Everything was blocked, but at the same time, Shan Meng’er’s Astral Treasure defense broke apart. At this time, Literature Star Sacred Handed Scholar Xiao Qingyan also executed her Dark Technique.

Her brush traced a “Brush Like A Serpent.”2

A dragon emerged from under the brush and charged at Xiang Nongmei.

Xiang Nongmei used her “Hundred Beast Obstruction”3 to block it.

“The teamwork between you two Sisters is not bad.” Xiang Nongmei hovered in the air, licking her lips. One hand gripped a spear, the other held a shield, and on her back were several Flying Daggers

This Flying Star who received the Star Energy support of the Demonkin was indeed not simple. Just by herself she was able to hold back the forty-fourth and forty-sixth ranked Shan Meng’er and Xiao Qingyan that placed far above herself. Even the always gentle as water Shan Meng’er was slightly flustered.

However, before the Earth Rank appeared, the battle was not finished.

Shan Meng’er glimpsed that that White Tiger Demonkin had driven her master Chuhe into a dead end. She glanced at Xiao Qingyan, and the Literature Star tacitly nodded. She knew the situation was very dangerous. Compared to when they faced Lord of Ten Words, although that Demonkin’s cultivation was shallow, because he had inherited the Flying Star’s Innate Skill “Pass,” his abilities could be used continuously, impossible to guard against.

“Want to quickly kill Nongmei?” Xiang Nongmei giggled as she saw through their thinking.

Shan Meng’er grunted and stepped on air.

Xiao Qingyan’s white hand tapped. Three hundred Middle Grade Talismans, “Fire Sparrow Talismans” filled the skies, becoming little Fire Sparrows. They filled the sky and spectacularly bombarded towards Xiang Nongmei. At the center, Xiao Qingyan was holding her Life Managing Black Bamboo Wolf Brush, drawing a painting at high speed. The wolf brush’s purple light glimmered, and like mist, her Earth Rank indistinctly manifested.

Xiang Nongmei’s amused smile became a sneer. The Star Slashing Flying Daggers countered. THough the three hundred Fire Sparrows appeared powerful, a Middle Grade Talisman already posed no threat at all to a Star General in the current stage of the Star Duels, which had already reached the THree Heavenly Books. The Star Slashing Flying Daggers flew out with a whoosh.

The Four Star Flying Daggers glimmered

The killing intent of the Flying Daggers instantly destroyed the three hundred Fire Sparrows without stopping. Although the Literature Star was not strong, her abilities were far more complicated to deal with than Shan Meng’er’s spearmanship. Looking at this bookish woman, Xiang Nongmei stirred her murderous intent. No longer dealing with Shan Meng’er, she quickly attacked Xiao Qingyan.

Xiao Qingyan quietly endured and waited. Her right hand traced with her brush while her left hand’s finger hooked.

A High Grade Talisman that she personally manufactured, “Painted Dragon Dotted Eyes,” formed into a dragon’s image. The dragon’s eyes flashed blinding light, revealing the location of enemies that had escaped. Then, the talisman’s dragon-shadow suddenly came to life. This type of Innate Skill that created talismans could not be matched by any of Liangshan Continent’s countless talisman masters.

The Heavenly King Vajra Shield blocked.

Xiang Nongmei scuttled out from behind the shield.

“Do you think you can fight the two of us?” Shan Meng’er calmly said.

“I shall allow you a glimpse of my Earth Rank.” Xiang Nongmei sneered. Another Eight Armed Nezha Xiang Nongmei appeared from her back. That new Flying Star stepped to the side, and from behind her emerged another Xiang Nongmei. Then, this one stepped to the side, and another Xiang Nongmei walked out from behind her.

In the blink of an eye, Eight Armed Nezha had become four, just like her namesake Eight Armed.

“You want to fight two against one, then four against two.”4

The four Xiang Nongmei spoke in unison. Even their breathing was in tandem.

Their wrists turned, and Eight Armed Nezha’s assassination usage Star Slashing Flying Daggers appeared in their hands, coldly glinting.

“…” Xiang Nongmei grinned: “Welcome and enjoy Your Servant’s Earth Rank.”

– Descent Of Four Symbols!!5

The four Xiang Nongmei attacked at the same time. One stalled Shan Meng’er while the other three went off to first kill Xiao Qingyan.

The Star Slashing Flying Daggers were like a torrential downpour.

Not only this, but the spears of the four Xiang Nongmei also stabbed with red light at the same time. The shields in their left hands manifested the overwatch of a vajra. This Descent of Four Symbols was combined the techniques of the three weapons spear, flying daggers, and shield into one, splitting into four people. It could be said this was an attack of four styles in one instant. Even Shan Meng’er showed a concerned expression. The girl raised her spear and fought back, her offensive like a rolling tide.

Xiao Qingyan stepped back, continuously retreating. Her body was already covered in numerous cuts from the Flying Daggers, dripping with blood, staining her palace dress. The Sacred Handed Scholar grit her teeth. Blank Space exploded with leftover energy, allowing the Literature Star to finish the last stroke. 

Earth Rank Technique.

Faint Smoke Flowing Water Painting Of Liveliness!6

Her brush stroked dotted, and a scroll of light smoke and flowing water unraveled in front of Xiao Qingyan. All of the enemy’s attack power sunk squarely into the scroll. Without any killing intent, the scroll unfurled and wrapped around two of the Xiang Nongmei, instantly killing them, but the last one nevertheless approached by rushing as the scroll unfurled. A point of crimson light pierced through Xiao Qingyan’s chest.

The always quiet woman at this moment made a helpless sigh.

“As a bookish scholar, to be able to kill me twice, Elder Sister can die without regrets.” The real Xiang Nongmei smiled and said.

But her smile instantly vanished.

Xiao Qingyan similarly smiled. This smile was beautiful, and as the girl dotted with her brush, a serene light covered Xiang Nongmei. Only then did Faint Smoke Flowing Water Painting Of Liveliness really begin.

This is bad, I was fooled.

Xiang Nongmei was pale in the face. She grit her teeth and swung her spear in an attempt to send Xiao Qingyan flying, but the girl clung on firmly, not allowing her way. At the same time, killing intent pounced from behind.

Shan Meng’er’s shadow was like a white colt, kicking up a white wave.

She barreled straight towards Xiang Nongmei.

Eight Armed Nezha grew worried. She used her Pass Innate Skill once again, promptly using the Yellow Rank Shield Technique “Vajra Protective Body,” but Shan Meng’er had used her Earth Rank Technique.

Water Flowing Past Thousand Years!

Not only did the attack pass by as fast as a steed, the power was not something the Yellow Technique could block.

Shan Meng’er’s white figure pierced through the shield’s defenses like a specter. Then, it pierced through Xiang Nongmei and Xiao Qingyan, flowing across two girls’ limbs like water. 

Xiang Nongmei finally understood.

If this was a one-on-one battle, although Shan Meng’er’s Earth Rank Water Flowing Past Thousand Years attack that ignored defenses was powerful, dodging with her speed was possible. However, Xiao Qingyan had seized her, making her lose the initiative. This way, Xiang Nongmei had no way to flee.

She surprisingly used her own death to trap her.

Xiang Nongmei turned her head to see Xiao Qingyan’s virginal and tender face, and she suddenly came to an epiphany.

Cang Feng, flee quickly. They are dangerous… The words were caught in her throat. Xiang Nongmei’s Divine Intent faded, and she fell into the Star Nest.

“Little Sister.” Shan Meng’er turned back to prop up the fallen Xiao Qingyan.

“Yixiao and Chuhe…” Xiao Qingyan whispered.

Shan Meng’er nodded,

The Literature Star smiled and thereupon fell into the Star Nest herself.

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  1. 芒殤擊破
  2. 筆走龍蛇
  3. 百獸阻
  4. “Now it’s five-to-one. Don’t say this is unfair, you are the Five Kage, after all.”
  5. 四象降臨
  6. 淡煙流水畫屏幽

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