Chapter 657: Simultaneous Fall Of Four Stars (Former)

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Cang Feng was truly frustrated by the two young women in front of him. The difference between them was as wide as Heaven and Earth. He had originally thought that he could take them easily, but a Star Master was indeed not as simple as an ordinary Star Cultivator, not easy to handle.

Several times, his spiritual pressure was avoided.

The paths the girls escaped along appeared random and chaotic, but they seemed planned. They always just kept Cang Feng’s attention divided. These two girls appeared smart. Can they be baiting me?

Cang Feng thought to himself, however, their cultivations were too disparate. Supervoid Stage and Supercluster Late Stage was not as simple as being one realm apart, let alone that this was the White Tiger Territory. As one of the grand Demonkin, there was no reason for him to fear two weak girls.

Even the most shrewd old demons must follow Liangshan Cultivation’s deep-rooted cultivation classes, therefore, Cang Feng immediately dispelled his last misgivings.

“Let us see if your body techniques are faster than my wind.” Cang Feng thought to himself. He was the Wind among the Seven Spirit Stars, the most adept at speed. There was no reason that he would lose to two reckless youngsters; when he thought of this, Cang Feng formed a hand seal, and a ray of green light flew out. 

His Gentle Breeze Pouch appeared, and the bag opened.

An astral wind stormed out that sucked in trees and the grasses.

When the gale blew, Su Yixiao and Sikong Chuhe’s body techniques immediately stagnated. They used magic weapons at full power to resist the suction of the Gentle Breeze Pouch.

Cang Feng entered the wind. Su Yixiao waved her hand, wielding the Exhausted Bamboo Slats Book.

“A Supercluster Stage Magic Weapon dares to appear before me.” Cang Feng disapproved. He pointed, and the Thousand Cuts Astral Wind bound the Exhausted Bamboo Slats Book. He originally thought that he could easily shred apart this magic weapon, but he never imagined that breaking this book would be surprisingly so difficult.

The ancient characters of the book manifested, unfolding an odd formation. Surprisingly, it temporarily pacified the hundred chi of storm surrounding Su Yixiao.

“So this is actually an Ancient Treasure.” Cang Feng’s brows rose.

Su Yixiao’s left hand moved. A hundred fully charged “Fire Sparrow Talismans” transformed into a hundred Fire Sparrows that launched themselves towards Cang Feng, but before they could draw near Cang Feng, he swatted them down.

An astral wind roared out from his palm, blowing the burning Fire Sparrows asunder, turning them into smoke.

“Die.” Cang Feng’s palm released a green light.


Su Yixiao and Sikong Chuhe chanted at the same time.

The Yin Yang Swords appeared out of thin air, their light multiplying. Suddenly, they shot towards Cang Feng.

Cang Feng’s palm swatted the swords. He felt pain in his palm, his whole body numb, but his cultivation was far above the two girls’. There was a brief moment of deadlock, but then he slapped away the Yin Yang Swords.

Su Yixiao turned grim.

This Cang Feng was much more formidable than Old Demon Ten Words. Although the latter was Supercluster Middle Stage cultivation, Cang Feng was a Star Master. He had received Xiang Nongmei’s Innate Skill, and Old Demon Lord of Ten Words could not compare in speed or reactions. If they had already injured their opponent prior, they could egg on his rage, making him show gaps afterwards, then kill him with the Heaven Earth Shears when he least expected it.

But this Cang Feng’s level composure was frightening.

There were no gaps in him at all.

Long Sleeves Dance Beautifully!!

Su Yixiao waved her sleeves, and an aroma wafted towards Cang Feng.

Cang Feng pointed, and a green light appeared.

The green light was like a blade, tearing the aromatic sleeve to shreds.

“Little SIster, be careful.” Sikong Chuhe cried out in worry.

The wind drill ground straight for Su Yixiao. Just as Su Yixiao was about to be cut to ribbons, Sikong Chuhe barely blocked it, activating a defensive magic weapon. The green light burst, covering the two of them in cuts.

“Still not running? Could it be that you know your Jade Pendants are not as fast as my Astral Wind?” Cang Feng smiled, raising his hand. 

The astral wind was like a blade.

Making the two girls suffer sorry figures.

“Little Sister, you run. I will stall him.” Sikong Chuhe was somewhat frenetic. This Demonkin was correct. His speed was abnormally quick, and their Jade Pendants were far from Purple Rose Grade. They were completely unable to escape. Only by one of them leaving behind to stall him was there a chance to live.

“Chuhe, do not be impulsive. Calm down.” Su Yixiao shouted.

“The lady truly is bold. Cang Feng is impressed.” Cang Feng could not help but take note of Su Yixiao being so calm even at death’s door. “Are you hoping your Star Generals will come rescue you? If you think they can face Xiang Nongmei with a two against one, then you are too naive.”

Cang Feng’s figure moved, instantly reaching in front of Su Yixiao.

Su Yixiao narrowly escaped having her shoulder shattered by Cang Feng’s palm strike. The girl was sent flying, but she danced in midair, her figure swirling about and making Cang Feng’s next attack miss.

“Cresting Wave Spry Dance??” Cang Feng recognized this escape technique.

“Yixiao believes in Qingyan.” Su Yixiao said with difficulty.

“That is for the best.” Cang Feng sneered. It was for the best that she waited until he killed her to wake her to reality.

Again, his wind attack approached.

“Do not think of hurting Little Sister.” Sikong Chuhe’s Flying Swords attacked.

Cang Feng opened his mouth. A green rainbow burst out from his body. All the vegetation within a range of a thousand chi was cut to pieces by an invisible sword, carving a gulch into the ground.

Tyranny Over Vegetation!!1

Su Yixiao opened her red lips, spitting blood.

Sikong Chuhe’s Flying Swords were completely defeated.

“Cang Feng is actually very impressed with your courage. What a pity, what a pity.” Cang Feng instantly arrived in front of Su Yixiao. His claw scratched at the girl’s head. This attack would kill Su Yixiao without doubt.

But just at this moment, Su Yixiao was still as calm as before. This composure made Cang Feng feel a shiver.

Su Yixiao warmly smiled, and a purple Star Crest suddenly shimmered on her forehead.

Like a brush tracing around.


Cang Feng was astonished.

This is bad,

This girl surprisingly renounced putting up any defense against him. Instead, she funneled all of her Star Energy into her own Star General.

Cang Feng suddenly felt Xiang Nongmei fall into the Star Nest. If a Star General fell into the Star Nest, they fell into the Star Master’s concsiousness. There would be a momentary stagnation. This instant normally did not count for much, but precious seconds at a critical moment nevertheless was the difference between life and death.

Su Yixiao waited for just this moment. Blood dripped down her slender fingers. She threw out a “Curse Binding Locking Star Talisman.” This talisman was completely black, covered in purple script. Black chains in the surroundings 

This talisman was one of two Supreme Grade Talismans the Sacred Handed Scholar had produced for the Star Duels.

When this talisman activated, a bundle of chains burst out. The light of the stars within shot out, trapping Cang Feng inside. This Supreme Grade Talisman did not produce significant injury, but it could make the most top-notch Star Generals, even Heavenly Spirits, completely trapped. If they were trapped by the Locking Star Talisman, the Star General would lose any chance at resistance and could only sit and wait for death.

However, even a Star Master could use it to trap an opponent’s movements. Without powerful abilities, it was difficult to escape from.

But Cang Feng was so shrewd that he immediately sensed danger. Without hesitation, he manifested his True Body.

A magnificent green bird took form. This Demon Beast was named “Edged Plume,” an expert at turning wind into a blade. Cang Feng screeched. His cultivation had already reached Supervoid Middle Stage, and a powerful wind storm launched from his feathers, instantly ripping the chains apart.

But he was too late.




The haggard Su Yixiao and Sikong Chuhe finally found the chance they had been waiting for to attack. Though they each were heavily injured, their coordination instead was wielded at the highest level. The girls pointed, and a shocking sound rang everywhere in the world.

The Heaven Earth Shears appeared in front and behind him. Spiritual power that pulled in the world trapped the temporarily weakened Cang Feng that spared no effort to escape the barrier. Cang Feng’s whole body did not budge, and his expression was aghast. He howled continuously.

Two rays of white and black light rose, twisting towards him from above and below.

Cang Feng could not resist this. Just as he was about to be cleaved by the Heaven Earth Sheers, a scream of despair broke out from his throat, making anyone who heard it feel grief, exceptional sympathy. The Heaven Earth Shears’ power did not lessen, stirring the spiritual power of the world. Cang Feng turned the winds of the world into his own blades, but the Heavne Earth Shears nevertheless turned the world’s spiritual power into its own. This was a trick several levels more brilliant.

The Heaven earth Shears instantly twisted back and forth several times, and even a divine Immortal was powerless to return to Heaven.

The Cang Feng who had been careful his entire life, establishing cordial relations, never imagined that he would ever fall to this state, to die at the hands of two youngsters, and the promise he made back then to Flying Star Eight Armed Nezha faded into the wind alongside the fragments of his being.

He had eternally transformed into dust…With Cang Feng’s death, Sikong Chuhe finally breathed a sigh of relief. She looked at the dying Su Yixiao, and she rushed over in a panic.

“Little Sister, Little Sister, Little Sister…”

“I am alright.” Su Yixiao rose with difficulty.

Sikong Chuhe hugged Su Yixiao and wept, tears streaming down her overjoyed face. When Cang Feng was right in front of Su Yixiao a moment ago, Sikong Chuhe had truly though Su Yixiao would die.

Su Yixiao was somewhat stunned. She warmly smiled and gently patted Sikong Chuhe’s hand. “Chuhe, Yixiao is fine.”

“Little Sister’s wounds are so severe, we had better leave for now. THis place is best left to the Purple Thunder Monster.” They had practically exhausted everything to finally kill one Star Master, which dispelled any idea Sikong Chuhe had of waiting to take advantage of the situation.

The danger of the White Tiger Territory was far beyond her imagination.

The next time, they probably would not be so lucky.

Although Su Yixiao looked regretfully in the direction of SU XIng’s heaven-shaking battle, she nevertheless nodded. The Star Duel between Su Xing and the head of the White Tiger Demonkin was perhaps far beyond what they could meddle with.

Just as the two of them prepared to leave, all of a sudden, they heard Shan Meng’er’s terrified scream in the distance.

“Chuhe, quickly flee!”


Sikong Chuhe had hardly heard anything when suddenly, the dirt and sand Cang Feng blew rolled around, and a hazy woman magically appeared behind them.

“Look out!” Su Yixiao changed.

A stone sword pierced through Sikong Chuhe’s chest.

Just as it was about to run through Su Yixiao at the same time, strength that Sikong Chuhe did not know she had exploded from her palm as she pushed the girl away. Then, with the fastest speed she had mustered in her entire life, she slammed her palm against the stone sword.

Her Flying Swords rose from the ground, forming a sword array.

Bang, bang, bang

Bang, bang, bang.

Flying Sword and stone sword clashed, producing countless sparks.

The expressionless stone woman who had appeared was none other than Xin Lao.

The woman was absolutely silent, like a stone mountain. There was no fluctuation in her emotions at all. She slowly walked towards them, her footsteps brimming with an aura that made the two girls tremble in despair.

Unlike the grace and poise of Cang Feng, Xin Lao’s aura was like a heavy mountain crushing Su Yixiao and Sikong Chuhe into suffocation.

“Little Sister, quickly flee!!!!”

Sikong Chuhe looked at Su Yixiao. The girl’s expression was both reluctant to part but bade farewell, determined and devoid of any fear.

“Chuhe, don’t.” SU Yixiao lost her voice.

Sikong Chuhe slightly smiled and turned to face an opponent she could not possibly win against.

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